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  1. Your friends work is exactly the kind of thing we need. I recycle just as much as I possibly can and I’m proud that I produce less than a carrier bag sized amount of landfill for the fortnightly collection but it frustrates me when obviously recyclable/reusable stuff is land filled..... grr....
  2. How does admitting you never exceed 80 make you “innocent”?
  3. This isn’t the same property where the landlord was stealing electricity, no?
  4. Before you do anything at all, can you please complete the questions in the link... https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?462118-Have-you-received-a-Parking-Ticket-(1-Viewing)-nbsp
  5. Can you tell me if you applied for the card via an employer portal? For example, although my AMEX is Corporate, It is in my name, my address and I am responsible for it. I can spend what I like but I got to pay it off. I then claim back legitimate expense from my Company. Letting other people use my card is against the terms...
  6. NHDC collects all types of glass, BIFFA then recycles it. Having spent millions on processing equipment for glass I’d be surprised if it gets dumped... Bedfordshire, however, doesn’t take glass... It seems there isn’t really any excuse not to, though...
  7. Because you may well wake up one day with a CCJ awarded against you and nothing you can do about it.
  8. You haven’t given your creditor your current address? Are you sure RW are referring to the same debt?
  9. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/expat-money/10780197/Britons-face-losing-their-Barclaycards.html
  10. Is there a difference between using herion, crack and the ILLEGAL use of benzo?
  11. Those terms state you may have to pay 90% of the holiday cost if you cancel between 8 and 21 days.... keep trying on the phone.... Can you find another person to go with? That might help you mitigate your losses....
  12. How did you get confirmation these cabins won’t have baths?
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