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  1. Hello to all of you. For more than 2 years Lowlife harassed me with an old debt with Three Mobile. They claim that I breached the contract with Three and now I have to pay the outstanding debt. I asked Lowlife to show me the contract it was breached by me. They never send me anything and kept sending me the same letters ( about 25 letters in total up to now). At the beginning they sent so called Notice of Assignment. Actually was a fake where they used Three Mobile logo on the top of the letter with no signature - that was in Decembre 2015. Recently I have received a letter from Lowlife telling me that they passed my debt to Fredrickson International ( part of Lowlife group). The alleged debt has been passed to one of their 'approved' debt collection (what a joke). Should I send a Letter to OC/DCA passes account to another DCA? I will really apreciate if anyone can give any advice in how to deal with these parasites. Again me. I understood that a CCA request doesn't apply on mobile contracts. Is there anything else can I used to fight against them?
  2. I dont know whether to laugh about this or be very cross. I am helping a friend with his debt with Fredrickson, personally I dont think it should have been passed to them in the first place as its a disputed debt with BT and they have refused to discuss it further with my friend and so then passed it over to these monkies. I have written to them enclosing a letter of authorisation so that I can deal with this for him. However because I used his initial in the address and not his full name, albeit where he had signed his name it is in full and quite clear 3 lines down, they are refusing to deal with me wanting me to put his full name but they havnt said where I should place it?? Their reply. Now if they still refuse to deal with me what would be my next step? Do I place a formal complaint if so to who?
  3. I have returned! Having not posted since 2014, no issues, no debt afaik everything gets paid, tax paid on time, bills utilities etc that kind of thing. But we awoke this morning to find a message on our answerphone from Fredrickson International instructing somebody who they believe lives here, with a VERY dodgy sounding name to contact them with a reference number... They had called, hung up and then called again to leave this automated message. I am totally and utterly confused as to what this is? We have no debt... nothing! Back in 2011 I had a letter from an agency claiming I had a debt with a catalogue at an old address, dating back to 1997 but they never sent me proof of what it was this claim was about? I had no catalogues back then, I lived on my own and never touched the flipping things. This went quiet after I asked for advice here. I worked out whatever it was, it was statute barred anyway. I will assume that whatever this is, it has to be either historic assumed debt but how the hell did they get our landline number? Is this possibly another sold off debt thing and they are trying their luck? What bothers me is the name of the person they are asking for! it ends with "Woodcock" but its very hard to make out? I can say now our family name is not that lol! Can I safely assume this is fleecing/phising? or will one of us be expecting a dodgy letter sometime soon? Thanks in advance for any help
  4. I have a debt to EE which is in default and I've had for some time now. A month ago I wrote to EE with an offer of a full & final settlement which they say they couldn't accept but as an act of goodwill regarding my situation they would write off the outstanding balance. Just over a month later I receive a letter from Fredrickson International saying that their client has instructed them to collect the outstanding balance. I also notice that the balance they have on the letter is actually £45 higher than what was originally owed (no interest or charges were being added by EE - I can only assume that this is a charge that has been added on by Fredricksons. I have the letter from EE saying that the balance has been written off but would still remain on my Credit Report as a default. Do EE have the right to pass a debt on after sending a letter saying that the balance has been written off? Or are Fredrickson International trying their luck? I thought one less debt to maintain would allow me to focus on my priority creditors as I have a lot of debt and my business is dying off so very little income at the moment. Any advice regarding this situation would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi My partner was fined 2 years ago by HMRC for £15k, (she got caught up with a pension spoof, where she lost everything) I started paying this debt for her and was then advised by Stepchange that I shouldn't be paying it and I'm not liable, my partner doesn't work due to depression and looking after our children. 2 days ago she received a letter from Fredrickson stating the debt was £9900 (no idea why its less than original amount and I didn't pay off that much) they are stating "Failure to contact them immediately will leave them no alternative but to recommend to their client (HMRC) to take enforcement action against her... which may include: 1) An officer of HMRC visiting her to collect payment etc etc 2) Legal proceedings being raised against her in court I am currently trying to raise the £650 to make her bankrupt (as recommended by Stepchange)..... MY question is, I know that some debt companies threaten etc but don't take action very quickly, if at all....its just scare mongering Are Fredrickson like this, has anyone had any dealings with them before, will they make good on their threat or do I have time (2 months) to get the funds required to make her bankrupt? Thank you
  6. This may seem odd but I have just received a payment into my bank account from Fredrickson International. 10 years ago we lost almost everything we had to a business fraud. In the intervening period, we have rebuilt credit and established a new business. However, at the worst time, Fredrickson were one of the hardest and nastiest companies to deal with. I have never, to my knowledge paid them anything or given them my new account details so am mystified that a payment should suddenly appear in my account. I told my bank I do not want this money but they told me there is nothing they can do. Is this a part of some new harassment tactic? Does the payment establish some kind of business arrangement with Frederickson? The idea of going back to that nightmare time is very worrying. If anyone has any information/ thoughts as to what might be occurring, I would be grateful to hear from you. Thanks.
