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  1. Hi all, Grateful for any advice on whether to ignore Euro Car Parks or bother appealing. These are the particulars: 1 Date of the infringement 19/7/2018 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] issue date is 25/7/2018 3 Date received 28/7/2018 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [y/n?] Yes 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Close up pic of car number plate with entry and leaving times 6 Have you appealed? {y/n?] post up you appeal] no Have you had a response? [Y/N?] post it up 7 Who is the parking company? Euro Car Parks 8. Where exactly [carpark name and town] Surbiton Health Centre, KT6 6EZ For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. BPA ---- I am the keeper, but wasn't the driver on the day. It's the local GP and you have to go into the GP surgery to register the car on a kiosk to avoid these charge notices coming through. The driver did go in and register the car on the kiosk system, but assume the system messed up. We have proof of the GP appointment on the day - so am wondering if it is worth appealing on these grounds. Grateful for any thoughts.. thanks
  2. Seems to be a trend on here and other website help forums, to ignore and even laugh off threats from CEL. Fortunately I have kept all correspondence and have been fighting this for my daughter since May 2016. Now she has been referred to the County Court Business Centre Northampton issue date 07/04/2017. In May 2016 my daughter had an appointment at a doctors surgery with her baby for injections. She is adamant she entered her car number plate on the screen inside the surgery but for some reason did not register. When the first letter arrived from CEL she approached the surgery to have it dismissed but was advised to be just out of time. As the letter came to my address she then emailed CEL with her new address and attached a letter with the appointment time from the surgery. This email was ignored I emailed CEL and informed them to refer to her change of address. Apart from getting a reply saying that I need permission from my daughter to act on her behalf, they still send letters to my address [ car registered there at the time ]. Looking for advice here for the best way to deal with these court papers. I understand parking needs to be governed but this seems unfair on my daughter whom the surgery were expecting. CEL Statement All visitors must register for a permit on a touch screen inside reception. If you park without obtaining a valid permit, you agree to pay £100. To deter abuse of this car park, these terms apply at all times. Additional costs will be incurred if payment is not received within 28 days. Arrival 10.53 20 Departure 11.12.37. Bill is now £327.04 including legal fees
  3. Hello, I have recently received a liability notice from the P.C.P enforcement agency. I was advised by my colleagues that I should ignore a parking ticket that I recieved whilst parked on hospital grounds whilst at work. I got a PCN letter sent to my house addressed to me and ignored that too. Subsequently have now recieved a liability notice which has got me a little twitched. Should I continue to ignore this letter or pay it? I did phone the company who states it is too late to appeal and was advised to email a company that when checked on Google has no links to parking from what I can tell?! This company has nothing to do with parking... I'm so confused??? I don't want to go to court which the letter states will be the next action unless I pay £100 fine?! Can anyone help?
  4. Hi, After two notices from Indigo Park Solutions I have now received a letter from Wright Hassall Solicitors for failing to pay the Penalty Notice, and requiring me to make payment of £196. The letter states that failure to make payment in full or contact them to discuss repayment 'may result in us recommending to the Car Park Operator that the matter be enforced through criminal court proceedings. Such proceedings would require your attendance at a Magistrates Court.' Should I ignore this letter or reply, and if I need to reply what should I reply with? This is the first time Iv'e ever had to deal with anything like this!
