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  1. Hi, Im trying to unravel my late father's very complicated finances, as I'm his executor. I found a letter from Hoist Finance dated from last year stating they own the account, with an outstanding balance of £2131.92. When I phoned to say he'd died they told me it would be passed to 'Philips and Cohen' - this was mid-January and I've heard nothing (luckily). Having read these forums I then wrote to MBNA requesting all his account data but they replied stating the 'GDPR only applies to personal data relating to a living individual'. is this true?There's also a letter relating to anot
  2. Hi all, I'm struggling to manage my deceased Father's debts as the executor. I'm left with a complete mess of paperwork. There is a little bit of money left in the estate but I'm unwilling to pay up to debt collection agencies unless I know its legit having read some of the threads on here. Santander responded to my SAR request and I've traced back a debt of £2131.92 that was with Hoist, and has been sent to Philips and Cohen since he died - they've not contacted me. However I see the original debt for £3000 dates back to 1999, but the Santander info stops in 2008, 10 years ago - how
  3. Hi Everyone, Tricky situation, but I'm hoping for some guidance, found a few bits of info on here. Unfortunately my father passed away last summer. I am joint executor (with my sister who lives overseas). Here's the background but unfortunately I don't have much paperwork - He had a small bungalow worth £225k but also a £162,500 mortgage. This was sold by GE money to him, aged 70, for 14 years (In 2004) - interest only. He wasn't great with money(his whole life tbh) and soon fell into arrears. In 2006 it was sold on to Engage Credit. We are about to finally c
  4. Hi I recently checked my credit file with Experian as I was thinking of going for a mortgage. I have discovered that there are several accounts that are my father's on my credit file despite the fact that we are not financially linked. Having spent 25 minutes with Natwest who were absolutely useless at first, someone has sent me a link for a complaint form. I was unsure whether I can claim anything for breach of Data Protection Act as I can see all my father's financial information. There are several other accounts as well which are being disputed through Experian.
  5. Hi. For the last 3 years, I've been the carer for my wife. Through unemployment, we have a joint ESA claim. Due to unemployment, I had the spare time to look after her, and did as I imagine any partner would do. The claim is in my wife's name, we get £280 a fortnight, as she was last put in the work related group, although her advisor believes she should be in support... But we need to wait for the next medical, and the people doing that have previously failed her 3 times with 0 points, before we went to court each time and they found she should have scored between 10 and 16. An
  6. In 2012 my father received a demand letter from a company called Mackenzie Hall saying that they were collecting a debt acquired from the Lending Stream. He had no recollection of any kind of contact with either company or even a need to use this form of borrowing. He was 77 years old at the time and not in the best of health and housebound unless others took him out. MH were dealt with through correspondence asking for copies of agreements and proof of any transactions which they could not do so. They could only provide so called figures of the original amount, payments made a
  7. Hi I’m hoping someone can point me (and my father) in the right direction. This is the back story. I helped my father resolve visa problems around 5 years ago whereby his APR was increased and monthly payment amounts raised – he was paying the interest only per month on his cards with one company requesting nearly 35% APR. He has successfully (with the help of forum users) paid off all but one company. We managed to negotiate “full and final” payments with all but one of them. I believe one company tried to go with a Debt Collection Agency but we wrote to them
  8. Hi all, So I found out last night my father of 74, is [causing problems] people by selling them fake brand named guitars, that he buys brand new from China. I live with him, so I noticed he started buying guitars sometime back, then would sell them on, nothing seemed to out of the ordinary, but then I realised he's buying guitars from a Chinese ebay style site, with the Gibson or Fender branding for about £150-£200, plays with them for a while, then lists them on Gumtree/friday ad as "original" (non fake), with the description of the guitar copied/pasted from the Gibson or Fender websit
  9. My father is in his 70's and was worried when he received a Parking Fine from Athena Ltd and complained to me that he actually parked in their car park and shopped in the Lidl store. He was there for quite a while and I am unsure if he went anywhere else either way the ticket states he was 1 hour and 13 minutes. In his annoyance my father contacted Athena to complain about the ticket and was given a deadline to appeal but handed it to me to write to them. I was very dismayed that he contacted them and informed him that he should not bother with civil parking fines but as a
  10. I was wondering if some kinds souls could offer some direction. My wife's father ( who has been estranged for approx. 20 years ) has passed away. She has bee informed by her Uncle that there is no will so it falls to my wife and her brother as beneficiaries. Her Uncle asked if he could be executor of the estate and gone as far as to assign a solicitor. On contact by the solicitor to see if my wife agrees to this, she said no. My wife and brother in law would like to be executor. The fear is that the Uncle will not take kindly to this and may be ...obstructive. How wo
  11. Good Afternoon Everyone, Unfortunately and unexpectedly my father passed away last Friday due to a motorbike accident. At present I am tying up his finances and have come to a bit of a grey area for myself which I am hoping someone can help me with. Last July my father purchased a brand new car on PCP with Black Horse (through Arnold Clark) - I will list all details; Cash Price of Goods - 18,077.49 Total Amount Repayable (inc. hire purchase charge) - 22,409.11 47 Monthly Payments of - 319.13 Final Optional of - 7,410 So far he has paid - 3829.56,
  12. 'I'm from the Vatican, you're f*****': Drunken priest suspended after he kicked and spat at PC and paramedic Parish priest Gareth Jones, 36, had been drinking heavily when he passed out on a street in his clerical attire and swore at a paramedic when the paramedic tried to wake him up, then lashed out and kicked the emergency worker twice in the leg. When two police officers intervened, he kicked one in the cheek, and said “ I have diplomatic immunity'” The officer asked 'which embassy? too which the priest replied "The Vatican, you're f*****" A spokesman for t
