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  1. Sent a debt collection agency the letter with regard to "a formal request pursuant to s.77/78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 etc". They have written back asking for my last three addresses to confirm who I am. Any suggestions what to do next. Thanks.
  2. Lowell's Solicitors are chasing an old debt (6yrs old) - as mentioned in post #1 old catalogue debt for JDWilliams & Oxendales Never seen a letter like this from them before Tactics or can they go further with this? Thanks LowellSolicitors.pdf
  3. I'd seen recently on my Equifax file that an old BT debt was being recorded by Lowell This was chased by and already paid to Credit Resolve in 2017 I emailed Lowell last week along with proof of payment asking them to remove the entry They've said: Good Morning, Thank you for your email, I have noted your comments and would be happy to assist you. Account Number Original Client Current Balance xxxxxxxxxx BT PLC £72.84 I appreciate the comments you have made and I can see from the screenshot provided this shows the balance due was paid on the 31st of May 2017. Your query We’re investigating this matter with BT PLC and will let you know of the outcome. What happens next? You don’t need to do anything. The account is on hold and we will contact you again as soon as we hear back from BT PLC. If you require any further assistance please don’t hesitate to let me know. Kind Regards, Hakim Lowell Financial, part of Lowell I've paid, I don't owe them, would I have to wait for them to investigate or should they be removing the entry straight away? Can I go back with the 'remove in 14days or I'll start legal action line'? Thanks
  4. Hi, after CCA'ing my creditors as per advice here in an earlier thread back in October one of my main DCA's (Wescot has responded - took them a while!) They are saying they have sent me my original agreement as requested and have now passed the debt back to Lowell who they were collecting on behalf of? is the CCA a valid copy? The original creditor was HSPF (home shopping personal finance) Not sure if i should get back in touch with Lowell and start arranging payments again or not Any help appreciated as always, i have uploaded copy of what Wescot have sent me.. next steps for me? file_1_pdf.pdf
  5. Hi there, I've sifted through a few threads trying to get a jist of what to do. Quite a bit of info, I'm hoping someone can help me with my issues Done a credit report and I've currently 5 defaulted accounts and 1 arrangement NatWest credit card - defaulted balance £984 with a current balance of £785. This debt is paid DD £20p/m directly to Natwest, I've ignored ALL letters from Wescot who manage my account on behalf of NatWest. NW have just written to me this week informing that my account has been assigned to Cabot Financial, to cease my payments to NW and make future payments to Wescot for the foreseeable - Thoughts/ advice on what to do at all? Aquacard - Account in arrangement with CapQuest to pay £5p/m, current balance is £1,200. This doesn't show as a default on my credit file. Notes that its in arrangement Vanquis - account is defaulted with Hoist Portfolio Ltd - this was forwarded to Robinson Way and I currently pay £10p/m with them Current balance £320 defaulted balance was £859 (Dec 2018 6yrs expires) JD Williams - Held with Lowell managed with Fredrickson paying £5p/m. £919 defaulted balance, current balance £504 (Nov 2017 6yrs expires) BT - Debt was passed to Past Due, then Capital Resolve, then Freds. I paid Capital Resolve the debt of £91.05 Freds have this as balance owing when I checked online with them Lowell have a default recorded with the account type being Communications Supplier, default balance £72, august 2015 which I think is the original BT debt Oxendales - Default recorded with Lowell, managed and arranged payment with Freds of £5p/m I have just at the moment cancelled all standing orders & DD's, just want to get some clarity on what to do with them Thanks Shelly
  6. Bank of Scotland wrote to me saying they may sell debt and the new holder of debt may take me to court. Today i get letter from BOS stating the debt has been transferred to Wescot. Debt in question is close to 10k and was defaulted 4 months, they failed to respond to my token payment. I already get hounded by moorcroft for a tesco debt how do Wescot behave?
