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  1. Got a problem with MINT credit card (RBS). I have had the card for about 7 or 8 years now. When I first applied for it on the internet and was approved, I never used it very much. My husband also had a card as a second card holder. He ran into serious credit card debt problems and in a desperate attempt before finally going under, he transferred just under £6000.- onto this MINT card as a balance transfer. He then went bankrupt and had his debts basically written off. I am however now landed with £6000 on this MINT card for which I am liable I have been told.
  2. Hi I’m hoping someone can point me (and my father) in the right direction. This is the back story. I helped my father resolve visa problems around 5 years ago whereby his APR was increased and monthly payment amounts raised – he was paying the interest only per month on his cards with one company requesting nearly 35% APR. He has successfully (with the help of forum users) paid off all but one company. We managed to negotiate “full and final” payments with all but one of them. I believe one company tried to go with a Debt Collection Agency but we wrote to them
  3. Hello. I've claimed via RBS and Mint via resolver.co.uk for PPI on an old RBS advanta card that I had many moons ago. I don't have any details of account numbers, and they've come back from both an SAR and my complaint letters saying that they "can't find my details". Is there any further recourse that people would recommend at this stage, or straight to the ombudsman? Thanks!
  4. sorry still new to this ppi stuff? is this offer right? i have scanned in the details as pdf. rbsoffer.pdf
  5. I have today received this copy agreement from MINT and would really appreciate advice regarding its enforceability. I don't think everything is shown on my single page with my signature and I assume the "here is your replacement card letter" and clear copy of the CCA is a reconstruct. Thankyou! mintcca001.pdf mintcca002.pdf mintcca003.pdf
  6. Hello, all, I'm sorry I haven't been on in a while due to illness/back to back forms. I hope you are all well. As it's been five years I'm not sure what to do in re a debt that's been in dispute since May 2011 - sold by RBS/Mint to Cabot, from whom my husband has had a letter last month. In 2011 the then collector Regal Credit closed the account as they could not provide documents as requested by my CCA. Cabot's letter just says they will be in touch, not sure if I should wait to hear from them or CCA them now and/or mention the debt has been in dispute for five years?
  7. Hello everyone, I'd really appreciate your advice on how to deal with my Mint credit card which, due to an unexpected drop in income, I'm finding increasingly difficult to pay. I actually hold 2 CCs, the Mint and a MNBA. The Mint. I took it out in October 2003. The balance is just under £10,000 which is the credit limit. There has never been any PPI. There have been a small number of late payments over the years, prob only 3 or 4. No defaults or missed payments. No over limits. I've been paying the minimum for years. I've done a CCA and, unfortunately, they ha
  8. I have been trying to sort things for a while and have made great strides in the past with other credit cards debts, but seem to hit a brick wall with a MINT credit card debt. I am seeking views on what I approach I should take next with a MINT debt of £10k? In 2007 I went via a debt management company (which has since gone bump) in trying to settle and sort debts - some of which resulted in FULL and FINAL settlements. Mint at this time refused to consider offers of settlement - other debts since, I have also done FULL and FINAL settlements myself. However one debt which is han
  9. My partner made a claim for missold PPI to several companies in 2011. All of the companies paid up apart from Mint which went to the Ombudsman. He heard nothing further from them until early this year when he received a letter telling him that they had made a payment of £1336 which had been paid off the balance remaining on the credit card account meaning he would not receive any actual cash payment. He queried this and it was referred back to the Ombudsman. He has now been told that this is their final offer and the Ombudsman feels it is fair. Due to the fact that there were a
  10. I have just been advised that my PPI claim with RBS Mastercard has been upheld. I have most of my statements just a few missing and wondered if someone could kindly advise what is the correct spreadsheet to use in calculating amount of rebate ? I am just awaiting an offer from bank but wanted to have a benchmark figure in my own mind. Thanks
  11. Purchased Gold from Capital Mint Ltd. Company Administrator appointed shortly after. One year later Administrator dissolved the company when some of the Gold was still stored with another company, Baird and Co, and still remains so. Is it possible for the creditors of a Dissolved company to apply for an Administrator to be reappointed?
  12. Hi Mint Card.....Late Payment Fee? can they be reclaimed, this particular card has never been cca'd or similar. Thank you
  13. Hi i had a MINT credit card for around 5 years. I don't have all my statements etc. How can I find out categorically if I paid PPI? Thanks.
