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  1. Thanks for the advice MrHat and creditcardmug. I have just now filed (online) the following defence. More updates as events warrant it. --- The Defendant neither denies nor admits to any indebtedness to the claimant. The Defendant sent the claimant a CPR31.14 request for the original signed Agreement, Default Notice and Notice of Assignment relied upon in the Particulars of the Claim. The claimant received the CPR31.14 request on the 15th November by recorded delivery and has confirmed receipt of the same in writing on 16th November stating that 'We confirm receipt
  2. Hello, I have received the attached letter from DF stating that they "...will not take further action whilst we await these documents." (the CPR31.14 request). Do I still need to file an embarrased defence with the court in this case? Stewart
  3. Hello, Wanted to share this update for the records. I posted the CPR31.14 request to DF on the 12th using recorded delivery, which was confirmed as signed for on the 15th. Today I phoned and spoke with DF and they agreed to hold the case for 7-days until they are able to confirm receipt of the request as they have just moved offices and are in disarray. They have told me that they will write to me confirming receipt and hold the case until they are able to provide me the documentation and when they are able to to do so, will give me 14-days to respond and file a defence if I want to.
  4. Thanks Andy, I'm just waiting for confirmation of delivery from the post office which should be today. Once that happens, I'll call DF and ask them for a 28-day extension to allow them to comply with the CPR request. What happens if they refuse it - do I tell the court and ask their advice? Stewart
  5. Hi Andy, Thanks for the feedback. I'd already posted the CPR 13.14. Shall I write another letter and send it tomorrow - "in line with my previous correspondance..."? Do you know of a template to use for this? Stewart
  6. Hello, I have a county court claim form (scan of front page attached) filed by Drydensfairfax with Arrow Global Guernsey Limited as the claimant. The claim is for £10,478.26 + costs + fee = £10,768.26. This is for the MBNA credit card which I originally asked for assistance concerning in Feb 2011 (see posthttp://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?293514-MBNA-Allied-International-Credit&highlight= - that was with AIG and I never received a response to the SAR request at that time. I wasn't aware that the debt had been transferred to Arrow Global since. I have received s
  7. Thanks for the comments. I know the SAR should go to MBNA, but I'm going to pretend I don't and send it to AIG and see if they know. Anyway, that's for the future. Posting the letter above today and we'll see what response that gets. I received one telephone call (from a mobile number, so watch out for that one) asking me to call regarding a "personal business matter" - which I've ignored. I also received a text message as follows: Presumably since the only option I was given when I did speak to them was to pay in full, the "action" they intend to take is...what? ....Accept t
  8. Hello, Thanks for the advice. I have decided to go down the route of disputing AIG's legal right to deal with my account - since they have provided no proof other than a little yellow slip, which in my mind constitutes no proof whatsoever. In the meantime, I will maintain my £120 monthly payments to MBNA, as that is what I *can* afford and if this does end up legal I can point at the payments to confirm that I, at least, was acting in good faith. I have also set-up a correspondance address for them to use because I don't want the writing to home. Do you think that will be OK?
  9. Hello, I have just now got off the phone to AIG who claim to be acting on behalf of MBNA, chasing a debt that I have owed them and been making reduced payment against for some time. I am looking for some advice about the best way to proceed, but I'll provide some background first. I ran up some pretty serious debts until 2007, when it all finally went horribly wrong and I couldn't use any credit cards or loans to bounce money around and had to deal with it all. I realise now that all of that was a mistake and I should have dealt with it earlier. I have never tried to claim that I
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