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Found 21 results

  1. Interesting question on the floor... I have a JCP 50% discount card which gives me 50% off fares for train including season tickets. It was given to me at the start of December. It is valid thru Feb 2019. However that is my issue. The date is valid for is the 29th Feb 2019... This year doesnt have a leap day of course but is it invalid as it has a date that doesn't exist? Or is it valid until the 28th Feb 2019 by default?
  2. I was hoping that if I ended up on JSA, I could do their token jobsearch on the abysmal Jobmatch site and then do my own jobsearch later on at home at proper sites like Indeed or whatever, but it seems they're not letting you do that without a sanction. Why is that? Don't they trust us to look for ourselves? They honestly don't want people claiming benefits in the first place so it would be obvious that they would help us in our OWN jobsearch rather than theirs. In fact, I heard a rumour that those upright machines with the touchscreens that print out jobs for you have disappeared entirely from ALL JCPs - is that true?
  3. I started claiming UC in December and was sanctioned for 91 days and today there is 51 days left to run on it, this morning I went to an appointment with an advisor and she immediately was very grouchy picking up my blue card and shouting 'who is this' I responded and she was snotty. Anyway she called me over and said 'Yorker job search isn't really up to scratch' I responded politely 'I know,sorry it's because I have been sanctioned it's minimises my job search, Iv had interviews Iv been I haven't been able to go to because I havnt hardly any money to support it' she never said anything while I stood there like a **** waiting for a response, then she just said 'sit down', she never said another word and just give me this envelope with 2 sheets and said 'put you're job search on there and send it off to them ok, and just plonked it down on the desk when I had my hand out to get it. The point is I'm already sanctioned tell pretty much April so will this affect it if I don't send the form off? Edit: I lost the sheets on the way home but still have envelope, I called the UC number and the advised on the phone agreed with me saying Iv been sanctioned anyway but wasn't sure it will extend it, So she put a Note on the system saying Iv lost the sheets
  4. Hello. I am currently getting income based JSA for about 1 year now. I stay with my mum, But all of a sudden my mum is saying i need to pay £27 towards to rent as the council will only pay £109. So why now do i need to pay. I have a brother who gets ESA, and my mum gets income support. What are causing the housing benefit deduction, My brother only started claiming ESA this year in march, And all of a sudden the housing benefit is cut. So could someone help me because i am getting the impression the cut is because of me but i have been getting jsa for around a year and my mum has been getting full housing benefit since untill now.
  5. hello to fellow aspies, but i got a job centre adviser at the moment who doesn't understand my special importance, he treats me like i'm just another person. but i consider myself to be superior needs. how can i get him to understand that what can i do? i don't want to go on esa and cop out, i just need him to understand that i cant do what he expects average people to do.
  6. Hi all I've just received a letter from the dwp saying I owe £700 and I must pay within the next two weeks. Its half twelve at night and I'm so stressed I can't sleep. Well actually I'm watching a really good film. Does anyone have a template letter I can send these people? First template letter, I want to know if this money is really owed by me which I doubt. Secondly a letter stating they can have £ per week from my benefit and stop sending me scary letters don't you have IT system to sort out. Thanks caggers
  7. I received a call from the JC asking me to come down on my usual signing on date but earlier for a meeting what could this be any input please Regards mashmallow
  8. She suffers from panic attacks and has never worked due to being on the sick. She has 3 children one under 2. She has a partner but Ingeus or JC has told her it is up to her to go to work not him. My Dad has just got off the phone from my sister because she has an appointment today. She can't go in because her boyfriend has gone out knowing she had an appointment and left her with her son. Ingeus has moaned at her because she can't come in, but they also moan at her because she has to bring in her son. She can't work, has no expirence. Her boyfriend would rather go drinking with friends a few times a week then look after their children. What can she do? She was denied PIP.
