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  1. Thank you for reading. We made our last payment on 31st March 2008. There then was varying correspondence between ourselves, the Court and Eversheds between April 2008 and the Notice of Discontinuance was dated 15th October 2008. Eversheds failed to comply with disclosure of documents by the deadline date of 15th Aug 2008 and this is what most of the correspondence was about - the cheeky beggars even asked for an extension of time! No further correspondence from us or from them has been received since 15th Ocober 2008. Therefore when does the debt become statute barred - is it 31/3/14 or
  2. Thanks for reading. Background info is: The original debt was a personal loan from Lloyds TSB (unsecured debt) for just under £6K back in 1997. For one reason or another we fell into arrears with this debt. It was eventually passed onto Arrow Global where Eversheds dealt with it, who decided to take further action including threats of a charging order. We entered into a payment plan for £50 per month (total of £250 was paid - last payment being made on 31st March 2008). Then I discovered CAG (am unable to remember my original user name so have re-registered). With the help of CAG we
  3. Hello, Arrow Global via the delightful Eversheds chased us for a debt several years ago (original debt was from 1997). With the expert help from CAG forum members there was a drawn out period of negotiation which ended in Arrow Global discontinuing the claim, just short of going to our local county court. The last payment we made to the debt was on 31st March 2008 - so presently one month short of the SB date! This weekend we received a letter from AG saying they have transferred the management, etc, of this debt to Debt Management Services and that we should contact them. W
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