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  1. Dear all, I am looking for some advice in regards to British Gas. When I moved into my current property, the previous account holders put my husbands name on the account, rather than starting a new account. This meant that we ended up being on a business tariff rather than domestic, and there was an outstanding amount to be paid from the previous bill. To say I am cross is an understatement! we went through the whole rigmarole of changing the account to British Gas Domestic (as we were told they couldn't re-assess our bill to domestic rates unless we joined them on the domestic side first?!? We wanted to change to a different company, but felt they gave us no choice!) Only after numerous phone calls to both business and domestic companies (I lost the will to live that day, 7 1/2 hours in total!) and was finally told we had to fill in a VAT declaration to state that the property is used for domestic purposes only. They told me to scan and email this form back to them (even though I told them I wasn't due to be connected to the internet for another week!) It took over three weeks for them to acknowledge receiving the email and we were told that we would have the matter resolved by the 4th August. We have had numerous amounts of letters threatening legal action for non-payment of this bill. Last time I called I was told they are computer generated and to ignore it as it was being dealt with. I came home Sunday, after a few days away, to find a letter from them threatening to disconnect our supply! (We have three children aged 4, 9 and 14!) We still haven't had the correct bill and I refuse to pay the bill until it is correct. Can anyone tell me where I should go next, as I really feel a complaint is in order and I need the bill corrected so I can pay what I do owe! On the other hand, I don't want them to cut our supply off!! At my wits end!! Thank you in advance Martini
  2. Hiya, I paid by credit card and ideally I'd like it replaced!
  3. Hi all, I had a mattress delivered on Thursday by Arrow XL which I bought from a company on Amazon. It was already three days late (another story!) and I was waiting outside for them with my children in the car ready to take them to school as I'd been waiting nearly fifteen minutes for them to arrive after a call saying they would be five minutes! They put the mattress in the hallway and I left to take my children to school as they were now late! However, once I returned home and had time to inspect the mattress it was in an awful state! The double layered protective plastic was filthy and ripped in many places! This in turn had caused dirty marks (like grease?!) on the mattress and there is a rip in the corner of the actual mattress too! Having contacted the company I bought it from by email, with pictures of the damage attached, they have called me today to say that as I signed for it, they can't claim back from the delivery company, but as a "good will gesture" they will replace it if I pay £40 for carriage! My husband then spoke to them and they eventually said they may be able to offer us some money back and we keep the mattress. Now, neither of these options seem particularly appealing to me. When I buy a new mattress, I at least expect it to be in good clean condition to start with!! I feel this should be brought up with Arrow XL as well, seeing as they are the ones that have damaged my property. Funnily enough though, I can't seem to find anywhere I can send an email to raise my concerns (other than sales or press addresses) as I want to send them the pictures with the information. I have attached a few pictures to this so you can see the damage I am talking about! Any advice on how to handle either of these companies would be greatly appreciated as I know there are people out there who know more about consumer rights than I do! Thank you in advance Martini
  4. I have been told it is down to customer loyalty, but obviously me paying an amount by standing order every week for the last 5 years isn't loyalty....
  5. Do agree with Silverfox in regards to the fact that it may have been better to have forfeited the return postage and have it delivered. If the seller then refused delivery, that too, would have been on record. Sometimes you have to lose a little to gain a lot
  6. Hi there, I am no expert in these matters and I am sure you will get concrete advice from other Caggers, but my initial instinct is not to panic! By the sounds of it the seller is the one in the wrong for selling an item not fit for purpose and then ignoring any communications. Make sure your friend has all the correspondence relating to it as proof in case it is needed. Good luck with it! Martini
  7. Dear caggers I have just been going through my electricity bill and it works out that I am paying more per kWh used because I do not pay by DD! I pay a weekly amount by standing order and generally am in credit by bill time. I am confused and annoyed that this is the case and wondered if anyone knew if there is anything I can do about it? Weekly payments are better for me as it means I can keep all my finances in check but feel I am being penalised for this! Thanks in advance Martini
  8. As an SEN teaching assistant myself, what you have said has appalled me! The school has a duty of care to both staff and students, no matter what their status within in the school is! Every incident should be logged, whether injury occurred or not. That is part of the course within school environments (or indeed any 'care setting'). Not only does it provide evidence of the child's behaviour patterns it also provides evidence and safeguarding for staff. I would urge your wife to read the schools policies, which should be kept in folders in the staff room or office or on the schools intranet. These are supposed to be readily available for anyone who wants to read them. She would particularly want to read any policies regarding to 'duty of care' and 'safeguarding'. This should give her some concrete knowledge on where she stands and would give her more insight into her rights. No-one should have to work under these conditions and it is something that annoys me more than anything that teachers (and more so headteachers) are under trained in dealing with children on the Autistic spectrum and do not set correct boundaries or disciplines relating to their individual circumstance. I have had to deal with this from both sides, as a TA working with and as a parent of a child who was bullied and beaten up regularly at primary school by an ASD child and knowing the fight I had with the headteacher to even get off the point of 'he is autistic' excuse! ASD is not an excuse, it is a disorder!!! There is a vast spectrum to autism but from what you are saying, this child seems to be fairly high functioning and needs to be dealt with accordingly, or if I am wrong in that respect, it seems they would be better at a special school who have staff who are specially trained and tend to be 2-1 rather than 1-1 in most mainstream schools. Sorry seem to have gone off on a slight rant there but do hope your wife gets to the bottom of this and it gets sorted. I can relate to how she feels and no-one should have to be there! Martini
  9. Hello caggers, I received a letter yesterday from Arrow Global stating that I owe them over £2800 from a credit card I took out with BOS in 2002. This was defaulted in Aug 2005 following advice from CAB due to unreasonable demands from BOS despite CAB writing to them with my financial statement. Arrow are claiming they bought the debt in 2006 (when I was still at the address the CC was in) but this is the first I've heard from them! I am just checking that considering it is now Sept 2013 and I have made no payment or acknowledged the debt in 8 years, that this is statute barred. Thank you in advance Martini
  10. Hi all, Have checked my credit report and no new entries that I can see though they are having technical difficulties at the moment so will check again tomorrow! Martini xx
  11. Thank you Broken Arrow!! Christmas will definitely be happier now Happy Christmas to one and all xx
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