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  1. Hi again Baz1994, as far as I am aware the debt has not been sold on. The original complaint was made by the claims company, Mint originally rejected the claim so they referred it to fos. He eventually received a letter telling him that the claim had been upheld and the amount awarded had been offset against the balance outstanding on the loan. He queried this as he had not received any paperwork to sign beforehand and the claims company said they had referred it back to fos. He then heard from the claims company saying that they and fos recommend that he accept the offer and the complaint was now closed.
  2. HI Baz1994 sorry, only just seen your reply. He hasn't actually received anything himself from the FOS, it's all been done through the claims company who have told him that this is the final decision and they recommend he accept it.
  3. My partner made a claim for missold PPI to several companies in 2011. All of the companies paid up apart from Mint which went to the Ombudsman. He heard nothing further from them until early this year when he received a letter telling him that they had made a payment of £1336 which had been paid off the balance remaining on the credit card account meaning he would not receive any actual cash payment. He queried this and it was referred back to the Ombudsman. He has now been told that this is their final offer and the Ombudsman feels it is fair. Due to the fact that there were a lot of companies involved and he had defaulted on some of the accounts he used a claims company (!) and they have sent him an invoice for £399 for their fee, even though he has not actually received any money, leaving him out of pocket, he queried the fee but was told that he had to pay it. I am posting this as a further warning to people to avoid these companies as you advise on your site. DO NOT USE THESE COMPANIES THEY ONLY WANT YOUR MONEY!
  4. Thank you everyone for your advice, I will make a claim and see what happens. Consett26 the loan was for doors, it was taken out on a buy now nothing to pay for 9 months, it was paid in full after the 9 months so the ppi was definitely not needed!
  5. Whilst clearing out and shredding some old files a few days ago I came across an old loan agreement with First National Bank which had PPI added. There is also a letter in the file in answer to a letter I sent to them asking them to cancel the PPI in which they say they cannot cancel it. My question is, am I too late to claim this back? the agreement is date either 1999 or 2000 it is difficult to tell. I have all the papers, account number etc.
  6. I don't know whether I am posting this in the right place but I wondered if anyone on here can give me some advice. I have been trying to resolve a complaint with Birmingham Midshires concerning arrears and administration fees charged on my mortgage since 2010 without success. I contacted FOS and have been told that they will not consider my complaint as BM issued a final response letter to me on 22/08/12 making it out of time. I know that I absolutely have not received such a letter as they have repeatedly ignored any correspondence I have sent them and that is why I originally sought advice from FOS. BM say that I owe £98.97 on my mortgage from when I had an arrangement with them to pay interest only for 3 months in 2010 after I lost my job. I applied for an extension to the arrangement which was refused but I contacted them by phone and was told that the amount of £98.97 would be added to the mortgage. Since then all subsequent payments have been made on time. I am still receiving letters from them demanding this £98.97 and they have added £35 charges to my account almost every other month since June 2010 which is quite a large amount. As I am getting nowhere with fos or BM I wondered if anyone here could advise me about reclaiming these charges. Does anyone know a contact address for BM as I have written repeatedly to both addresses on their letters and received nothing in reply.
  7. Hi and thanks for your reply. How do I reclaim the DLC? Would I be able to reclaim the OSC I paid on my previous agreements before I cancelled? I'm going to check my Home Insurance policy asap.
  8. I have read several posts here about Brighthouse and their OSC and DLC policies. I have had several agreements with Brighthouse and have managed to remove the OSC but not the DLC. I have a TV from them which has been accidently damaged by person or persons unknown spilling some kind of liquid on the screen and although still working perfectly the TV has strange marks on the screen. I have told Brighthous about this when I went into the store to make a payment but the DLC was not mentioned. From what I have read on here I would think that I am not covered by the DLC "policy" and have wasted my money paying for this. Would I be better off just trying to claim on my Home Contents Insurance which has a new for old cover for accidental damage? I only have 6 weeks left on the agreement with Brighthouse.
  9. I don't know whether I'm posting this in the right place. Does anyone know a contact address for Birmingham Midshires? I've sent several letters to their Wolverhampton address but have had no response, I've emailed them and phoned without any success. I know they are now owned by Lloyds and wondered whether anyone had an address which may be more useful. I am disputing an amount they say is outstanding on my account and despite contacting them countless times all I receive is the same standard letter asking for the so called amount outstanding. I would appreciate any advice from caggers as I have completely lost patience with BM.
