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  1. HI there thankyou for ypur quick response and help will contact my vbank now thanks again
  2. hello can someone please help me ive had money taken from my account the transaction is ........CUSTOMERSPL.COM 14 2980 4152 GB for £2.95 ..
  3. im on long term sick due to a mc accident three years ago had a shoulder op two years ago but it didnt work so now my gp is referreing me to a diggerent section of hosputal and has signed me off for three months whilst the referral is coming through but my wca assessment didnt take that into account also after my shoulder op i was off for ine moths and still i was sent to two medicals in that time and both medicals failed me and said ibwas fit for work
  4. hi there thankyou for advice ..much appreciated
  5. i was signed on 20th january2020 -16th april 2020 by my gp after my gp also sent for hospital referral . i handed in my fitnote to my jc and told my workcoach my situation ...then a message came through in my uc journal from my work coach saying i would be getting a medical assessment form through for a medical ..so a few day later the form came i filled it in and sent it back then on 20th february. i had my medical and Failed ..no surprise there ....then i was told by a call from my work coach that from 12th march i was back on jobsearch ...as my failed medical invali
  6. but im not making a claim for mis selling i only asked if anyone could help me write a cover letter to cancel the claim as im not very good at those sort of things ,,if you scroll back to start of this post anyway thankyou for your time and advice
  7. affinion didnt recommend me the woolwich did then when barclays took the oolwich over thats when affinion took over all the woolwich policies etc as affinion was barclays insurace suppliers
  8. no i didnt take out a mortgage i had the woolwich as my building society savings bank i used to put any savings in it ..
  9. yes it was Affinion and i have all the original certificates etc
  10. hi yes i have certificates which they send once a year its a accidental death and disability insurance policy
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