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  1. unfortunately because uc has automated triggers built in apparently (only anecdotal evidence) a fit note of 8 or longer weeks trips the computer to send out a uc50. How many GPs will know that as they try and reduce needless appointments and stress for their patients.... my last fit note was for 6 months! only because I keep up to speed due to paranoia I'll be asking for 7 on transference. You should never have been asked for a fit note by the DwP as you had a support group award and that should have carried over. from what's being written by rigthsnet advisors about this that and the other it's pretty clear from tomtom256 posts that what they have been told is quite wide of reality. If you can lodge a complaint and maybe see if somebody mentioned in the rightsnet thread would be interested in taking an early warning/maladministration case forward. It's absolute pony but once triggered the DwP will hide behind the we can reassess at any time so I feel for you! Received today my appointment for ESA face to face dated 15th for 27th - unknown telephone call yesterday I didn't answer as only my landlady has that number and Dwp... so I think they are playing silly buggers again. Life sucks )
  2. Incapacity Benefit Computer System (OPSTRAT) Systems Administration RM is on ESA and rigshts net talks CIS. If I'm wrong its all good! If not I'd rather have RMw prepped for worst case. If you understand worst case you can fight and beat anything lower than that!
  3. I take that back as........ find benefits in the new format ....... had a lucky click. because I sort of knew where I wanted to be........... Sort this shot out ffs!
  4. Read this https://www.rightsnet.org.uk/forums/viewthread/11307/P| They can look at CIS to find out your status and they know they can! An over 8 weeks fit note auto triggers a new WCA under UC so...... Either way your tailored UC claimant commitment ......... Equality act - local law centre/cmpg/etc bang
  5. Thank you for listening! So much better
  6. You could simply have a few stickies that contain/collate listed links for certain individual benefits. Going to be a lot of crossover so a simple link to the answer/thread/post and everything is good! It's not (5 banning points awarded by a mod - insert favourite word about sex beginning with f here) rocket science? Although the ing at the end might be stone cold Olympic Ice skating 10! Rightsnet up dated not long ago and did a very good job of it. Here whilst I'm neither here nor there I'd love to see the disability impact study you did of this change????
  7. Sorry you seam to have mixed up my concern with whatever......... The https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/111-benefits-and-hmrc/ now only shows sticky posts on the 1st page. An actual and valid post asking for help now will only appear on page 2 when it is created. If you seriously do not understand how this might be an issue........ I truly despair! If I ask a question it has to be on page 1 as who [removed] is going to go to page 2 to help me for a new questin? Well you seem to think that will happen but.......... Nobody disabled is going to now get past page 1 as there is zero new content there. I can turn on caps lock if you like but you ain't listening are you!
  8. 1st new post in the thread and top of page 2 amazing and let's keep it here!
  9. Desktop Opera but whilst for the past 10 years or so we had sticky threads then user threads. Now I have multi coloured stickies whole of page one then I think but am not sure user threads starting on page 2 what is going on?
  10. Well good old Gordon Brown or was it Laudy Fraudy in the New Labour govt who tried to stop the DWP from issuing these because the DWP always gets things right as they stated in a Parliamentary question response. Uproar followed by a U-Turn occurs rather quickly iirc! Well after the DWP quietly stopped collecting statistics on their food bank referrals.... just like all that other data they claimed they didn't collect but was released after massive fight even ignoring the Information Commissioners Rulings. They've actually gone and done it! Stopped all referrals to food banks... and who did they announce this too? Originally found this via a Reddit post pointing me to here http://www.leweseye.co.uk/social-security-benefits/dwp-bans-local-foodbank-referrals/? Now gaining national news traction and hopefully we can add to the traction as quite frankly I'm beyond appalled!
  11. I'm no expert but they can come after the person who executed the estate at a later date iirc but I really know nothing about estates only benefits I'm afraid! So fighting an over payment - yes Estate issues nada!
  12. I do most of my Council stuff online via their web portal, also most of my GP stuff via (use to be EMS) https://www.patientaccess.com and book my next hospital app via their online bookings system so bonza! PIP appeals https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-online-service-launched-for-pip-appeals Check area availability as it doesn't cover all areas atm MoJ is also trying and failing atm to launch a PIP appeal via video link service. I've been having a few barnys with NHS services over disability accessibility/adaptation well lack of it. So think this is a good thing? ESA appeals on line https://www.gov.uk/appeal-benefit-decision/submit-appeal England and Wales only Upload your fit note https://www.gov.uk/send-fit-note I think one complaint for all is that is doesn't send you a copy of your submission but you should be copy n pasting to a word doc (or what ever you use) for your own records anyway. Imagine if the fully online Universal Credit service could do that? Well apparently it might do in 2020 (only 6/7/8 who knows years after launch) but you might at present be able to ask your work coach for a 'to do' whereby they can enable a one off upload function on your journal.
  13. Asking for 10 years of statements is a bit much tbf so.... that's up to you If/when the DWP come at you with an over payment demand you'll have to do a SAR to the DWP and maybe even the bank - which I consider doing after the DWP sends theirs if you think there's anything amiss) anyway if/when you decide to challenge it. Which you should! Doing it now 1 get's the 30+ days (well expect months and a few follow ups) wait over with and will also save you that time and waiting before you finalise the estate and can forget about it. The DWP are on a very active trawl for old debt atm since they can claim it from Universal Credit. Historical debt recovery immediately and without so much as by your leave is an endemic scandal that's only just being recognised under UC. Add to that if you take out their loan (sorry advance) you're then faced with massive sums being culled from your UC payment. One of the major issues with this historic debt is that they often ave zero proof of anything except a figure that the computer system doing the trawl coughed up. Seriously that's it! It took quite a lot of shouting by certain forum members before the advice on theses boards changed from you must owe it so have to pay it to........ send a SAR see what comes back then either challenge or pay. The DWPs computer systems are old and creaky and often have incorrect data like crossed Ninos, claims not closed properly or final (or any) social fund payment etc not recorded as they were done manually. So the fact they can now recover and are actively doing so with impunity due to legislation is wrong imho.
  14. Seriously do not do any of this! The DWP are fishing for evidence and their IUC teams do not understand benefit laws! So..... Stop think complain! You providing them with more evidence they can twist outside of benefit laws/regulations.......
  15. Correct on all parts except ESA is a single benefit made up of 2 components Income and Contribution. The DWP split them for administrative purposes only and then tried to tell people that they were separate and exclusive with zero legal or regulatory basis. They were told this in 2013 2014 ..15... 18 and refused to accept this fact until they lost a Judicial Review brought by CPAG earlier this year. Read this https://www.rightsnet.org.uk/forums/viewthread/5928/ You can be awarded Conts ESA but also be entitled to the Income top ups EDP and SDP. Well if the DWP bother to assess you for them..... which they didn't! Having the Income top ups then opens up free prescriptions, housing benefit etc. Edit: On the Council Tax thing for a zero bill you have to satisfy the Severe Mental Impalement rules with most Councils I use to pay 10% Council tax but currently have a zero bill so full Council Tax Support or whatever it's called.
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