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  1. HI, I had been given a ticket on my car for parking at 4 CHURCH ROAD, ASHFORD - TW16 2UT When I got to the car park I had gone to buy a ticket, because I didn't have the right change I quickly went into a convenient store to get some, roughly in about a minute when I come back to pay for a pay and display ticket I see someone taking pictures of my car I approach him he said that I was being fined for not displaying a valid ticket. I explained that I was on my way to get one and that it had barely been a minute since I parked. (keep in mind this car park
  2. Hi, I issued a Section 10 notice (Data Protection Act) on a non-credit related matter relating to the processing of inaccurate personal information held about me. The organisation a) failed to respond within the 21 days (upheld by the ICO) and b) when they did eventually respond, have refused to comply with my Section 10. Most grateful for any guidance on next steps - e.g. how I might go about enforcing compliance through the courts, procedurally. And is their failure to respond within the 21-day timeframe actionable, e.g. distress in light of Vidal-Hall v. Google? Many thanks.
  3. First, some background: I'm 77 but both my wife and I are still working due to need. I work through a private limited company in a form of consultancy, my wife in a retail business partnership. We rent privately a house where we've lived for some 20 years and where the Council Tax has now risen to nearly £280/month for 12 months. During 2015 my work opportunities dropped dramatically, worsened by a couple of largish bad debts. Although I was always up to date with CT payments things started to get particularly difficult from about February and I fell i
  4. HI Im a new user here! Help! Have received County Court Claim from Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Ltd on behalf of Robinson Way/Howard Cohen and Co for £1568 plus £621 interest for a debt that was with first Direct. Was with MKDP LPP but obviously have sold it on to Robinson Way . Had no problems with MKDP previously and had made payments so its not statute barred. Have offered a min payment and sent financial statement as requested but their response was for me to call them to discuss further (i wrote them as don't like to have anything not
  5. Hi, I run a web design agency we recently outsourced some design work to another agency. To start work I paid 50% of the total fee. It was a relatively straight forward job but it seemed to drag on a lot longer than expected. Several times I made it known I was not 100% convinced by the process or work. After 4 weeks and very little work being done I requested we cancel the job and receive a partial refund. The design agency refused and I had no choice to persevere with the process. Three days before the deadline we began to receive the work however items
  6. Hi Short version is i bought a tablet from PC world in Oct for a Christmas gift so it was not used until late Dec early Jan Had to return it to PC world early March due to a charging issue at first they demanded i sent it to Toshiba but i stood my ground and they took it and sent it away. I was told after 2 weeks that they would not repair it as they deemed it my fault as the charging pins had bent i argued my daughter had only ever used the charger supplied so that must have bent the pins which in my view was a faulty charger. No joy with that and to rub it in
  7. Hi, I will not be giving out any personal information to avoid any further information being given to the bailiff's company. Some figures have been changed, so please do not be alarmed that it doesn’t add up. I received a PCN for parking without a valid ticket by MB Council in late 2012. I was not at home to receive the NTO and CC. Council took it to TEC sometime in May 2013. I replied to court summons which was successful. Received no further paperwork for a month or so, was away from home for a few months on business. I did not receive any further documentation until I got a visit
  8. I have recently had a new bathroom, completed 12/12/13. The company that we used provided us with a verbal quote of £1400 to install a new bathroom suite, tile the walls, and install the flooring. We did not receive a written quote. We were asked to purchase the bathroom suite (toilet, sink, bath, towel rail, electric shower, shower curtain, toilet roll holder, waste pipes x 2), the tiles, and the flooring. We paid the final invoice (£1400. Full invoice details: "Labour only to install new bathroom suite and associated tiling") despite our reservations regarding the
