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  1. Hello everyone, maybe you can help me. I'm in a bit of a sticky mess. Heres a brief background. I have a debt going back to maybe 2002 an account I and my wife of the time (i'm now divorced, she ran off to America (true story))... opened a Debenhams account and at the point of her leaving me she left me in June 2005 with 5,100 of debt on an Debenhams (GE Money). At that point, not knowing what to do, I joined Kensingtons Financial, who write to all your creditors for you negotiating payments etc. One thing they did successfully with most of my creditors (except GE money) was to freeze the interest. I quit Kensington and started paying the creditors what I could afford on my own after getting some sensible advice about incomings/outgoings etc. I wrote many many times to them since 2005 letting them know I can only pay x amount and have paid them that, but they kept adding interest, but I put my head in the sand, as you do, and its got up to 10,500 now. I know this sounds like I'm trying to play victim here and I hold my hand up I did use the card, so did my wife (mostly), we buried our heads in the sand, simple as that and she left debt free as everything was in my name. Recently, I got a letter from them asking if I was in financial difficulty. etc and if so offering to freeze interest or increase repayments etc. I'm guessing 10k is some type of trigger limit for them. I wrote to them saying Yes please, stop the interest. And then keep paying them what I can per month. They've just wrote a letter unrelated to my plea as it were and said I now owe 15K including arrears. but total owed 10k and minimum payment 10k. I think their computer is screwed up or something because I got something like this last year, where it made me call them up and clarify it and they adjusted it. I'm guessing its some type of fear tactic to make me call them. Bearing in mind I am paying them every month, its not a huge amount but its all I can afford. I'm going to assume their computer again is not right, they surely cant slap 5k on there. The amount of interest they have charged is unbelievable. They are relentless. Ás you can imagine, I'm feeling very nervous and harrassed. I was hoping this year that I could maybe negotiate with them and ask them if I could pay them 3,000 as a full and final settlement as my dad is willing to help me, he should be getting payment around march. And I was thinking since I owed 5100 to start with, and my financial people (kensington) asked them to freeze interest at the time, they might accept it. Now I feel I dont know what to do. Can anyone offer me any advice as to what move to make next? SHould I request a CCA or something like that? Should I try and settle with them? I cant afford more than what I'm paying right now. Even if they scrapped the interest since 2005 (making it 5,100) and I paid the 3000 from my dad, and then was able to realistically pay them and pay the 2000 off a light would be in view. I dont want to go to court, go bankrupt (I have NO house or car or anything of real value). Thanks for listening. Sorry if I just blurted it all out, its the nerves speaking! Sorry for babbling there I think I've calmed down now for the minute! I've looked again at the statement they sent. I think they've stopped the interest for now as on the statement it says against 0.00 against estimated interest next month. So I think they've frozen the interest so far. The "amount including arrears" of jumping up 5000+ I have no idea about. My question is, do you think it might be worth me sending them a full & final settlement offer letter? only... I'm not in a position right now, my dad should be able to help in a couple of months or so. I hope! Or would a CCA request put me in a better advantageous position for negotiating first? Does anyone have any suggestions?