  7. Hi there, apologies if ive posted in the wrong place, as im new to the site. Im only 21 and quit my job just before Christmas, for about the last 2 and a half months i have been disconnected from Vodafone service due to me having no income. This is my own fault and the monthly payments have stacked up meaning i owe £120 in total. Two days ago i paid off £100 of the debt and plan to pay the last £20 today, this morning i received a text message from Fredrickson International instructing me to sign up on fredpay or contact them immediately on a number. I have read a few threads on here i'm not entirely sure as to what my next move should be. I phoned vodafone without mentioning the text from Fredrickson and they said my remaining debt on the account was £20, making it seem like i dont owe any extra fee's and what not. I live with my dad mostly but i am registered at my mums old house, so whether or not they have been sending letters i cant confirm, i will go and check tonight. But as far as im aware this is the first contact between me and them. Reading how far some of these threads go im somewhat concerned somehow theyre going to turn up at my house or something, as im a fairly anxious person. My main hope is that once the vodafone debt of £20 is cleared i will hear no more from them, but im not entirely sure. Can anyone shed some light on the situation? Thanks in advance, Laurie
  8. I have an account with Lloyds, and have admittedly gone over the agreed overdraft a few times. after going through all my statements and calculating the total amount they've charged me, it comes to about £2000 in charges. I've already put in a claim and got the usual response back, however last month they removed my agreed overdraft limit of £500, and won't let me apply for another overdraft, so I opened a new account with a different bank. now I'm getting letters threatening me with court action because I'm £770 overdrawn. What should I do here? Try and agree a repayment plan with Lloyds to get the balance paid back? I do feel it's a little unfair seeing as I'd be a lot better off if their charges hadn't been so ridiculous. any help from anyone here would be great, thanks.
  9. Hi, I wonder if I could have some advice on the following. I checked my credit report for the first time in a while today, and notice that Lowell has added a default, dated 04/01/2011, for a small debt which is 'mail order'. Looking at the account start date of 2001, this is clearly a Littlewoods account which I stopped paying back in about 2006/7 when I got into significant financial difficulty and it ceased to be a priority debt. I've not paid or acknowledged the debt in this time, and it's almost certainly a) mostly made up of charges and b) statute barred or almost statute barred. I have received letters about this debt but have ignored then due to assuming they were phishing on a statute barred debt. Any advice on how I go about finding out why/how the default is there and how I get it removed, please?
  10. My OH received a 'Confirmed Resident' letter from FPC before christmas in respect of an outstanding debt but no details, asking for payment ? I told her to ignore it, in which she did now she is continuously receiving further letters, this time with a balance outstanding on a debt with Capital One, that she vaguely remembers but not sure how long ago. Does she just ignore them or should she now send the standard DCA letter not acknowledging the debt and requesting the original CCA agreement / Notice of assignment details etc ? even if she sends a letter not acknowledging the debt, will this still be deemed as acknowledging it, if it is possibly statute barred ?
