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  1. I don't have any letters showing a provable, financial sum that I am out of pocket by since I did not dare apply for a credit card or mortgage while AG were indicating that I owed in excess of £6000 on my credit file and that I was in default on that debt. So my situation is about lost opportunities due to their showing damaging false information that would have most likely prevented me obtaining credit. It certainly led to problems in setting up my bank account. The problem was not that they kept contacting me but that they would not respond to my complaint in order to resolve it. I sen
  2. Well this is my point. How do you prove loss that is associated with time wasted checking CRA files, writing letters, phone calls, emails, inability to open a bank account without having to provide details of bankruptcy, inability to even apply for credit due to erroneous records on file, not to mention the stress over an extended period. How does one quantify that? Is provable loss based purely on financial metrics or do they take other factors into account? £50 does not seem adequate compensation for all of the above, particularly as AG seem to base their business on buying up loan
  3. Thanks for the replies. The letter wasn't headed final response and AG stated that if I was dissatisfied then I could refer it back to the FOS. Obviously they have resolved the default on my account - I still have this to check though - but my issue is just that the compensation seems to be on the low end. I was hoping to get a feel for what CAG members think is reasonable. I feel that AG have been negligent in buying up my account details in the first place and not resolved the issue when I contacted them last year. I think that their response that they never received that le
  4. This post is to update my progress on my complaint with Arrow Global (AG) I sent them a letter (recorded delivery) along the lines suggested by Brigadier. I received no response. I knew that I had to allow them a few weeks to respond, but then, as is the way with these things, I didn't pursue it as soon as I should have. Fast forward to a few months ago and I submitted a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). Once they were involved AG then started its complaint's procedure. First off, they denied receiving a letter from me. When I gave FO
  5. Brigadier, Thank you so much for that incredibly helpful response. It says exactly what I need it to say - and more than I would have thought to said - and likely in a much clearer way! It will be nice to go on the offensive for a change and let them know that they don't have the monopoly on "unpleasant letters" in the post. I'll keep the thread updated with how I get on with both Arrow Global and Egg.
  6. Thanks, that was what I hoped to hear, it didn't seem right to have a default raised against a non-existent debt, but it's confusing when companies do sell on debts included in bankruptcy. I'm really annoyed since Egg knew that I had been discharged months before they sold my details on, since it was raised in a successful complaint with the FOS. When writing to the compliance manager is it best to write to Arrow Global's head office or write to the people they have involved in managing the account, namely Debt Managers (Services) Ltd of Rotherham? I want to send proof of my discharge e
  7. Thanks Brig, since I can't claim for consequential losses it was going to be more about stress, time and damage to general credit worthiness. The implication in the other thread was that it was a simple matter of going through the small claims court, showing erroneous defaults and NOT having to demonstrate examples where you had paid more due to poor credit rating. I somehow doubt it would be this easy! Now that I am actually about to write to Arrow Global to request that they remove the default from the CRA's - in its entirety, not just amend the details that are incorrect - I am unsur
  8. Thanks for your reply, a masterclass in conciseness How do I set a level for compensation? Some threads suggest that you need to be able to specifically document financial loss that you have suffered in terms of higher interest rates paid etc., loans not approved etc. Another thread by Durkin suggests that you just make a claim in the Small Claims Court for £5000 for general damage to credit worthiness. How likely is this to pay off? Would the argument not just be that it's a simple mistake and that you have to give them a chance to rectify it first? It's not so much about the m
  9. Hi Mathius, Strangely enough, I am in the exact same position as you and posted in the CRA sub-forum as that was more relevant to my particular concern (and prior to seeing this particular debt sub-forum). I too had an Egg loan which was included in a bankruptcy in 2009, and was discharged end of 2009 but then sold on to Britannica Recoveries in 2011, 20 months after I had been discharged! I actually became aware that this was an issue before receiving the Notice of Assignment from Arrow Global because they have added a Defaulted account on my CRF showing a balance of £7000. Th
  10. Hello, I’m looking for some help in sorting out my CRF. I ran into financial difficulties as far back as 2006 but continued making payments as best I could before finally petitioning for bankruptcy in 2009 to get some peace from my creditors. Although it was a relief at the time, the issues have still continued to this day. I want to get my CRF sorted so that when I try to obtain a mortgage later down the line, I don't have too many issues. I was declared bankrupt in February 2009 and discharged in October 2009. Two of my three creditors behaved well, but the third – Egg – con
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