  13. Hi, My father passed away 6 weeks ago, he has been divorced from my mum apporx 13 yrs, but did remarry. My mum has recently been pursuing a PPI claim on joint accounts / mortgages they had together. she received a letter today stating that the full PPI claim has already been paid out, almost £4000! which suggests that my dad has forged her signature to claim 100% of the share... ...She was only wanting her 50% Where will she stand on this as he has now died, but his now widow is still alive, and would have benefited from this? As you can imagine I am li
  14. Until a year ago my father was living in sheltered housing provided by Hanover Housing. He had to leave and go into a care home following a fall. While he was living in sheltered housing he was paying for one hot meal a day which he very rarely had. He didn't want to eat in the canteen as he found it difficult to walk ther e and preferred to keep his own company and the staff refused to bring him hot food. As a result he dramatically lost weight and was very unhappy. When he left there Hanover sent a final bill for the costs and as we were unhappy with what he received
  15. Hi guys. Bit of a strange one this. Last May my father came to the place where I was living with my mates and didn't like the place. A week later he skyped me and said he wants me to get my own place and he'd send the money to help me out. I found a place, got the costs of moving in and he sent me £2280 (£900 deposit) in October last year he emails me asking me to pay the £900 deposit back claiming he's skint, this coming from a man who has 2 villas in Kefalonia, a top of the range Audi R8 sat on his driveway and had a 4 week jolly to Australia in J
  16. Hello, Pretty simple question really. My father died a few weeks ago, I'm his oldest daughter (not even 30 yet, never thought I'd be planning his funeral at this age). We've since discovered he had three credit cards, and has three interest only mortgages, and two repayment mortgages (4 were buy to let properties, bought so mum would have a bit of an income should anything happen to him - all pre-2008 so needless to say selling isn't an option). Dad was quite financially savvy so it's very unlikely he'd have paid PPI - but we'd like to double check to ensure he wasn't paying f
  17. Hello, Yesterday, my father took my 18+ oyster by mistake and was stopped by an RPI during his journey. At first, my father said it was his but admitted it was mine when asked again. He gave his details and went on his way. I will be asking for more details about the questions posed from him later but for now, I'm well aware of the consequences and am seeking advice from you guys. What can be considered helpful to prove my father's lack of intent? No letters have arrived yet, but I'm making sure to be proactive and collect evidence of non-habitual misuse of the service. I'm looking
  18. Hi, Long story but we moved into a flat in approx 2004 and lived there for 2 years. We paid a £400 deposit. My father in law moved in with us (landlord knew about this) and after 2 months we moved out and the tenancy was signed over to my father in law, with is as guarantors. Our deposit was transferred over to cover my father in laws deposit. So from 2006 until now my father in law lived there. Unfortunately just before Christmas my father in law died unexpectedly. He left no will and had no real money, (a small pension, very little in his bank account). He is not married, he had 2
  19. Hi all My father passed away last month however a few months prior to that he had started talks with one of the "we will help you get PPI back" companies. I know what these guys are like and they have contacted my mother who is not up to speed on their tactics etc and she has agreed to continue the claim. However my query is, there is no official executor as he had no will, so how can they get the info they need from the institutions? Next of kin wont be able to access it will they? Also, am I right in assuming that any money they get from any claim sh
  20. Hi all, I just have a question. My father is 73, retired, owns his own home and is a widower. He has a reasonable pension but would he be entitled to a council tax rebate as it is only himself and my younger unemployed brother that live in the family home? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  21. I am asking for advice on behalf of my partner. My partner jointly signed a power of attorney along with his sister back in 2004 regarding his father's affairs. Over time his father has suffered bouts of ill health and stays in hospital. Last time he was in hospital he told my partner he didn't want to go home; however my sister persuaded him to go home against his wishes. Her concern was that if he went into a nursing home there would be no inheritance left. Anyway my father has since suffered further ill health and is indeed now in a care home. My partner's sist
  22. Hi My father in law died in FEb this year, he was in a care home with his wife who has alzeimers from September 2013, They have a house that no one lives in, however nothing can be done with this as we are waiting to find out if the house has to be sold to pay for his wifes care home fees. I check the mail regulary and we kept getting letters from a dect collection agency over the water rates, I phoned them and informed them that he had died (the letters were always addressed to him), they told me they would update sytem, Today I have received a county court c
  23. Long story short - Apart from the company evading tax by telling staff they are paying a cash 'after tax' figure, none of the staff including my father ever received payslips. And the P45 he received indicated a lower amount than what I was paid. His new Manager was taking over, which was the owners son. He told my father to not come into work a few weeks ago, and would talk to him the following monday as he felt that my fathers heart wasn't in it anymore, and accused him at the same time of passing work over to another rival company. My father went in but recorded the convers
  24. Hi all, A friends father is profoundly deaf, and he has just been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He cannot discuss anything over the phone, etc, so it would be easier for his daughter to be given access/permission to discuss any appointments, care etc for him on his behalf. he is happy to do this, as it is now looking like an care plan will need to be put together soon as it is untreatable, a nd without it, his daughter would struggle to discuss info with medical professionals. Is there anyone who knows anything about what this letter should say, we have be
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