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  1. Afternoon, Cabot has (finally) amended the default date However (as suspected) they've entered the date as October 2014 This does not match NW's entry which is October 2013 Interesting as both say that they are not in contact with each other, and Cabot entered Oct 2014 - which is the date in my letter from NW originally Can I enforce Cabot to change it? As the default date should be the same as the OG? Thanks
  2. Yes lots of proof, will collate everything tonight and get it sent off to them Thanks
  3. Address it to HBOS? - the address Halifax & BOS use are the same. Again as they both don't want to action or take responsibility for the SAR I submitted I've NEVER been on a DMP with any external companies. I have said that from the beginning of this post. I've been on payment plans with the OC's but never with Payplan the company
  4. I see I guess I'd have to write to both? - Halifax & BOS given the way they didn't take on the SAR
  5. Previously known as I'd say. I even found an old 'bill' from them with a red CallQuest logo header - this was like 2012 And as per bank transactions that's who I was making payments to since Feb 2013, £5 p/m S/O DMP was with no company, direct payments to CQ CapQuest S:O.pdf
  6. Hi dx, I have only the comms log (from new day) shows that the account was sold And the payment plan was direct to Capquest - then known as Call Quest and I only have the Notice of Assignment and a copy (can download) all the £5 direct payments made to CQ As the payment plan was done externally through a debt management plan company
  7. I'm having problems with Halifax/ Bank of Scotland finding my account and processing my SAR I received a letter from BOS on 29/03/19 saying they cannot find and BOS accounts in my name I called them on 08/04/19 and explained that it was an old HBOS Aqua credit card and after a few moments hanging on and going back and forth, the guy on the line said they'll process it I've then received a letter from Halifax on 18/04/19 saying they too are unable to locate a credit card in my name I called them today and explained again and I'm just going around in circles on the phone, again I'm asking who processes my SAR for HBOS and in the end the guys like this is rather old so we no longer hold the data If I need the OC to default the account with the correct date - that the account was sold to Capquest, how am I going to be able to do this now? Thanks
  8. To be totally honest, at that actual time I was unaware of the ins & outs - who owns the debt, when to pay, who to pay etc I was dealing with a cancer diagnosis then and just wanted the matter dealt with & paid up BT and Capital Resolve were the only chasers at that time Its only within the last year or so that Lowell have been chasing, and when I checked my credit file there's only Lowell's entry So I probs got robbed - unfortunate My issue is how I go about resolving it now, I have proof of payment I paid - at least someone Is it something I have to take up with BT? OK balance should be £0, is it that the Lowell entry will remain - as per the 6yrs and they should amend the balance owed? Thanks
  9. Oh well, you live and you learn BT Group PLC it states *Capital Resolve
  10. I'd seen recently on my Equifax file that an old BT debt was being recorded by Lowell This was chased by and already paid to Credit Resolve in 2017 I emailed Lowell last week along with proof of payment asking them to remove the entry They've said: Good Morning, Thank you for your email, I have noted your comments and would be happy to assist you. Account Number Original Client Current Balance xxxxxxxxxx BT PLC £72.84 I appreciate the comments you have made and I can see from the screenshot provided this shows the balance due was paid on the 31st of May 2017. Your query We’re investigating this matter with BT PLC and will let you know of the outcome. What happens next? You don’t need to do anything. The account is on hold and we will contact you again as soon as we hear back from BT PLC. If you require any further assistance please don’t hesitate to let me know. Kind Regards, Hakim Lowell Financial, part of Lowell I've paid, I don't owe them, would I have to wait for them to investigate or should they be removing the entry straight away? Can I go back with the 'remove in 14days or I'll start legal action line'? Thanks
  11. ok, thanks Dx I will have to write to Cabot their entry is NOT the same as NW's
  12. I've queried my entry on my credit file with Experian - as NW had said they'll amend the date entry and ask Cabot to do the same The Cabot entry hasn't been amended Experian has just got back to me with the following: I'm sure that's not right though? Thanks *Nat West Credit Cards (Account started 02/07/2009)*Cabot Credit Management Group Limited (Account started 02/07/2009) The entry recorded by Nat West Credit Cards shows the name of the company that the debt was originally owed to. The second entry recorded by Cabot Credit Management Group Limited shows that the debt has now been sold to another company to collect. Although the debt is now being recorded twice, only the entry recorded by Cabot Credit Management Group Limited will be considered when you apply for credit, or in the calculation of your Experian Credit Score. No further updates will take place on the original debt. Both entries will show on your Experian Credit Report for six years from the date that the account defaulted.
  13. Thank you, interesting read The title thread is somewhat misleading - though this is a complicated post. - PPI Claim done; no issues awaiting cheque to me - It's the fees & charges 'awarded' from my default complaint that was paid to a DCA
  14. ok, fare enough re; the fees the case handler in one of my letters didn't agree with my default date which was 2010, but agreed to set it for 2013 Looking at it, yes could dispute it further but as you said its only a few (six precisely) months away and I think I can wait for it to just drop off My updated credit files are due next week so will be interesting to see the entry by Cabot - NW have instructed them to amend
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