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Found 15 results

  1. Hello I'm new to the forum and looking for some advice, I'm on ESA and have received a letter from Seetec where there putting me on a two week gateway employment activity from 10am till 2pm seems a bit long for someone with disability's also there asking for information regarding income, savings outgoing like council tax, rent and partner detail's im not sure why they would want this information im single and have no saving so I'm ok there, it seems i have to go or be sanctioned they don't know what's wrong with me how can they just threaten people without finding out. its funny last Thursday i had to go to the doctors because of lack of sleep and feeling depressed all the time he gave me some sleeping tablets which has helped me get 4-5 hrs sleep at night and a leaflet on moderate anxiety and depression, how im going to sit through 5hrs of someone trying to get me a job that i cant possibly do at this time. has anyone else had the same troubles with this company, Sorry for the ramblings Ivor
  2. I was/is on SEETEC, but my doctor told them that I was travel sick, they've given me 3 sets of tablets to help me. I do 9-5 job search which is 5 days a week, Thursday and Friday I go to a city 45 minutes away via bus. They knew I was travel sick, but ignored the doctor's note, I wasn't well. On Monday I was ill and kept retching, I told the receptionist that I felt ill but had to wait for the manager. Well, she came back and told me I had to stay at tehe centre till 5pm, it was 12.30 and my stomach wa shurting and I felt sick. So I walked out and had a doctor's appt and he gave me the 7 day sick not which has ran out. Because I have now got the month long one I can sign off JSA and onto ESA.. I'll ring them on Monday, but I don't understand if I have to continue with the job search or ring SEETEC to tell them I won't be in. I will on Monday as they need a copy of my sick note. Can anyone help me? The doctor wrote down anxiety as cause for me being off sick. He also said this place is stressing me out and making me ill. I would gladly get myself a volunteering placement myself.
  3. I have to start at 9am and end at 5pm, but the bus doesn't arrive near the shop til 9..46am and last bus is around 4pm. I have never been to this town before, and don't know the bus routes. I have been suffering from travel sickness and have been to the doctor about my diareah(sorry, but the doctor said that was normal to go to the bathroom every few minutes). I have an appointment on Monday to pick up travel money and have to be there by 2pm. From March to June of this year I was volunteering at a charity in my home town. I am wondering if I should apply to a charity shop in town? But this woman (who was dressed like she was going out to a party) said that SEETEC only ran a few shops. Can I refuse this placement due to it being in a part of the county where I've never been? There is no way I am able to get to the placement in time, I'll be late. And according to the letter if I am late it can effect my benefits.
  4. I can't sleep with everything going around my head... I feel like I'm going crazy... so I thought I'd write it down here to see what other people thought. I recently lost a family member to cancer, such a horrible illness that took the life of a beautiful innocent child. For years we were going back and to, to the children's hospital, seeing them go through surgeries, chemo and radiotherapy for it to just come back and then start attacking other parts of their body. Then to see them die, just like that. Its taking me a long time to write this as I just keep crying and can't see the screen. I just can't get why they had to get it in the first place, then all the years of fighting it, just for it kill them. I am not coping well and I just keep to myself. I hate anything to do with cancer.. the word, hearing it, seeing it. I am unemployed on JSA and I was told to go to Seetec to do a community work placement. I go in to be told I'm being sent to a cancer centre! I said no not there can't you find me somewhere else. They replied you do realise this is mandatory. Which I said yes but I've recently lost someone to cancer and I don't want to go somewhere were I'm surrounded by it. What do you mean they said. I reply what do I mean? I hate anything to do with cancer and your going to send me to a cancer centre at which stage I'm crying. You wont be dealing with people having treatments they said. But its a centre for that, there's going to be posters and leaflets everywhere I say trying to get them to understand. What do you mean they say again why would there be posters up. At which stage I couldn't cope and said I'd be back in a minute. I had to go outside for some air and to get away. I go back in to be told he doesn't like my tone and they don't see the problem in me going there. Really I said, you don't understand why I don't want to go . No they said they don't understand why I don't want to go and waived their hands saying lots of people have had someone die of cancer. I can't get that out of my head. I keep replaying it over and over in my mind and its making my angry and upset. They finish with I have to go to a interview with the place. I said and what if I get upset there. They said this is a interview you have to conduct it in a professional manner just like any other interview. I say buts