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  1. Hi, Im trying to unravel my late father's very complicated finances, as I'm his executor. I found a letter from Hoist Finance dated from last year stating they own the account, with an outstanding balance of £2131.92. When I phoned to say he'd died they told me it would be passed to 'Philips and Cohen' - this was mid-January and I've heard nothing (luckily). Having read these forums I then wrote to MBNA requesting all his account data but they replied stating the 'GDPR only applies to personal data relating to a living individual'. is this true?There's also a letter relating to another MBNA debt from Link Financial, so they have sold the two on. I need to know how old these are etc. Letters scanned and attached. The reason I'm confused is I've also written to Santander (using the same template letter) and have received all the loan info so they obviously have different rules! - I'm not willing to settle anything unless I know how old these debts are and what they relate to. We couldn't find any paperwork at my Father's house. Any advice as what to do next - I did send certified copy of probate certificate with my requests. Many thanks for reading! scan0041.pdf scan0040.pdf
  2. Hi all, I'm struggling to manage my deceased Father's debts as the executor. I'm left with a complete mess of paperwork. There is a little bit of money left in the estate but I'm unwilling to pay up to debt collection agencies unless I know its legit having read some of the threads on here. Santander responded to my SAR request and I've traced back a debt of £2131.92 that was with Hoist, and has been sent to Philips and Cohen since he died - they've not contacted me. However I see the original debt for £3000 dates back to 1999, but the Santander info stops in 2008, 10 years ago - how can I find out what happened in between and if he ever paid anything - I assume if he didn't its now out of statutory 6 years? Any advice gratefully received as I'm currently chasing MBNA and GE money and its all v stressful! Letter/info scanned and uploaded. Thanks very much. scan0042.pdf scan0043.pdf scan0044.pdf
  3. Hi Everyone, Tricky situation, but I'm hoping for some guidance, found a few bits of info on here. Unfortunately my father passed away last summer. I am joint executor (with my sister who lives overseas). Here's the background but unfortunately I don't have much paperwork - He had a small bungalow worth £225k but also a £162,500 mortgage. This was sold by GE money to him, aged 70, for 14 years (In 2004) - interest only. He wasn't great with money(his whole life tbh) and soon fell into arrears. In 2006 it was sold on to Engage Credit. We are about to finally complete on the sale, and once all his other debts are cleared there's not going to be much left. We have managed to get Engage to refund £320 in fees. We're trying to establish when GE sold it on. Engage say most of the fees were GE money. There are £3554.30 in fees, plus £2703.72 in arrears. I do have comprehensive list of the fees/arrears dating back to 2006, but its hard to see who charged what, and when it was transferred. I'm so angry with companies like these who mis sell to elderly people who clearly can't afford the repayments, and my Dad was v clever hiding the full extent of the debt from us. My questions are: 1 - Can I do anything as an Executor as the whole thing is so unfair? 2 - Why the mortgage for such a large amount was sold to a 70Yr old - as the house can't have been worth anywhere near that in 2004 - I think it must have been mis sold (He only had a state pension) 3 - How can I trace who sold the mortgage? Can I report them to the FCA?[/left] 4 - Can I claim back fees retrospectively from GE Money (I've read the 2010 ruling on here) or doesn't it apply if the mortgage holder is no longer alive? With many thanks and best wishes, Caroline
  4. Hi I recently checked my credit file with Experian as I was thinking of going for a mortgage. I have discovered that there are several accounts that are my father's on my credit file despite the fact that we are not financially linked. Having spent 25 minutes with Natwest who were absolutely useless at first, someone has sent me a link for a complaint form. I was unsure whether I can claim anything for breach of Data Protection Act as I can see all my father's financial information. There are several other accounts as well which are being disputed through Experian.
