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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, Ive CCA'd Mint for my card agreement and they have seemingly sent a good copy of a signed agreement. They also attached a 3 pages of a photocopied set of Terms & Conditions. Lots of very small print that will not scan & copy very well so have not included it here at the moment. Could someone please have a look at the Credit agreement an tell me if you think that it is enforceable or what action to take next to try and verify it. They sent current T&C's plus a Card re-issue letter with associated T&C's Also current outstanding values owed to the account. The signature, dates, my information and name all seem to be correct. Have also attached the letter they sent with it. Hope you can give me some good news. Thanx Murph
  2. Hi all, Well I'm certainly bowled over to see there is an entire thread about this guy.! in July 2008 I took out a really terrible loan of £4,000 I paid it until Jan 2009, when redundancy forced us to return to my wife's home country where I had a job offer there. I couldn't afford to maintain payments on a lesser currency from another country and I left it to default, foolish I know but if you haven't got the money what can you do? Over the years various companies have purchased and sold the debt on where now Lowells have it and Fredrickson have been calling and sending letters, I've ignored them as I can't pay it in full and frankly I feel intimidated. On my Noddle credit file the debt is marked under the closed section as 'settled' and hasn't been updated since August 2012. On CreditExpert the default is no longer there. today I arrived home really pleased after seeing our baby for the first time (12 week scan) only to find a letter from Bryan Carter on behalf of Fredrickson/Lowell, stating if I don't set up a payment plan they will 'recommend' that their client Fredrickson start court proceedings. Is this another intimidation letter trying to scare me or are these guys for real? They seem to be really taking on a lot of people of recent. What should I do as this has me a little worried.
  3. Hello all, My second enquiry so far is regarding a debt I suspected was statute barred even though it is showing as due to be stat barred in May 2014 on my credit file. The original debt was with barclaycard, after receiving some fast paced threats recently from fredrickson and now bryan carter on behalf of lowell, I called barclaycard to get confirmation. The last payment received on this account was dec 2004 through the original creditor barclaycard and was charged off at the end of May 2008 and then sold to lowell in 2010. What is the next step I should take as it looks like they want to rush this one to court so I need to get on top of this one urgently. Any help or advice would be really appreciated.
  4. Hi I recently paid off a default on a Capital One credit card although I was disputing the amount as I need to obtain a loan from elsewhere. Long story short: I had a £300 limit, thought I had removed the regular payments from it but hadn't, a forgotten regular bill kept being charged to the card and as a result, my balance ballooned from £250 to almost £800. I spoke with the god-awful customer service team who told me (and I quote) " your credit limit is a guideline only" when I asked if I could go buy a Ferrari on a £300 limited card, the operator replied "yes". So I had a few back and forth's with Cap One culminating in a stalemate of two years - they chased me, I ignored them explaining regularly that I would only deal with them when they explain how £300 was allowed to get to £800 with no notification or rejection of payments. I eventually paid the balance to try to end the situation and four calls a day from Fredricksons despite being really angry. As a result I have a default notice on my credit file and a score on Noddle of 1/5 despite paying everything else perfectly by DD for my entire 35 years on this planet. I want this unfair default off my file pronto as I need to re-mortgage inside the 6 year time it will take to leave my account. Talking to Capital One is a complete waste of time and I can't help thinking that writing to them is a waste too. Noddle/Experian etc say they won't put a notice of correction on there because ultimately, its my fault for not checking my balance and to some extent, I accept this. So to my question: Can I use the data protection act to remove the default from my credit file? When I signed up to my account, I agreed to let them register information on me via credit referencing agencies. What will happen if I remove this permission along with retrospective permission, which I understand is my right to do? Anyone who has done this, I'd appreciate it.