  11. Just as I thought we were getting on top of things notice of an Interim Charging Order arrived followed shortly by a notice from the Land Registry. It appears Mrs Spoon has been struggling (on her own) with nearly £18,000 of store and credit card debt and is now quite unwell. It is only because we have a joint mortgage that I became aware of the tip of the iceberg - now the rest has become clear. There are two CCJs (by default) against her and Restons have secured the interim charging order. I understand that this can only be a restriction as long as I don't agree. We don't intend to sell the house so what does that mean to us and to to Restons (John Lewis)? I'm wading through the paperwork, and need to contact all the account holders to make arrangements to pay. My questions are: 1) Is there any benefit to trying stop the charging order/restriction at the court hearing in January? Is there any benefit to making an offer to start payments? I'm not anticipating any seasonal charity from Restons, just a reason for them to stop. 2) Now I've collated the debt I am thinking that we assess what we can afford to pay back monthly, and propose a proportionate repayment by ratio according to the amount owed. Is that the way forward? 3) Obviously I'm going to help financially, but by getting involved am I going to become vicariously liable for these debts? 4) How should the approach be made to the creditors - is there a form of words? Thank you so much for your consideration. Mr Spoon
  12. Hi all, I'm looking for some advice in regard to a very old Barclaycard account which my husband is being chased for. We sent a "prove it" letter to Bryan Carter solicitors, and have now received a letter from Fredrickson stating that if full payment is not received within 48hrs, Fredrickson will recommend that Lowell commence legal proceedings. Am I right in thinking we should now sent a CCA request to Lowell?
  13. Hi Fredricksons are chasing for a water bill whichis currently being paid off and a very rapid rate of nots direct to Welsh Water - the surname on the bill is incorrect. I am ignoring them and paying direct each week. They are sending daily texts asking me to get in contact with no name mentioned (ie mine) no details beyond a request for contact. I am also getting regular phone calls however there is no real person on the end of the phone after a long pause there is an automated message. Today another call I actually decide to answer it - complete silence, a voicemail is logged while the line is tied up with this silent call and then I can't end the call I have to switch the phone off nothing else would stop the connection - now OK its their bill but this can't be someting they should be doing.
  14. I have today recieved another letter from fredricksons this time headed LETTER BEFORE ACTION. How serious should i take this ?? Is legal action imminent as i dont want to be caught off guard and a claim form landing on the doormat, or is this just another standard threatogram ?? Any help would be much appreciated thanks. Any further info needed just ask please.
  15. hi all In 2002 my mum was sent a letter with an application form for a Capital one credit card. She signed the form and sent it back as she's never been offered credit before and was quite excited. She was unemployed at the time as she is long term disabled. She didnt sign an actual agreement, they just sent her a credit card. It was a normal Cap1 credit card. After a month it went up to a silver card, then a silver sleepy kitty card, then a gold card. She was making regular payments and was well on top of it. Then one month she was late with the payment and gained a £20 OL fee. She carried on paying but then got another. All together she had 4 over limit fees but continued to pay every month. Her credit limit started at 1200 and was increased to 2600. She called and said she didnt want it increased but they said she had to or she'd have to pay the full balance back. The last payment she made to the card was £1090 in 2009. leaving a balance of £1567. She could no longer afford to make payments. She only went over the limit 4 times and paid more again the next month. on the card she spent £3711.91. she paid £5279.95 there was 2369.64 in purchase interest. they say she owes £2868 Its been sent to lucas credit services, then lowell then fredrickson international. Mums in a real mess and i wanna help but dont know where to start! please help!
  16. could anyone help with this , i have lowell chasing a debt that they purchased from barclaycard some years ago , im fairly certain that this is SB , on my credit file there is no reference to barclaycard there is reference however to the debt by lowell who have been reporting it since 2008. The account was actually opened in 2004 but as there is nothing under barclaycard i believe it to be SB as lowell only started reporting it when they bought the account , have i made the correct assumption on this?
