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  1. Sorry, its regular outgoings of payments. It’s income related they’re on, not contribution based. Mum and applicant were totally unaware of the rules in regards to deprivation of capital.
  2. User has ongoing problems with mental health. Looking at Bank statements from four years, they’ve spent roughly 12k. They currently have PIP and ESA for depression/anxiety and for autism. the appointee has just found out and is livid. She deals with their main expenses, in regards to council tax, and housing.
  3. Hello, I’ve got a situation where an individual has a drug habit of over 12k from PIP and ESA since 2015. Appointee is now aware of the situation. For three years they’ve not sought help, however has autism and depression. During assessments he denied he was a substance misuser, but still being treated by a doctor. User has gone on to seek ongoing help for problem and a report to social services has been made. Could this be seen as a deprivation of capital?
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