  5. For tickets received through the post (Notice to Keeper) please answer the following questions. 1) Date of the infringement: 20/05/2016 2) Date on the NTK: 27/05/2016 3) Date received: 30/06/2016 4) Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? Yes “On the 20 May 2016 vehicle ‘reg correct’ entered the Marriott Huntington car park at 11:18:00 and departed at 13:36:24 on the 20 May 2016 May 2016. The signage, which is clearly displayed at the entrance to and throughout the car park, states that this is private land, the car park is managed by Parking Eye Ltd, as a permit only / paid parking car park, what parking tariffs apply and the parking charge applicable without the appropriate permit or payment of the appropriate tariff when parking, along with other terms and conditions of the car park by which those who park in the car park agree to be bound. By either not purchasing the appropriate parking time or parking without a valid permit, in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in the signage, the Parking Charge is now payable to Parking Eye Ltd (as the Creditor). You are notified under paragraph 9(2) (b) of schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 that the driver of the motor vehicle is required to pay this parking charge in full. As we do not know the driver's name or current postal address, if you were not the driver at the time, you should tell us the name and current postal address of the driver and pass this notice to them. You are warned that if, after 29 days from the date given (which is presumed to be the second working day after the Date Issued) the parking charge has not been paid in full and we do not know both the name and current address of the driver, we have the right to recover any unpaid part of the parking charge from you. This warning is given to you under paragraph 9 (2) (f) of Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 and subject to our complying with the applicable conditions under Schedule 4 of that Act. Should you provide an incorrect address for service, we will pursue you for any Parking Charge amount that remains unpaid. Should you identify someone who denies they were the driver, we will pursue you for any Parking Charge amount that remains unpaid” 5) Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Yes 6) Have you appealed? Not directly to Parking Eye. I contacted the owner of the land Marriott Hotels on the 08/06/2016 and they contacted Parking Eye confirming I was a guest at a meeting and requested the charge be cancelled. Have you had a response? No 7 Who is the parking company? Parking Eye For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under: Independent Appeals Service (POPLA) If you have received any other correspondence, please mention it here I received a further notice from Parking Eye on the 30th June stating the charge had now gone from £65 up to £100. And I had/have 14 days to pay it from the 30th June I assume. The Marriott Hotel advised me I didn’t need to contact Parking Eye as they would deal with it. After the second letter I contacted the Marriott again and they again emailed Parking Eye asking them to cancel the parking ticket. I am seeking advice on whether I should contact Parking Eye directly, what have other people experienced when the landowner attempts to cancel the parking charge? I am in the wrong in terms of the parking ticket I missed the multiple signs (new arrangement with Parking Eye and I just didn’t realise) Thank you for your assistance. Audrey
  6. I've done some reading but it's hard finding the answer. Since private companies can't fine you, what realistically happens if you just ignore them? Do they have any mechanism for forcing payment? I understand they could sue under contract law, but what are the odds of that?
  7. Dear all. I am new to this forum,I have already posted a comment about Speed Credit/Toothfairy,or whatever they want to call themselves.But as yet,it has not come up in the forum. Are Barclays aware that they are dealing with a loan shark company,when they accept money into the following account. Acc.no....93462382 Sort no...20-50-94 Or maybe the host of PO BOX1933,Radstock,BA3 4YF are also not aware of the dealings of Toothfairy Finance. I wonder if Barclays charge Toothfairy for each transaction.If so,maybe if a few people,the more the merrier,were to deposit 1p into the above account,it would create a loss for Toothfairy. Regards,John.
  8. Hi struggling to pay a barclays card and was wondering if we should contact them or just ignore them untill they default it and then start payiing of?? we know we are going to default just want to get it on file asap so we can start the 6 years count down any help would be great thanks
  9. Hi all,hope someone can give some advice on this. Here's a brief history,I had a subacromial decompression operation back in Dec.2014,I returned to work in Feb.2015,by this time they had introduced a night shift on a rota of 1 in 9 weeks aswell as the 6/2,2/10 shift.I managed to do 2 night shifts in 2015,by the end of 2015 my shoulders have gotten worse and sleeping has become more difficult,averaging 5/6hrs of interrupted sleep each night. This year they have increased the night shift rota to 1 in 5 weeks,I did my first one at the beginning of January where i averaged 3hrs sleep per day over the week. I went to see my manager and asked if i could be taken off nights,they came back to me and said if there's a medical reason they would look into it.So I went to my doctors,they prescribed me some tablets to ease the pain and aid sleep on a short term basis.I'm also due for another operation in March. The doctor gave me a doctors note/recommendation to be taken off nights until my shoulders are sorted out.Problem I have is that I've no idea how long this will be and work want me back on nights asap otherwise I could be out of a job,with work stating I'm not fulfilling my contract(I'm on an annualised hours contract) The works doctor has seen my note and said I should have no trouble doing the work but didn't understand it wasn't the work that was making me ill,it's the lack of sleep. I hope thats clear to understand,there are a few things in my doctors note I don't wish to disclose but believe me it was strongly worded. Any help appreciated
