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  1. Thanks. My main concern is securing payment for the missed weeks, should the decision be in my favour.
  2. Is it possible to continue to persue the mandatory reconsideration/appeal process for a JSA sanction if I close my claim before a final decision has been made? Any help appreciated.
  3. On going through some documents obtained via a SAR, I find that Ingeus have sent out an abridged version of my CV or to be more precise, used it as the basis to create a badly put together cover letter in response to job opportunities. I did sign the "How we use your information" document (the one which you sign to allow them to send your CV out) on being attached to Ingeus, however I had an additional clause added to it before I signed which said all positions to be discussed with me prior to my CV being sent out. They have never discussed these positions with me. What is the position regarding revoking consent on this? And also, is it worth kicking up a stink about it?
  4. Thanks you for the replies so far guys. The general feeling I get, is that a sanction is almost inevitably going to be the outcome, regardless of what I have written in response to their "Good Reason" letter? Would that be right/fair statement, or not?
  5. Call me cynical! I've stopped believing in coincidences with these lot
  6. Since my original post, something has come to light which I'll not mention in an open forum, but which leads me to strongly believe they never sent the appointment letter.I have written to them (DWP) to explain the situation and will be following up with Ingeus also. Following on from the "Good Reason" letter I received regarding this non-appointment, I have now received a "We are reviewing your benefit claim" letter, which I believe from the wording and what they're asking for is from the compliance team, although it does not state that. Anyway, they want me to attend an appointment (at the JCP) for that one, along with bank statements, proof of ID etc. I suspect these two things have both been triggered by Ingeus raising a doubt on my claim. Either way, it is a pain, and unnecessary stress!
  7. No, appointment letters have always arrived in the past. And mail in general is fine.
  8. I'm loathed to have to fork out any cash on this to be honest, but thanks for your reply and the idea.
  9. Thanks Mr.P. Am I right in thinking that they will make a decision one way or the other, on the basis of my "Good Reason". If the decision is not in my favour, then I would be at the Mandatory Reconsideration stage? The letter states the following: "...You should note that unless you can provide a good reason for not undertaking this activity, your benefit may be affected. We will decide if your benefit will be affected, and will let you know what effect the decision has on your Jobseekers allowance.."
  10. Received a 'Good Reason Letter' from the Jobcentre regarding an Ingeus appointment which according to them I was notified about by post. I never received the appointment letter in question. Anyone recommend a good way to approach this. Obviously there is nothing I can produce in terms of evidence which would prove that I didn't receive the appointment letter. As far as I can see, all I can do is state in writing that I did't receive the letter, and maybe draw attention to my previous good attendance record.
  11. Thanks for the links. Had seen the boycottworkfare.org one, but not the other.
  12. What with CWP and MWA referals due to end on March 31st, do we think we will see a increased push to place people on these schemes before that date?
  13. Something I've been quite interested in hearing other peoples opinions on is how long should any of us be able to continue to seek employment within a certain sector before we have to expand our horizons, or lower our objectives, whichever way you want to look at it! Now, as far as what the JCP like to re-itterate, the 13-week permitted period is what they enjoy quoting. However, the way I read the legislation...this is a 'general' rule, and a person may place restrictions on the type of work, conditions of employment, providing they can show that despite the restrictions they still have a ‘reasonable’ prospect of obtaining employment. Reasonable prospect is obviously open to interpretation and there appears to be no further timelines quoted in any legislation or guidance. In my case, I have somewhat widened the scope of my job search within my niche, but no further than that, and have resisted attempts by the JCP and Ingeus to push me into looking at any NMW vacancies. Whilst they clearly baulk at the idea of somebody standing their ground, they seem to begrudginly accept it. Don't wish to sound arrogant, and I'm sure there may come a time when I may have to conceed to lowering my expectations, but for me, in my particular circumstances, that time is not yet. I will see how the 'candidate pool' thing reveals itself and treat it accordingly
  14. Thanks for your reply..cool username I'm guessing that for whatever reason they will be pushing me to enter a "candidate pool". My question will be, what benefit will it offer me, versus the likely incoveniences it could pottentialy throw my way...I'm thinking about the things you mentioned: updated CV, interview skills, interview clothes etc...I have no requirement to have my wardrobe validated, already reluctantly participated in one of their mock interviews and I need no help with my CV! I'm looking for work within a (fairly) niche sector of the IT industry...I'm guessing they don't have experienced IT recruiters as such within their ranks, let alone recruiters operating in my niche.
  15. Anybody know what Ingeus mean by the "candidate pool"? In my latest (mandatory) appointment letter it says "look at booking you onto a candidate pool". They offer no further explanation of exactly what that might be, or involve. Been with them for approx 1 year now.
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