  14. Hi I recently sent a CCA request for the card I took out with RBS in 1999. This was an Advanta card. A few years later the card changed to Mint. My CCA request produced the information for the Advanta card but not for the Mint card. Can anyone remember if the T & Cs were different for the Mint card and if a new CCA had to be signed? Thanks suvin
  15. Good Afternoon All Just after a bit of advice, I sent MINT CREDIT CARD (underwritten by RBS) a CCA request as I wanted to see if I ever had PPI on the account (I understand now from reading other forums I should have sent an SAR). I received a letter from MINT explaining that due to the DPA they need my signature on the CCA request before they will release the requested information and they sent the £1.00 cheque back to me. I wrote back (all letters sent RD) and explained that there was no guidelines within the CCA, ICO or DPA that states that an individual needs
  16. I'm £12,472.52 in debt to Mint and I've got behind in my payments. My account has been passed onto Triton Credit Services. I've been receiving the usual phone calls (about 5 a day) from them (I'm not answering them), plus usually 1 letter per fortnight threatening me. Each letter gets worse, the threats are - taking me to court, sending round a bailiff, a charge placed against my property or assets or my employer deducting money from my wages. I wrote to them and asked for a CCA. Things went quiet for about a month and then my CCA turned up,
  17. I have a number of debts and I sent off a SAR request to MINT as I wanted to try and claim back loads of £12 charges that they added to my account when my financial problems started back in 2010. On checking the info they sent I can see that PPI was added to the account until 2007. The original agreement was Jan 1999 and I have ticked the PPI box on the form but at that time I was working for Lancashire County Council who paid full pay if you was ever off sick and I worked there until 2008. I only have statements going back to Jan 2007 but I have just rung them and
  18. Hi I had an RBS Advanta card from 1998. Sometime after 2000 it suddenly changed to Mint. I have a CCA for the Advanta card but I have never agreed to any T&Cs for the Mint card. I was never informed that the card was changing. RBS have admitted that the PPI was mis-sold , but this, as far as I am aware, only applies to the Advanta card. I am now thinking that all transactions after the card was changed are null and void. Any thoughts on this?
  19. Morning all, This is my first posting on these forums so apologies if it's in the wrong place! This morning I received a claim form from Northampton County Court Bulk Centre with the claimant Arrow Global stating the following particulars of claim:- "The claimant claim is for £1401 being monies due from the Defendant to the Claimant in respect of a regulated credit card agreement between the Defendant and the Royal Bank of Scotland (card number XXXXXX) and assigned to the claimant on 15/12/2010, notice of which has been provided to the Defendant. The Defend
  20. Hi All Ok, been away from the system for a few month now but feel I need to get involved again to stave off the 'Hunters'. Missus received a default notice from Mint, re late payment. What annoys me is that she chooses to still pay this card? yet it never reduces? So like the other bits n bobs am gonna try to 'sort ' this for her. Questions are... 1. Are defaults accepted/legal? 2. Is section 78/ dsar, still applicable 3, what's best way to query the validation of the debt? Thanks in advance. Mr Hesitant but returning.
  21. Hi all, I am now in the process of agreeing amounts with my 5 creditors for sum of around £30k. I have received first response back from 1 of them today. Please see below. Should I respond back and state that it is upon goodwill I am able to clear the debt or should I offer slightly more than my original offer amount? Also the part where it says it won't be removed from my credit file, assuming I do not have a default against that or any given creditor it will only show as 'partial payment' as they are putting it? Many thanks! Neo.
  22. Further to my original post, here is the first of my individual threads per debt. Mint card have replied to my CCA with a pro-forma stating "S78 request received, however, this has been returned to you as we require your signature before we can proceed. Please sign your request for information and return to the address shown on the right hand side of this letter" Any advice gratefully received, thank you TG
  23. Hi All, first time poster on this wonderful site, and thanks for having me. Could I have your thoughts please, I had a RBS Advanta, which changed to a MINT credit card, on the application form, which was a mailshot leaflet. On the PPI section it said "Payment protection insurance is designed to protect your RBS Advanta Card payments in the event of death, accident, sickness or involuntary unemployment (including redudndancy) We strongly recommend you take out this cover" Would that class as it being sold. Many thanks for your replies
  24. Hi There, I have a MINT CARD I had it for 10 years there is a £5003 default balance 14/2/13 last payment made on March 2012 passed to Moorcroft debt collectors does anyone have experience of dealing with these people? im in a difficult situation at the moment but really trying to get life back on track They supplied a copy of original agreement has a squiggle in the signature box (this is my squiggle) there is no ppi on this account any help would be much appreciated
  25. Hi all I have now recieved a response ot my CCA request to MINT and I'm not sure if what they have sent is enforceable? This card was taken out in 1999 and defaulted in Sept 2010 when my financial problems started. I have been paying £38 per month for some time until this Jan when I reviewed my finances and stopped paying all credit card debts. Please can someone take a look at the info below that they sent me and in addition to that there was a very badly copied version of their terms and conditions and also another sheet where someone has written on it "reverse of appllication for
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