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  1. Hi, I am wondering if anyone can confirm whether the attached CCA request from Barclays is enforceable. I took the card out in 2011 and along with an MBNA card i stopped payments in Feb 2018 with a balance of £9104 on the BC. I contacted Step change and entered into a DMP paying £344pm to cover both cards. In Aug i sent the CCA request to Barclays and they returned the document, i thought it was legit because it had my name and address on so filed it away and did not send one to MBNA. A month after the CCA request i was informed that my debt had been sold on to PRA which i thought odd because i was almost paying the minimum amount. I have been reducing the amount i pay through budget reviews and am down to £170pm between both cards. new year and decided to get a grip, i have requested a CCA from PRA and MBNA, PRA have replied saying that they are trying to retrieve the documents, i am presuming that they will be the same as the ones that BC sent me and have put my account on hold. if they supply the same docs is it enforceable and what info is missing from the document. I have searched for what info should be provided but have drawn a blank. Apologies for the first couple of pages not being in order. Any help greatly appreciated. PRA CCA return (base).pdf
  2. Hi All, Been a long time since I've been on the forum but need a little advice if possible. I believe I defaulted with Barclay card back in 2010 but I'm not sure of the exact date. Had personal/business problems back in 2010 (actually before if you see my posts) which ended with me becoming divorced. After this point I "stuck my hand in the sand" and ignored a lot of the relentless letters from them (and others) as the recession had wiped my business out and I had far bigger things to worry about. Over the years I haven't heard much from BC seeing as I'd left the marital home. Some letters did go to the old house but were ignored/binned and some of these were from various debt collectors. I know - not clever. I've started to to get a few letters recently from Robinson Way at my new home address that I'm renting (on the electoral role) and even an email to my business email account. To date I haven't replied to them but can't work out how the debt they are chasing for has gone up to £7684, my original credit card limit was £7k I think. As you can possibly gather I'm not in good position with facts as a lot of this got lost all those years ago. I've moved on in life and have remarried and don't want all the relentless hassle these companies make however I do want to fix my credit file. How/should I communicate with them? Don't really want all the pestering of paying them this inflated/made up figure with the penalty of them marking my credit file for another 6 years:evil:!! Thanks guys
  3. Hey,I met the same situation as you. How are you doing now? can you contact me? if you read the comment. sorry you cant post phone numbers on CAG we are anon.
  4. Hi if my min payment is £100, do i have to pay it in a lump sum before payment date or can i pay it in multiples like £50 on one week and £50 another week..as long as its paid by due date? I ask because I accidentally paid £50 in to barclaycard, but can only afford to pay £50 more to make it £100. Thanks
  5. A description of the issue : I am an oversea student in Manchester. original student additions:1790 pounds. original every saver:18680 pounds. accommodation installment is 1793 pounds. After paying my accommodation installment on 22/01/2019, all my money in my both account has been deducted on 23/01/2019. It shows "to reconcile" with reference: "fraud prevent GIA ADV". I reported it to the nearest Barclay branch on 23/01/2019. a staff told me that someone will contact me but until now(02/02/2019) no one has contacted me. I am very sad and afraid because on 08/02/2019 I will pay my tuition installment but now I really have no money at all and I don't know what I should do next.
