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  1. OK this thread is now over. It was resolved at mediation. The biggest weakness in this case was that there were letters produced back from when I was ill and before i knew about CAG where I had admitted the debt. Coupled with RL issues I managed to negotiate a decent deal to end the matter. There are important lessions for anyone here that make things easier. First of all Make sure on all correspondence you explicitly state that "You do not owe any debt to you or your company or clients" This is on most of our templates anyway But I cannot highlight the import
  2. Just to add to this 100k people have now *Joined* the labour party since ChickenCoup This is full membership not £3 jobs Also comparing MPs mandate vs JC's MPs mandates are not personal. People mostly vote for a PARTY in a general election. Many will not know their MPS JC's Mandate is personal JCs mandate is also fresher than those of the MPs This was always going to happen, but the timing is very suspect as are the reasons for doing so. If they had a suitable candidate to challenge then they should do so. What is the point otherwise? Despite everyth
  3. Hey folks, thigns have kept me away Looks like the reply to my defence was mis delivered to the wrong address, only just got this now. In meantime Directions Questionnaire has been completed and filed by both parties, with both sides agreeing to mediation. Thats where it is at. In meantime I now need to pick apart the response to my defence in preparation. A few things that may weaken things, are the letters sent to Barclaycard offering token payments in the past. They have produced these as evidence of me accepting the debt.
  4. Interesting Statement of Account arrived today. They have added lots of charges that they have no legal right to add (before a judgment) Would this be considered misleading and worthy of an FCA complaint? FS-300516-SOA.pdf
  5. For others following this thread http://www.trustonline.org.uk/understand-judgments-fines/ccjs-and-county-courts/ccjs-what-are-they " CCJ:The facts When you owe money to someone, they can apply to the County Court for a judgment (CCJ) against you to claim the money. The Court will decide whether there really is a debt to pay. If there is, they will issue a CCJ. (Hence why a partial admittance will ALWAYS lead to a CCJ- SS) This will set out how the debt should be repaid." Staying off the register Nearly all CCJs go on the register: Paying with
  6. You clearly said that a partial admittance does not create a CCJ which was inaccurate. IT IS VITAL that people know that they have to appeal a CCJ 21 days from judgement. Your advice would of misdirected them into thinking that a CCJ was not created UNTILL AFTER IT IS REGISTERED!!!!! So again, Not splitting hairs.
  7. Actually no, it is not splitting hairs. It is called being accurate. Enforcement can be taken on a CCJ as soon as any payment ordered is not made, and that depends on the timescales set down in judgment. and can be less than 30 days which would also potentially cause more loss to the person misdirected by your standpoint Also it is vital to understand the true picture, although in this case the OP has no intention of appealing, other members may be following this case and your information would mislead them. If they thought it was not a CCJ for another 30 days they would lose th
  8. Being open and honest is the only way forward here. If you hide details or do not comply you will not get/or lose the job If you are honest and upfront about your errors the worst that can happen is you will not get the job but theres a small chance you may still be offered it. Your partner would have received wage slips?
  9. Hi If you check the CAG library there may be some templates that cover your situation. As normal adapt them to suit your circumstances. Templates are a good starting point.
  10. A Partial admission DOES automatically guarantee a County Court Judgement for at minimum the amount admitted. It is only placed on the register if not paid within 30 days. Do not get an actual CCJ mixed up with the act of placing it on the register........
  11. As Steampowered has said No more talking to anyone. Await a court claim. That would be the best thing that could happen and for that reason, I suspect it will never happen. If they are selling the debt, they too know they have no chance in court. If they did they would of issued court papers long ago. Time to move on with your life. If any post arrives relating to this issue, read it, put it in a filing cabinet and forget. IF an N1 claim form turns up then come back. NO talking to anyone by phone NO talking to any person who shows up - Tell them to go away and call t
  12. CCA response today. 1. Copy of a blank 2003 agreement with a blank piece of paper attached with name and address on it and "Rights to cancel" A second set of T+Cs that have 1 line with name and address on the top of it, but no date. maybe 2012. 2. The "Current Balance outstanding" has had the legal costs and 8% interest included in the figure 3. Separate statement of account with the original alleged balance and statements saying that this second balance is only the principle and does not allow for legal costs or sums that may be allowed by the court of judgement.
  13. Thread merged with original one. Please stay with one thread on the same issue Regards SS
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