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  1. Wow. Almost 2 years since I've posted here. This one as reared its ugly head, again! To be taken seriously? I have a fantastic credit history at present, not a single debt but this one being an eyesore barclay_howard_2016_sept.pdf
  2. Hi guys, Can't believe i'm bumping this but here goes. So I got a call today from PRA group - in connection to this loan/debt. I told them to send any correspondence in writing and that I was not going to comment. Only to say that I represent myself. I have zero debts, zero ccjs, no loan, credit cards, overdrafts, store cards... Nada! I'm strictly spend by my means type of guy. Shall be interesting to see what they send me lol
  3. Update! CCJs now removed from my Credit Report. My credit score has shot up to 853. I have no debts, no loans, no credit cards. All I have is 1 late payment on old credit card from 2013. This forum and experts pulled me out of the mess. I'm glad I never declared bankruptcy or applied for an IVA.
  4. Another letter. They like using the words 'court' alot!
  5. Another later from MKRR now with 'court' recovery used
  6. Indeed! Is there anyway to get a CRa beyond what is listed on most credit check sites?
  7. Another letter from Moorcroft about Cahoot loan. Attached the response to SAR from Santander. Scare tactics? Still not myself been able confirm if this debt has been defaulted as I can't see it on my CRa?
  8. Good, that's exactly what I wanted to hear! Should I CCA request them or just 100% ignore them?
  9. OK so i'm still getting the scare tactic letters... My concern is can MKRR default this debt? Since they own it and Barclays sold them the debt whom already defaulted this debt (expired and off my CRa) isn't it a possibility? Seems by looking round the web MKRR are pushy... Here's an example - not mine but shows just how crazy there scare tactics are! http://oi58.tinypic.com/2l8w8si.jpg
  10. Not sure how but MKRR got my work number! Told them the same thing, letter letter letter! Kept going on about income and expenditure sheet, payment plan.... Next it will be my mobile number and i'll have to get that removed off there system too.
  11. Indeed, so should I simply ignore there letters or make a response?
  12. Well well bringing this one back from the dead a little, its been 10 months and not a single word till now. Barclaycard have openly stated in the letter attached that they have sold the debt. Now I'm getting grief from MKRR, whom have called and I have insisted they only contact me in writing. They have now removed my number from there system and it will all be letter format only. They kept saying we'll still be perusing 'collections' repeatedly I just listened with no response and told them 'letter'. My credit report has never looked better. No defaults (this barclaycard expired last year), CCJs all satisfied and no late payments. I've 40 weeks till CCJ is off my CR. So, what's my next move?!
  13. Moorcroft in today. Also had statement from Santander for the same balance.
  14. OK. Its just the most threatening letter I've had to date. The word 'court' just made me shiver a little. There really must be something in the pre-2008 SAR from Santander, i'm hoping it was defaulted. I'll chase Santander via letter form tomorrow asking for update.
  15. It says court proceedings, which I assume is CCJ. Also on the bullet points, did I just catch them saying 'detailing this default'? so that means this account has already defaulted, probably something which would appear in the pre-2008 SAR? All if's and but's but after clearing 2 CCJs, I have to wait till next year when there off my credit report. Getting this one would totally screw me
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