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  1. If you are of pension age then lapse your PIP claim ..... you do realise that you now can't make a new disability benefit claim? Existing disability claims pre pension age carry on after pension age. So...... Your call of course but if you had a Indefinite DLA Award then you stand an excellent chance of a PIP award till end of life! When ever that might be! Don't claim then.... well I can't understand it tbf!
  2. Indefinite is what DLA for life awards became when PIP was introduced. Zero reassessment (unless you got caught up in a random quality review) but would end on an indefinite date when transition to PIP happened. I'm sorry you've had issues with the ESA back payment trawl - have tried to find somebody via Advice Local who can help you? Or CAB/council/disability charity/etc https://advicelocal.uk With the PIP if you carry on with the application your DLA will continue until the PIP decision is made...... and you never know you might get lucky. I was a bit worried about it all but it looks and has been quite straight forward so far. My philosophy is Win or lose at least my DLA will continue for a couple of months and allow me to make plans for when it stops. If you don't then your DLA will end basically 4 weeks after the PIP invitation letter arrives. Well it's 8 but payment is suspended after 4 weeks .
  3. I got one of those last month Now got my PIP form....... My B&W PIP test thingy gives me 14 daily & 10 mobility. Going to be tricky at initial assessment, but if it has to be appealed then I've got 9-12 months to get my arguments together so..... mental health - wing and a prayer - https://pipinfo.net I'm actually quite optimistic (in my fight abilities) and the time scales means it's do able if it goes to appeal.
  4. The technical term is they haven't got a Scooby! Although there's a bit of speculation that your final point might be very close to the truth! There has only been one rouge JCP area trying it on before being called out (top down management direction)...... but lack of staff training is rampant and far more likely rather than direct malice. Glad things worked out for you superg
  5. Depends on a few factors but from UBs entitled to link already claim Housing Benefit and you move within the same local authority have a choice - remain on adjusted Housing Benefit or claim Universal Credit if you will be better off So talk to your Local Authority. - generally as long as a claim exists a change of circumstances should be fine and the existing claim continues.
  6. They've probably just updated the letters sent out to reflect that decision rather than anything sinister - amazing how quick the DWP can move when it's in their favour (sic). If it stops people unwillingly/unknowingly accruing an overpayment then I say it's good thing! On the PIP claims don't delay on the new claim waiting to gather evidence for a home visit as you'll just face the same problem. Seriously don't! You really shouldn't have withdrawn you 1st PIP claim and fought the home assessment as recent rulings on PIP conversions and FTA (failed to attend) a PIP Face to Face decisions won at 1st tier tribunal (which I think you stand a decent chance at) now put DLA back into payment until the PIP assessment happens when ever after the fact that might be. Don't beat yourself up over it and if you can CAB or Local Council or other advice services would be well worth contacting to see if they can rescue this... put you in a better position. Just get that new PIP application in! On home visits...... There's a magic list of conditions in the ATOS internal guide - which automatically get offered; 1, a home visit 2, after a fight tentatively offer a taxi 3, refuse 1 & 2 You "just" need a letter from your GP or other recognised medical professional explaining why you need/asking for a home visit. That's it! You send it to ATOS or whoever and then wait. Expect a fight as anxiety sits in category 2 and they do not like paying for taxis. Neither is a home visit out of the question if you hold your ground. I sent a GP letter in with my ESA 50 form requesting a home visit when I 1st applied for ESA in 2010. I was not offered a taxi and when 2 phone calls later was told to send a GP letter... they got a bit flummoxed when informed that my GP letter requesting a home visit was sent with my ESA50. Several phone calls and cancelled F2F appointments later a taxi appeared!!!!! Could have held out but you get to the point you just want it over! Nower days 40 mins walk to my F2F or 20 mins + 2 tube stops and a diazepam is a lot less stressful than arguing with them!
  7. There was an Upper Tribunal decision on an overpayment of SDP paid with an ESA award due to either DLA or PIP ending (can't remember which?) recently that held that the claimant was liable because they failed to inform ESA that the qualifying benefit had ended. Basically they should have known the SDP payment was wrong and taken steps to actively stop it Bit of a big change that one as previously it would more than likely to be written off as an Official Error by the DWP as ESA should automatically receive a stop notice when the qualifying benefit ended. Really depends on how long it went on for though..... I noticed a few years ago that I was still getting SDP for a few months when my DLA award was lowered. Called them and they said not to worry official error
  8. unfortunately because uc has automated triggers built in apparently (only anecdotal evidence) a fit note of 8 or longer weeks trips the computer to send out a uc50. How many GPs will know that as they try and reduce needless appointments and stress for their patients.... my last fit note was for 6 months! only because I keep up to speed due to paranoia I'll be asking for 7 on transference. You should never have been asked for a fit note by the DwP as you had a support group award and that should have carried over. from what's being written by rigthsnet advisors about this that and the other it's pretty clear from tomtom256 posts that what they have been told is quite wide of reality. If you can lodge a complaint and maybe see if somebody mentioned in the rightsnet thread would be interested in taking an early warning/maladministration case forward. It's absolute pony but once triggered the DwP will hide behind the we can reassess at any time so I feel for you! Received today my appointment for ESA face to face dated 15th for 27th - unknown telephone call yesterday I didn't answer as only my landlady has that number and Dwp... so I think they are playing silly buggers again. Life sucks )
  9. Incapacity Benefit Computer System (OPSTRAT) Systems Administration RM is on ESA and rigshts net talks CIS. If I'm wrong its all good! If not I'd rather have RMw prepped for worst case. If you understand worst case you can fight and beat anything lower than that!
  10. I take that back as........ find benefits in the new format ....... had a lucky click. because I sort of knew where I wanted to be........... Sort this shot out ffs!
  11. Read this https://www.rightsnet.org.uk/forums/viewthread/11307/P| They can look at CIS to find out your status and they know they can! An over 8 weeks fit note auto triggers a new WCA under UC so...... Either way your tailored UC claimant commitment ......... Equality act - local law centre/cmpg/etc bang
  12. Thank you for listening! So much better
  13. You could simply have a few stickies that contain/collate listed links for certain individual benefits. Going to be a lot of crossover so a simple link to the answer/thread/post and everything is good! It's not (5 banning points awarded by a mod - insert favourite word about sex beginning with f here) rocket science? Although the ing at the end might be stone cold Olympic Ice skating 10! Rightsnet up dated not long ago and did a very good job of it. Here whilst I'm neither here nor there I'd love to see the disability impact study you did of this change????
  14. Sorry you seam to have mixed up my concern with whatever......... The https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/111-benefits-and-hmrc/ now only shows sticky posts on the 1st page. An actual and valid post asking for help now will only appear on page 2 when it is created. If you seriously do not understand how this might be an issue........ I truly despair! If I ask a question it has to be on page 1 as who [removed] is going to go to page 2 to help me for a new questin? Well you seem to think that will happen but.......... Nobody disabled is going to now get past page 1 as there is zero new content there. I can turn on caps lock if you like but you ain't listening are you!
  15. 1st new post in the thread and top of page 2 amazing and let's keep it here!
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