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Found 23 results

  1. Hello All I am currently being harassed by ROCKWELL DEBT RECOVERY for a guarantee I signed a few years ago. Back in 2011 I closed a business (ltd) which was losing money all was OK and went well with that side of things, I knew that I had signed a personal Guarantee with Lloyds to get access to the LOAN GUARANTEE SCHEME that the government ran. I knew it would be a matter of time before they came knocking but I waited and waited and nothing happened, until I got a letter last November from lloyds asking me to contact the wholesale banking recoveries. I did and I offered them £50 per month with a view to make higher payments around March time. All went quiet until Monday when I had a call from ROCKWELL and stupidly gave them my details. (der) I don't have any copies of paper work of any type from Lloyds. the original guarantee was for 10k and now with charges it has gone up to £15.250 . I have been looking at letters that other members have sent should i do the same. I am on a low wage, I get housing benefit and live hand to mouth at the moment with no saving at all, I am marries with children. rent my house, got a car not worth anything. I am a bit down on my luck and hope to get back on my feet financially but this current climate is bad. Please can you help
  2. Have done all the usual letters 3 years ago!!! - have now had a letter from a debt agency I know there is a template letter saying that MBNA cannot pass the debt on it is in dispute and they have not supplied a CCA etc but cant find it can anyone help please
  3. I have been approached by Rockwell for a debt that util 5/7/13 i was paying monthly by DD. Formerly this was HSBC and collected by B Carter before it went to Fredericksons, then Pheonix. At some Point Arrow took over but have no idea when. Anyway, the DD's stopped in July 13 and as I have SO much debt, i didn't realise this was a "live" debt and should have continued. Am i right in thinking that (despite being a 2007 debt), this wont be statute barred as my last action was only 5 months ago and that really, i should contact Rockwell or Arrow to renegotiate affordable payments?
  4. Hi guys for once its not me their after lol my partner just had a phone cal from Rockwell/tessera and she confirmed her name and address. They stated that the address was different they had for her, so now they have updated it i got my partner to give me the phone right away and i spoke to them. turns out she owes little woods £1288.50 from 27th April 2007. i then questioned him over it as obviously i know its been 6 years. Turns out its not Stat barred yet because she made a payment on 7th Nov 2007 i spoke a while and asked how he got my partners details. he first said from little woods, so i then questioned the legality of that as she had not given permission for her details to be given. He then said arrow global bought the debt. then sort of back tracked. He did mention its close to being Stat barred. i explained that from knowledge of this website that non of the aboves are bailiffs and have any rights so if we did agree any form of payment plan they would have to accept what im offering, especially as i have one child and a child on the way. and they come first, and that my partner earns hardly any money and in fact it would be myself making payments. However i would be seeking advice on these forums first, and welcomed him to view my post when it was here. he stated that arrow could instruct bailiffs to attend, which i then told him i would be happy for them to as nothing in this house is actually my partners everything is my own and if she had bought anything for the house it has been with my wages so therefore belongs to me. he also stated that a CCJ may be applied to my partners credit file. I then questioned why now and not sooner, and he basically said its because its close to being barred. He did advise a default was placed on her CRA 29 May 2008 from little woods I did ask after seeking advice here due to how close it is to being statue barred, would there be any reduction to the debt as some money will be better than none, best he said was they would knock 25% off if paid in full now. so i said no thanks. so what you suggest guys, make a small monthly token payment to the debt or just let it unwind until november then it will become barred. i also told them to get in touch by writing or by email and not phone cheers guys.
  5. Received a letter from Lombard that they are handing all my details over to Arrow Global on the 5th December 2011, today i received a letter from Arrow Global saying that Westcot Credit Services will be collecting the debt on their behalf and any dealing regarding this debt are to be addressed to Westcott. The last correspondence i had with Royal Bank Of Scotland and their debt collection agency "Arden Debt Management" was a letter sent recorded saying the account was in dispute. Arden went quiet However Lombard sent me statement on a regular basis and then they sent the letter stating that they had sold or transferred the debt to "Arrow Global" Do i do anything at this stage or do i make the first move to Westcott stating that the debt of £1727.71 is in dispute with the Royal Bank of Scotland and they have bought a duff debt. Can they put a mark on my credit file if i don't play ball. Can Westcott legally chase me for the money.