  10. Hi all, I have received the obligatory letter from BC, acting on behalf of Lowell who are acting on behalf of Orange lol. I've got the standard "you have 14 days to pay us or we're taking you to the small claims court" letter. Is it best for me to ignore this as per title? The debt is not statute barred. Many thanks
  11. Hi all I've just received a letter from the dwp saying I owe £700 and I must pay within the next two weeks. Its half twelve at night and I'm so stressed I can't sleep. Well actually I'm watching a really good film. Does anyone have a template letter I can send these people? First template letter, I want to know if this money is really owed by me which I doubt. Secondly a letter stating they can have £ per week from my benefit and stop sending me scary letters don't you have IT system to sort out. Thanks caggers
  12. Hi all, Received a PCN today from Parking Eye as l am the registered keeper of our family car which was photographed entering a doctors car park ( Private land ) and leaving again about 15 mins later. The problem here is the vehicle was used to drop an elderly person of at the doctors ( who had that morning suffered a bad angina attack and needed to dropped off at the doctors door ) and then the vehicle went back about 15 mins later to pick the elderly person up again. The point here being that the vehicle did not park up in the doctors carpark for 15 mins but returned back, but the photos show the vehicle entering on its first journey in and then leaving after its second journey back into the carpark after picking up. Help and advice needed please as in the past ( 3 yrs ago ) l have had PCN's before and ignored them and nothing became of them. Do l ignore this one or dispute the fact with Parking Eye that the vehicle didn't park up and that their camera didn't photograph the vehicle leaving the first time and re-entering the second time ? I was not the driver by the way. The date of issue of the PCN was about 6 days ago. They're wanting £60 if paid within the next 14 days etc . Don't know which way to go with this one. Any help much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  13. As I mentioned in a previous post, we have a lot of old debts that I am now trying to deal with and resolve, although we have no spare money to pay. In 2007 my husband defaulted on a credit card with First Direct with an outstanding balance of around £6,500 (nothing showing on his credit file that I can find). We talked to CCCS who couldn’t help us as we had less money coming in than was necessary for essential expenses. I wrote to First Direct informing them of this. A few months later we started getting letters from DG Solicitors and in October 2008 I wrote to them offering £5 a month. I have nothing else on file for them and as far as I can see the £5 a month offer was never accepted although we have moved several times since then. A few months ago we started getting letters from MKDP and MK Rapid Recoveries demanding repayment of this debt. We have been paying them a monthly installment of £10 for a different debt so assume they got our current address from that. They also sent us a statement dated 30th Nov 2014 giving the outstanding balance still at £6,500 and saying the last statement date was 30/11/2013 although I have no other statements from them. My question is what should be our next move? Is it likely that they are about to issue a default or even start court action after all this time? Is this statute barred? Should we contact them at all or just hope that they give up and go away? Thanks in advance for any help!
  14. I too fell foul of Parking Eye, stopped for 33 minutes in a staff carpark, in Poole September 13th 2104. I did the silly thing of appealing, stating the reason for temporarily using their facility, which was rejected. One of my main concerns, is that the legal framework has moved on a bit, and Parking Eye have updated their process to improve their success rates. Is the advice still to ignore the parking charge Notices from Parking Eye? Thanks, Graham
  15. Hi, I got a ticket today at my university campus, the car park is always full and therefore is always cars parking in places which arent designated spots, unfortunately today I had to be one of them cars and got a ticket. It was for literally half an hour, I was slightly on a yellow box in the car park but was in no-ones way and did not deny any access. The ticket is from a private agency 'Car Parking Partnership' and after some research I can see that some people are saying I am not entitled to pay the fine. Apparently it is unenforceable. Can I please have someone with knowledge / experience on this issue to shed some light on the situation because I really have no idea whether I should just ignore it or not. Thanks a lot. *edit - I understand these questions have been posted before and I'm sorry but I wasn't sure if by chance the laws have been updated so I wanted a recent view on the matter.
  16. After receiving Parking "fines" from private parking companies in the past (2011) I had frequently visited this site among others, where the advice was a resounding "IGNORE" I took said advice, and after around 5 letters from each, I heard nothing more from these PPCs, the "IGNORE" option certainly worked. Since then I'd been much more careful about parking, and as such haven't received any 'fines', Until now. I have just received a letter through the post from a company called smart parking demanding £40 for parking overnight (clearly not causing any loss to the company) in a parking space. I was going to completely ignore this letter as done in the past, but upon visiting here again it seems advice has changed to "Don't ignore" Can anyone explain why I can't just ignore this as usual? Surely the law hasn't changed to allow private companies to issue fines now?
  17. Hi guys. Back again for some PPC advice I've reached the Rossendales Collect stage that started with a speculative invoice from Excel a few months ago. Should I ignore? That always used to be the advice but is it still the case? I'm seeing more and more references to appeals and/or engaging in some form of correspondence. Something I'm loathe to do as I feel it gives these cowboys some sort of legitimacy.
