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Found 17 results

  1. Hi CAG, hope this doesn't come across as too trivial. I have a pet hate about unwanted marketing emails / messages etc, particularly from companies I use, when I've expressly asked not to receive these. It's the reason why I've had the same email and mobile number for over 10 years with little-to-no junk. On the occasions I do get something, I usually pick it up with the company directly to sort it. However, First Utility seems to have crossed a line this time - in the last week or so, I've had a postal letter, 2 texts and an email. However, these aren't strictly from First Util
  2. Not sure if this goes under CRA or Data Protection, please move if required. I am working on an EU complaint with some others about what to me seems a breach of the data protection act or at least article 8 of the human right act regarding privacy rights. I have obtained company documents from a CRA (meant for their clients) that offer customers the opportunity to join what I will call a "club", when they join they agree to provide the data on their customers including monthly payments and an update of their address. In return they get some free access (depending on how much i
  3. Hi, I've had the unfortunate experience of having to deal with British Gas customer services since January to date. They're aggressive, ignorant, incompetent and disconnected in many ways, to the extent that their collections team are unable to view things going on with the account in the billing team. Its clear that I'm getting nowhere with them by complaining, so I've resorted to: Transferring to Ovo (Who have been brilliant so far) Spreading the word and telling everyone I know about Ovo. Most significantly though, I have raised two e-petitions on the government w
  4. I've just finished the work programme at Ingeus two weeks ago. Absolute waste of my life. But I think everyone who's been on it agrees - even the JCP advisers I've had agree but say it's just a hoop we have to jump through if we want our money. But my question is why do so many people who have nothing - no money, no stake in society, no job, etc, get so obsessed with data protection issues, like it's the CIA trying to gain information on them? Who cares? Why does it matter if you sign a form or not? Is it just a way to hold on to a sense that we are still important even though we are at t
  5. Hello,I'm hoping I can get some insight on my current situation with my Local AuthorityI've been a Council tenant since 2006 (my agreement is secured) - the property is a house flat; I'm on the ground with a tenant above and below meIn Oct 2008 on returning from work my living room had sprung a leak from the drop down/ boxed in area of the ceiling - was reported to the repairs team, plumbers & surveyors came out took a look and I was told it was fixed.In Oct 2012 again on returning home from work the leak had happened again and again plumbers and surveyors came outThe Council had said that
  6. I've noticed a large number of searches by a company I have no connection to; Lowell Portfolio. These are listed as 'unrecorded searches' , which I understand means only I can see them but does the Data Protection Act not offer any protection in terms of who can search my file? This is a company I owe nothing to, I have never been contacted by them, I have never had any dealings with them yet they have searched my file multiple times. I understand a would be lender can access my file but this is not the case here. Should I write and ask them what right they have to access my person
  7. Hi, this is our first new posting. I am trying to find out if an ex landlord of ours is in breach of the Data Protection Act in passing on a next of kin address to a utility company after we had left. The address in question was my Fathers and he is none to happy about receiving bills from this company. I can hand on heart say, that only the previous Landlord would have been privy to this address and no one else had it, certainly NOT the utility company. I am wondering how we stand legally in taking the landlord to court for breach. Can anyone predict how we are likely to fair. In honest
  8. Back in November I accepted a conditional job offer. The conditions being to complete a number of pre-employment checks and to provide satisfactory references. I supplied all the required information and completed all the necessary checks including a CRB disclosure and a medical. The results of these were satisfactory with no recorded issues raised on the CRB and, despite a history of depression, I was deemed fit to work by Occupational Health. My prespective line manager had been keen for me to start a.s.a.p and on a number of occasions said they were looking forward to me joining
  9. Sometime ago I complained to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) when Vodafone refused to remove the unwarranted default from my credit file. I proved that there was no default but a dispute; I also proved that no default notice was received by me. Vodafone told ICO that it sent default notice to my previous address. Vodafone confirmed that I communicated my new address before it sent its claimed default notice to a previous address, and of course before it filed the unwarranted default with credit referencing agencies (I proved all that; Vodafone wouldn’t have admitted to
  10. Hi, About a month ago i had an alert which noticed that a credit agency were searching for somebody on my credit report with a similar name to myself (imagine my name is marianne o' connor - the name was mary conner, etc.) my credit report dropped 50 points as somebody was trying to trace me for unpaid debts. i thought at first it was identity fraud then to my horror the penny dropped... In january 2011 i moved into a flat and signed myself up with SSE. I have a welcome letter from them dated 25 january. ( i have this letter as proof) then i received a strange letter from Scottish p
  11. Hello everyone- I am a newbie!!! I would be very grateful for any advice you can give meas acting on hubbys behalf ( as works offshore) 1. Had a CC with Egg with direct debit in place. Payments upto date and no arrears. 2. Tranferred over to Barclays as part of the Egg deal last November 2011. 3. Received notification of this in November- expected December payment to go out as per the existing direct debit. 4. Find out end of December, that direct debit ( dispite being told otherwise) did not go out. 5. Hubby home for holidays so rang up, paid Decembers payment
  12. Hi, I have a case currently with the Financial ombudsman against MBNA. I recently had to submit further information and evidence to the ombudsman. I have a copy of the information MBNA hold on me including call logs and computer screen shots etc. On the call log there is a comments section for each call where the member of staff from MBNA has written notes on the call. Unfortunately these notes are written in a mixture of text speak and nonsense, and there is no way anyone other than the author could understand them. As the data protection act says that they must provide all inf
  13. Hi all At work we're having some difficulty with a supplier. Today, I received a recorded delivery letter at home. I looked at it before I signed for it, saw who it was from and refused it. Questions for the experts please: 1. can they legally do this? I am an employee, not a manager or director 2. my family is very worried that someone will turn up - do I have any options as regards to banning them from contacting me, deleting my personal data. I am worried that will start to use my details and pass them on to other parties such as DCAs. 3. can I sue them for harassmen
  14. I wonder if you could give me some advise... This complaint has been in there hands a couple of days and they have investigated through the customer relation department and have immediately offered me £100 compensation. What I want to know is whether to fight it out and ask to speak to someone more senior cause I think this is pretty serious. I have copied in my complaint letter originally so you get the drift of whats going on.... Dear Sir / Madam, Following a visit into your Bedford branch I am deeply concerned around your data protection procedures and slightly concerned t
  15. Hi All, Insurance companies can contact the DVLA to request your personal information (i.e. regarding the points on your license). However, After FOUR years points expire and are removed from your license. Insurance companies now ask if you have any points in the last FIVE years. Will the DVLA release points information which is older than four years to insurance companies? Does the DVLA even store information about points which are expired OR is that information deleted? Any help with regards this matter will be highly appreciated.
  16. When we were working away we let our house through a letting agency who, although they had a "high street presence" did not safeguard our interests as landlords. We were naive, and trusted the firm because they had a shop front and adverts in the local papers. In short, although we were paying them £50 per month we ended up with no proper tenancy agreement, no inventory or statement of condition, no regular review, and more to the point, no agency agreement. We had tenants who were "men of straw" and lived like pigs. We found the remains of a Chinese takeaway under the sofa, an
  17. I'm not sure if anyone will know this but you never know! I heard recently that someone had done a check on me. The key points are I was left some money in a will a few months ago and the check that was done found this out due to my dealing with the solicitor. I thought all dealings with solicitors were confidential so was a bit surprised it appeared to be public avaialable even to the amount of money I had inherited. Other things were details of my parents and things I guess are on the electoral register which I guess are public available. The person who did the search was a barrister.
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