  6. Hello All, Please may I ask for some advice on the following situation (I will try and keep it short!!): I have an old Capital One credit card account that spiralled out of control when I was last unemployed in 2005/2006. I had PPI on the card, however, due to stress and depression I suffered as a result of my unemployment I failed to make a claim for 6months. Once I got my act together and realised I had PPI I tried to make a claim only to be told I no longer qualified as I needed to make a claim within the first month(?) (cant remember specifics its long ago) of unemployment!!!! Anyway, the long and short of it is, I never bothered making contact with them after that as I felt seriously cheated and I was suffering depression. The letters I recall continued but not as regularly. Finally stopping until recently.... Now zoom forward into 2013 - I received a letter on 22nd February dated 6th February from Rockwell requesting full payment of the outstanding amount (£4,894.44). I did some research and decided to send a letter challenging them to produce proof the debt was mine. I sent this letter on 26th February. They confirmed receipt of the letter on 28th February. They sent a reply with the original application as proof on 8th May. They have proved the debt belongs to me, but I have been cheated out of my PPI and do not want to pay for this debt (well at least not pay for the amount the PPI should have covered during my period of unemployment). They are demanding payment within 14 days, what should I do next? A. I believe the debt is Statute Barred, but my credit report shows default in 2008 under Arrow Global not Capital One (did they change this?), I KNOW it was 2006 when Capital One defaulted me. B. Is there anyway I can challenge them on the PPI they charged me and wouldn't let me claim during my unemployment? C. Have Capital One been fined for 'wrong' or 'illegal' terms and conditions/ PPI miss selling on cards/ agreements issued in 2005? (it has been suggested to me I can use this to challenge the legitimacy of the debt they are trying to recover?!). I am happy to pay for the part of this debt (if any is left) after they deducted the PPI I was due back in 2005/2006 whilst unemployed. But not the full amount! Please, please help me!!!! Thank you to all in advance.
  7. Hi All I'm in the process of dealing with an account of my wifes and I was told by the operative at MBNA, when asked for statements going back for the past six years as I intend to claim all the charges back, that they only keep records back to 2005. I would be gratefull for some advice here on how I should proceed. All the best Mike
  8. My former business partners and I obtained an over-draught facility from Lloyds TSB in 2006. Each business partner acted as guarantors on a joint and several basis. I left the partnership in 2007 and have since discovered that the remaining partners did not inform the bank of the indemnity that they'd signed relieving me from all guarantees relating to the business. In the intervening years they have fallen into arrears with the bank and now I have received a letter from Rockwell demanding the full and immediate payment of £22K. At no point since I left in 2007 have Lloyds TSB ever written to me to express concern over payments or to discuss any options that may have been available. In addition Lloyds TSB have never informed me that the debt had been passed to a debt collection agency. Any advice would be gratefully received.
  9. I sent a CCA request to Rockwell four months ago. No response at all, though no further attempts at chasing the alleged debt have been made - by telephone or in writing. Either they're dragging their heels in the hope of eventually obtaining something or they simply don't have a valid CCA. I haven't yet sent the Account In Dispute letter, although, by the lack of response, it can be assumed the account is in dispute. Is it advisable to send the In Dispute letter or just let it lie and see what happens? If I send a letter, it might wake them up and initiate continued action, but my feeling is that I should send the letter, because they'll probably pass the account on and I'd like to be able to tell any future DCAs to just return the account to Rockwell as it's officially in dispute. Any thoughts welcome and thanks. H. x
  10. I have a long standing agreement with a company called Rockwell over a credit card debt to HSBC. I have made every agreed payment which is only £1.00 per month. This agreement has been periodically reviewed and as my circumstances have not changed the agreed payments have continued. In the last three weeks I have received a letter every day (except Sunday) from them requesting a financial statement these letters have become more and more threatening with legal costs, court etc etc. I remember reading on this site a while ago that a financial statement can only be requested by a court. Is this correct? I have told Rockwell that my circumstances have not changed but they are not having any of it. Many Thanks in advance