  7. I have a credit card debt being collected by wescot , I stopped all contact with them for numerous reasons and now they are sending letters to my mother in-laws house stating they know I live there , I don't and never have , surely this against the law
  8. Got a problem with MINT credit card (RBS). I have had the card for about 7 or 8 years now. When I first applied for it on the internet and was approved, I never used it very much. My husband also had a card as a second card holder. He ran into serious credit card debt problems and in a desperate attempt before finally going under, he transferred just under £6000.- onto this MINT card as a balance transfer. He then went bankrupt and had his debts basically written off. I am however now landed with £6000 on this MINT card for which I am liable I have been told. I came to an agreement with MINT to repay the amount at £26.- per month until the balance is repaid. They stopped interest and charges and refunded all charges they ever levied. This agreement has been in place since 2006 and I have got the written agreement from them in letter form to confirm the £26 per month until the amount is repaid. Currently the oustanding balance is £5216.03 Now two months ago they sent me a letter to say the 'temporary agreement' on my account was due to be reviewed and my new monthly payment was £144.- I sent them a letter back explaining that the agreement was never temporary but permanent and sent them a copy of their own letter dated 2006. I sent that recorded and they received it. I heard nothing in reply. Today I got a new bill showing my minimum payment as £2379.- per month and the footnote that I had failed to make a minimum payment. I have maintained my £26 / month religiously since 2006, I assume they are referring to the £144.- they imposed last month I have written them another letter back explaining the situation, but is there anything else I can do ?
  9. Hi, Looking for some advice if possible My partner and i recently went through the process of trying to get a mortgage. After providing all our financial details to the Mortgage advisor his view was we would only qualify for a Mortgage with a high risk lender such as Kensington which I will not entertain. Reasons are: - My partner is in a debt management plan with Step Change, any reputable lender will be put off by this. - All but one of the debts in the plan are over 6 years old so do not show on her credit file - The only debt that is less than 6 years happens to be the largest a £7.8k balance from an old Nat West loan now owned by Wescot - this debt is due to go over 6 years in January and then fall off my partners credit file. The advisor suggested a couple of options. i) Pay the £7.8k balance off and stop paying Stepchange then reapply with 3 months clear bank statements not showing any payments to Stepchange. ii) pay nothing and wait until January, then reapply for a mortgage and deal with debt after the mortgage is in place. Obviously paying the debt off impacts our deposit. My partner has written to Wescot for a reduced settlement and they rejected this. She's resigned to paying the full amount, however i wanted to check on here if anyone has any advice on how we could reduce or prolong the process? There is no PPI on the original loan or anything. Just looking for some help! thanks
  10. Hi All, Following on from another thread I have on the forum, I have requested the CCA for an AA loan I took out in 2009. Since 2013 when I got into some financial difficulties I have had the interest frozen and paying less than the monthly agreed amount, obviously this is reflected on my credit score. This is now with Wescot who are still collecting. I was initially looking at paying off my remaining debts, but advised to get the CCA for each before doing anything else. So seeking advice of what to do with this one now please. Hopefully it is readable in the format attached. Thanks for any advice given. AA CCA - Wescot (1).pdf
  11. I opened a current account with Halifax in June 2015 with a £250 overdraft facility which I used on a regular basis but cleared every month. In August 2016 I ran into financial difficulties due to an increase in overdraft fees, up to £100 per month. i wrote and explained I was suffering hardship and Halifax cancelled the fees for that month. By this time I was using payday loans to keep my head above water. I struggled along until January 2017 when I again claimed hardship and more charges were cancelled. However, the charges soon crept up to £80 or £90 per month as I was unable to clear my overdraft at the end of the month. In March I opened a current account with the Post Office and stopped using my Halifax account apart from making deposits to try and clear the O/D. In October I received a letter advising that my account would be closed in 2 months. I rang customer services and was advises that if ! paid £52 to clear the excess on my overdraft they would halt additional charges. I agreed to this but my next statement showed a further £40 had been charged . I think that is the maximum since they reviewed their charges. I wrote in December but got no reply or acknowledgement. I wrote again in January by recorded delivery but again received no reply last week when I was informed that the account had been passed to Wescot. I am unable to access my account but Im still getting emails saying there is important info in my message box. What do you suggest as my next step.