its at a cancer place, bit different isn't it. To which they said again what do you mean. What do I mean? Why do they keep saying what do you mean all the time? How can they be that daft or heartless to not know what I mean. It ended with them telling me I will get sanctioned if I get upset or go there with a negative attitude. So that's it, I'm just supposed to forget about this, all the years of fighting, watching them die. The nightmares I have. The days I feel terrible and upset because something reminds me and everything comes flooding back like it happened yesterday. Since this happened I feel sick, headache, upset and crying all the time. I feel like I'm walking around in a dream / nightmare and I can't take it anymore. I thought things are supposed to get easier with time, well its not, It seems to be getting harder
  5. Hello, I've found myself in a bit of a bind with my new adviser and was hoping for some advice please. Brief backstory: I transferred my claim from a different London borough a few months ago. Big mistake. My previous adviser was honorable and had integrity. She could see I was doing everything I could to get a job and as a result we had mutual respect. I met my new "Work Coach" on Friday and immediately we took a dislike to each other. She has put me on MWA starting Tuesday. I am angry for myself (of course) and also angry on behalf of my fellow man - WHY in the hell would any big business pay money for Xmas relief staff when they can get people like me to do it for free under threat of sanction? (But mainly I'm pee'd off for myself - over Xmas there is usually a 2 week break from signing, so 4 weeks where I would be left alone, and my JSA would go through automatically). Now I have to do 4 weeks of this MWA scrubbing graffiti off park toilets or some such other delight over Xmas period and will be sanctioned if I miss a day!) I'm not naturally a cynical person who looks to exploit the system, but I read a thread about JS28? Which allows you a period of 14 days illness. I've never missed a signing before so am free to use this. My question is I feel I might be ill for a couple of weeks on Tuesday If I use this form will it get me out legitimately from doing this Seetec Slavery until the New Year? Or will they sanction me? Despite what you all may think reading this, the JCP really has pushed me to the limit recently, so I'm looking for anything I can do legally to avoid a sanction, avoid MWA and still get my JSA over Xmas period. Thanks if you've read this far.
  6. On CWP and 2 weeks ago, we were all taken into a room and asked our details and what jobs we would like, next day the advisor contacted me and said please forward c.v via email as I have a driving job for you. Great I thought as I forwarded my c.v , I added a cheeky p.s of please would you fund my 35 hrs CPC periodic traning then ? So I may legally drive as this is now required since 10th September 2014 for over 3.5t drivers. I again repeated the request to career advisor 1 week later 'in centre' and got your WP advisor will contact you shortly - that was 5 days ago.... Seems they only like to collect in the bonuses and not pay out for training!! As I'm a recovery driver and even the small recovery trucks are around 4.2 tonnes unladen, I thought I had a valid and reasonable request... and she never did give me any details of this supposed job!
  7. hi what it is im on the work program at seetec I was just wondering do I need to provide my phone number and email addresse to them unto now I haven't given it to them but of late they keep asking for it but I refuse to give it them due to the fact I don't wish to be harassed by them im only asking as I don't want to be sanctioned can anyone give me any good advise on this matter thank you
  8. Hi thought I would add to the long list of complaints for Seetec. Today I found out that I was going to have my money stopped. Because the 5th new advisor had listed on my action plan the dates for me attending the wrong way round starting with the later date first. Sadly I got confused and did not attend the one listed later being the 1st one to attend, and attend the first one listed at the wrong time. Genuine error. I emailed my advisor to try to rectify this but guess what the useless Moran does not know how to communicate. Made a complaint to the centre manager he is just as useless did not address the complaint just kept saying the same thing it's listed in black and white. My guess is his priority will always lie with his staff as he is there manager. No phone calls or communication from them to be sent 2 good reason letters from the job centre. which is the first I knew about missing the appointments. Had they have communicated better and gave me a chance to sort this out. But no there are so gun hoe on stopping your money whatever. I have never missed an appointments or been late ever. But hey that's not even taken in to account. Found out also they get themselves a little bonus if they stop your money. Guilty until proven innocent. NOT A HAPPY BUNNY. The work program at Seetec is a waste of time. The staff are rude and useless. Don't even bother making a complaint cos that will get you no where. I made a genuine error which I was prepared to sort out and go in later that day another day but they don't care not interested in the slightest. You missed it end off. Let's see what my appeal says when I get it back in 3-4 weeks.