  11. Hello I have had letters from Rockwell chasing an outstanding debt from myself and I am after some advice on where to go next. Firstly I had a letter from Pace Forward on 21/06/2012 looking for a Mr Bowen regarding an urgent matter, after reading thread on CAG I ignored the letter. Then I received a letter from Rockwell dated 09/07/2012 that they have been instructed by their client (Arrow Global) to contact me in regards to an outstanding debt of £1402.84. I replied with a prove it letter on 12/07/2012 using a template from CAG, which they replied with on 16/072012 with a thank you and that they were seeking further information from their client. A further letter was received on 14/08/2012 outlining they matter was still being investigated and they would contact me on receipt of the information being sought, which was: (1) proof of my liability regarding this debt. and (2) payment or written contact from me in the relevant period under Section 5 of the Limitation Act. So, this morning I have received a letter from Rockwell stating the original lender was Capital One (credit card) and have enclosed the original copy of the agreement and statements and their investigations lead them to believe that the matter relates to me. The original agreement is a one page sheet with Credit Card Account Agreement and signed and dated 26/03/2002, the statements are not original and are just monthly boxes containing: statement date, minimum payment due credit limit, new balance, then and payments made in and out From the statements provided the last payment was made 10/07/2009, I have just done a credit report via Noodle and it does show Arrow Global owning this debt and says it was defaulted 31/05/2008. Can someone please advise me on what is next Kindest Regards Baden
  12. Hi Guys, I recently got a letter from Pace Forward asking me to 'contact them about a personal matter.' Reading about them on this forum gave me enough info as to who they are and what they do, ie. a DCA phishing for debts. So i expected the follow up letter. This was from Rockwell and informed me i owe apprx £440 to Arrow Global, original lender Royal Bank of Scotland. I know nothing about this debt. The only dealings i've had with RBS was when I had a joint business account nearly 20 years ago. The account was closed in about 1992/93 and not in debt. I could do with some advice. I want to ignore the letter, as i don't want to give them any opportunity to 'phish me.' However i also want to protect myself and my household (from phone calls, possible house call.) So should i send the 'prove it' letter? (i have the template letter.) Any of your thoughts and advice wold be appreciated. The most annoying thing is, when I got the demand letter there was a part of me that said 'just pay it and get them off your back' which is exactly why they do this. Because a lot of people get a bit shaken when the receive official looking and out of the blue demands for money. Which other organisations can I complain to and ask for advice? Am going to CAB tomorrow morning. thanks
  13. I had a £300 fine for speeding which I was paying off in installments. I thought I'd finished (but I hadn't) and the last £45 was passed to Rockwell for collection. They've now added £300 and are demanding half now, half in four weeks. I've said I can pay £50 a month but the lady on the phone just says it's not enough. My understanding is, as it's from the courts, that they *do* have the right to turn up and take my car from me. ( i could be wrong) Where do I stand? Can I force them to accept a £50/month payment? I'm anxious not to have the bailiffs turn up at my front door as they'll add another £200 to the debt..
  14. Hi. I have a query regarding an outstanding debt of my wife's that is being handled by Rockwell. I'm new to all this, so if someone could point me in the right direction (ie. which forum title/board to post under) I'd very much appreciate it. Thanks in advance. J
  15. hi everyone! i'm new here so i'll do my best to explain... going back quite a few years ago (maybe 7/8 years ago) i took out an IVA (i can't remember the company) as i owed about £19k to different creditors and banks. to cut a long story short i stopped paying them after a while as it was just too much and i could'nt keep up with it. we then moved house as we rent, changed our phone number and it all went quiet. we stayed at that house for 4 years. we then moved again and we had to have a credit check for the new house (rented) and it came back clean... this was a year ago and i have since been able to get credit again (visa & mobile phone) about 6 weeks ago i got a letter from rockwell asking me to contact them over an outstanding debt in my name... this i ignored! then i had a phone call from them, i told them there will be no correspondance over the phone and put it down. i have found out they have many alias and they tried calling me via them so i had all the numbers barred. rockwell have sent me another letter saying... owed to our client ARROW GLOBAL GUERNSEY LIMITED your reference number ************ outstanding balance £658.95 our clients reference ************* original lender LITTLEWOODS if you don't respond we will pass your account to our specialist recovery agents FENTON COOPER to assess further recovery options... etc they have also offered me a "special offer - settle at a reduced amount" £593.06 so i'm unsure if this SB or not as it could well be over 6 years old and if not its going to be very close too that. should i send them a letter and if so what should it say? i'm really stuck and very unsure what to do... PLEASE HELP!