  2. Hello folks, i have been reading the various posts regarding the M&S cards that were transferred without permission to a credit card with higher credit limit etc to get an answer, but i can't find what i need to know. I have received a court claim form claimant Arrow Global regarding my old M&S a/c. I have not seen a deed of assignment and up until a few months ago the account was still on my credit file as M&S in default, then Arrow added themselves to my credit file for the same sum without me being informed, so I had both. Now M&S have disappeared and Arrow remain. My original M&S chargecard was taken in approx 1994, it was converted without any new terms, signature etc in approx 2003/4 I believe? I had some issues paying due to a flooded business/bodgit builders and entered into an agreement to pay reduced monthly instalments, which eventually lowered to £5 per month. Despite entering into a temporary agreement they defaulted the account, which they said they had to do to allow the lowered payments. I cannot remember when i last paid the instalments due to various stresses and disabilites, including a brain glitch that effects my memory, but I dont think I have paid for a couple of years (I am making enqs). The claim is addressed to my christian name, but only the second half of my hyphenated surname, at an address i no longer live at, albeit I still have a connection there, which is how I received the claim form, but nothing prior to his? Should I just do acknowledgement to defend, request the original docs, then put in defence that they do not have a signed agreement, therefore there is nothing to claim? Are Arrow able to claim the monies if I have not received an assignment? Is anything enforceable? Any comments much appreciated. Many thanks in advance. JQ
  3. Hi I've browsed through this section looking for an answer to this but can't seem to find one ! I received a County Court summons from Wilkin Chapman Grange Solicitors in July on behalf of Arrow Global, who had purchased some outstanding credit card debt from Capital 1. I filled in the forms online and denied the debt, I also submitted a CPR 31.14 request to Wilkin Chapman Grange Solicitors, they responded to the request and said they would grant an extension of 8 weeks so they could supply the documents and give me time to answer them. It's now been 11 weeks and I still have not received an answer to the CPR 31.14, I have also contacted the court and they have said that the case has been "stayed". My question is, Is there anything I need to do ? Thanks in advance for any help. Regards Potman
  4. Hi, I received court papers today. The particulars of the claim are as follows. Sum of 6800 (isn) MBNA (OC) assigned (allegedly) to AG States Notice of assignment provided (never received) Defendant failed to make payment in accordance, Default notice served + Costs. Mid Feb I sent AG prove it letter, asking for original CCA - full breakdown of account (interest and charges etc) and a notice of assignment. Early March I received back poor quality photo copy (almost illegible) and T & Cons (reconstructed). Limited statement of account (2 two lines) but No notice/deed of assignment. No account number on Claim form so I have no idea what alleged account they are attempting to recover against. Your good advice as to what I should do next would be most welcome. Regards.
  5. Apologies if this is covered elsewhere but there is so much information and commentary I cant keep up with the situations. In my case I had a credit card with MBNA and unfortunately established a debt with them. An agreement was reached to repay the debt and regular payments were being made . For no apparent reason MBNA then sold on the debt and it has been "sold" on several times since and I cant keep track of who and when these transfers have occurred but the common denominator appears to be Arrow Global . When MBNA first stopped taking my payments I stopped making any contributions and have not done so for a couple of years to any of the companies claiming ownership of the debt. I have followed the advice of dont reply to these companies and have blocked them on my phone where they do seem to ring two and three times a day often a few minutes apart. Today however I have received a letter from drydensfairfax solicitors indicating that they acting on behalf of Arrow Global and were under instruction to issue legal proceedings with a view to obtaining a CCJ. I am therefore bowing to the greater knowledge of this forum and asking for some direction of what to do or not do .
  6. Just need a quick piece of advice as waiting for a senior manager from MBNA to phone back. I have a loan with them, and have been paying off an amount each month under an arrangement. I have missed a couple of payments, and received some letters etc. I phoned on Friday to bring the payments up to date, gave a CC number to do this, which they took. They told me on the phone all was ok, now up to date. Later that evening they left a message on my answer phone to appologise but that they didn't realise I was paying with a Credit Card, they only accept Debit cards. So I phoned on Saturday and paid by debit card. They again confirmed that everything was ok. I got a letter yesterday, dated 1st Feb saying, "our records indicate that you have defaulted on your reduced payment plan. Failure to repay the missed payment and subsequent payments will result in the registration of a default at the Credit Referece Agency and the eventual termination of the agreement" etc. etc. I assumed, given the date, that it had just crossed in the system with my payment, but I thought as I had a spare moment today, I would just give them a call. The girl on the phone was very appologetic and said that defaulted the account on 28th, it was now showing as a balance of Zero as they have sold the debt on. WHAT? I have requested to speak to a senior manager and one is due to call me back. Where do I stand with this one, does anyone know? Many thanks, SD