  12. I have an ongoing issue with Wescot who are chasing an SB debt on behalf of Arrow Global. Wescot have been chasing for the last 8 months even though the alleged debt has been SB for some time. I have sent all the relevant letters even one refuting the claim that I had paid £1 towards the debt to a different dca around 4 years ago apparently restarting the clock. This I have proved to be a" prove it" letter request postal order although they will not acknowledge the fact. I sent a strongly worded letter telling them to leave me alone and yet again they are at me. Wescot have just sent me a signed credit agreement (the first time I have seen it) which is fine but I know the debt is unenforceable and they are ignoring the fact that I have not acknowledged or paid towards it in 8 years. Stating that they have now proved their claim and for me to contact them to arrange payment. This is becoming very annoying. Is there a final letter I can send to them and also report them to the relevant authorities to end this? I really want to drive this home surely they cannot continue to harass me in this way? Is it advisable to say "take me to court"? Thanks in advance for any advice. Cheers GH
  13. Good evening to everyone, i am new on this forum and i am pretty frightened. I received today 2 letters that are 100% the same from Wescot. They are after the Address Verification and in the same time saying if i am the person above to call asap the number. If i do not answer by 30/11/2017 they will assume the contact information they hold about me are correct. Now to tell you the story. It started in 2014 when i moved to UK for study. I rented a house with 3 other people. The electricity bill was supposed to come every 3 months. When it came, it came as well with the old debt from the previous tenants, which was on the house number without a clear name. We tried to call the gas company but the situation was far from being solved. While i was away for my Christmas holiday the other 3 people somehow spoke with the gas company and gave my name and i started to appear as the guilty for all the debt. An important point is that the name on the letter is different than my passport name and it was since the people provided it to the gas company, it has 3 different letters. Now after 3 years The Wescot company is chasing me. In the first letter they didn't point what is the problem yet. Tomorrow i will go to speak with the citizen advice bureau from my town to seek some answers. What should i do now?
  14. Hi I’m hoping someone can point me (and my father) in the right direction. This is the back story. I helped my father resolve visa problems around 5 years ago whereby his APR was increased and monthly payment amounts raised – he was paying the interest only per month on his cards with one company requesting nearly 35% APR. He has successfully (with the help of forum users) paid off all but one company. We managed to negotiate “full and final” payments with all but one of them. I believe one company tried to go with a Debt Collection Agency but we wrote to them explaining the debt was not with them but the original Visa company. The last visa company (Mint), was offered £1500 in full and final payment around 5 years ago. They refused. The debt was for around £3300. He has then successfully negotiated a monthly direct debit payment of £5 (this is with the APR remaining at 0 (zero). He is 68 years old and his income is very low. He can only afford to pay £5 per month. He has explained to them over the 5 years what his income and outgoings are. His “spare” money only equates to £5.00 every month. They have accepted this until last month when he received a letter from Wescot. This letter informed him that they are happy to accept the £5.00 payments per month (for now). He has received a letter from Mint explaining all information regarding his account will be direct from Wescot. However, he has then received a Mint Visa bill requesting £1555.00 be paid immediately! This is obviously extremely worrying and I would like to know what is the best action to take. Do I contact Mint for him and explain that the debt is with Mint – no payments have been missed and their agreement of £5 per month has been broken (by them). Do I make contact with Wescot and inform them that I fully understand they have paid my fathers debt. I would greatly appreciate any help on this as he is looking to make contact this week if possible. Thank you Chris
  15. Hi all, My dad has received a letter from Wescot demanding payment for £313. Apparently they are working on behalf of Natwest retail finance. My dad had an account with Natwest which they themselves closed approx 4 years ago. As far as he is aware all monies were paid and account was closed. After 4 years we receive a letter demanding £313? There has been no previous correspondence regarding this alleged debt. We have been to Natwest but they wont help us. I emailed Wescot asking for more information regarding this alleged debt. They replied asking for my dads DOB and previous address for "security reasons" . What do you think i should do? We have no knowledge of this debt. Tnx all!