  9. Please can I have help in instigating a judical review where the JCP Manager colludes with staff to threaten, verabl aabuse and spread lies about a person who is just trying their best. Their chip on the shoulder being the person is black well educated. Have heard from a reputable source that particular JCP does not like experienced graduates with 30+ years work history. Thwe online instructions on Justice.gov are very confusing.
  10. just when I thought I could have some peace from jcp I get a letter inviting me for an interview with them. on opening the letter it gives you my name etc and then go,s on to say, about your esa allowance claim, in order for us to check the information about your esa claim is correct and that your circumstances havnt changed an appointment has been made for you at this office at 10am on the 19.2.15. please bring the following for you and your partner, driving licence, passport, photo id. also at least 3 months bank statements from all bank accounts plus tenancy agreement any property owned. please bear in mind I was granted esa on the 29th jan 2015 and am in the support group. when I called jcp they said it was a standard interview after being granted esa which is happening to everyone. when I explained well im in the support group the woman I soke to said it dosnt matter as its happening to everyone placed on esa. has anyone else had this happen after being placed on esa as like me ive been granted it for 3 years. many thanks in advance.
  11. Hi. I received a letter yesterday from JCP dated from 29th July saying my sick note ran out 25th and they havent received one from me but I was at my GP's on the 18th July and she gave me a sick note up until 15th August. I posted the sick note recorded delivery and have checked and it was signed for on the 25th. The only thing is, I think I sent the sick note to the wrong department but to the correct building. I will be ringing tomorrow but what if they havent and never receive the sick note I sent? Can they stop my claim? Im really worried about this and its really playing havoc with my stress levels. Any info/advice? Thanks.
  12. Hi, first post and I wouldn't normally sound so rude, but today's situation has really got my blood boling. I'm normally the most polite woman you could ever meet. But my JCP advisor has had it in for me ever since I was assigned her a few months ago. Sometimes people just take an instant dislike to one another, nothing can be done. However, she has all the power. She always keeps within the rules and so do I. But recently she's been coming across to me as really insulting, denigrating and suspicious when I talk about my anxiety issues. She dismisses them like I just need to stop indulging myself and pull myself together. I'm on JSA at the moment, and reading some of the posts here it sounds like I might have an easier life if I just went to my GP and got a sick note for anxiety to get ESA (?) and get her off my back. What I want to know is if I explain to her next time I sign why exactly it is I think she's a nasty *****, as long as I've done all my jobsearches, fulfilled all my jobseeker directions, can she STILL sanction me for being insulting and rude? I don't want to spite my nose, but I don't think I can bite my tongue much longer with her. Any advice really appreciated as what used to be normal life stress is fast becoming something I think I deserve ESA for.
  13. I've just finished the work programme at Ingeus two weeks ago. Absolute waste of my life. But I think everyone who's been on it agrees - even the JCP advisers I've had agree but say it's just a hoop we have to jump through if we want our money. But my question is why do so many people who have nothing - no money, no stake in society, no job, etc, get so obsessed with data protection issues, like it's the CIA trying to gain information on them? Who cares? Why does it matter if you sign a form or not? Is it just a way to hold on to a sense that we are still important even though we are at the bottom of society's barrel? Surely there are bigger battles to win in the fight against getting sanctioned than just being adversarial all the time on data protection technicalities? I'll sign any form they want if it means I can keep getting my meagre benefit each week, short of the form that authorizes them sending me to the gas chamber, (Which judging by new reforms doesn't seem that long off). Serious question though - based on my fellow WP contestants, why do the disempowered always get such a bee in their caps about 'data protection' all the time? The successful/rich people I've met never cared less about signing Data protection forms. Any insight?