  5. Ok my post yesterday was a little long and a complete rant!! In short, I have been getting phone calls from Freds about an account which is in dispute with MH, no letters were sent prior to this from Freds to say they had been passed the account and nothing has been heard from MH since Sept last year when I sent them a letter in response to the CCA they sent (2 months after the cut off date) I have stated I will not discuss the account over the phone and any communication should be in writing, after I stated this they sent me a letter asking me to phone them to discuss the account I need some advice really, do I sent them an account in dispute letter? Because I had sent MH a letter offering a final reduced payment but received nothing back from them. Send an SAR and claim all the charges and PPI back? Becasue I know there were an awful lot of charges as I came across old statements last night and every month they were charges for being overlimit, and I noticed some were even added when I weren't over limit which is strange? Any advice would be much apprecited thank you
  6. Back at the end of the 90's I had a loan with First Direct of about £5k, I missed one payment, which they then passed straight to debt collection without giving me the chance to try and fix it. It was originally passed to Phoenix Recoveries ( from memory) and they allowed me to pay the debt off at £20 a month. I went to live abroad for 5 years and was still paying at the same amount. ( Did not know about the statute term back then.) When I came back I moved to a different area. In the meantime Phoenix sold the debt on to Fredrickson-which I was unaware of. Somehow the got my new telephone number, even though I had no contact from the previous apart from to pay the £20 each month. Unfortunately FI caught me on the hop and managed to extract the fact that the debt was mine and the upshot was that they forced me to pay a much higher £50pm fee. I have never missed any payments. In the meantime, I got wise, had all the interest payments stopped and after hundreds of phone calls from FI, which I stopped answering, I sent a letter re harassment. I have offered in the past to pay off the remainder as a lump sum, it was refused. Now I have received a letter from Arrow Global ( who I have never heard of or had dealings with) who is persuing this debt.( £2,600) It states that payment must be made in 14 days or the will 'recommend' proceedings are issued. Previously they threatened a CCJ plus the usual costs etc. I cannot pay more than I do already, I believe that if it goes to court the court would say the same. Could someone please advise me of the best course of action as Im unclear of which letter I should send them or where I stand legally.
  7. Called Capital One to bring my account up to date after receiving default notice and call centre said account was "with Frederickson" and gave me a number to call. I didn't ring but instead looked up Freds here on the forum. About a week later I had a call at work from someone called Rocky claiming to be from 'FDA' or something like that. Told the caller it was a work line and could not be used for personal calls. He thanked me and hung up. Next I had a letter from Freds telling me that I owed the balance on my Capital One account, giving me a number to call. Instead I sent off one of the forum's CPUTR requests for proof of account ownership and assignation notice. Had a polite letter back confirming they had received my request and had referred it to Capital One. In the meantime, the account would be on hold. Received today a letter from Executive Response Centre at Capital One including scan of my original credit agreement, terms and conditions, and confirmation of default notice. In the letter it says "Please note that this account has not been sold and there is no assignment to provide." Does this mean that I should insist on dealing only with Capital One now, or should I talk payment arrangement with Freds? I cannot deny that I owe the money but would rather deal with C1 than a debt collection agency. Any assistance gratefully welcomed, folks!
  8. Thought I'd start a new thread rather than Hijack the other fellow's. I received a letter before action from Fredrickson saying that I owed money to the Dept for Work and Pensions, and that they were working on behalf of their client iQor who were then acting on behalf of DWP. IT states the usual about paying in the next 7 days or it will proceed, etc, etc and they give me a nice little box with fees, etc on it. Now my only concern is, I have no recollection of any debt for the amount they ask, and I don't even know who DWP are... I was thinking of sending them a letter, for which I found a template on this site, which is the following.... Name/Address: Date: Dear Sir/Madam You have contacted me/us regarding the account with the above reference number, which you claim is owed by myself/ourselves. I/we would point out that I/we have no knowledge of any such debt being owed to (insert company name). I am/we are familiar with the CPUTR 2008 and the Office of Fair Trading's Guidance on debt collection, which states that it unfair to send demands for payment to an individual when it is uncertain that they are the debtor in question. I/we would also point out that the OFT say under the Guidance that it is unfair to pursue third parties for payment when they are not liable. AND in not ceasing collection activity whilst investigating a reasonably queried or disputed debt you are using deceptive/and or unfair methods. Furthermore ignoring and/or disregarding claims that debts have been settled or are disputed and continuing to make unjustified demands for payment amounts to physical/psychological harassment. I/we would ask that no further contact be made concerning the above account unless you can provide evidence as to my/our liability for the debt in question. I/we await your written confirmation that this matter is now closed. Otherwise I will have no option but to make a complaint to Trading Standards and also inform the Office Of Fair Trading of your actions. I/we look forward to your reply. Yours faithfully To think all this because I changed my address with my bank... Bloody nightmare.