  7. Hello, I’m looking for some help in sorting out my CRF. I ran into financial difficulties as far back as 2006 but continued making payments as best I could before finally petitioning for bankruptcy in 2009 to get some peace from my creditors. Although it was a relief at the time, the issues have still continued to this day. I want to get my CRF sorted so that when I try to obtain a mortgage later down the line, I don't have too many issues. I was declared bankrupt in February 2009 and discharged in October 2009. Two of my three creditors behaved well, but the third – Egg – continued to harass me up until November 2010 with Arrears and Default notices every few months. It was eventually sorted with a complaint to the FOS - Egg acknowledged that a fault on their system kept sending out these letters and they said they had corrected the issue plus they paid £50 compensation. However, in June 2011 they contacted me to tell me that my Egg Loan was being transferred to Britannia Recoveries – Arrow. Britannia-Arrow wrote as well to confirm this. They stated their knowledge in the Notice of Assignment that I had been made bankrupt and that any payments would have to come from the Official Receiver. The validity of Egg selling on a debt that had been included in a bankruptcy – and discharged 20 months before – did not occur to me at the time. In May 2013, while checking my credit file on Experian, I noticed in my credit account that not only did I have the original Egg loan which was defaulted, balance marked as Satisfied, but Arrow-Global were listing that I had a defaulted account with a balance of nearly £7000 (the sum that I originally owed Egg). So I have two defaulted accounts due to the same debt. I have also just received another Notice of Assignment which seems to be sent on the pretext of my account being purchased by Arrow Global from Britannica Recoveries (Britannica-Arrow). Quite bizarre since both Notices of Assignment are on Arrow Global headed paper and is essentially a transfer between slightly separate divisions of the same parent company. This Notice of Assignment is different to before. They mention the debt amount owed, they state that their records show that I have a repayment plan in place (obviously NOT true) and the account is now managed for them by Debt Managers (Services) Ltd. How can Egg knowingly sell on my “debt” 20 months after I am discharged from bankruptcy? How can a debt that is wiped clean in a bankruptcy be sold on? As I understand it, my Egg Loan account should have been marked as “Satisfied” once I was discharged, with a settlement date shown as no later than the discharge date. What has actually happened is that Egg has marked the Egg loan account with a satisfaction date of 11/2010 (linked to FOS complaint?) and a partial settlement date of 04/2011 (debt sold to Arrow). Can I write to Arrow-Global – with copies of my discharge notice - to request the removal of this default account from my CRF? If so, do I write to the Compliance Manager at Debt Managers or bypass them and send it to Arrow-Global’s head office. A further issue is that the default date on the Arrow-Global account AND the original Egg account from which it originated, is shown as 5 months after my bankruptcy petition. Can I instruct Egg to amend this date to the date of my bankruptcy as per ICO guidelines on Defaults? If they don’t deal with the complaint and update my information, do I just complain to the ICO initially or do I involve the FOS as well. Is it not illegal for DCAs to chase up debts post-bankruptcy? If so, is there not a Regulatory body to complain to so that they are fined? I know that Barclays got hit with a big fine over “silent” phone calls. Am I entitled to compensation? How can this be enforced? Based on threads on this site ICO or FOS seem to support only paltry settlements? It was also suggested that even without being able to prove specific financial loss, compensation could be sought in the Small Claims Court over general damage to creditworthiness. I would be grateful for any advice on the best course of action to take and legal perspective to use in my letters. It’s obviously much easier to argue your case when you are crystal-clear on your legal rights.
  8. Hi everyone, I need a bit of help I recently checked my credit score out of curiosity. I discovered a ccj had been issued to me at a old address to the sum of £353 pounds. It was literally sent the week we moved out of my old house so everything was in a bit of a mess with the mail wise. Anyway I emailed wilkin chapman and asked for a copy of the original credit agreement as I do not believe the figure been quoted is correct. This is the Reply I received, We can confirm that once a County Court Judgment has been entered we are under no obligation to provide any documentation in relation to the original account such as the Consumer Credit Agreement. If you wish to obtain a copy of the County Court Judgment our client obtained against you please contact the Northampton County Court Business Centre directly, we will hold our file for 21 days for you to do so. Please find our bank details below in order to make payment. Natwest Bank Account no: 50394797 Sort code: 535010 Reference: 5230910-3180 We look forward to receiving payment in the sum of £353.06 on or before 10th July 2014. I would like to know if this is correct as I am happy to pay in full but as I was not aware of any such court case nor did I have any chance to pay in full before court date was given and I would like the CCJ removed from my account. I understand a notice of satisfaction will be added to the account once payment is made in full but I would like it completely removed. Can anyone shed any light on this matter Many thanks Lee Pearson
  9. Received a court claim for £14,300 for disputed MBNA card agreement assigned to Arrow Global from Restons Solicitors. Card was sold to me at Heathrow airport, face to face in 2002. I seem to remember something about the process of the sale not being normal. But in any case, it is 6 years since any money was paid to this account. I issued a S78 request in December 2007 and did not get a satisfactory response including no terms (not even reconstituted ones). No money has been paid since December 2007. So I think the alleged debt became statute barred at the turn of the year. It seems this has been the trigger for Restons to take this to court. Does anyone have any pointers of what I need to write in the defence to this case. Thanks
  10. Can anyone please advise regarding an Egg loan. Account opened: December 2005 Last payment: August 2010 Date defaulted: May 2011 Original amount: £9000 Current balance: £3500 I recall that the application was done on-line, but they also sent me paperwork to sign before the monies were paid into my bank account. I lost my job about 5 years ago and I did send a CCA request and when they sent my fob off letters, I used the template letters to put the account into dispute. Since then I have received an annual balance statement but hey haven't actively pursued the debt. It is now with Arrow, who also hold cira £20,000 of my debt form other organisations, the other debts being post April 2007 debt that is also not being chased. Given that I am already half way through the 6 years to statute barred - should I leave this alone or make them a full and final offer of £350? Do I risk them coming after me for the full amount of this and the other debts?