  5. Hi. For the last 3 years, I've been the carer for my wife. Through unemployment, we have a joint ESA claim. Due to unemployment, I had the spare time to look after her, and did as I imagine any partner would do. The claim is in my wife's name, we get £280 a fortnight, as she was last put in the work related group, although her advisor believes she should be in support... But we need to wait for the next medical, and the people doing that have previously failed her 3 times with 0 points, before we went to court each time and they found she should have scored between 10 and 16. Anywhooo, it's a struggle. We recently had a friend, who was also on ESA. She lives alone, but has a partner. She got put in support group, and got enhanced disability, despite being far more capable than my wife of working. She gets £140 for that a fortnight, and gets a total of more than £100 than us. We asked at the CAB about what help the was for us, to see if my wife was entitled to more help and we were told to apply for enhanced disability and carers allowance. We did this 4 weeks ago (told it will take 9 for carers allowance to be checked). Enhanced disability, I phoned them for a time frame, and got told flat out that my wife was entitled to nothing. Because I'm not getting PIP (my wife does) as I'm her partner, and look after her, she is entitled to nothing. So I asked for their advice on what to do, to which he said don't bother with carers allowance. Because of I get it, at £62 a week, they will deduct £124 a fortnight from my wife so we end up with no difference, just a load of hassle? Is this true? I knew some of the £62 would be taken, but I thought you got an extra £30-something as a carers premium? So you do actually end up slightly better off? It's confused me now, and I don't know if it's with just cancelling it, to avoid the hassle of the benefit being split, deducted, etc. From what the disability premium guy said, it sounds like being in a relationship is a punishment, especially if you choose to be your partner's carer If it does work out better for us though, how much is back pay entitlement? It'll be 10 weeks from claim date by the time it is awarded, if we get it, but can it go further? We're a bit annoyed really, because our advisor knows I've been my wife's carer for 3 years, and not once has she mentioned the extra help we could get, that apparently we should have been able to request all that time ago
  6. In 2012 my father received a demand letter from a company called Mackenzie Hall saying that they were collecting a debt acquired from the Lending Stream. He had no recollection of any kind of contact with either company or even a need to use this form of borrowing. He was 77 years old at the time and not in the best of health and housebound unless others took him out. MH were dealt with through correspondence asking for copies of agreements and proof of any transactions which they could not do so. They could only provide so called figures of the original amount, payments made and interest applied. I also contacted the police in case any fraud had been committed obtaining a crime number. I checked all his bank records and no transactions matching or resembled any of this or any of the companies involved. I provided all of this to MH and that the next step would be to involve the police further and my father’s local MP. He received nothing again after that last letter over 4 years ago. This week he called me at work in a right state saying that he has received another letter from a company called Asset Collections and Investigations Ltd referring to a fixed sum loan of £575 from the Lending Stream dated 03/08/2012. Which has now been assigned to them with effect from 22 August 2016 with all its rights, title, interest and benefits in and to the assigned documents and the debt. Quoting a client ref number, balance of £1672.00 their ref number and a PIN number Paragraph about debt has been registered with various agencies. To avoid further collection activity and potential legal action, please contact us no later then noon 02/09/2016. We will be happy to discuss an affordable repayment plan. We would also like to discuss the possibility of a reduced settlement payment to clear your account. Collections Department I would appreciate your advice as to next steps as I really concerned that this could tip my father over the edge, if they start sending letters like MH did. Best regards KDA2016
  7. Hi I’m hoping someone can point me (and my father) in the right direction. This is the back story. I helped my father resolve visa problems around 5 years ago whereby his APR was increased and monthly payment amounts raised – he was paying the interest only per month on his cards with one company requesting nearly 35% APR. He has successfully (with the help of forum users) paid off all but one company. We managed to negotiate “full and final” payments with all but one of them. I believe one company tried to go with a Debt Collection Agency but we wrote to them explaining the debt was not with them but the original Visa company. The last visa company (Mint), was offered £1500 in full and final payment around 5 years ago. They refused. The debt was for around £3300. He has then successfully negotiated a monthly direct debit payment of £5 (this is with the APR remaining at 0 (zero). He is 68 years old and his income is very low. He can only afford to pay £5 per