  16. Hi, This is my first post so I hope I do it right! I have a problem with Arrow Global and have so far dealt with them by taking some advice and appropriate letter templates from this site. I wrote to them and asked them to supply credit agreement etc and they did. I noticed that the orginal debt was from 2002 (Black Horse Finance) and was defaulted on in 2003 (last time a direct debit was taken from the bank) and a last payment (token by the looks of it) was in 2004. I therefore wrote to them and told them it was statute barred using templates from this site. They have now wrote back and said that the a payment of £10 was made towards the account in December 2010 and it is therefore not statute barred. They are demanding immediate repayment of £8,500 or realistic repayment proposals witinin 30 days. They statements they sent me do not reflect this alledged payment in 2010 and I have no record of paying it. What do I do next? Do I demand they prove the payments made in 2010 and stick to the fact it is statute barred unless they are able to? Any help/advice would be much appreciated.
  17. Hi, I hope someone can help advise us on how to proceed - this is what has happened so far: My partner of 2 years and I have recently started living together in rented accommodation. Since filling out the electoral roll and opening up a joint bank account, my partner has received letters from Pace Forward, and then Rockwell, requesting payment of £14,500 to settle a debt owed to their client Lloyds bank. My partner had a joint bank account with his previous girlfriend and, yes, they did get in a mess back in 2008 when they split up. However. can they make him pay the whole amount himself? Because she's disabled and unable to work, he wont ask her to contribute and she lives on benefits anyway. We sent Rockwell the standard non-acknowledgement of debt letter a couple of months ago and asked them for proof. Today they sent copies of bank statements from Lloyds. The funny thing about these is that they go from an overdrawn balance of £14500 to a zero balance! The last statement entry (in Jan 2009) shows a TFR Transfer in the paid column of the whole amount owed and a balance £0.00. Would this be because Lloyds sold the debt on? We want to get further proof from Rockwell as to whether the money is actually owed to them or Lloyds, so what documentation should we ask them for? Basically I'm scared that baliffs will call and start taking things away. Thankfully the property is rented, but the majority of furnishings, a caravan, and car are things I bought with my own money (all prior to us living together apart from my car) - could these be taken unless I can prove they are mine? After re-reading this it sounds like my partner is a low life who spent money that wasn't his and then left a disabled partner. This couldn't be further from the truth - he's a honest, hard working man who was taken to the cleaners by a woman who plays the benefits system. Sorry - rant over! If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated as they have only given us 10 days to respond. Thank you
  18. Hi I have been chased for a while by Rockwell for an old Halifax overdraft that they claim was never repaid when they closed my account. I knew that bank account had been closed in around 2001-02 and so I know this to be SB. The account was passed across the office to Fenton Cooper who keep sending threatograms and calling etc. I keep saying "in writing only" etc and putting the phone down. I'm quite happy for them to waste their time and postage costs but something I never spotted before just occured to me. Before I knew about this site and its fantastic advice, I spoke to Rockwell on the phone. I didn't admit the debt and nothing was in writing anyway but I did ask them to send whatever details they had to my little used hotmail address. I didn't bother reading the email as I know it to be SB. Today I looked in the hotmail account and read Rockwell's email, dated 25 April 2012. This is what it says: Dear maplins Re: Outstanding balance of £xxx.xx owed to Arrow Global Ltd (HBOS xxxxxxxxxxxxx) We can confirm that the above account relates to HBOS bank account that was opened on xx/xx/1996 account number: xxxxxxxxx our clients purchased the above account from HBOS on xx/xx/2003. They have since instructed us to deal with this account on their behalf. A payment of £xx.xx was made on the xx/xx/2004 to European collections. Our investigations lead us to believe that this matter relates to you and the balance above remains outstanding. Please complete and return the attached form including your repayment proposals. The above account is on hold for the next 30 days to allow time for your response. So Rockwell knew this debt was SB yet still attempted to collect and then gave Fenton Cooper the pleasure of wasting their time and money. Oh, and the payment in 2004 that they mention is a complete fabrication but even if it were true, the debt would still be SB. I'm bored with their tedious communications now so I'm going to send the SB letter. Is there anything else I can say about them attempting collection on a debt they knew was SB?