  11. Hello, Arrow Global via the delightful Eversheds chased us for a debt several years ago (original debt was from 1997). With the expert help from CAG forum members there was a drawn out period of negotiation which ended in Arrow Global discontinuing the claim, just short of going to our local county court. The last payment we made to the debt was on 31st March 2008 - so presently one month short of the SB date! This weekend we received a letter from AG saying they have transferred the management, etc, of this debt to Debt Management Services and that we should contact them. We intend to ignore this letter. Is this the correct way to go? Can they get the ball rolling again in the space of one month? AG via Eversheds never complied with any CCA requests, hence there is no original copy of any agreement. I (being the wife) cannot bear to have to go through all that again - it made me physically ill last time with the harrassment, etc. Many thanks for any help.
  12. I need advice with regards to Bryan Carter solicitors. Bryan Carter took out a CCJ on 16/09/11 for total amount of £1061.29 and the claimant was with phoenix recoveries (shown on judgement). I receive letter on same date of judgement 16/09/11 saying that phoenix has assigned all rights to arrow global which was effective on 13/05/11 and all future payments to go to fredrickson international limited. I then receive letter 28/09/11 from bryan carter to pay them and now the amount has gone up to £1101.29. At the time I was going through a very bad time so didn't even read the letters properly. I am trying to get it sorted,and have been paying it off, have £500 left to pay. What i am confused about is how can Phoenix be the claimant on judgement when it was arrow who had the debt, I have sent an email last year to fredrickson and never received a reply. Another thing I receive my credit report every month and received an update last week stating that Fredrickson have removed details about themselves from my file, why has that happen, I still have the judgement showing but not saying who it is with? Sorry for all the info but I am very confused with all the above. If anyone can give me advice on the above I would be very grateful . Thank you for reading the post.
  13. I have received a Claim form from Northampton court for an alledged debt which has been disputed due to stolen / lost credit card for appx £ 500 plus costs. I have acknowledges service and said i will defend Any help would be appreciated, it is the usual case of lots of telephone calls some time ago..we want your money..I dont owe it.. yes you do,, no help at all. When i defend if i lose am i liable for costs, and if so how much is it likely to be I have never had an assignment and i dont remember a default notice..what is the position on stolen cards and yes it was reported to the police along with other cards...only a problem with vanquis
  14. Hello caggers, I received a letter yesterday from Arrow Global stating that I owe them over £2800 from a credit card I took out with BOS in 2002. This was defaulted in Aug 2005 following advice from CAB due to unreasonable demands from BOS despite CAB writing to them with my financial statement. Arrow are claiming they bought the debt in 2006 (when I was still at the address the CC was in) but this is the first I've heard from them! I am just checking that considering it is now Sept 2013 and I have made no payment or acknowledged the debt in 8 years, that this is statute barred. Thank you in advance Martini
  15. Hello All, Please may I ask for some advice on the following situation (I will try and keep it short!!): I have an old Capital One credit card account that spiralled out of control when I was last unemployed in 2005/2006. I had PPI on the card, however, due to stress and depression I suffered as a result of my unemployment I failed to make a claim for 6months. Once I got my act together and realised I had PPI I tried to make a claim only to be told I no longer qualified as I needed to make a claim within the first month(?) (cant remember specifics its long ago) of unemployment!!!! Anyway, the long and short of it is, I never bothered making contact with them after that as I felt seriously cheated and I was suffering depression. The letters I recall continued but not as regularly. Finally stopping until recently.... Now zoom forward into 2013 - I received a letter on 22nd February dated 6th February from Rockwell requesting full payment of the outstanding amount (£4,894.44). I did some research and decided to send a letter challenging them to produce proof the debt was mine. I sent this letter on 26th February. They confirmed receipt of the letter on 28th February. They sent a reply with the original application as proof on 8th May. They have proved the debt belongs to me, but I have been cheated out of my PPI and do not want to pay for this debt (well at least not pay for the amount the PPI should have covered during my period of unemployment). They are demanding payment within 14 days, what should I do next? A. I believe the debt is Statute Barred, but my credit report shows default in 2008 under Arrow Global not Capital One (did they change this?), I KNOW it was 2006 when Capital One defaulted me. B. Is there anyway I can challenge them on the PPI they charged me and wouldn't let me claim during my unemployment? C. Have Capital One been fined for 'wrong' or 'illegal' terms and conditions/ PPI miss selling on cards/ agreements issued in 2005? (it has been suggested to me I can use this to challenge the legitimacy of the debt they are trying to recover?!). I am happy to pay for the part of this debt (if any is left) after they deducted the PPI I was due back in 2005/2006 whilst unemployed. But not the full amount! Please, please help me!!!! Thank you to all in advance.
