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Found 13 results

  1. What with CWP and MWA referals due to end on March 31st, do we think we will see a increased push to place people on these schemes before that date?
  2. I was meant to start my MWA at 11am on Tuesday but due to a family member being taken ill i had to sign off at 9am the same day as i wasnt/wont be job searching for the next few weeks.I'm just wondering if i will be sanctioned for not turning up to start my MWA the same day as i signed off? The women on the phone when i closed my claim down said i wouldnt and that the MWA provider would be told that i signed off.
  3. Hi guys, So 3 months ago I was made redundant from my job, it was a good run while it latest but I knew it'd be a sort of year or 2's worth of work. So I've been claiming for 3 moths and I assume I've just hit the 13 week marker this week for MWA (Says in guidance notes people are generally not referred before week 13). My advisor has instantly sent me on it and I've personally no idea why. When reading the MWA guidance it is for people who perhaps struggle with the discipline of a job etc, well none of thta fits me because I've been working before this for quite a while.
  4. Hi all I've just received a letter from the dwp saying I owe £700 and I must pay within the next two weeks. Its half twelve at night and I'm so stressed I can't sleep. Well actually I'm watching a really good film. Does anyone have a template letter I can send these people? First template letter, I want to know if this money is really owed by me which I doubt. Secondly a letter stating they can have £ per week from my benefit and stop sending me scary letters don't you have IT system to sort out. Thanks caggers
  5. Hi I'm after any advice I have posted on here before about MWA I had been told to go to. I was told to go to a charity shop and on the day my neighbour gave me a lift there, I was late and the woman was horrible having a go at my neighbour and I walked out embarrassed and ashamed (so was my neighbour - he was shocked that someone 'volunteering' would get spoken to like that) I ended up getting a 13 week sanction Then in April I was told to do MWA again. I got a letter from learn direct saying they'd be in touch for me to come in and see them.
  6. Hello, I've found myself in a bit of a bind with my new adviser and was hoping for some advice please. Brief backstory: I transferred my claim from a different London borough a few months ago. Big mistake. My previous adviser was honorable and had integrity. She could see I was doing everything I could to get a job and as a result we had mutual respect. I met my new "Work Coach" on Friday and immediately we took a dislike to each other. She has put me on MWA starting Tuesday. I am angry for myself (of course) and also angry on behalf of my fellow man - WHY in the hell would any big b
  7. just completed the 4 weeks slave labor. attended every day on time. so what will the job centre have in store for me next.any one know.
  8. i am awaiting a telephone interview from interseve, tomorrow, although i am nearly 60 and partially death ,my adviser asked them to send me an appointment letter, so i could speak face to face with them , as im no good on the phone , but they sent me a telephone interview anyway. any one know what sort of placement i will be on. my adviser also told them i did not want to work in a charity shop.i have to do 30 hours a week so it says on the letter,even though im applying for part time jobs. any tips for the incoming telephone interview i can use.would be gratefull.
  9. Hi guys, Quick question, currently I'm attending MWA for 4 weeks and I've done about a week, I'm going to be signing off soon for a little bit because I'm moving back home. What is the process for signing off? can you ring them and tell them you wish to sign off? what happens to my placement I assume I no longer have to attend do I ring my placement provider and tell them I've signed off as well? what happens to housing benefit if you sign off? Just want to ensure I'm still paid my last months and a bit of rent, I know the job centre tell them you have a change in circumstances but
  10. Due to the interest shown in the subject of Mandatory Work Activity (MWA) I thought it would be appropriate to open a thread devoted exclusively to the topic. I apologise to those interested parties for any part I might have played in the abrupt termination of the previous one. Any constructive discussion of MWA will be greatly helped by a nodding acquaintance with the Mandatory Work Activity Provider Guidance. It can be accessed via this link: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/300734/pg-part-p.pdf It might also be useful to trace
  11. DWP loses at European Court http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-28158483
  12. Hi, So thought I'd make a separate thread outside of post work programme support to try and garner more attention specifically to MWA. I've been sent on this, apparently it lasts for 4 weeks. No biggie and apparently they say it'll be charity based work. Now I was thinking oh good stacking shelves at a charity shop or something that'll be OK, and apparently I can carry on with it after 4 weeks. So I thought good an easy way to get into some weekly charity work. But apparently no, it'll be stuff like picking litter or working in a recycling centre anything basically. So then
  13. Yay good old DWP riding ruff shot over all comers inc the Court of Appeal. Stolen absolutely shamelessly from Rightsnet (lovely bunch of lads n lasses they will not mind)!
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