  9. I had a sanction placed on my ESA for missing an appointment (that they said was alright as it conflicted with a MIND appointment) but i received a sanction a week later so i got someone to phone and was told the sanction would be sorted once i attend a new Seetec appointment so i did this the day after now a month later and i have still heard nothing (also just attended another seetec appointment which are monthly) about my sanction and i am still receiving the lower amount is it just a matter of waiting or should i phone them to try and get it sorted quicker. also on seetec i have not been going long a couple of months or so but yet i have had 5 different advisers in that time 1 of them i understand as she told me she would be leaving but all the other changes im not sure why makes me so nervous when attending as i never know who im going to be seeing.
  10. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is facing accusations of a double cover-up, after altering two sets of guidelines, both of which had allegedly been breached by one of its specialist welfare-to-work providers. http://unemploymentmovement.com/forum/welfare-to-work/7894-whistleblower-seetec-breaching-dwp-guidelines-not-getting-crb-checks-done Seetec are fast emerging as the leading exponents of 'duck and dive', I'm reading more and more disturbing stories of how this provider is treating ESA claimants and I am currently on the receiving end of Seetec's questionable practices. My problems began with a WFI back in February, the ESA advisor informed me that her 'hands were tied' and she had no option other than to refer me to Seetec for a mandatory introductory interview. When I attended the interview the advisor informed me that I had voluntary status and my participation was not mandatory, 'thanks very much' said I on my way out, and I foolishly thought that would be the end of it. A couple of months later I received a mandatory appointment letter from Seetec, so I visit the office to get the situation straightened out. Once again I'm informed that I'm voluntary and was given assurances that I would not be contacted again. Two weeks later and...........You guessed it, another letter hits the mat. I phone this time and speak to the manager who informs me that I have it all wrong, things have changed and I am indeed a mandatory participant. I tell him I'm having none of it and insist he confirms my status with JCP which he reluctantly agrees to do. One week turns into two and I still haven't heard any news when another letter hits the mat, I'm now getting a tad annoyed and storm off to Seetec's offices where I have a stand up row with the manager who shows me a screen print which states I have a 12 month prognosis and am therefore a mandatory participant, I provide evidence to the contrary resulting in a stalemate pending further investigations. I then spend the next couple of days confirming that my prognosis is 24 months and that I'm definitely voluntary, I get assurances from JCP that Seetec will be told to take my name from their data base. Either JCP forgot about me or Seetec ignored them because the letters keep coming, I'm then told by JCP to ignore them, so I do. Bad advice as it transpires because Seetec simply raised a sanction doubt on my last no show. I've filled in the 'good cause' letter and by rights should not be sanctioned, I cannot be mandated to attend, or engage in a programme I'm not part of. But I see a pattern emerging here, what's to stop Seetec sending a mandatory attendance letter out every couple of weeks and then raising a sanction doubt when I don't attend? Nothing as far as I can see, I have no confidence that JCP will force Seetec to leave me alone. So it's in the hands of my MP, perhaps she can get some affirmative action from JCP, in the meanwhile I'm looking at fighting a sanction doubt every couple of weeks for the near future, and I've done nothing wrong other than assert my rights. This scenario has turned my normally well balanced state of mind into one of constant paranoia, I'm convinced they are actually out to get me.
  11. Hi all, I was awarded ESA and placed in the Work Related Activity Group earlier this year and sent to Seetec. I was pleased about this at first as I am disabled and want to work from home. The nice lady (some of them are) at the job centre told me that Seetec would help me specifically with self employment. What I wanted wasn't taken into account and I was told I would have to job search and go on group activities for things I didn't want to do. No matter how many times I told my advisor I wanted to be self employed and my reasons for it, I might as well have talked to myself, only difference being I would have taken notice of me!! On my first interview I was told that I wasn't the race I said, the advisor told me I was something different. Then I was told that even though I have registered hearing, sight and mobility problems and have t o use adapted computers, no adaptations would be made for me. I was shouted at and humiliated to the point of wanting to cry in public. I phoned the EHRC and they told me to complain, I did and things got worse. On three occasions Seetec reported me for a violation of the WRAG, on three occasions they were false reports because I had proof of why I had not gone to the appointments and proof I had told Seetec. The stress it caused me when I got the possible sanction letter was dreadful, they always seemed to arrive on a Saturday when I couldn't do anything but worry. They ruined my chances at getting off benefits and becoming self employed for now so I have issued Court proceedings against them. It has been given to their solicitors who I will have to get my defense ready to give to them. The reason for my posting is that I need your help all if you would?? If anyone has any horror stories they would be willing to share with me, please would you get in touch? I think it is beyond awful that this organisation are treating people the way they do and getting away with it. Not saying I will win at Court but I have everything crossed and it would help if I could give more examples of similar stories. Anyway, I will keep you all posted as to what happens, it is about time Seetec were stopped.