  6. Hello I know I had taken out loans when younger to buy car /bike but was long ago 1989 to 1994 No longer find any paper work I had made note occasional in my diary those years when needed and put them on to outlook on computer Some of the events 02/05/1990 Mercantile £4K , 5yrs protected £127.84 Premium £17.10 16/02/1992 £9,500 7/1/1992 £2500 , 4yrs £133month I even have the dates that contacted bank about my direct debits dates when i took the loan paperwork into Manchester My notes state I even had letter from their solicitor when had few issues but made no note who they were I eventually paid all loans off several years later I found out that Mercantile was taken over by Barclays So I filed for complaint on 11 July 2018 this year with my old address, dob , and the 3 dates referring to the loans I have received letter 3 days later after calling them by phone with 4 ppi references to use instead of complaint reference. Cannot find any loan under my name , address , dob Sorry with finding your account we cannot investigate so my complaint is closed. Called them today and explained my outlook notes , they have asked for that list to be sent. Stated that they only keep records 6yrs , so am curious how do I make claim and prove when i have all these dates if internal records are just 6yrs. Am I correct to assume that successful claims seems to be actual statement or loan account details Even call credit group checks don't have my old original address Do I give up ? What else can I try , I feel sending my list in wont help if they cant even find my name and address Help and info appreciated
  7. Hello In the last few months I have been receiving letters relating to a debt for £700 with Barclaycard now held by HPH being collected by a company called Robinson Way. Now to the best of my knowledge I've never had a Barclaycard IF I did it was well over 10 years ago I was on a DMP which I ended I won some money and paid £9000 debts off knowing there was an Egg debt out there which is also paid now I need to query this but not sure how to go about it as all my searches i end up with the term Statute Barred and am unsure whether to wait as I believe if I acknowledge this letter etc I agree to the debt being owed Also I have recently applied for PPI refund I ticked the form for a Barclaycard debt due to this letter Fast track have written back saying Barclays have no knowledge of my previous addresses of which there are only 4 which I have included on the forms I sent back to them. I have sent Fast Track the Account number for the above Barclaycard shown on the debt letter Many Thanks please be patient this is my first posting of this kind
  8. Can someone please help me. I did have a Barclaycard which was paid off. recently checked my CR file and note that they have put a marker on the file for Barclaycard with an outstanding balance. called them today and they could not find my old card details. said to them that I am in possession of the card and was reading out the card number and they told me that it does not exist, gave me another card no which they claim that belong to me. only had one Barclaycard. told him why do I need two Barclaycards and that does not belong to me. am going to send them a CCA letter. Does anyone has a contact name or address to whom I can send a letter to please? Many thanks
  9. Hi, This is my first post here, so forgive me if I am covering old ground. I have a Barclaycard debt of just over £1500, that unfortunately went into default when I lost my job a few years back. I had been paying BC an agreed amount of £22 per month ever since without any problems. However, I recently received a letter from BC telling me that they had assigned the debt to Link Financial and that I should now make payments to them. I haven't done anything so far, as I have read in various places that I shouldn't have to pay anyone other than the company I owed originally. Is this the case? I have read about sending them three templated letters followed by an Estoppel notice - is this the correct course of action to take? I also understand that they could have bought the debt at a greatly reduced cost - should I offer something like £250 to try and settle the debt? Or, is everything I've read false and I should just start to make payments to Link in the future? I'm getting unbelievably frustrated with the worry of this, but I don't want to pay anyone who's not entitled to it. Surely if BC are prepared to take a far smaller amount to settle the debt, they should offer this to the person owing the debt first?
  10. six years ago I lost my wallet containing amongst other things a Barclaycard. within hours I had telephoned and emailed banks including barclay card / got email, back from them telling me I had to write and inform them that way. my balance was about 200. Didn't get any inform from them but noticed my monthly charges, were being constantly added. I was paying minimum amount by direct debit. Until last year when I stopped this payment. The account was now over 700 and they say its now been passed to westcot. what should I do? write and ask for SAR showing email and phone call and letter informing them of my news to them?
  11. Hello now that I found some confidence I thought I may try my luck with Barclay card charges that I had B/card. Only problem is the card now closed. Paid outstanding balance in 2014. How far can I claim - from 2010-2014? Appreciate any advice. Many thanks
  12. Hi all Got a letter yesterday from Crapbot stating they had traced me to my current address in about 1996 Barclay's gave me a 5k loan they defaulted me in 1998 Cabot started chasing back in 2000 I was younger back then and didn't know my rights I paid them till 2002 then told them to do One in no uncertain terms spin forward 14 years they are trying to state I owe them 5300 I am fully aware this debt is well and truly statute barred is there any point in inviting letter tennis with these morons by sending them a CCA letter which probably no longer exists? Funnily enough I bank with Barclay's have done for the last five years without any problems. I personally think Crapbot must be losing the plot chasing debt this old what do you guys think?
