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  1. If it is automatic does it go back down again automatically as well? I think this might have happened before but previous recent statements were showing min Payment of £15.
  2. Yep - minimum payment seemed to be around 50% of balance!! Correcting this to 70% of the balance!
  3. So then both Natwest and RBS increased the minimum payment due from £15 a month to over £6000 a month! Then the next month told me I have broken the terms of my credit agreement by not paying the minimum amount ( I still paid the £15). Does this allow them to put defaults on my credit record again as they fell off after 6 years at the beginning of this year? I don't want to contact them because then we get all knotted up in the income and expenditure info route!
  4. My concern is that they will start aggressively chasing the debts but do you think it will just continue as before?
  5. I did all the CCA stuff years ago but they all managed to produce them!! Most of my creditors accepted Full & Finals after a couple of years. Only RBS continued to refuse. My Mortgage and Bank accounts are with RBS so not sure if stopping paying all together would be a good idea anyway? Each debt is around the 9k mark.
  6. Hi I have 2 credit card debts with RBS that are more than 6 years in default and so have fallen off my credit record. They are not statute barred as I make monthly payments of £15 each. I have now received letters from Wescot saying that - 'the account has been transferred to us and your account is now being directly managed by us' It lists the arrangement I had with RBS and says 'this is the arrangement we will be managing on their behalf'. I have not been actively chased for this debt for years, I just kept making the low payments. A couple of times in the last 6 years
  7. Hi, I made a full and final settlement on a credit card debt with Moorcroft for 45% of debt. Now I have received a letter from Robinson Way Ltd chasing an amount that looks like the rest of the balance. I have checked my credit report and the debt is showing as only partially cleared. I can't remember if I got any paperwork from Moorcroft and we have had a chaotic house move since then so if I did it could be anywhere! What on earth can I do?
  8. Thank you, Vint1954 How should we reply to this type of letter? Is the next step the Access Letter?
  9. I got almost the same letter from Barclaycard. It isn't that the debt is old but that I have had the card from before 1985. It has been run perfectly since then until this year when I hit financial trouble. So is the stat-barred letter still applicable?
  10. What should I be suspicious about? That the niceness will not continue or that they may not have a valid CCA? Or something else?
  11. Yes! It is RMA - thank you. Should I go along with this?
  12. I'm sorry if this has been asked in this way before but I have spent days going through the wonderful forums and I still don't know what to do. I have large credit card debts. I have very little income due to business difficulties and I would need to be paying only a token £1 a month to my creditors. How do I proceed? I can see that people are asking for copies of their CCAs but at what stage should this step be taken. Does it cause a 'perfect storm' situation where once you ask the CC companies for CCAs they get tough instead of offering payment plans? Or have I nothing to
  13. I think they must be - I may have the initials wrong. I will check. Amex seemed to be being really nice & helpful and it was only after the conversation that I realised that they intend to pass it on to another company. I had thought all along that they were talking about a different department within Amex.
  14. I have asked for a payment agreement with AMEX and after going through my PBS they have said that they will pass it to DMA on a 'Regain' agreement. Should I do this or will I be in an even worse position?
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