  10. We wrote to Kensington to "test the water" so to speak and told them that we did not consider their offer to be a fair one and that we were prepared to accept a refund of £500 fees. They have written back saying that they will not enter into further correspondence with us regarding fees and that we are free to go to the FOS if we wish. I know that CAG are not a fan of the FOS and would like to know if there is another organisation we could go to, I contacted the FSA but they don't deal with second charge mortgages.
  11. I have posted before about my arrears charges with Kensington and hope that this is in the right place. My partner and I have second charge mortgage with Kensington and I have been in dispute with them over late payment fees for sometime. I sent them a copy of your template for reclaiming fees for arrears, returned Direct Debits etc. the total of which is £695.00. They have sent a letter offering us £308 plus interest. What I want to know is, should we accept this? My partner thinks we should but I want to take it further. What should my next step be?
  12. I aplogise if I am posting this in the wrong place but here goes. My partner had a Debt Management plan through Chase Saunders to repay his creditors. He cancelled this when he discovered that the payments were not being made to the creditors, despite them charging him a monthly fee. He wrote to all his creditors explaining the situation and has been making the payments directly to them himself. He has kept up the payments they agreed to when he wrote to them. He has now received 2 default letters from Mercers on behalf of Barclaycard both of which are asking for a payment of £1000!! Obviously he is unable to pay this amount and we would appreciate any advice on what his next move should be. Thanks Carla.
  13. I have had several problems with Kensington since losing my job in January 2010. I wrote to them in June 2010 to inform them that I would have problems meeting the full monthly repayment from that month until I found new employment and also informed them that I would be cancelling the Direct Debit as there would be insufficient funds in my current account to meet that payment and asked them to contact me to arrange an alternative method. They completely ignored this letter and all I received from them was a notification that my Direct Debit had been returned unpaid and they would be charging a fee of £50 which would be added to my account balance. I contacted them again enclosing a copy of my original letter and I received a call from a member of their collections staff asking me for an Income and Expenditure statement which I duly completed for myself and my partner. I offered them a payment of £150 per month which was all we could afford and they refused this saying that we could afford more I don't know why. I contacted them and told them that I would carry on paying £150 but they never officially accepted this so they have been adding £50 per month arrears fee to my account since June 2010. I then recieved a notice that they were considering refering us to their solicitors to start repossession procedures so I contacted the CAB who told me taht as I had been making regular monthly payments of the amount we could afford then they should take no further action and the arrears fee should not have been aplied each month. They say this is wrong and that the amount outstanding is £1450 which includes the arrears fees. I have now managed to finally find employment and start on 24/01/11 I contacted them to let them know and they say thyat the arrears will have to be paid off within 3 years meaning an extra £47 per month on top of the normal monthly payment of £368. When I said that I did not know whether I would be able to afford this they were insistent that the arrears had to be repaid within 3 years even though the mortgage still has 12 years to run. Can anyone give me any advice as to whether it is worth making a claim for a refund of some of the arrears and, if so, how to go about this. They have offered me a refund of the original failed direct debit fee plus a"goodwill payment" which totals £58!! I have refused to accept this but don't know how to take things further. I too don't know how this company continues to operate in the way it does.
  14. I changed my supplier from Atlantic in June 2009 and there was a delay in processing the change because I owed them from a previous bill which as far as I am concerned I had paid. I changed to N-power and heard nothing further from Atlantic. On Saturday I received a"Demand" from them for £106 which they are saying is still unpaid. Is there a letter on the forum that I can send to them to dispute this?
  15. I have seen threads relating to Kensington on here but their circumstances were slightly different to mine. My partner and I took out a second mortgage with Kensington in 2007 and have been making payments regularly without problem until this year when I lost my job. I contacted them immediately when I knew I was going to have problems meeting the payments to ask about the Homeowners Mortgage Scheme but they did not get back to me straight away. I had to cancel the Direct Debit with my bank and informed Kensington of this. I eventually received a letter from them telling me that my account was in arrears so I contacted them again to explain and offered them payments of £150 per month. The normal payments are £358.56 but I explained that £150 was all I could manage and wanted a temporary arrangement to pay this amount. I did send a payment of £642 off the arrears in July but paid £150 in August and September. They have sent me a statement of arrears going back to when the mortgage was first taken out, they are charging £50 per month arrears fee plus they have levies a charge for unpaid direct debit even though I told them in advance I would be doing this. The total arrears are over £800 including fees. I wrote querying this and they have offered to refund the Direct Debit fee and approx £58. I do not think that this is fair as I am making a payment each month and the fees are just adding to the arrears. Am I correct in thinking that the monthly fee should be reduced or waivered if some sort of payments are made? What should I do about this is it worth going to Ombudsman?
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