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  1. Hi, I have just received a letter from the Bank of Ireland advising that from September they will no longer be providing current account services. I have had an account for several years. Is there any other bank offering a good basic account?
  2. Hi, I have just received a letter from the Bank of Ireland advising that from September they will no longer be providing current account services. I have had an account for several years. Is there any other bank offering a good basic account? This post has been promoted to an article
  3. Although Halifax never replied to my letter I have had a letter from Wescot acknowledging that I have raised a dispute. Are Halifax allowed to pass the account to Wescot when there is a dispute?
  4. I only used 3 companies, Wonga Sunny & Satsuma. Wonga loans: May 2014 £450 loan £219.22 interest Oct 2016 £200 loan £112.03 interest Sunny Mar 2016 £200 loan £137.59 interest Apr 2016 £250 " " £214.15 " " May 2016 £150 " " £106.65 " " aug 2016 £200 " " £161.02 " " Satsuma Dec 2015 £300 " " £129.26 " " May 2016 £500 " " £457.58 " " May 2016 £200 " " £86.26 (paid off early) Dec 2016 £100 " " £43.33 I am sure there are more
  5. Hi I first took out a pdl in 2014 but paid it off early. however when I was struggling in 2016 I was heavily into them and sometimes had 4 or 5 going at the same time. I once had 3 with Sunny running concurrently. I think I have a record of all the loans I took out in the last 2 years Do I have a reasonable claim?
  6. Thanks for the advice No I didn't pay
  7. I opened a current account with Halifax in June 2015 with a £250 overdraft facility which I used on a regular basis but cleared every month. In August 2016 I ran into financial difficulties due to an increase in overdraft fees, up to £100 per month. i wrote and explained I was suffering hardship and Halifax cancelled the fees for that month. By this time I was using payday loans to keep my head above water. I struggled along until January 2017 when I again claimed hardship and more charges were cancelled. However, the charges soon crept up to £80 or £90 per month as I was unable to clear my overdraft at the end of the month. In March I opened a current account with the Post Office and stopped using my Halifax account apart from making deposits to try and clear the O/D. In October I received a letter advising that my account would be closed in 2 months. I rang customer services and was advises that if ! paid £52 to clear the excess on my overdraft they would halt additional charges. I agreed to this but my next statement showed a further £40 had been charged . I think that is the maximum since they reviewed their charges. I wrote in December but got no reply or acknowledgement. I wrote again in January by recorded delivery but again received no reply last week when I was informed that the account had been passed to Wescot. I am unable to access my account but Im still getting emails saying there is important info in my message box. What do you suggest as my next step.
  8. Hi My OH took out a loan with TSB in 1991 to buy a car. She had to take out PPI on the loan as she had just started a new job. My question is : who does she make the complaint to? She took out the loan before TSB was taken over by Lloyds but now TSB is a separate bank. Thanks
  9. Just received my final decision. No change from the preliminary decision. I don't think that anything anyone says is going to change their mindset. the last line of the letter adds "if you don't agree with the decision you can still take your complaint to court." This is despite the fact that the last comment in my final email advised that I had already been to court.
  10. Does anyone remember this from 2014? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-27679311 Especially this comment from Barclays: Barclays acknowledged that its previous system, which assessed month-by-month whether a PPI premium had triggered a fee, did not fully capture the cumulative effect of fees and charges, as regulators require. So what has changed since then?
  11. Received my preliminary decision fro an ombudsman. Much the same as Miaspa's Not what I was hoping for... Kyley Hanson.pdf
  12. I made claims with 4 banks but only had any payment from MBNA, even though two of my other claims were also with L&E. Payment for the MBNA claim was paid into my CC account but in one lump sum, 8 months after my successful claim. In the intervening months I was still paying £70+ PPI premiums and being hammered with penalty charges. I only ever had one payout from the policy.
  13. Latest response from my adjudicator: MBNA only sent limited information about the fee they wanted to refund. However I have their breakdown of the offer and so I independently checked whether I felt what they were saying was correct. I included a section in my view, please see attached, addressing this. I said that I thought another two fees should be repaid. However as a claim hadn’t been deducted from the offer, and this outweighed the fee amounts, I said that nothing further should be paid. The ombudsman will have all this information and they will include this all in their decision.
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