  17. I was recommended here from posting/reading on MSE, thanks in advance for taking the time to read/comment. I've received a letter today (dated and postmarked 3.2.14) from them stating they have been instructed by Fredrickson International Ltd on behalf of Lowell Financial Limited to issue court proceedings on the 17th Feb. I don't want to panic but the words court and CCJ have got me flustered. I've noticed Lowell placed a default on my credit file which is in it's 5th year (default date Sep 2008) and they've got my month of birth incorrect, along with a linked address I've never heard of. It's marked up as 'account type: communications' and I believe relates to a phone contract. I'm aware of a relationship I had with a phone company that went sour over an upgrade and led to me stopping paying them yet I've never acknowledged the DCA's. The alleged debt is £900. Any help or advice on what my next steps should be/what to send would be greatly appreciated
  18. Hi All...new here..but seems like the place to be right now... went through a period of illness got into debt. .in hostels etc for a period of years and now got my life back - however after not being a position whatsoever for the last eight years to look at debt stuff it would seem they follow me everywhere and truth be told I have no idea about half of them! Got a letter from Bryan Carter solicitors saying they have been instructed by Fredrickson on behalf of lowell financial to issue court proceedings withing the next eight days (27th march).. .they are saying to 'if you dispute liability for this debt please provide your reasons in writing and supply us with documents in support of any defence you may have...' They do not state what the amount relates to...£2K. ..but fredricksons have said it was lloyds (may be co-op) in a previous letter - due to the nature of my illness I cannot honestly remember what the heck the debt was for whether I had an account with either lloyds or co-op. ..so my question is what do I do now? Iam now in a position to turn my life around and deal with these things.. .should I just ring them up as they ask or write to them? I have seen a few examples of letters to write but not sure if ringing would be easier... Your help would be hugely appreciated!!
  19. Hi there, I came across this form by googling my situation and found some people who had similar (but not identical) issues. I was wondering if the community would be kind enough to give me some specific advice on my current situation. Last month I received a letter from Fredrickson International Ltd. stating "information has been received confirming that your address details have changed to this address" and asking me to call them immediately for more information. I had never heard of the company before so put it down as a fishing [problem] and ignored it. Later that month I received a second letter from Fredrickson International Ltd. stating that I owed the company 'Marisota' over £200. Again I had never even heard of Marisota until this letter (they appear to be a womens clothing company) and am not even sure how someone was able to purchase from their store on my behalf without using a credit card? This is still a mystery to me. Anyway, they said they were considering legal action and that I should immediately pay them the money. Yesterday I sent them the 'prove it' letter that I believe is hosted on this helpful website. Today (obviously before they have received my prove it letter) I received a letter from Bryan Carter Solicitors LLP saying I must contact Fredrickson within the next 14 days to organise repayment, failing which they will issue proceedings against me. They further insist that I call Fredricksons on an 0845 number. From reading this forum I understand that calling any of these companies is dangerous and all discourse should be made in writing to avoid being screwed over. What is my next action? Should I ignore this? Am I 100% safe knowing that I never spent this money (not being a woman and rarely buying clothes I am definitely not forgetting something here). Is this all scare tactics from a shark to get me to pay money I do not owe? Is it possible that someone has fraudulently used perhaps a bank statement delivered to an old address? If so will I have to pay this money? Any information would be fantastic, especially as I appear to have a 14 day counter on my head for this. Thanks Nathan