  16. ’ll try and keep this as brief as possible but I’ll need to explain a bit of background. When I was in university I rented a room in a house with three other students that I didn’t know between July 2012 to June 2013. Npower supplied the electricity and gas. I gave the first meter reading in July and the first bill came in October and we each paid a fourth to the landlord and I thought this arrangement would continue. However, towards June 2013 I contacted the landlord as we hadn’t got any more bills and queried what was going on he said he’d put the bills solely in my name. I was amazed that this was possible and called Npower to refuse to be the only sole name on the bills but they said this was the landlord’s right. Shortly after that the other tenants all left and two of them half way around the world. The bills at this point still hadn’t come to the house (although they might possibly have done so but one of the other tenants liked to take people’s mail…) and I gave a forwarding address and explained that as I was only one of four tenants they should only send me a fourth of the bill. Instead they started sending widely varying bills (anything from £1300 to £2000+) and after talking to them on the phone failed I then wrote them a letter showing them my tenancy agreement saying that I was only responsible for a fourth of the bills, emails to and from the landlord where he took responsibility for paying the bills if we paid him. Npower ignored all correspondence from me and the demands for payment became nastier and they and debt collection companies started sending letters to my parents as well calling them. I wrote them a cheque for over £500 which was a fourth of what they were asking for at the time. The demands didn’t stop and became more and more frequent. It was deeply stressful and if I’d the whole amount I’d probably would have just paid but I didn’t; however, the demands finally abruptly stopped. But, now more than four years after I paid Npower the £500 and the demands stopped a debt collection company called Wescot that Npower used before has started asking for money again. I think this was because I just updated the electoral register to my new home. It’s a horrible and not to mention embarrassing to start life with my partner in our new home and to be threatened again by this very ruthless debt collection company. I am not sure what to do next and was wondering if someone advise me what they make of these options? Just pay the damned bill and all the nasty extra charges they added. Would this be the end of it? Would accepting it give them the right to damage my credit report? Ignore it and hope it goes away like last time. It hasn’t affected my credit rating so maybe they don’t have enough information about me? And perhaps me going on the electoral register here just tripped some automated system? Pay the bill but take the only other U.K tenant to small claims court for their share? Or even half would that be possible? Threaten to refer their behaviour to some ombudsman or consumer body? Things like calling my parents and writing to them, calling on a Sunday, using aggressive and threatening language etc. Would this scare them enough to leave me alone? Sorry for how long this post was and thank you if any advice you can give.
  17. The Barclays account in particular is dated 2000 . I have read that many of the agreements dated as far back as then do not have enough terms and conditions on the credit agreement and it is by a long way the most uncomprehensive agreement i have seen . Outside of that clutching at straws to be honest , like i said i would have settled them for her had they been able to meet me at a slightly lower per centage but my understanding is link are less likely to negotiate downwards than others.
  18. Hi I have 2 credit card debts with RBS that are more than 6 years in default and so have fallen off my credit record. They are not statute barred as I make monthly payments of £15 each. I have now received letters from Wescot saying that - 'the account has been transferred to us and your account is now being directly managed by us' It lists the arrangement I had with RBS and says 'this is the arrangement we will be managing on their behalf'. I have not been actively chased for this debt for years, I just kept making the low payments. A couple of times in the last 6 years I made low full & final settlement offers which RBS did not accept. What can I expect now that the Wescot have been involved? I don't know where my Truecall machine is now but will I have to find it and plug it in again?!!
  19. I had a credit card account with Lloyds, who have now sold my debt to Wescot, this is for around £3k. I was paying Lloyds £1 a month, but for some reason they have sold my debt to Wescot. I called them today to set up a £1 per month plan and they have asked me to contact Stepchange to get an income and expenditure form. I also had a credit card account with Virginmoney, again for around £3k. I rang them today to ask why are they still charging me interest, and they advised me as its been over 180 days in arrears they have sold my debt to Arrow Global. I was also paying them £1 per month. I have not received any communication from AG yet, although its only been a few days past the 180 days so far. Does anyone have any advice what to do for each of these cases, before I go ahead? It should be noted that I also have two more bank account debts with Lloyds and a credit card with Barclays, all of these are in payment plans, which I am paying £1 a month to.