  9. Brief history - February 2010 I signed up to a monthly £10 contract with Tesco Mobile which entitled me to £40 of flexible credit per month. The account was Capped and therefore I could not run up any additional costs or make calls to premium lines - Between February and May 2010 I had no issues with this contract and due to the little time I used the mobile never used up my monthly allowance - Early June 2010 I starting receiving a message advising me that my credit limit was low, when calling friends, on numbers I had called many times before. My initial thought on receiving this message was that something had gone wrong with my monthly payment and hence I had not received my new allocation. I checked by bank account immediately, but all was okay. I then called the Tesco helpline on 16 June, to be informed by the operator that the number I was trying to call must be a business number and that my monthly allowance did not allow me to call this number. I explained that I had successfully called this number before, her response was that the cost of this call must have been debited from a topup that was on the mobile. I then explained that I had never added any additional credit, to which she responded that I must have! - 19 June 2010 was the next time I tried to make a call from this mobile, to call a friend on her landline (another number I had called many times), I was cut off during the call as my 30p of ‘top up’ credit time had been used up. As I had had no luck with contacting Tesco helpline previously and as I was about to embark on a 1200 mile driving holiday the following week and needed a mobile I could rely on to let me make calls, I went to Carphone Warehouse that day and got a new mobile - 19 June 2010, I emailed Tesco that evening to advise them of the issues I had been experiencing, their unwillingness to help me and that as they were not fulfilling their contractual obligations, by providing me with a fully functioning SIM, I had stopped my direct debit with immediate effect - 21 June 2010, I received a response from Tesco which included the sentence ‘I'm sorry you've decided to cancel your Pay Monthly account and transfer your number to a new network provider’. There was no reference to the issues I had been experiencing or apologies for the service offered As I stopped the contract half way through a month Tesco are pursuing me for £10. I have received a couple of emails and a letter to chase for the money but not once have they had the common courtesy to response to my complaint. I have now, this week, received a letter from Fredrickson International Limited stating that they have been instructed by Tesco Mobile Limited to collect the £10 debt and requesting an immediate payment. I realise that £10 is not a great deal of money but I am reluctant to pay out of principle as I am furious and frustrated that Tesco did not make any effort to resolve my issues and that they are charging me for a service they did not deliver. Can anyone offer any assistance on what I should do about this?
  10. I have just checked my credit file with Experien and noted that Arrow Global Limited has applied a default to my credit file for "communication". I have discovered that Arrow has purchased the debt portfolio of Orange PCS with whom I had a dispute with some 4 years ago and that was resolved by the intervention of my Solicitor. My credit file shows the Orange PCS entry as "settled" and is dated the 17-Jan-2007. I have informed Arrow and their debt collecting arm - Fredrickson International of this have sent them a copy of the entry. However the default remains. I have spoken to Experien and they cannot remove it unless their client confirms the entry they have made is incorrect. The procedure is for Experien to write to Arrow who then have 28 days to respond etc. This could take months. Meantime I am left with a default on my file that has no business being there. Any suggestions about what I can do to get this removed immediately? Your help will be appreciated.
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