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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, I issued a Section 10 notice (Data Protection Act) on a non-credit related matter relating to the processing of inaccurate personal information held about me. The organisation a) failed to respond within the 21 days (upheld by the ICO) and b) when they did eventually respond, have refused to comply with my Section 10. Most grateful for any guidance on next steps - e.g. how I might go about enforcing compliance through the courts, procedurally. And is their failure to respond within the 21-day timeframe actionable, e.g. distress in light of Vidal-Hall v. Google? Many thanks.
  2. Having endured months of disgusting standards of customer service and making multiple complaints resulting in 4 separate compensation payments totalling £160 and £150 of refunded fees, I have now had the final insult. After a long spell of unemployment, earlier this month I managed to land a job offer in the financial sector. I was informed at the end of the interview that a formal offer of employment would be pending a CRA check. To my utter surprise, a few days later I received a very apologetic letter from the employer stating that I had failed the credit check, and therefore regretta
  3. The CSA have disclosed my actual pension contribution and "what 15% of my salary would be as pension" to my ex and her new husband. From this you can clearly work out my gross salary. Can anyone definitely say if this is illegal? It feels to me a contravention of the Data Protection Act, but the CSA seem to operate to their own laws... I have NEVER signed any release or agreement with them at any point in the discussions. This cannot be legal... surely???
  4. Hi FolksMy Partner has a internet account with PRIMUS, and we had a problem with our bill and wanted to sort it out. As my girlfriend doesn't really know the ins and outs of these things she gave me permission to speak on her behalf via email she sent to the company. So I rang them from work and spoke to a chap, who was very happy with me saying verbally that i could speak on behalf of my girlfriend and went into great detail of the account. After a lenghty call the guy said someone would ring me back.....No one ever did SUPRISE SUPRISE!. So I ring them 2 days later and spoke
  5. Hi all, I need your help I find myself in a weird situation where I recently checked my credit file to find that BT had registered two bits of information all relating to the same account number with Equifax but the weird bit is they Show confliction one entry shows an account with a different 4 digits ending and the other shows another account with a different four digit ending both relating to the exact same debt hope I haven't confused yous yet. I recently contacted bt and they told me this was as a result of a bill incurred when I left bt for bt vision bt bro
  6. Hi I recently paid off a default on a Capital One credit card although I was disputing the amount as I need to obtain a loan from elsewhere. Long story short: I had a £300 limit, thought I had removed the regular payments from it but hadn't, a forgotten regular bill kept being charged to the card and as a result, my balance ballooned from £250 to almost £800. I spoke with the god-awful customer service team who told me (and I quote) " your credit limit is a guideline only" when I asked if I could go buy a Ferrari on a £300 limited card, the operator replie
  7. I have recently been a subject of a fraud investigation relating to a housing benefit claim for a former lodging. The landlord and his then partner were also investigated (one of them having jointly signed, with myself, a lodging agreement that falsely stated a higher rent than had been agreed, which was used to support the similarly exaggerated benefit claim). Several weeks ago, I was subjected to an interview under caution. I had already volunteered all of the information about the offence, before the council were even aware that one had taken place, and the interview was really just to
  8. Hello, I am new here, and this is the second time that I am writing this...because yes I did accidentally delete all my writing when trying to copy it . So, here is my story. - The Past - I took out an unsecured loan for £2000 with Welcome Finance in April 2008, with PPI. Worst mistake of my life. The contract said that I owed £3640 with payments of £164 per month for 37 months. In October 2008, I went to Welcome Finances office and asked to have the PPI cancelled. They gave me a new credit agreement contract to sign, I signed it. I now realise that the new contract stat
  9. Hello, I would like any advice that you may have regarding a breach of confidentiality by a doctors receptionist. I have a 'friend' who works at a local doctors surgery as a receptionist. I saw her at the local shops today and she came up to me to chat. She started talking about a mutual friend who is suffering with cancer. She went into some detail of how bad things are for this person and how she is now on anti-depressants etc. Before ending the conversation this woman also said to me not to mention it to our friend as she only knows through reading her notes at the surgery. I
  10. Hi Everyone, Im in the process to start tacking this DCA they are well know in the industry Caboot ! I dont have an issue with debt outstanding but i do have a complaint to take up with them regarding sending me some other persons SAR info, something I never requested my understanding is they are in breach of the data protection act etc.......now I am going to send my complaint to ICO to inform them of my issue, I have duty of care to report any breach because this concerns me how many other persons have been sent someone elses file by error, however I dont have an idea on numbers effecte
  11. I'm receiving nuisance calls from a market research company. Nothing too unusual about that, only in this case, it's because the DWP gave them my phone number! On Tuesday (19th June) I received a letter dated Monday 18th June, allegedly from the DWP informing me that I would be taking part in a telephone survey about my experience of the Job Centre, conducted by a market research organisation called TNS BMRB - not asking me if I wanted to, telling me that if I didn't contact the marketing research company involved, they would be phoning me by "late June". They said I could phone the
  12. In June 2011 Countrywide Residential Lettings (trading as Gascoigne-Pees) were asked to provide me with all information relating to the property they were managing on behalf of my Landlord. The request was a Subject Access Request under Section 7 of the Data Protection Act. They ignored my request until I sent a formal reminder to the manager, and asked for a £50 admin fee, the law only allowed £10 and I responded that I will pay the £10 asking for instruction how to pay it. After a month I had not heard back and took the complaint up with a manager. Eventually the file was given to me,
  13. The bailifs visted my address for a debt owe and posted this though my door alerting my parents!!! . This must be illagal under the data protection act???
  14. A petition has been put together on the government e-petition site to have the government enforce and impose fines on banks / organisations who fail to meet their requirements under the data protection act. We are trying to get as many people as possible to sign the petition and spread word of the petition through social media. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/22295
  15. Hi folks! I am having a weird problem with Southern Electric - they added my current landlords name on my old account for the house that was repoed last year.... The guy even does not know that address exist... but suddenly acquired a debt of £40 that left after paying off more than £500... The story goes - last year a mortgage company finally got fed up with us not coping with full mortgage payments and applied for CCJ to kick us out. This happened at the end of March. Being a normal person I've submitted all meter readings to SE, arranged a payment plan for debts to pay and when rented a p
  16. I was wondering if anyone could assist me with a Data Protection Act claim template which I am planning to issue against 1st Credit. The brief history of this matter is:- Back in 2007 these people sent me a demand for over £6,000 which they claimed related to a debt going back to 2000, I wasn’t resident in the country in 2000 so I suspected identity theft and asked them to provide proof of the debt, which they never did. 1st Credit said that they were acting for Robinson Way & Co Ltd and that they would provide the proof of debt, which they never did. I suggested that the deb
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