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  1. I shouldn't have needed reminding, but thanks for the nudge honeybee
  2. Thank you speedfreek, I will start the process on Monday. Once again CAG comes up trumps.
  3. My wife currently receives PIP standard mobility. Her claim expires in 2022, but her general health, mobility and mental health has declined. Is she able to be re-assessed mid claim, and is it worth trying. Just to add, she has now reached pension age (66) Any advice would be much appreciated.
  4. The SB letter is prepared for posting tomorrow. This has taken a great weight off my mind, and I am extremely grateful.
  5. I phoned Vanquis, and eventually they were able to give me the information back to May 2013, and that was there had been no payments made. The only reason I can think of is that is when my wife had a bad stroke. I haven't told her too much as I don't want to upset and stress her. I don't know if it is relevant, but when I rang an automated voice asked for my wife's reference number. When I had given them, the voice asked for the total money owing. When I was speaking to a manager I asked how it was they were asking for money at the same time as Lowells. I got the excuse of an automated system, but surely if the account has been bought by Lowell, Vanquis shouldn't be asking for payments.
  6. They didn't say that, just that the inormation had been passed to Lowells and to SAR them.
  7. I rang Vanquis and was told the account was so old they no longer had any payment information and was advised to contact Lowells.
  8. I have organised Lowells letters, and uploaded them below 2lowells warning-edited-merged.pdf
  9. There has definitely been nothing paid since the default notice was issued, and because of her state of health I doubt nothing before. I will follow your advice and make no contact with Lowells
  10. She received the PAP on the 8th July, I have also found some letters offering a considerable discount on the same account. I have just checked her Noddle account and the default date is 31/03/2014
  11. Hi, I am writing on behalf of my wife and I would like to explain the situation before getting too embroiled in a situation in which I could perhaps do nothing. My wife has had a number of strokes, a brain hemorrhage, has angina plus some less serious conditions.The strokes have left her partially sighted, poor mobility, problems with her speech when tired, and an increasingly poor memory.She may have the early signs of dementia but that is not confirmed.She no longer likes to mix, or talk, with strangers.She has been unable to run the house and finances for some years now. She has had letters from Lowells offering discounts and letters from Lowell solicitors giving thirty days before going to court.I have no power of attorney at the moment. Am I able to do anything to help her?
  12. We moved house in 2008. About a year later Mackenzie Hall contacted my wife about a Studio cards debt of £127 relating to an order made from our old address in November of 2008. Although my wife had expressed an interest, and asked for a catalogue from studio Cards, she never actually bought anything, or opened an account. Seemingly, when they send catalogues out the order form is already preprinted with the name and address of the recipient. My wife explained that we had moved long before this order was made and it was not her responsibility. Mackenzie Hall wanted her to jump through hoops to prove we had moved when we said. We said you prove it's our debt, and we heard nothing more. When my wife checked her Noddle account a few days ago, five years on, she found two recent defaults, one from Mackenzie Hall, and one from Studio Cards - both for the original amount. Could someone please advise us how we can rectify this.
  13. Our daughter (V) and partner © rent a house privately, and initially everything was OK. However, in April this 2007, C contacted the landlord about a problem with the gas fire, which was their only source of heating.. The landlord arranged a gas safety check, and during the course of the inspection, the engineer condemned the chimney because of an inefficient flue. The landlord was sent a copy of the report by the gas company, and they waited for some action. In the meantime, V was diagnosed with Diabetes type 2 and Hypothyroidism. For anyone who doesn't know, both these conditions can make the sufferer feel the cold more keenly than the rest of us. As the summer moved on, V and C tried to find out what the landlords plans re the heating were. However, he was in hiding, or so it seemed. Eventually he rang asking about the rent payments. It just happened I was at their house too, and so I took over the call. In actual fact there wasn't a rent problem. When they moved into the house they paid 2 months advance rent, + deposit, the advance to be returned when the housing benefit was assessed. The advance never was returned, and I wrote to the landlord suggesting the excess rent after housing benefit was taken from the advance, which he accepted. So the rent has always been upto date. Anyway, while discussing the rent, I asked about the heating, and the best offer at the time was a propane gas heater. This was far from ideal, but was accepted, providing the chuimney would be repaired soon. Nothing happened, and the landlord was always evasive. I suggested they ring Environmental Health, who came out, did an inspection and agreed that the chimney, amongst other things needed attending to urgently. C had to keep ringing up EH. and eventually they agreed to begin an enforcement notice which would compel him to do repairs, or if defaulted, the council would arrange for the repairs to be done. At the moment, the timeline is mid to late January before anything may happen, as apparently the landlord 'has no funds to carry out repairs'. They are finding hard to save up to get a deposit for another house because of the cost of running 2 oil filled radiators we gave them, and their banding is too low on the housing list to get a house off the council. So, after all this blurb, my main questions are, can they sue the landlord, and would it be any good to do so. and can these circumstances help push them nearer the top of the housing list? All advice greatfully received.
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