  16. I just received this afternoon a hand delivered letter with a order for production of statement of means from the local county court for 4838.38 pounds. Initiated by an Arrow global ltd. I have absolutely no idea what this is about at all. I have never received any correspondence from these people at all! It says I have failed to send a statement of means but I have never received anything from these guys and have no clue what this money is all about!
  17. I need some advice. I received a county court form for a very old HFC debt. I have been paying on and off for at least 10 years to various collection agencies (£10 / month). I have been pretty lazy in sorting this out but I received last week a county court letter (N1CPC). The claimant is Arrow Global, the particulars name TBI financial. The original loan was so long ago I cant even remember exactly how much it was for (I think it was 2K). They are claiming I owe £4300. Can somebody advise my best course of action.
  18. Hi I have recieved court papers from Bradford for an outstanding amount in respect of a credit agreement with RBS. I think I need to acnowledge service to give me 28 days to defend and then send someting to Arrow to provide me with paperwork, though I am unsure as to what to do next, they sent an agreement of sorts to me a while back: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?128999-CCA-from-RBOS-Valid I am usure if I can defend this and if so, for what reason... Sorry to sound thick.
  19. Hi, last week I received an N1 claim form from Arrow Global for a debt with Citi Financial. I have not taken out any credit apart from a car HP since my youngest was born 8 years ago. I vaguely remember getting a loan with my husband but that was around 9 years ago and it was not for the amount they have stated, or the date that they have out as 2006. I am not sure how to deal with the defence of it. I have completed the acknowledgment of service online and now have to file a defence for myself. I believe that this is statute barred due to the fact I have not heard anything with regards to this loan in years until this court letter arrived. It has my husband on the form at an address where we haven't lived for the past 6 years, and they have added a default to my credit file last week too. I check my file every month to try and get my credit back up to a degree of respectability and up until last week there was nothing showing with regards to this debt, when I updated it this suddenly showed up. Can anyone give me some advice on what I should put in my defence as I really don't have a clue how to word it properly.
  20. Hi all, I am looking for advice regarding Arrow. I recently got a letter from them after sending them a CCA request saying that as this is a mobile phone debt (didnt know that when i sent it) they do not have to provide a copy of this as they are exempt. This i understand to be true. So i sent them a prove it letter as they have registered a default on my CRF. Asking for a copy of the default notice issued and a NoA of assignment as i know i was never sent either. Proof I owed the account and a statement of account with a breakdown of charges and interest ect. I received a letter from them yesterday stating that they are not required by law to provide proof i owe this debt (I dont i cancelled the account and returned the handset within 14 days). They also state that unless I provide a copy of the law that states they must provide me with a true copy of the original default notice and NoA I am basically not getting it. (I think this means they dont have one) They are now demanding full payment. Can someone help me on what letter I send next. They are refusing to remove the default too. Regards Lx
  21. ]Hi guys, This is my first post on here so please be kind. I defaulted on a Mint card way back in June 2007 for £4,500. At that time I was in dispute and refused to pay monthly payments until this was sorted. I then heard NOTHING for five years and for the first 18 months of that the debt appeared on my Credit Expert file as an ongoing 3 ball. last year however, I received a letter from the dreaded Arrow Global who informed me they had 'bought' the debt from Mint. I asked a barrister who informed me that selling a debt is unlawful, but non the less they are still taking people to court and winning! I got onto Mint and asked for proof of being in 'default'. they sent me a letter telling me when I defaulted and the date they CLAIM to have sent the letter out. However, they also told me they could not send me a copy of the default letter as they are printed and sent out automatically. My questions are these: Can a non- regulated debt collection company like Arrow Global really take me to court and WIN? What can I do to verify whether Mint have ACTUALLY registered a default against me and if it is legally binding? Can they do this if there is no legitimate proof of my going onto default? Can Arrow Global still take me to small claims court without a proven default notice? What can I do to fight this and sponging ambulance chasers like Arrow global?