  20. Hi , please help in 2011 around july Vodafone charged me £95 on my bill which l disputed as my contract was about 25£ a month , they told me l went over the limit which l still disagreed as l knew it wouldn't have been that much , they then disconnected my phone , which l then contacted them to end my contract if they didn't seem to have any solution about my bill , After four months l then got a letter from Vodafone saying they have disconnected my phone and l owed a £441 bill still l contacted them wondering how my bill had gone from £95 to £441, they told me it was monthly charges , and cancelation fee , which l did not understand how this went up to £441 unless assuming there were still charging me for a phone which was disconnected even though l had told them to cancel it if they did not seem to have a solution for my bill therefore they put a default on me in May last year Beginning of this year l received a letters from Lowell buying my vodafone bill which l have ignored because l though t it must have been fraud, today l have received a letter from fredrickson stating they have been authorised by Lowell to secure repayment debt, and that l should contact them as soon as possible to discuss this matter , if lm unable to come to an agreement with them on behalf of their client, they intend to instruct Bryan Carter Solicitors LLP to take legal action against me to recover the debt they state if proceedings are issued additional charges will be claimed which will increase the existing balance that is ; an extra £30 court fees and Solicitor cost £50 which in total it will be £521.86 please help ; l have no idea what to do now Hoping l wont get another default with these people : thanx
  21. Hi there After successfully challenging and fixing my own debts I am looking to help a friend of mine who has been constantly harassed by Lowell and now Fredrickson international for a catalogue debt, I just wanted to ask a few questions and hopefully get some guidance. The story is My friend moved home and after a 6 months he started receiving debt letters from Lowell saying he owed x amount to kays/shop direct, he has never had an account with either of these and suspects someone somehow opened a account with them using details left behind in letter form at his old address or something similar. He has contacted lowell a few times he has told them and has sent proof that at the time the account was set up he was no longer at that address, this doesn't seem to have stopped them chasing him and he like so many others buried his head in the sand and hoped they would give up. They have now passed on his details to Fredrickson who I know are part of lowell and are just as bad and will probably attempt at some point getting a ccj, the recent letters state courts and bailiffs and have added fees etc. I've seen these letters a thousand times and I know they're usually computer generated threatograms but my friend wants this resolved. .. and well I kinda get a kick out of putting lowell and its like to bed. I just wanted to know first off would a catalogue debt need a Credit agreement to have been signed etc? my first port of call would be to CCA lowell/fredrickson and see what they come up with it could be as easy as that. hopefully someone can shed a little light id much appreciate it. Thanks L
  22. First time poster.. I recieved a letter from fredrickson international limited informing me that they would like confirmation of my new address and asking me to contact them? It doesn't tell what the debt is and who it is with. But I'm sure it's an vodafone unpaid bill. I left my job to care for my ill partner and my little one and was up to date with my payments, but then monies became tight. I asked to downgrade several time which they refused, then I asked to cancel my bill and start making small payments. again vodafone refused saying that I could only cancel if I paid the full amount which I was unable to do so. At the moment I'm being helped by step change, due to debts with me and my partners banks, I have never owe monies before and never missed a payment and was 100% truthful about the job and my partners illness. as soon as I told all parties, they all seems to get nasty . No loyalty it seems. Sorry to go on. In a nutshell I'm at a lost what to do. All the spare monies I have goes to my other debts goes to my step change account. So what do I say to fredrickson international ??
