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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, Ive CCA'd Mint for my card agreement and they have seemingly sent a good copy of a signed agreement. They also attached a 3 pages of a photocopied set of Terms & Conditions. Lots of very small print that will not scan & copy very well so have not included it here at the moment. Could someone please have a look at the Credit agreement an tell me if you think that it is enforceable or what action to take next to try and verify it. They sent current T&C's plus a Card re-issue letter with associated T&C's Also current outstanding values owed to the account. The signature, dates, my information and name all seem to be correct. Have also attached the letter they sent with it. Hope you can give me some good news. Thanx Murph
  2. Hi, I have been receiving letters from Cabot regarding an old Mint credit card debt which I defaulted on in 2010, I made payments on this to Oct 2013 through a DMP with CCCS/Stepchange but unfortunately was made redundant and was unable to continue with my DMP. I am not sure at what stage Cabot got involved but I have not had any contact with the directly, their letters have included various discount options for payment. Today I received a letter from them saying as they have been unable to contact me they are instructing ResolveCall to visit to put me back in contact with them and I am worried about this person calling. Any advice on how to proceed would be appreciated.
  3. Hi I’m hoping someone can point me (and my father) in the right direction. This is the back story. I helped my father resolve visa problems around 5 years ago whereby his APR was increased and monthly payment amounts raised – he was paying the interest only per month on his cards with one company requesting nearly 35% APR. He has successfully (with the help of forum users) paid off all but one company. We managed to negotiate “full and final” payments with all but one of them. I believe one company tried to go with a Debt Collection Agency but we wrote to them explaining the debt was not with them but the original Visa company. The last visa company (Mint), was offered £1500 in full and final payment around 5 years ago. They refused. The debt was for around £3300. He has then successfully negotiated a monthly direct debit payment of £5 (this is with the APR remaining at 0 (zero). He is 68 years old and his income is very low. He can only afford to pay £5 per month. He has explained to them over the 5 years what his income and outgoings are. His “spare” money only equates to £5.00 every month. They have accepted this until last month when he received a letter from Wescot. This letter informed him that they are happy to accept the £5.00 payments per month (for now). He has received a letter from Mint explaining all information regarding his account will be direct from Wescot. However, he has then received a Mint Visa bill requesting £1555.00 be paid immediately! This is obviously extremely worrying and I would like to know what is the best action to take. Do I contact Mint for him and explain that the debt is with Mint – no payments have been missed and their agreement of £5 per month has been broken (by them). Do I make contact with Wescot and inform them that I fully understand they have paid my fathers debt. I would greatly appreciate any help on this as he is looking to make contact this week if possible. Thank you Chris
  4. Hi all, i have 3 accounts with MINT, IDEM and CDUK. MINT AND CDUK accounts are in DEFAULT since DEc 2008 and the IDEM account was at worst 6 then arrangement now OK since april 2012. I have made offers of 70% of the totals of each amount to all 3 companies and all have declined my offer saying they would prefer i stayed on a 0% payment plan which works out i will be still paying the full amount over the next 5-7 years. can anyone advise me as to why they are not interested in my offers and how i might be able to change their mind? the total outstanding amount between the 3 is £4500 roughly and i have offered £3150 between the 3, i would have thought they would have snapped my hand off??? regards Dan.
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