  18. I ordered a pair of Ladies Lt. Grey Norvel trousers among a 3 item order with 'Gift of grey wool skin coat' 6th Dec. 2013 which arrived soon after, other items fine but Norvel trousers were in packing labelled Lt. Grey but trousers inside were Beige I emailed the Support section immediately also including my landline number but no reply, I also phoned their Expensive 0871 number and informed that I was returning this item, which cost Me £2.60 post and because I was returning on 19th Dec and wanting to avoid Xmas parcels for Exchange of item I re-ordered (big mistake - I hadn't secretly marked Return Item) When I received Item Re-ordered it was exactly same. When I sent back the 2nd time on 5th Jan 2014 I marked the item pack on the incorrect label and taped onto the pack complete set of papers including copies of both Emails and sent another complete set separately regarding non-arrival of 'Wool Skin Coat' It then cost me over £9 in calls to 0871 to get the Return Items Credited on the Personal Account which they started without my consent and more phone calls to get the Faulty Item Return postage eventually shown on Account as Misc. Discount all the time adding Service Charges because I would not pay the order in full before the Returns were credited. Since Dec.2013 I have been asking for the Account to be sorted out which only Supervisor can do. I have paid £14.99 which is the cost and p & p on correct items, the Account now is only showing amount of Service Charges on the Account while they were doing nothing about my Complaint which I am not going to pay. Since Fri. 13th June by EU and Our Government Law All Retailers have to provide a 'basic' phone number ( 01/02/03) all of which are included and cost the same in all types of Telephony incl. Mobiles which Afibel have not done and the 3 calls from Fri.13th June will be costing THEM £4.95 which I will be claiming. I was told on the last call on 24th June that a Supervisor would call me, but as nothing has happened since my first Return and they are still putting Service charges on the Account each month. I am now going to send to their actual address Afibel, Columbia House, 1 Apollo Rise, Southwood Business Park, Farnborough, GU14 0GT not their P.O Box 341 Farnborough, GU14 0ZQ (which is probably a shed) a Letter of Account in Dispute by Signed for Mail. which will stop the Account dead until they contact me. I will also be reporting them to Consumer Advice and Citizens Advice Bureau. I have also found that they have got a 'True Certificate' award which I will now try to stop because they are not an Award Certificate worthy Retailer.
  19. After a lot of forum searching, the general gist seems to be ignoring is old news, and now the thing to do is an official appeal with the independent company I forgot the name of! Which is it? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The story- The other month, I parked in a disabled bay with a valid badge. Because of my mobility scooter, I have a long vehicle. I overlapped the path in front of the bay by about 2 foot (only other option was the block the road). This path is about 20 foot wide so it caused no problems. Bollards are about 4 foot from the parking bays to stop you ramming the shops. So of course I get an invoice for not parking within a marked bay. I had no idea I had agreed to this contract. As far as I remember, the only contract was a small sign at the top of a pole as I exited the car park. I had to stop in the middle of the road, get out the car and strain my eyes to read it. I don't think there was a contract erected anywhere near the disabled parking bays (which is discriminatory - I'm not going to park next to the shops, then walk all the way to the back of the car park to see the sign before walking back to the shop!!). Plus any idiot could see I had to park as I did so as not to block the road, and I did not cause any inconvenience or expense to any other party. Although I realise that on private land disabled bays mean didleysquat anyway. However It was a free car park, I did not stop anyone else from parking / visiting, and I did not leave the area. So where exactly is this £100 calculated from? Here the letters and sign [ATTACH=CONFIG]46539[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]46538[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]46537[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]46536[/ATTACH] http://imageshack.us/a/img196/8162/bhbt.jpg http://imageshack.us/a/img849/2162/btev.jpg http://imageshack.us/a/img4/5528/cn97.jpg http://imageshack.us/a/img62/6205/6jqg.jpg ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also my letter states that I only had 28 days to appeal (as printed on the invoice) and that time has now expired. I'm sure that can't be right. So should I still ignore now I have my letter? I took photos of the car but I'm trying to be anonymous here don't want to be admitting guilt to anything, despite me being not guilty!! So should I just continue chuckling to myself and ignore this farce, or should I appeal? I've never been to court before, but I would enjoy having a fun day out at there expense as I would certainly be counterclaiming. The glue used on their invoice seems to have permanently marked my windscreen!! And I will have to take a taxi to court as I can't risk another ticket parking outside court in the same manner.
  20. You will see on this forum and elsewhere that the advice as to how to deal with a Private Parking Charge - will be either to ignore it altogether or on the other hand - to respond to it. By and large we would recommend that you ignore a Private Parking Charge. until or unless you ever get A LETTER OF CLAIM Them You should respond robustly - using one of our snotty letters - as per the guidelines given in this forum. You will never put yourself at a disadvantage by not responding to a Private Parking Charge - but you will be inviting problems if you decide to bluff it out and IGNORE A LETTER OF CLAIM. to help us copy and paste this to your thread [if you haven't started one start a new thread and answer the questions so we can help you : https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?462118-Have-you-received-a-Parking-Ticket
  21. I have had a letter this morning from Robinson Way / Hoist that is a 'NOTICE OF HOME VISIT' pertaining to a Sainsburys Credit Card debt. This has been statute barred for well over a year and doesn't appear on my credit files. I'm also getting phone calls periodically from Robinson Way, and I've lost count of the amount of times over the last few years I've sent them the phone harrassment letter and reported them to the OFT. Should I respond to this home visit threat with a doorstep visit letter? Or should I ignore?
