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  1. I don't have a copy of the postal order, but I still have the letter from Mint saying they have been unable to find the original credit agreement. I also can't find the letter dated 05 May 2011, but if I'm right they were just insisting that they wanted payment despite not finding my CCA. They've still not sent me a copy of the agreement. Not sure when the last payment was, the first letter I recieved from them was 02 July 2009. So I assume a few months before then. March 2009 possibly. I've not checked my credit file. Not sure which one to use when
  2. MINT have sent me a final response letter: "Thank you for your recent letter which has been passed to us from Wescot Credit Services. We do not consider this account to be in dispute as we have fully complied with your request under the Consumer Credit Act s78 and our position remains as advised in my letter dated 05 May 2011. Your indebtedness on this account remains due and payable and we will be pursuing for the full repayment. In the circumstances, it is my responsibility to provide you with the Bank's final response letter. This is our final response. Th
  3. The claim form says it's from the County Court. It seems to be legit, but I honestly wouldn't know. It's come from Northampton County Court. Seems slightly unusual to me as Marlin's adress is in West Sussex and I live in Cheshire. Is this unusual?
  4. I had an EGG card for about 10 years, then in 2010 I couldn't keep up with the repayments and defaulted. Now after a couple of phone calls with them I gave up contacting them and waited for them to contact me. It never happened, until yesterday (3 and a half years later) when I got a claim form from the County Court. It said "EGG served a default notice on the defendant stating the amount due & requiring the defendant to pay the same. The defendant failed to pay & the agreement was terminated. The agreement was assigned t
  5. I wish I had them on file, but it'd do me no good as my computer has no printer. So a good old pen it is for now... Thanks DD for all your help. It's nice to know that there is help to be found, at times it really gets to me...
  6. Thanks everyone for the advice. Yeah, it's starting to get tiresome, but fun... Time for a bit of letter writing...
  7. Thanks for the advice! I'm starting to get annoyed with all these companies getting in touch with me though, just when I think it's going quiet another one pops up...
  8. I've been having an ongoing problem with Mint since July 1st 2009. I owe them £ *******. The debt was passed onto Triton. I asked them, after advice from here for a signed copy of my CCA. After loads of hassle with them I got a letter from Green & co solicitors telling me they would take me to court. I dealt with them in the same manner, only for Allied International Credit to get on my case. Finally I got an admission by Mint that they did not have a signed CCA. I told this to AIC and never heard anything else from them. Now 4 months later I've
  9. Thanks for the advice and letter B3rty!
  10. Ha ha ha... not from AIC. The letter that they told me was important and I had to go to see them about this week as it was urgent and couldn't wait until next week (which was why I kinda lost my head and imagined all sorts of things) was in fact just a mere rap over the knuckles for not following the proper proceedure after being snowed off from work. They wanted me to jump through hoops to get the stupid letter, I was annoyed and also relieved that it was so menial! Panic over for now...
  11. I'm starting to think I might have jumped to the wrong conclusion after all that's been said. Thanks for the advice people.
  12. Allied Internatinal Credit seem to have acquired my debt. I owe Mint £12,472.52, for 6 months I've had Triton Credit services chasing me and then the solicitors Green & Co. Thanks to the advice from people on here I've managed to stay one step ahead of them all. Just before christmas though I recieved a letter from AIC. Urgent - Final notice of intent Allied International Credit (UK) Limited (AIC) are acting on behalf of our client to recover the above outstanding balance. Due to your continued failure to contact AIC, despite numerous letters, or the
  13. After being chased by Mint, Triton and Green & Co Solicitors for the past 4 months for arrears on my credit card (I owe £12,500). I asked for a CCA, they sent me one, not signed. I asked for a signed CCA, they sent me the following letter: Any request for a copy of an executed agreement under s78(1), states that the company must meet it's statutory requirements by providing a 'true copy' of the agreement relevant to the card product at the date the card agreement was made, plus a copy of the terms of the card product. These copies should be accompanied by the
  14. Where do I find LETTER #16? I can't seem to locate it.
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