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  1. I didn't have time to do it before June 2, plus i think the fact that I waited around 6 months to even get that, I should be allowed a bit more time to retort. But i guess, and perhaps I haven't asked this clearly enough: can anyone offer advice as to the substance to which my further complaint can be heard properly, because so far, it seems to me that I would just be going back with the same facts, and disputing some of the adjudicator's retorts, some of which are just inaccurate? Thanks.
  2. You've lost me mate...the letter i attached was from the ombudsman or ADJUDICATOR (no idea why you put that in full caps, but i'll join in). The question i was asking in my first post, being unhappy with with i regard is an unfair ruling, can i take it further? Thanks.
  3. Yep, as stated in my initial post.
  4. It's already gone through to the ombudsman, and the reply is attached above. My gripe is that a lot of what the Ombudsman has 'guessed' is simply not factual. Let me recheck the SAR, not sure you get another crack at this. My legitimate complaint is that i wasn't presented with a free account option, but it seems that I am not being believed on this one. thx
  6. Hi there, not sure what the SAR would achieve. The basic disagreement is that I wasn't offered an alternative (free from fees) account. I was in full knowledge of what they were selling me, they just didn't offer alternative, and i believed this is all they had on offer. Anyway I attach the letter sent from Ombudsman.
  7. Hi there, i received the letter from the Ombudsman, would you mind if i uploaded it for your perusal. It is filled with so many suppositions, inaccuracies, and just factually incorrect statements. I really would like to appeal this. Just wondered if you had the time? Thanks.
  8. Would you mind if I posted a copy of the exact letter of complaint? You may be right, but i honestly believe the Ombudsman is trying to shift a backlog, and is not investigating thoroughly. Appreciate you responding.
  9. The Ombusman via a phone call, basically just upheld the decision. Looked at the 'facts', which were actually opinions. I got a bit upset with him, because essentially he is siding with the bank, which therefore means I am telling lies. It's outrageous. They are sending written confirmation, when it arrives, I will post it. Can't recall the exact details of the package I was being offered. Bottom line is that I wasn't offered an alternative, and took this because i believed it to be the cheapest per month. I was naive, but I 100% was not informed of a free account. thx for getting back so promptly.
  10. Hey there, i had this account sold to me 4 years ago. I hadn't opened a bank account in the UK for some years. I was not presented with a possibility of a free account at any time in the meeting. I have never once used any of the packages or so called perks. I complained to RBS they through it out, stating, "having previously lived in the UK i should have known that free accounts were possible to attain". I didn't. I then moved onto the Ombudsman, who have sided with the bank. How can I take this further, it is simply not fair! Any advice appreciated. Thx
  11. With that in mind, does anyone have a phone number? OR postal address. Original complaint was with MINT, but all correspondence has been with RBS group. thx
  12. just an update got a text a few weeks ago saying payment should be with my 10/9, and it still hasn't arrived. Is this normal or should I be chasing them up? Thanks
  13. I don't think I did. However in the explanation of why I believe I merited the refund, I did mention that the PPI charge occasionally forced me over limit.
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