  20. Can anyone advise me on a letter I received from Wescot? It says they have confirmed I am a resident at my address & have conducted checks etc (electoral roll I assume) They are acting on behalf of M&S cc, the letter goes on to say that 'they will continue to undertake activity including phone calls & letters to received the amount owing' I have not contacted them, they harass you over the phone and through sickness I cannot stand the stress. What can they do? should I ask for proof they have the debt? it has been passed to them through Lowell,s. I hope I have posted on the right board, lease forgive me if I have entered the wrong thread. Many thanks
  21. had a repayment plan in place with Wescot for a few years in respect of my RBS credit card debt. I recently started receiving various settlement offers and requests for account reviews so I decided to send off a CCA request to the DCA enclosing £1 cheque on 30th April 2015. Today (16th May 2015) I have recieved a response letter from Wescot advising that their client (RBS) has requested that I write to them direct for my CCA request and have returned the cheque ? Should the DCA have forwarded accordingly to their client ? Are they in breach of my request as they should have responded within 12 days ? Or should I be sending a CCA request myself to RBS but recall never receiving any agreement as part of my earlier SAR ? Another issue is that should I be receiving some sort of annual or half-yearly statement from Wescot or RBS since the account defaulted ? Thanks for looking.
  22. I am puzzled by the actions of my bank, (Lloyds) as I had been unable to make payments on my credit card for some 5 months due to having no work. I had begun making repayments to what was by now a suspended account have now received a letter from Wescot saying they have been instructed "to make contact ...to discuss the outstanding balance and the repayment options". Wescot's website says they no longer 'buy' outstanding debts , so if my repayments continue going to Lloyds, why are they even involved ? I do not wish to discuss my financial details with them, and certainly won't talk to them over the phone ( despite their initial letter saying it is 'essential' to contact them within 10 days, I have within that time had 4 calls and a further letter from them) I am also loathe to agree to any large amounts being paid on a regular basis as I am on a zero hours contract and can go for weeks without work. I had told Lloyds that I was willing to sign up to a nominal amount and make larger payments when possible, which I had been, and this is the only way I am willing to go. Question is, how to deal with Wescot ?
  23. Bran Carter sent me an account review letter a couple of days ago advising me to contact them by phone to discuss my "proposed repayment plan"
  24. Hi, I'm currently in default to egg for a loan after falling behind with payments after losing my job. they passed it onto capquest debt recovery who are useless. I set up a payment plan for £75 monthly, after making 6 payments by SO from bank capquest wrote and said they were taking further action due to non-payment. I was advised to cancel the payments and send off a copy of my bank statements showing the payments, which I did. They wrote acknowledging these and set up a new SO for £75 again. A payment left my account on 4 May but last week they sent me a letter saying they were now going to send a collector to my door due to me ignoring repeated requests for payments or a payment plan. I've tried speaking to them on the phone but they are bloody useless. Can anyone tell me what to do next, I'm not that great on the phone and if anyone comes to my door I'd panic and probably agree to whatever they asked for whether I could afford it or not. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks
  25. Hello, I received a letter from Wescot Credit Services last week. They want me to verify I am the person named in the letter and live at this address. They say they will presume I am at this address, if they don't get a response by the 25/02/2015. I haven't responded. I suspect they are chasing me for an outstanding bill to British Gas, around £200. If I am right that is, then I imagine they will add some crazy charges on top. At the time, last year in the Spring when I last spoke with BG, I fell out with them. I was having money problems, and mental health issues at the time. They continually called me about paying my bill. I tried to strike a deal with them (over the phone) to pay it off, but they wanted more than I could afford per month. Then I left that rental, and forgot about the bill. I'm not sure I am happy to pay the bill or not, given the way BG treated me. I imagine I have screwed up my credit record now too. Well, I can compromise and pay a small monthly amount, as long as it excludes any of BGs draconian charges. This Wescot letter is rather intimidating, but that's the point I guess. I did read another thread on here which sounded similar to my situation. Sorry I can't post a link. I am now a home owner, if that changes anything. Some advice would be much appreciated.
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