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  1. I've written back to them with new points raised So another wait now....
  2. Back to my default issue...the letter that was received from NW (Post #9) I wrote back to the Card Services team A brief summary: I have evidence from your comms log that I had 3+ missed/ short payments as per the ICO guidelines at that actual time NatWest should have defaulted me then – Can you FULLYexplain to me why that wasn’t the case? Can you FULLYexplain that as per the 4th principle for the reporting of arrears, arrangements and defaults at credit reference agencies why did you not default me in 2010? Also, you appear to have incorrect information, I have a letter dated 30/08/16 ref no: COL166. Titled: Changes to the ongoing management of your repayment plan.It clearly states: · Your plan remains unchanged · Please continue to maintain your existing payments to us. Therefore, your version of events is not correct I received a response from them today - attached They've said default is still not 2010, but due to admin errors we'll set it to 2014 instead, will compensate me £50 for any inconvenience caused, refund interest and fees charged to the account to the balance of the debt and have the default entry set to 2014 even though they never made a mistake Thoughts? NatWest_Response.pdf
  3. Having a terrible time with NatWest at the mo who's ignored 5 further requests for all my data from my original SAR. I know I can complain to the ICO, which I'm about to. But really, what can I actually do to make them hand over what I've asked for? They've not even said 'oh sorry we can't find it' just straight up ignoring me. Does the ICO just tell them off?
  4. I'm really hoping that HBOS provide everything I need in the SAR and I can get this entry corrected on my credit file. Otherwise with the entry the way it is at the moment CQ won't default it and it'll be stuck on my file forever reported on
  5. @dodgeball I've found/got a bunch of documentation from 2011 of my ppi claim with HBOS/Aqua, sent them a CCA, calculated it and I did the claim myself. I 'won' that in Nov 2011and went on to win Cap One and Vanquis too Silly, but I'd actually forgotten that this account was originally halifax and until you'd said DX I could've sent HBOS a SAR in the 1st place. I just automatically went with new day. @dodgeball That's what I've been trying to ascertain too - difference between notice sent and an 87 default notice Also, if you're on an agreed payment plan with the original creditor what's the 'rules' or legit reason they can sell your account to a DCA?
  6. This is what I'm now trying to get from aqua, wasn't included in the SAR docs that they sent It's a copy of the default notice letter that I'll need from them to request capquest to remove/ put a correct date?
  7. CQ update/report the account to the CRA's They report failed payments so its totally harming my credit score
  8. I've an old Aqua debt, the card was taken out in 2006 Eventually couldn't manage the account and was stacked with late payment & over limit fees ALWAYS made payments by DD each month still and never or very rarely missed a payment In 2011 was made redundant from my job at that time and went into a payment arrangement with them I recently did a SAR with New Day - and from what I can see from memo logs I went into a 12month arrangement plan with them directly of £5 pm 0% I was indeed paying a fiver a month until they abruptly cancelled the arrangement and passed me over to a DCA I've a letter from Call Quest (Now Cap Quest) dated 29/11/12 of a notice of assignment I did transfer my payments over to Cap Quest - until as of 2017 when a CCA was requested and not sent, payments were cancelled immediately My issue is with CapQuest passing it off as their own on my credit file. No default date has/was entered and I cannot find a copy of the default notice from Aqua, (I definitely received one) and Aqua no longer shows up on my credit file. Since my recent SAR with New Day, I've had to phone and write in and complain that no letters of correspondence to and from them was included in all the data sent But from what I can make out from memo reports and comms log: - 22/08/12 memo report that 12mth arrangement for £5 0% - 20/22/12 memo report; Acc Referred to Debt Manager - last payment made to Aqua was 31/12/12 £5 - 28/02/13 memo log of debt sale - Call Quest Is it the DN from Aqua that I need to make a case to CQ to remove the entry on my CF? From all my statements I can see no missed payments, if no consecutive missed payments in a row and I was on a pay plan with aqua, what would be the legit reason for them defaulting me and or passing me to a DCA? As the entry by aqua is no longer showing on my CF would CQ have to correct their current entry to aqua's defaulted date should I get/ find the proof? Thanks
  9. Finally! Got my SAR back from New Day can now hopefully sort that Aqua default that CapQuest have Some info missing though they have said they’ll follow it up For now, highlighter pen ready.....
  10. Just rang them explained. Will put a note on to say what I’ve called for and why and I’ll make a note of it on the signature form Thanks
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