  14. Sometime ago I requested clarification regarding the removal of courtesy telephones for claimants within the JCP'S. My local MP addressed this question to IDS, now some months later I received a copy of the letter sent to my MP clarifying the situation. This is the response below. Dear John Thank you for your letter of 11 November 2013 on behalf of one of your constituents regarding the withdrawal of Customer Access Phones from the Jobcentres. I apologise for the delay in replying. There is an intention to commence the removal of the phones from the (my home town JCP) from April 2014. Research has shown that the main use for the phones is for benefit enquiries, usually concerning when a claimant is due to receive their payment. The purpose of the Digital Jobcentre project is to introduce further Web Access Devices that claimants can use for both benefit enquiries and job searches. In addition to this, there is also an assisted service available in all Jobcentres where vulnerable claimants who need to use a telephone can do so at a specific desk. I hope my reply will reassure your constituent that when the Customer Phones are removed the replacement devices will ensure the service we provide our claimants is enhanced and not compromised. The Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP Secretary of State for Work and Pensions This letter has been copied word for word from the letter, with my local JCP removed for privacy of my location.
  15. I was on ESA for around 2 years, and had to attend a programme at a local training/employment provider. I attended once, filled in their assessment, and spoke to one of the members of staff - who, after being quite rude, softened up when I showed her my CV and spoke about how much I actually wanted to go back to work... but that my doctor was strongly advising me against it. She told me not come back. This suited me as I've never been so disgusted as when I went in to their offices, saw them joke about clients and their poor circumstances, and threaten them when they asked for help. I've now been working for 6 months (woo..) and they've decided to ring me, multiple times. When I asked them why I was informed that.. "You've been on our systems for 99 weeks, and the duration of our programme lasts for 104 weeks. I've been tasked with chasing you up. Thats great that you've found work, can you now give us your employment details?" I mulled it over and refused, sent them quite a strong email and requested that they cease asking me. Well, they didn't - they ignored my email and continued.. So I sent them a stronger email - threatening to report their conduct to the DWP/JCP and the ICO w/ regards to harassing me over personal data. Surprise surprise, this threat got them to respond: Even if you added a 1, or a 2, in front of that number - I'd still refuse to give them my personal data as I don't trust them. However, I've bolded one bit in particular: am I right in saying that she wants my details to claim that they've been in contact with me every 2 weeks? (When in fact, they've contacted me once in 99 weeks?) Furthermore, are they simply going to pay me for this information - so they can pass it on the DWP? The information they want is my employer, job title, employers contact details, manager and so on. They aren't getting it. It's left a bad taste in my mouth as they were a truly vile and toxic company, and one that I would love to see fall in to some hot water. I never complained because of my health, and as the incident(s) were so long ago I can't see the point in complaining now. However this latest email got to thinking that they are scared of getting complaints, to the point they'd rather pay you to STFU. Has anyone got any advice for dealing with them now? Accept the money? Complain? Forward the email(s) to DWP? Take the money as a "goodwill gesture", wait 5 weeks for them to hand my file over to the DWP, then send the documents to the DWP so they can spot any fraudulent entries in my records that have been inserted? (i.e meetings that never occurred, that I've got correspondence proving they never happened?) I feel sorry for the people attending their right now, I really do, hence why the money doesn't matter so much as ensuring these cowboys sort their act out.
  16. Hi folks, Is anyone familiar with JCP's so-called 'two tick' [1] system? I'm trying to help someone I know find work who is (a) disabled and (b) not in 'the system' at JCP. More specifically, I'm trying to find out if (Universal Jobmatch, Directgov Jobsearch) actually employs the use of the two ticks i.e., is visibly made clear on online vacancy listings, or whether this information is only available to advisers accessing vacancies from within JCP. From a cursory perusal of about 50 or so vacancies on Directgov Jobsearch, I'm either having bad luck finding a two-tick job ad it's just not there to find. Any help with this would be much appreciated! [1] https://www.gov.uk/looking-for-work-if-disabled/looking-for-a-job
  17. Hi, despite me doing all the JCP asks of me in way of proving my earnings (B7 and supplying payslips on regular basis) JCP keeps sending an Earnings Enquiry form to my Employer. My Manager is extremely busy and is refusing to fill this in which I can understand as it is very in depth and takes time. Another member of staff doing the same work as me in the shop is working approximately the same amount of hours as me but my Manager does not receive a form for her. This form is complicating my life as JCP is refusing to pay my partner's JSA without the form being filled in. Why do some people have to prove their earnings in this way and some don't? Is the JCP correct in doing this? Can anybody give any suggestions about how to resolve this problem? I should add that my Manager is always very angry when she receives these letters and makes me feel uncomfortable at work.