  12. Hi all, In the afternoon of 10th September 2013 I received a letter from Seetec dated 04 September 2013 but sent by recorded delivery on 09 September 2013 requested that I go to a 'mandatory activity' at certain on 10th September 2013 : I then called the phone number that was one the letter that they are doing a mistake since I have just received the letter the afternoon of the day I should start their mandatory work (despite of the fact I dispute with job centre how I have been selected for this program). However, Seetec did not want to listen to anything : I then sent an explanation email to my jobCentre adviser with a scan of the envelope (stamped on 09th September) containing the letter. The next day, 11th September 2013 I call Seetec to inform them that I am going to the appointed mandatory work but before this I will have to go to JobCentre for the transport since I did not have enough money for this last : the Seetec operator with a very aggressive way tone interrupted me and say that I do not to attend this mandatory work anymore since "it has been cancelled because I failed to attempt the first day". I than once again informed JobCentre about this knowing that it is problem them who is instructing Seetec to act in this way. Today, I have received a later from 'Annesley LM DMA Sector Office' saying this : "We have been told that on 04th September 2013 you were notified to attend Mandatory Work Activity at xxxxxxxx on 10th September 2013 but that you failed to do so. Will you please repy in writing overleaf within 7 days of the date of this letter to explain why you did not undertake this activity. You should note that unless you can provide a good reason for not undertaking this activity, your benefit may be affected." In addition to have received Seetec letter only on 10th September 2013, due to housing issues (harassment by neighbour) I had a court hearing on 6th September 2013 and 9th September 2013 and for this purpose I had an appointment on 04th September 2013 with a solicitor : all these information were provided to JobCentre but it does not seem to be 'good reasons' for them. I have tried to make a complaint against Seetec in vain (the hang up the phone on me) and seriously planning to make a complaint against them for harassment and misleading at the county court if I am sanctioned based on their wrong statement. Thanks in advance for your help, PS : Without my JSA I will totally be without income.
  13. I'm ESA WRAG with a 12+ month prognosis as I have posted before on the forums Seetec continue to harass me with mandatory appointment letters even though I have not volunteered for WP. I have an appointment today and was told by the manager at Seetec that JCP now are requiring ESA WRAG claimants to engage with providers for the remaining period until re assessment. This is news to me, and I don't buy it. Anyone heard similar?
  14. Hi all. I'm a newbie, although I've read lots of posts this is my first, so hope I don't ramble & it's in the right place. I have about 3 migraines a wk, meaning I spend 3-4 days a wk in my darkened bedroom. due to pain, made worse by movement & light. Daily Auras cause visual disturbances. Other symptoms include: unsteady, drunk like gait, episodes of not being present about 1x wkly, loss of consciousness about 1x wkly, nausea/vomiting. All this started after relocating to a new area where I know nobody and I'm totally isolated. The condition itself results in depression, the constant DWP harassment (constant since Oct'11) is making this so much worse. I first claimed ESA in Sept'09 and have had 3 WCA's - 1st: zero points overturned at tribunal appeal a year later, 15pts consciousness. 2nd: waited for 3mths for the outcome of LCW only to receive an ESA50 the next day. 3rd: zero points, overturned by GL24 appea in Novl, with help from a local disability group. On Sat the 8/12 I got a sanction letter from JC+ for failing to attend WFI, which I never received a letter. After an horrendously anxious wkend, this was overturned after to the advisor and making another appointment, which was on Fri 11/01 at 4pm. I was mandated to Seetec work programme and told to expect to hear from them in a couple of weeks. Today I received a letter from Seetec saying I failed to attend initial appointment, again no letter received (How is it ESA50's & sanction letters Arrive?), with a new date & time and saying I'll be there for 2-3 hrs. However this is impossible as I didn't leave JC+ until 16:45 Fri, unless this was put in motion on the 8/12? Also it is in a different town to stated in Action Plan, due to Meds no way can get there for 9am, no contact tel number included in letter. I'm seriously at my wits end with all this, any help/advice would be appreciated.
  15. just wondering as im about to start the work program and need to know if it'll effect my christmas plans.
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