  9. Hi, I have very recently found CAG on the internet and would be happy to get some advice on a situation I am currently in with my landlord and his managing agent. I have moved to UK end of 2012 and am not very familiar with housing laws. I have an assured shorthold tenancy, starting 22 Dec 2012, ending 21 Dec 2013. I will not request renewal due to all the problems I have had here. Monthly rent to be paid to a letting agency of 1343 GBP I have had following situations of disrepair delayed repair of floor heating: 127 days, 16 Jan 2013 fixed 23 May 2013 delayed repair o
  10. Hi all. Hope someone can offer some advice as to how to proceed regarding defence submission. Details as follows: MKDP LLP issued County Court claim form (bulk centre) on 21 Oct regarding a credit card debt allegedly had with Barclaycard. I have no record of the account and have never received any paperwork relating to it and have never made any payments to the account. I received the claim form on 24 Oct and acknowledged service and intention to defend online on the same day. Deadline for defence submission 23 Nov, although the Court advised as that is Saturday, they will ac
  11. Help, My wife had a vanquis account since 18/05/06. She cannont remember how she applied whether online or via a advert. Anyway we cca' d them about 3 years ago and all they sent was aset of terms and conds but with no signature or tick box. No name or address on it. I wrote to them saying its not good enough and that the account was now in dispute. We had the usual threatening phone calls etc but havnt heard anything for about 7 months. Today I received a summons from MCOL stating we are being summoned to court. The POC of claim summorised are 1. claiming in respect of an agreemen
  12. I have received a Claim form from Northampton court for an alledged debt which has been disputed due to stolen / lost credit card for appx £ 500 plus costs. I have acknowledges service and said i will defend Any help would be appreciated, it is the usual case of lots of telephone calls some time ago..we want your money..I dont owe it.. yes you do,, no help at all. When i defend if i lose am i liable for costs, and if so how much is it likely to be I have never had an assignment and i dont remember a default notice..what is the position on stolen cards and yes it was reported to the pol
  13. Hi Guys, Had an MBNA credit card which was in default and I was making reduced payments. They ignored requests for a full and final and then sold my debt on to arrow who apparently assigned this to Wescott. I cancelled my payments to MBNA, received a letter from Wescots asking for full payment to which I didnt repply (on 21 Jan), received further letter from them on 8th March stating they understood I was making payments to MBNA (I no longer was) but to contact them to make it part of an agreed payment plan). I did not respond. I heard nothing further from Wescott and have tod
  14. Hi All, Just looking for a bit of advice please. Over 2 months ago the business above my own were having some plumbing work done - unfortunately the plumber disconnected (without knowing) a waste pipe that is in the floor/ceiling space between our units. Due to this waste water flooded into my unit and damaged my stock and carpet. I notified the business immediately of this happening. The owner came down with a very much "we'll sort this out" attitude and asked that I email her a breakdown of the damages - which I did. Since then it's been harder and harder to get anywhere,
  15. This post is just a reminder to read the timing on your Parking Eye ‘Parking Charge Notice’ Our tale of these companies in this regard is one of amazement! According to Parking Eye data, my daughter arrived at Morrisons carpark (Stratford) at 22:25:09, didn’t pay for the appropriate parking time etc etc and has now started to receive the automated paperwork as discussed on this forum So far from Parking Eye: Paper 1 Parking Charge Notice for £85 demand with £50 discount if paid within 14days Paper 2 Duplicate of £85 demand with £50 discount if paid within 1
  16. This is my very first posting so I am hoping somebody can help please:attention: My brother has learning difficulties and I have his mail forwarded to my address so that I can help him to manage his affairs. I stepped in to manage his affairs because my brother was unable to stand up to telephone salesmen who were bombarding him with calls in his own home. The situation was so bad (he was falling deeper and deeper in debt) that he has now gone into sheltered accommodation where he has some protection from people who take advantage of vulnerable people like him. W
  17. Hi everyone, I really need advice on this subject as I do not want to make the wrong choice here. I bought a car a few months ago and to cut a long story short, I have found that the the car garage have forged the MOT certificate (not forged by the MOT centre itself, but the garage has put a blank square of paper over the advisory items and photocopied it) showing me the car had no advisories, when it actually had 9. When I got it home I realised it was leaking diesel (which I didn't notice when I picked it up as they kindly left the tank empty for me) and the windscreen had a crack