  13. Hello , I am just wondering if someone can help me out here i was mis sold PPI from barclays in 2004 (i was unaware of this fact) however they have sent me a letter to respond by 26/11 asking if i had any sickness benefits & any redundancy pay & if so the details Now i have tried umpteen number of times to get the details but unable to get these details how do i go about responding back to barclays ... Any suggestions will be much appreciated
  14. I was taken by a confidence trickster on Gumtree last week to the tune of £730. they got me to transfer the money to a Barclays account and used a passport and Barclay's account statement to establish that he was bonafide. A few days after the money was transferred, I got an email from Gumtree to say that this person was a fraudster. I contacted Action Fraud (which only seems to be a way for the police to do absolutely nothing about fraud), my own bank, Santander (who told me as I had willingly paid the money, I couldn't claim from them) and Barclays, from whom I have just had an out-of-office email reply. First things first - how is bank transfer fraud and different from credit card fraud? In both cases the money is paid willingly, yet you are covered when you are defrauded by credit card. The next thing is, how could Barclays have allowed this criminal to open and operate an account with them. If the details he gave me are as a result of identity theft, then the bank should know this. Anyone who opens a bank account has to supply personal details which the bank has to check vigorously to ensure they are legitimate. So as far as I'm concerned, Barclays hasn't done enough to ensure I was not a victim of fraud by one of their customers. So would it be feasible to sue Barclays to have my money repaid, based on these reasons?
  15. Hello Several days ago I got a payslip type communication from a company called Robinson Way, first time I have had anything at all like that from them . It had no information on it looked like a [problem] similar to what I get via email all the time so ripped it up and binned it. I did get one about a year ago like that from another company and binned that as well, and heard nothing further so thought nothing of it. I had an odd letter before about a debt with no money owed mentioned or companies mentioned and ignored them. I have an uncommon name, but not an unusual one and there a few blokes in my area with the same name , so thought they were probably looking for them. I got home from work today and have had a letter from HPH2 Ltd (EX Barclaycard) and says I owe them £727.04. I do not have a Barclaycard, many years ago I did have a Barclaycard and I entered into an IVA which included my Barclaycard which was less than the amount shown on this letter. I completed the IVA and paid it all and after 5 years got a letter all clear, this was about 3 years ago. I have heard nothing since and nor was I expecting to from any company. I have since started getting credit accounts again over the last few years and am managing these fine everything paid and up to date, nothing unmanageable and all fine. Due to this letter I checked my credit report with experian to see if I had been defrauded or something and no accounts were on there from Barclaycard. However HPH2 Ltd have registered a default against me on 01/05/2016. This has totally destroyed my credit rating, and is not my debt. They give the card number on the letter and it does not match the one on my IVA, so cannot be my account with them. All the letter says is to appoint Robinson Way on their behalf and give me bank details to pay. I have no contact numbers to dispute this, how do I get this sorted? Any help is appreciated. I should add I posted this as after a google search it lead me to these forums and after reading a few posts it seems these people are dodgy to deal with. I am contacting all the credit reference agencies and am going to dispute it with them. How else should I proceed as I don't want to be chased for this debt that is not mine.
  16. can anyone confirm if MERCERS are a DCA and have bought the debt, or are they just chasing on Barclays behalf? letter says 'they are dealing with my account on BEHALF of barclaycard.... account overdue...' 'you have missed three payments.... if you can repay 2 of the outstanding payments we will credit your account with the 3rd payment....' 'if you dont contact us, we may pass your account to a specialist company... may call at your address' it would appear the standard wording for a DCA who have bought the debt... but i just wanted to check with CAG first. thanks.