  22. Hi, I hope someone can really help me. I have received a letter from Rockwell Debt Collection Agency on behalf of Arrow Global Ltd saying that I owe in the region of nearly £14K. I have absolutely no idea what this debt is for or indeed who Arrow Global are. Any ideas on what I should do? Regards Steve
  23. Hello, I have a county court claim form (scan of front page attached) filed by Drydensfairfax with Arrow Global Guernsey Limited as the claimant. The claim is for £10,478.26 + costs + fee = £10,768.26. This is for the MBNA credit card which I originally asked for assistance concerning in Feb 2011 (see posthttp://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?293514-MBNA-Allied-International-Credit&highlight= - that was with AIG and I never received a response to the SAR request at that time. I wasn't aware that the debt had been transferred to Arrow Global since. I have received some letters from Drydensfairfax but ignored them, probably should have dealt with it then. The claim was issued on the 16th October. I filed an acknowledgment and intention to defend the full claim on the 2nd November. I have today (12th) sent off the CPR31.14 request, also attached - recorded delivery. This was taken from the consumer wiki /index.php/DCA:_Using_CPR_31.14_to_Your_Advantage The question I have, which I'm not quite sure on the answer to despite having read as much as I can on this excellent forum, is what should I do about the 28-day deadline to file a defence which falls due on the 18th. Well, for a start the 18th is a Sunday, so will the deadline be on the Friday 16th or Monday 19th? Shall I file a defence like the one put together by "southernjessy" on /forum/showthread.php?366533-Bryan-Carter-Arrow-Global-County-Court-Claim&p=3993765&viewfull=1#post3993765 ? Is there anything I should do or need to know about? I did NOT take out PPI on this card, I know that for a fact. There were quite a lot of charges applied, however, but I don't know the full value - I can possible find out if I still have old statements. Is that worth doing? Very much appreciate and replies, advice and pointers. And once again, thanks to everyone involved in this forum - it's been invaluable to me at various points over the past few years! Stewart Original thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?293514-MBNA-Allied-International-Credit&highlight=
  24. Dear All Having received court papers from Northampton from Bryan Carter I sent CPR 31.14 and 18 to Bryan. Today I have received a reply. Part 31 To paraphrase - they haved followed the correct protocol and as it will be allocated to the Small claims Track then part 31 does not apply but they will nevertheless will ask for documentation from their client. Part 18 They do not find my request reasonable (last payment details, charges, ppi) and that my request is investigitive rather than relating to the case but in the sprit (!) of disclosure the last payment made was on the 7 March 2007 for £18. I should refer to my own records for a default notice and charges. So what now? Do I accept this - I do have a vague memory of this - or do they have to provide proper information? I can not afford to pay £18 a month. I would appreciate your thoughts. Cheers
  25. County Court papers issued 13/08/2012 with P.o.C of " The claimant claims XXX.XX being the balance of concideration outstanding to it under account Number AGGXXXXXXXX in respect of services rendered to the defendant. Sent the usual CPR31.14 request for documents but only received the usual Carter that they don't have to comply letter and the matter was for a debt collection of an old orange phone bill. Reply dated 24/08/2012. Put in defence that the P.o.C was to vague and Arrow never render any services on the 14/09/2012. Had a letter from Bryan Carter that Arrow has dismissed them on the 01/10/2012. I have now had a letter from Arrow Global dated 22/10/2012 stating that Bryan Carter has been dismissed. They note that the defence contains the reference to poor P.o.C. That they do not have to offer any proof at the time of issue of the court papers (Practice direction 7C point 1.4 (3A)). That they now are applying to Orange for documention which they will copy me on receipt. This next point is what has me puzzled they have stated " We note that you have stated the claim is not fully particularised and in order to rectify this situation, we ask your written consent to ammend the paticulars in line with CPR17.1(2) ". Can somebody confirm that this a move from Arrow to rectify Bryan Carters mistake and I shouldn't give any consent.
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