  19. Hi everyone, I've been receiving letters from the above companies for some time and have decided to do something about it, need a little advice though if possible. They are telling me that I owe £399 for an Orange mobile phone contract from Sept 2007. This was the result of a dispute with Orange over items on my bill that I refused to pay and (at the time) it went away and I thought nothing more of it......I am actually still an Orange customer at the moment!! I ignored the letters on the basis that I was under the impression the matter was done and dusted but now feel that I need to do something as they have raised their game somewhat in recent weeks. I am now getting letters sent to my, my mother's and my girlfriends address.......I am receiving calls on my mobile, my mothers landline and my girlfriends landline........I even had a call at my Boss's home address (which is the registered address as per companies house but not the office address) while I was there having dinner!!! All of the calls have asked me to confirm my details (which I obviously will not do) and the letters are getting a bit more threatening (which in truth doesnt really bother me.....more annoys than scares:-x). I sent them a CCA letter, inc postal order etc, to prove the debt.......they have come back to me stating that the CCA doesnt apply and I need to confirm my salary, expenses and bank statements etc immeadiately in order to set up a payment plan. I'm dismissing their requests immeadiately but I'm just wondering where to go from here, I've drafted another prove it letter not mentioning the CCA but I'm wondering if this may well end up i court. The debt was made up of 4-5 monthly payments that I refused to pay so I'm assuming that the SB date would be somewhere around April/May next year.......gives them quite a bit of time to take further steps!! Any advice much appreciated!
  20. Hello, I'm being hounded by Rockwell on behalf of Arrow Global who in turn say they want money regarding a debt with MBNA. Rockwell have written various times but have now instructed a firm called Fenton Cooper to act. These guys are threatening to advise their client to lodge a CCJ. The last payment to MBNA was on September 2007. From what I have read on these forums it must be at least 6 years before I can claim the debt is SB'd. Should I be sending Arrow or Rockwell or Fenton a CCA request? How will this help? Hope someone can provide guidance.
  21. Hi I really need some help on where I stand.... Around the 18th of march I received a trace letter in my maiden name ( I've been married for 10months)from Lowell/Rockwell, after reading these forums I decided to bin it as, as far as I am aware, the only debt I have I am paying off. yesterday 2nd April i received a letter from rockwell saying i owe their client Arrow Global £199.04 and i have 10 days from the date of the letter 28th March to pay in full or call them to provide a full income/outgoing expenditure list if i want to pay in instalments. As the letter took 4/5 days to get to me I now have 4days.... I dont want to call them because I dont want them to have my number. The letter does not say who or what this debt is for apart from the debt collection agency Arrow Global, who I have never heard of!! What should my next step be? Ignore it, or send some kind of letter?? Please help!! At this stage I dont want to tell my husband as i dont want to worry him unnecessarily. I feel sick every time i think about it ...I've read about their bad reputation for harassment! Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.
  22. Hi, I was conned by a debt collection agency 4 years ago. They broke many rules: 1. Purchased a debt with a long standing arrangement and refused to acknowledge the arrangement 2. Check my credit file and found I had money available on Credit Card and insisted I paid the full amount on that card. 3. Threatened me with a 'Warrant' and were generally rude, unhelpful and aggressive. The Company was Rockwell. I foolishly paid them off in full on my credit card. I have only just found this out. Can I still now complain and harass them? Is there a statute of limitation on complaints? Thank in advance.
  23. I have a very old debt (1995) originally with A&L currently with Arrow Global/Rockwell. I paid off this debt until May 2009 through a CCCS DMP and it has been passed through several DCAs. At that point I stopped paying. It it currently with Arrow Global and being managed by Rockwell. I was sent a letter by Fenton Cooper on their behalf. I recently sent a CCS request and have been sent in response a very indistinct and blurred photocopy of what looks like my original agreement. The photocopy has reduced the pages which were originally A4 to about A5 size. This was supplied by Santander (my current bank) Even with a very strong magnifying glass it is impossible to read the terms and conditions of this document to ascertain whether these contain the prescribed terms. This is because the copy is poor, dark and blurred. I am willing to post this online but doubt that it would serve any useful purpose for experienced members to look at. My reaction is to write back to the sender and tell them that this document is unacceptable. I assume that a "true copy" would be something that was the same size as the original document and a legible copy. This would certainly not be acceptable to a court. Before I do this advice would be valued.
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