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  1. Hi there, I wonder if anyone can tell me where I stand here? Last week I had a major leek from my roof/ loft, which came through my back bedroom and ruined the ceiling. I called my insurer who sent a surveyor out who looked out of the window and took photos (I was out at work so my son let him in) I received an email with a letter from the surveyor advising that my insurance company would offer a cash settlement or I could use the services of the Insurers approved contractors. I accepted the contractors and made arrangements for them to come out (Tomorrow - Friday). My husband who is self employed, took the day off, to ensure there was someone available. Late last night I had a call from the surveyor saying that there had been a mistake and that the ensurers would not pay out as it was general wear and tear and there had not been 27 mm of rain on the day in question. I am absolutely fuming, my husband has now missed a day of work, and I am left with a hole in my back bedroom and a leaky loft. Can anyone help as to where do i stand following them initially telling me I was covered (And having it in black and white). And where I stand regarding my husband having lost a job for having to take time off.
  2. Ah just realised, my payment date is 25th of the month, Decembers payment didn't go through until 29th. Letter was dated 4th January which was a Sunday (and my birthday) Do you think this could be an automated threat-o-gram?
  3. Thanks Andy. I have certainly not fallen behind with any payments and I certainly do not have £13k worth of goods at my home..
  4. I think there may be a CO. I will have to dig out my paperwork when I get home..
  5. I have email Paul Kavanagh to advise I have been paying the requested amount. P.S I also have my mortgage with HSBC and have been recently paying a little extra each month - could be this has prompted the letter?
  6. I do own my own property. I wrote to them in July and asked them for a breakdown of charges and a settlement figure as I had a small amount of money, however, I did not here back from them and am no longer in that financial position to settle. Do you think this may have prompted the letter? I also note that the letter was generated on a Sunday, do you think it is a threatogram?
  7. Thanks Citizen B. I am not sure whether it was agreed by the court or by DG who were chasing for the debt. I think the reason it is still so high is because I have only been paying £25 per month...
  8. Good morning all, Long time since I have been on here as I thought I had it all under control, however, out of the blue I have received a threatening letter from the lovely Paul Kavanagh from HSBC. Basically I had a debt with HSBC of circa 14k, however I got into financial difficulty around 2006, and they issued a CCJ. I made an arrangement to pay them an amount every month and have done so without fail for many years. However this morning I have received a letter saying the amount outstanding is around £13k and if I do not pay it immediately they will request a warrant of control from the court and appoint bailiffs to visit my property to seize good for this amount. My question is, are they allowed to do this when I have been paying an agreed amount faithfully? If so, what is the point of paying the agreed amount...
  9. Yes! Called the court and they have also received the notice of discontinuance! Thank you to everyone for the help you have given me, especially since I recently made matters worse with my confusion!!
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