  23. Hello, My girlfriend took out a phone contract with O2 and lent the phone to a friend as her father bought her another (long story) the friend then stole the phone and sold it (police couldnt do anything as the phone was lent ) And it had just gone over the 2 weeks so the contract couldn't be cancelled. My girlfriend then lost her job so couldn't afford to pay the phone contract, and is still unemployed with no income. She received multiple texts and phone calls of fredrickson which she ignored, they then sent a letter demanding payment which she didn't reply to again as she's under a lot of stress as it is! today she received another stating 'letter before action - there remains an outstanding balance on this account a nd legal action is now being considered. Should it be necessary to instruct solicitors to issue proceedings in the county court, further additional amounts will be claimed which may increase the balance outstanding outstanding now £867.75 new if proceedings issued £992.75. it then goes on about Bailiffs may be instructed. i am only part time and have a low income and she is now unemployed and lives with her parents. There is no way we can afford to pay this and she is stressing out and crying because of this situation. Is there anything we can do ? Please can someone help us!! I'm 18 and she is 20, neither of us own our homes and if her dad finds out hell kill her! What can we do we are extremely worried Thank you
  24. Sir, I am trying to get some sensible feedback about how to deal with Fredrickson International who seems to have been engaged by Capital One to collect a Credit Card debt that dates back to early 2011. From April 2011 for some 6 months, I had sent some 17 letters to Capital One, who then engaged a company called Cougar November 2011 and from that date, I have heard nothing until 13 December 2013 when this company Fredrickson International appeared on the scene. Fredrickson are threatening and very presumptuous, and have not responded to (in fact totally ignored) my letter sent to them on the 14 December 2013. I should mention that in early 2011 I had successfully negotiated and Settled in full and finale payment with 9 (NINE) other Creditors - Capital ONE being the ONLY Creditor to refuse to enter into any negotiation. Whereas then I had funds to make a settlement with Capital One, now I do not. Fredrickson International seem to almost delight in sending their automated letters at a time of year when obviously finances are at their most critical and the stress of debt management is greatest. The debt owed is not in dispute - The manner in which Capital One conduct their business is .. . Had they agreed a settlement in line with all the other 9 (nine) Creditors, which I feel have set an obviously prescient, this situation would not exist. Having not heard from them for over 2 years and then for them to engage a somewhat dubious firm like Fredrickson International full of their threats and additional charges seems also unreasonable, when I HAVE been trying to negotiate a Settlement while Capital One refuse. I have no funds, I myself am owed significant money for unpaid Contracts, and we are living on Benefits. I feel like taking them to Court, so I can explain my position to the Judge, agreeing to make a £1.00 a month payment and then filing for Bankruptcy - To be honest after the last 6 years I have suffered, it would be a relief !!! Any suggestions please ?? - My regards...
  25. Hi forum goers! This is my first post so I hope I've got it in the right place. My situation is quite standard but need some advice on what to do next and some clarification of my position. Some years ago I had a Barclaycard which I was unable to meet the payments. Eventually I stopped paying and forgot about it. I sought debt advice at the time and stopped worrying about it. The debt got transferred to Lowell who chased me for years and my credit rating was shot. A few years ago though I started getting accepted for credit. Opened bank accounts, got a credit card everything seemed a ok. I checked my credit reports from each of the providers and it was all good. Not the best but good enough. I then wanted to return to study and got accepted on a masters. To pay for it I was going to take a professional development loan but got turned down. I decided to go back and check my reports to see what the problem was. I checked Noddle first and there on my report was Lowell listed as a lender who had placed defaults in my name for the past few months. I checked again a few months later and all of a sudden the defaults had been backdated all the way back to 2010. I decided to investigate as I was pretty sure I was near the statute barred time limit on this debt. I used a SARS with Barclaycard and they sent me all the info. Very interesting. Here are the main points. 1. My statements with Barclaycard continue to the present day???? 2. I made my last payment to Barclaycard on 27/03/2006. 3. The statements then continue until 26/06/2008 at which point several transactions coded CHRGOFF appear. 4. After this date all the statements list a balance of zero. 5. Prior to my last payment I had arranged to make a token payment of £1 a month until my situation improved. There are a few other interesting details but these are the main ones. Now I assume the code CHRGOFF is a reference to Barclaycard selling the debt. On my Noddle credit report Lowell lists the date of default as 27/06/2008, the day after Barclaycard may have sold it. As I understand: 1. Statute Barred debts run from the date of last payment or communication (there has never been any communication from myself). 2. Barclaycard was unfair/wrong to wait 2 years from my last payment to declare the debt defaulted (unless my payment arrangement of £1 affects this?) So I guess what I need help with is: 1. Is this debt statute barred? 2. If it is can I get Lowell to remove it from my credit report? 3. If so are there any good template letters I can use? 4. Should I just wait until June this year to be certain that six years have elapsed? One final point is that I am now receiving letters from Fredrickson International saying they have been authorised by Lowell to collect the debt. Can they do this? I reckon Lowell know it's ended and want to sell it off to someone else. Hope this wasn't too long.
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