  18. I would be grateful if you could help me with my case. Things became difficult for me and I had to default on my loans and obligations. I had a loan with Egg. who transfered it to Barclays then Moorgate Britannica. I am registered with the cccs and have made the £1 to all bar these. I requested that they send validation that I owe them this money and the only response I have had is a court hearing. I appealed to the court and now have a Defence filed questionnaire. Have I done the right thing and what should I put in the questionnaire? Ps, I rang Moorgate thi
  19. OK so here's the brief story - messed up all finances as marriage broke down. Thought that I would be able to negotiate with my ex (and lower maintenance payments as most of the debt was incurred in relation to travel / access to 2 children who live with her abroad..) Foreign divorce proceedings didn't consider my financial position and as these Credit Cards and bank account were solely in my name evidently its my personal debt. So approx 20K unsecured debt in cards and 2k overdraft. Haven't been able to or made payments to cards for 1.5/2 yrs. Bank withdrawn facilities - all
  20. Hi I have been reading with interest this forum, but I cannot quite come to a an answer for my question so I hope someone can help me My debt is ten years old , has been defaulted , repossessed etc but I am still being chased for charges and interest, residue to the loan and default charges. The debt is not recorded anymore on my CR file and the BH admit to not reporting it as the vehicle was repossessed and sold, Can they take me to court for these charges and report the same to the CRA? I do think I have served my time on this debt and overpaid them as it is.
  21. I recently bought a Saxophone of eBay. I was logged onto eBay Uk and limited my search to items in the UK only. The listing stated that due to the value of the item £3667 payment must be via Bank transfer. I won and paid, stupidly, by transfer. Hence the item never existed and the seller disappeared. The item was listed with a Scottish post code and the seller had stated that I could collect in person but he banked that it would be too far for me to travel to do so. Turns out that the sellers account was registered in the U.S. but had been hacked by someone based in Spain (Police) told me
  22. I have been paying CL finance on a regular basis for about a year but in March i missed a payment and April too, i called today to pay what i had missed and continue my payment plan and they said i had to pay the full amount with in 3 months as court proceedings had already started to issue me with a CCJ. I have received letters but about taking me to court but i ignored them as i thought they wouldnt do it. The amount was £980 but has gone up to around £1180 with fee added on for letters and solicitor fees, i could afford to pay it in around 10 months but not 3. I have checked
  23. I wonder if you could help with the following or pass it to someone that can? Thanks a lot. I have run my own IT business for nearly 8 years and unfortunately due to the financial shock of the last 2.5 years it has struggled to make ends meet for myself and the family. I have recently transferred the lease of the premises to a new person and will be free of all business commitments very soon. We have had all sorts of mortgage and personal unsecured debt problems in the past 2 years, but I managed to agree terms with all the unsecured creditors/DCAs. We have had family and frien
  24. Hi Have been reading these forums for the past few months since receiving an "invoice" from ukcps. My car was parked in a small retail park and the driver left the site for 5 minutes to post a letter before entering one of the shops on the site. The invoice was attached to the windscreen over the tax disc and was not immediately obvious on returning to the car. I discovered it the next day, feeling thoroughly confused as to where it could have been obtained! After reading the advice here I ignored all correspondence and I have now received a claim form from a
  25. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me. I have had a look at the posts but i am quite confused about what to do. I recieved a letter from Capquest stating that is was a demand to start bankrcuptcy proceeding and I have 18 days to appear at court. The amount is for approx. £1600 from Orange. I havent been in touch with these people at all, (I am in quite a lot of debt and to be honest have only just started opening my mail!) The problem is that whilst I am currently employed i have had council tax arrears that i am paying off and i have very little disposable income to pay off
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