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  1. Was ordered 26/11/2016 for £399 I did see others on forums/ Samsung website with the same issue and even changed the HDMI cables - no joy
  2. I have a Samsung 4k tv that I bought online from Curries/PCWorld - it is less than 6yrs old Last year it developed a sound fault - when watching NowTV/ Netflix/ BBC iplayer and the like on the tv's built in apps or even just watching normal channels without the Vrigin Tivo box after sometime the sound starts to stutter and get stuck on a loop and does this really loud warping sound. I'll have to turn the tv off and on again to get rid of it It doesn't happen all the time but when it does and its really annoying I tried all the troubleshooting tips online an
  3. Yes! So relieved. I've had to read the letter a few times because I was waiting for .....but I was surprised though because I never engaged with them regarding the claim. Even with the court mediation I initiated to do it but didn't respond when the time came (not intentionally) When the court date arrived I was though gearing up for it. So thankfully a weight off my shoulders now with this one Thanks for any advice given!
  4. Update: Had received an update from the County Court (CC) a few weeks ago of an assigned court day in October Lowell Solicitors had since written to me with an offer - pay half the debt to stop the legal proceedings with the CC Ignored them Then today this morning received a letter from Lowell Sol that their client has instructed them to discontinue this claim and enclosed a copy of the Notice of Discontinuance filed to the CC We (they) confirm that this brings the legal proceedings to an end (attached) LowellCourtClaim
  5. Have since received a letter from the County Court Business Centre (23/03/20) of a Notice of Transfer of Proceedings - waiting for a court date as the Hearing Centre was not able to arrange mediation at this time. Turns out that they did in fact email me - though this was sitting in my Junk Mail folder amongst over 200 spam emails so I missed it
  6. Thanks Andy Is this to be done now via post - the N180? As I've logged on to MCOL and there doesn't look like anything for to action on there
  7. Received the MCOL defence letter response before Christmas Last week received a further response from Lowell Solicitors - stating; Our client is satisfied that they have a valid claim against me. Entitled to add interest to the claim amount. Enclosed the following documentation in regards to the account: - statement of account - credit agreement - Lowell account statement Letter ends on a note of a settlement offer to avoid proceeding to hearing. Provides a Tomlim Order, should I fail to agree they may produce the letter at any hearing as evidence
  8. *Resolved* Re-wrote Cabot, generic response but no resolve so had to take my complaint to the ICO Due to how busy they were they gave me a timescale of September for just someone to be assigned my case. Eventually had to log a complaint with them about them! As the timescale went on way to long and I could never get hold of my assigned case officer. Was eventually passed to a senior who took it on and called me to apologise and advised that Cabot will be written to for an explanation. About 2wks ago got an email from the ICO to say that Cabo
  9. *Resolved* Wrote to Lowell initially a few months ago requesting that the balance on the default show £0 along with the 'proof of payment' to the previous DCA. Acknowledged, and agreed to zero the balance After 6/8wks was no change on the entry, re-wrote to them requesting this again Another acknowledgment from them and again no change and then another letter was sent including an intent to complain to the ICO due to the incorrect processing of data Lowell have finally now responded upholding my complaint, sending a £100 compensation cheque, clos
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