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  1. Thank you, but will that not count against me if I contact them now as that I have communicated with them?
  2. That name sounds familiar but that must have been about 8 years ago I think. I take it I can't do anything once a ccj has been registered?
  3. Hi, I have been trying to get myself back on track with my finances for a while, recentlyi decided to check experian to see how my credit rating was doing. I was shocked to find I have had a CCJ registered against me in April this year. After numerous emails to the Northampton court I managed to get a reply as to who it was from, as I did not know anything about it. I have found out it was Bryan Carter solicitors acting for compucredit for a debt for £419 from 2009. I have not heard of compucredit and cannot think what it would be for. It is also registered to a
  4. Thanks Brig, So I just need to send a letter stating what you have said in your message, is that correct?
  5. All had been quiet for a while with these until now, I sent the letter that you suggested sending and I got a response back saying that they will send out any information without a signed letter from me. I had ignored this for now as I know that I should not sign anything. I have however filed my defence for the debt being S/B with the court only to receive a letter from restons yesterday stating that apparently according to them a payment was made on 13th July 2011 for £16.47!! This is complete rubbish, I know absolutely nothing of this, and I have trawled through my bank statements and nothi
  6. yes I am absolutely positive that I have not acknowledged anything from these for at least 6 years, your help will be most appreciated....thankyou
  7. Hi Brigadier, thanks for your response with this. The associates name rings a bell with regards to a car loan, but that was even further back than the cash loan I originally thought it might have been....that was about 10 years ago or more and it most certainly wasn't that amount. My past 3 cars have been with BCT and paid in full. Ok I have acknowledged the service of claim and stated I intend to defend it, and today have also sent off via recorded delivery a CPR request, is this the correct thing to do?? Nothing was signed it was all printed. However I only have 14 days to c
  8. Hi, last week I received an N1 claim form from Arrow Global for a debt with Citi Financial. I have not taken out any credit apart from a car HP since my youngest was born 8 years ago. I vaguely remember getting a loan with my husband but that was around 9 years ago and it was not for the amount they have stated, or the date that they have out as 2006. I am not sure how to deal with the defence of it. I have completed the acknowledgment of service online and now have to file a defence for myself. I believe that this is statute barred due to the fact I have not
  9. Hi, can anyone give me any ideas of what can be done about this problem. My stepdad had his van taken away last year by a bailiff for a debt he owed. He paid the bailiff the amount asked without any questions and was taken to collect his vehicle. In the panic and confusion, stupidly he did not get a receipt for what he paid him.On friday last week, the same bailiff company (High Court Enforcement agency) came while he was out and again loaded his van onto a tow truck.They have left paperwork stating that he has 5 days to pay the debt or his van will be sold. The amount owed now is completely d
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