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  1. Apologies if this is covered elsewhere but there is so much information and commentary I cant keep up with the situations. In my case I had a credit card with MBNA and unfortunately established a debt with them. An agreement was reached to repay the debt and regular payments were being made . For no apparent reason MBNA then sold on the debt and it has been "sold" on several times since and I cant keep track of who and when these transfers have occurred but the common denominator appears to be Arrow Global . When MBNA first stopped taking my payments I stopped making any contributions and have not done so for a couple of years to any of the companies claiming ownership of the debt. I have followed the advice of dont reply to these companies and have blocked them on my phone where they do seem to ring two and three times a day often a few minutes apart. Today however I have received a letter from drydensfairfax solicitors indicating that they acting on behalf of Arrow Global and were under instruction to issue legal proceedings with a view to obtaining a CCJ. I am therefore bowing to the greater knowledge of this forum and asking for some direction of what to do or not do .
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