  17. Hi all, my husband has held a Barclays business account for about 7 years now. The charges over that time are ridiculous. Every time he was getting a charge of £35 per failed dd. I have now noticed they have reduced that to £8. Since this massive reduction I assume they have realised how unfair this charge was. Do you think I could apply for these charges to be reimbursed? Even though it's a business account. Thanks
  18. Hello Guys Long post incoming, but I’m really hoping someone can find the time to help me out with this situation, any advice is much appreciated. Background and History to Date July 2008: 2x Accounts Opened with Barclays Bank (1x Joint Account and 1x Personal) Between 2008 and 2010: £200 was drawn on the Personal account using the 0% overdraft facility 2011: In a branch, both signatories of the Joint Bank Account asked for it to be closed and all associated accounts also closed and provided new contact details August 2013: Charges started to be added to the Personal Account January 2015: Termination notice served to my old address May 2015: Default added to my Credit File for £359 (default date listed as January when the Termination notice was sent) To my gross misfortune, I spotted the anomaly on my credit report a mere week after they had sent the default information to the credit reference agencies. I paid the full amount in full within 2 days, after first trying to negotiate removal of the default mark. Barclay’s claim that they were never given my new address and therefore they did everything in their power to get in touch with me, including phoning me, again on an old number. I have no proof that I provided their adviser with my new address. Correspondence to Date I sent the below letter. Barclays responded as follows they sent regular letter to my home address and that as they didn’t receive a response to the termination letter, they were left with no choice but to place the default notice on my credit file enclosed a “copy” of the termination notice that was sent to me advised that as the default notice is factually correct they are unable to remove it advised I have six months from the date of their letter to escalate to the ombudsman, if I escalate any later they will not give permission for the ombudsmen to access my data Questions What are the difference between a Termination Notice and a Default Notice? Are they legally obliged to serve a Default Notice? The Termination Notice they sent does not include a reference to section 87(1), does it have to? Is it reasonable to argue that they should have tried to contact me by email or by writing to me at many of the up-to-date addresses listed on my credit file? Should I demand a copy of the original signed agreement? Would this help net me anything? Is it worth submitting a SAR for the Joint account to see if they ever updated the address on that account or have a record of me visiting the branch to tell them my new address? Do I only have 6 months from Barclay's letter or can I send them a few more letters and have time for them to respond before escalating to the ombudsman? Next Steps.... I was going to try the below next steps, are these a good use of time – any suggestions or builds? Is it worth submitting a SAR for the Joint account to see if they ever updated the address on that account or have a record of me visiting the branch to tell them my new address? Ask for a default notice, not a termination notice – demand the default be removed if this was not sent. Demand a copy of the original, signed agreement. Is there any route or argument that since the last transaction was before 2010, the default notice should apply from then and not 2015, when they decided to “cash in” so to speak? Panic and cry.
  19. My first time posting so I hope I am doing this correct. I would appreciate any advice you can give me. back in 2008-2011 I got myself in to a lot of debt due to being made redundant 3 times in as many years and not having enough money to pay credit cards etc, I concentrated on paying my mortgage and gas electric etc. In 2011 I decided to sell my house and pay off debts with some of the equity I had in my house and went in to rented accommodation ....I setup payment plans with some of my remaining creditors, some of which have now finished and some nearly finishing and not defaulting once on any of the payments and finally I am beginning to breath again! However, Barclaycard is the only one I didn't come to some arrangement with, I wrote to them (back in 2010) asking why my debt was over 12k when my credit limit was only 8k. I asked if they could take off the interest and setup a payment plan. I didn't hear back from them, I then moved house and up until a couple of months ago never heard a thing from them... .and then every debt recovery company you could think of started ringing me and some sending me letters. (I have not spoken to them or had any contact with any of the debt collectors) I this morning received a letter from Howard Cohen Solicitors working on behalf Robinson way, threatening court action and a ccj. They are asking for £12554.24 I really don't know how to approach this - I somehow managed to go this far without getting a CCJ, I have worked so hard to clear my debts and I am winning, to get a CCJ now would just be a massive kick in the wotsit. Do I contact these people and tell them I can't pay the 12554.64??....I don't have this kind of money. I am not trying to get out of paying this debt, I just don't see why I should pay 4.5k interest. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you
  20. Another issue I recieved a letter from lowell regarding barclaycard account i had this account back at college i have requested several times for a copy of the credit agreement, lowell caught me on the phone last week about this i stated i have asked for the credit agreement, i have this in writing from them and that they are placing the account on hold to find it, they insist i took the agreement out june 2002 and they say my last payment was in 2010 whats the next move, seems like a merry dance all the time
  21. I run a small company; I took Barclay's Bank to court as a Micro Enterprise. Under the FCA Banking: Conduct of business source book (BCOBS or COBS), the BCOBS states that a business with a turnover of under 2,000,000 Euros and fewer than 10 staff is classified as a consumer and to my understanding of the BCOBS has the same rights as such. Initially I was awarded judgement (by default) as Barclay’s didn’t respond to the court in time. But they had it over turned arguing that although we may be a Micro Enterprise, we did not have the same rights as a consumer and thus had no case, therefore the court argued Barclay's would have a strong likelihood of defending the case. As from last week they have 28 days to prepare their fuller defense. Can anyone shed any light on this, do I have consumer rights in this case, has anyone had a similar experience?