  18. Hi all, Just about to finish my 2 years on the Work Programme and have received a letter from JCP for an interview next week. They have asked me to bring in my CV which I am slightly worried about due to the fact I have a few jobs I have done on there which were not the best, factory work, packing etc.. I feel that if I take it in without redacting this info I will be made to take any crappy job to get me off the books, We could not survive on a zero hours cleaning or factory job. Can I redact any information that I don't want them to see/know about? Regards George
  19. Hello, I would like to ask for your help, again. My partner and I have a joined JSA claim. My partner is also on a Work Programme with A4e. I currently work more then 24 hours per week. My partner is still signing on every fortnight as my hours vary and the JCP keeps the claim open for that reason. Today my partner went to sign on as usual. When he got to the desk of the advisor and sat down she said to him that he hasn't done his jobsearch requirements. He can prove everything he did because his A4e advisor is aware of all he does. However JCP staff (first the advisor and then the manager) has decided that is not enough as he hasn't put it all on the Universal Jobmatch site. My partner told them to call the advisor in A4e but they refused. Instead they said he is not allowed to sign and our claim probably will be suspended. Later on today he received a phone call from the same manager he spoke to previously and he informed him that the claim has been sanctioned for 4 weeks. We do not receive any JSA due to my wages being too high. However we feel this is not right. My partner has done everything he has been asked to do, we had no warning and by JCP staff we can't appeal either. Is there anything we can do? JCP is refusing to get in touch with A4e and A4e says, they can't do anything unless JCP gets in touch with them. That is insane!!! We are now worried it will effect our Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit. Please help!!!!
  20. here goes? last year went through it all.struck off benefit.appeal.tribunal which i won. then got a letter saying i had missed app at jobcentre and someone would be calling at home .a man came from jobcentre said i had to attend or be struck off.i told him i won my tribunal that the judge stated only home visits.he said this is nothing to do with medical i must attend.attended with my carer very anxious took my medication to help cope with interview.was assured by home visitor i would be seen in side room because of my condition ,told by security no side rooms here because of security.started getting very anxious ,was guided to desk cant remember much but i signed a action plan most of the details on action plan are wrong.then reffered me to ingeus, carer attended on my behalf,explianed situation ie health problem,tribunal,medication, manager at ingeus said i was in no fit state to be seeking employment,carer went back to jobcentre to enplain.jobcentre said tough he signed action plan .you as his carer should of stopped him,you will get another letter if he fails to attend he will be struck off .can a retract my signature .havent been over the door since.im currently awaiting a scan to find out where my pain is coming from.and my cbt course has been put on hold. thank you
  21. I claim JSA, HB and CTB. I have not told my flatmate of my unemployed status and have been claiming for 18months. I don't work or anything and to be honest it is none of his business. He works full time and I have disclosed him on all benefits forms. Today out of the blue he got a phone call on his moble from the local JPC. Fortunately he just put the phone down as he did not think it was for him. I thought data protection laws would prevent them from calling about my claim? On top of that I have never given his contact details to the JCP. It is probably just the case of a mistaken number. However I would very much not like them to discuss my claim with my joint tenant. Can they? We have a two bed flat, both with ensuites we only share kitchen and living room. No joint accounts or property. My Dad every so often does transfer me money to keep the bills paid. At most this is £500 every 3 months (not regular) and I am always paranoid that they will accuse me of fraud due to this.
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