  22. I recently ordered a brochure via the Aquability's website contact form - short of telephoning them there is no other way of contacting them. A telephone number was a mandatory field on their web based contact form. I asked them not to telephone me in their 'message' box. The brochure arrived, but 2 days later, someone from Aquability telephoned me. I asked them why they had telephoned me, when I had asked them not to. I was told they had no record of this request and that, if I had not wanted to to telephoned, I should not have included my phone number on the 'contact' form. I told the person that the tel. no. was a mandatory field, she told me it was not. I've checked again, and tel no. is a mandatory field on their contact form. If, like me, you do not want to be troubled with unsolicited calls, do not deal with Aquability - they are a shower!
  23. Hi there - my husband received a parking charge notice from Civil Enforcement Ltd a few days ago for £75 for I had pulled into the car park to pick him up and also find a safe spot to feed my baby. I did not notice any signs as I drove through the entrance warning me I would be charged for waiting there. I didn't leave the car at any point. As with most people who receive a charge like this through the post, I'm pretty annoyed as I do not feel the signs were obvious enough. A £75 charge for failing to pay for 15 minutes is ridiculous. I have read a number of threads in relation to ignoring or appealing the charge, but some are quite old and I'm keen to hear from anyone who has ignored their demands or sent an appeal recently. How many/what letters can I expect to receive from them? How heavy do they get? Has anyone had bailiffs round? I understand in the past a registered keeper could claim he was not the driver (I drove into the car park and my husband drove out) but this can no longer be used as an argument? Thanks in advance for your help!
  24. I had a T.Mobile "pay monthly" contract for over 6 years. However this April I decided to change providers and telephoned T Mobile to cancel my contract. I only had to give them 1 months notice as I had already come to the end of my current 24 month contract. I cancelled my direct debit with my bank after the final payment had been taken ....So far so good. But a few months down the line I receive a demand via a debt collection agency for over £100. Apparently my contract had not been cancelled as promised. I tried to phone them to explain but they did not take much notice telling me that it was owed and I would have to pay it or risk court action etc. So I paid it in full and asked them again to cancel my contract which they assured me they had. This time I kept an eye on my account online and was horrified to see that they were still trying to take out my monthly fee. So I wrote to them this time and sent it recorded delivery. Today I received another demand from a debt collection agency for two months contract payments. The usual threats pay up or risk legal action. I have since lost the receipt for the recorded letter so I have no proof of sending it. I have no idea what to do now other than pay up.. AGAIN! Any advice would be helpful. Thank you M.
  25. I have a default on my CRA filed by the Halifax/Bank of Scotland in June 2011. The account has been terminated and passed to DCA, including additional charges above the credit limit. However, I do not remember I had ever received a default notice from the bank. Around that time I had medical problems. The upshot was that I paid little to no attention to the monthly credit card payments which resulted in a default on my CRA even though the bank failed to present a formal demand with reasonable time to respond - as I'm stipulating. I read the CAG forum and attempted the removal of the default. I sent a first letter (a template asking the bank to substantiate the copy of the default notice) to Halifax early May to which received a reply with a copy of the original terms and conditions and nothing else. It was noted that the copy of the original signed application form would follow but I haven’t received it since then. The letter was also silent about the deed of assignment if the debt was sold. I sent a second letter to Halifax late May insisting that they would substantiate the default notice and answer my questions within 28 days. I have received no reply to this letter. I sent a third letter to Halifax after 28 days passed advising them they would have to answer my questions within 7 days, otherwise I would take action and inform Banking Ombudsman, Office of Fair Trading and the Information Commissioner's Office. Since then three weeks passed and have received no reply from the bank. I sent Subject Access Request letter to The Bank of Scotland using their ICO address on July 17 and awaiting for reply. All the correspondence was sent signed for. My questions to you are: 1. Is it ‘normal’ for the bank to ignore its client and what the lack of reply indicates? 2. Is my position strong enough to get in touch with Banking Ombudsman, Office of Fair Trading and the Information Commissioner's Office and succeed in my pursuit of the default removal? 3. Should I wait for my SAR reply before taking an action? 4. Should I pursuit an alternative strategy? I’d be grateful for suggestions and might consider a donation once my finances get in a better shape!
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