  22. Hello All, As of last Wednesday my two barclays personal accounts, one savings account and business account are collectively showing to be £3,500,000 in debit and the funds 'To Reconcile' (their teminology) to Coventry OPS 05 ADV. A formal complaint was logged last Thursday and I am yet to recieve any formal reponse. Collectively I must of spent a total of 16 hours on the phone, being passed around to one department after another given a range of excuses from technical error, account review and fraud. I have done quite a bit of research and understand it may be linked with anti money laundering checks as I had a payment of £50,000 paid into my account roughly four weeks ago, since then I have had to make two large payments of £15,000 and £9,000 all of which are justified business expences which have invoices and receipts. The situation is now seriously effecting my livelyhood and the people who are dependant on me and my business. Barclays have left me with no access to any funds and are fully aware that I have no other banks accounts where I can access funds, effectively leaving me without food, and basic essentials for over a week. If anyone has been through this before and could some indication of the best steps moving forward it would be greatly apprecated. p.s. I know there are similar threads on here of Barclays withdrawing funds for investigation but from what I can tell none have had there account showing as being as overdrawn as mine. Thank you.
  23. Hi was just wondering Barclay's have put my account under review! I have no clue as to why it is, been with them for the last 10 years and never had a problem, I have direct debits coming out at the end of the month a couple of credit cards, council tax and a small loan can I claim any charge's back from Barclay's ? I have informed the companies what is going on and they where very understanding I'm pleased to say however I'm trying to rebuild my credit score and all was going well but will my hard work be undone by my own bank? Thanks in advance GH
  24. Hi, I took out a halifax card 30 years ago, i was unable to keep up the payments as i am now out of work they came to an arrangement with me where they have frozen the interest and I pay 5 pound a month. I have looked on my Noodle account and see that i am in default. The balance on that account is 12k. The debt is now with robinson way. I have also been unable to pay my Barclaycard for 4 months ( balance 5k) , they rang me yesterday , i went through my spenditures with them and they advised me that i am in no position to pay anything off it as i have more going out than coming in.. ( Even though i said i would pay a pound off a month) They are holding the interest and i have to contact them in 30 days.? They also said to contact halifax and explain that i can't afford to pay the 5 pounds? I am new to this forum so please bear with me, but i am a little nervous to why they are being so nice. Would someone guide me and set out the does and donts of this arrangement Thanks in advance
  25. Has anyone experienced the Barclay's / Woolwich mortgage fiasco my mother and brother experienced. i) Applied for a right to buy mortgage for £43,000 (£60,000 + equity in the house) and paid £100's upfront for searches, valuation, solicitors etc. ii) Woolwich then requested a deposit £2,400 - we agreed and paid further costs for I.D. checks etc. iii) Then they changed their minds and wanted £4,300 - we agreed and paid more solicitor fees. iv) Then they said my brother's income wasn't enough. v) Why we asked - They would take my mothers out goings in to account but not here income ! Why are they allowed to string people along and fleece them of money. Why couldn't they do the financial checks first before the request for large amounts of monies. Woolwich should be made to refund these monies. Master Grumpy.
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