month. He has explained to them over the 5 years what his income and outgoings are. His “spare” money only equates to £5.00 every month. They have accepted this until last month when he received a letter from Wescot. This letter informed him that they are happy to accept the £5.00 payments per month (for now). He has received a letter from Mint explaining all information regarding his account will be direct from Wescot. However, he has then received a Mint Visa bill requesting £1555.00 be paid immediately! This is obviously extremely worrying and I would like to know what is the best action to take. Do I contact Mint for him and explain that the debt is with Mint – no payments have been missed and their agreement of £5 per month has been broken (by them). Do I make contact with Wescot and inform them that I fully understand they have paid my fathers debt. I would greatly appreciate any help on this as he is looking to make contact this week if possible. Thank you Chris
  8. Hi all, So I found out last night my father of 74, is [causing problems] people by selling them fake brand named guitars, that he buys brand new from China. I live with him, so I noticed he started buying guitars sometime back, then would sell them on, nothing seemed to out of the ordinary, but then I realised he's buying guitars from a Chinese ebay style site, with the Gibson or Fender branding for about £150-£200, plays with them for a while, then lists them on Gumtree/friday ad as "original" (non fake), with the description of the guitar copied/pasted from the Gibson or Fender website, one such listing he is going to make soon says "This guitar cost just over £2000 new. Any sensible offer with be considered." When he told me what he planned to do, I said I didn't agree with it and how wrong it is, but he just turns his back on me and carries on. I have no love for my father, for reasons just like this, so I'm wondering, what's the best course of action? *(S c a m is a bad word here?)
  9. My father is in his 70's and was worried when he received a Parking Fine from Athena Ltd and complained to me that he actually parked in their car park and shopped in the Lidl store. He was there for quite a while and I am unsure if he went anywhere else either way the ticket states he was 1 hour and 13 minutes. In his annoyance my father contacted Athena to complain about the ticket and was given a deadline to appeal but handed it to me to write to them. I was very dismayed that he contacted them and informed him that he should not bother with civil parking fines but as an elderly person he is worried. My concern is that as he had made contact with them, he has admitted to being the driver of the vehicle. Should I write to them or leave it?
  10. I was wondering if some kinds souls could offer some direction. My wife's father ( who has been estranged for approx. 20 years ) has passed away. She has bee informed by her Uncle that there is no will so it falls to my wife and her brother as beneficiaries. Her Uncle asked if he could be executor of the estate and gone as far as to assign a solicitor. On contact by the solicitor to see if my wife agrees to this, she said no. My wife and brother in law would like to be executor. The fear is that the Uncle will not take kindly to this and may be ...obstructive. How would be best to ensure we obtain all relevant accounts ( there are a few by all accounts) and keys to the property. We are looking to instruct a solicitor to handle but firstly want to get a ball park figure as to the estate size. Any guidance / thoughts appreciated!
  11. Good Afternoon Everyone, Unfortunately and unexpectedly my father passed away last Friday due to a motorbike accident. At present I am tying up his finances and have come to a bit of a grey area for myself which I am hoping someone can help me with. Last July my father purchased a brand new car on PCP with Black Horse (through Arnold Clark) - I will list all details; Cash Price of Goods - 18,077.49 Total Amount Repayable (inc. hire purchase charge) - 22,409.11 47 Monthly Payments of - 319.13 Final Optional of - 7,410 So far he has paid - 3829.56, the car has a guaranteed future value as listed on the agreement as - 7,112. Black Horse have given a settlement (automated) of - 15,688.29 which I cannot work out where they have got that from and until they receive the death certificate I have posted them, rightly will not discuss the account. The options I have been given are; purchase the car outright (no need I already have a perfectly good car), sell the car myself and pay any shortfall or let them sell the car for me at auction. I am at my wits end on this as the resale value of the car is probably only about 11-12k tops (less at auction) and I am trying not to get the shortfall taken out of the estate as the money will be needed elsewhere for funeral and lawyer costs. Can someone clarify the halves and thirds rule on this, i.e. will I only have to sell the vehicle to cover half the total payment value (11,215.81) or is it the total value owed on the vehicle at the time of settlement figure? And is there any other options open to me? As always any advise is appreciated and if you have any questions in relation to the agreement I have it hear with me. Thank you all kindly.
  12. 'I'm from the Vatican, you're f*****': Drunken priest suspended after he kicked and spat at PC and paramedic Parish priest Gareth Jones, 36, had been drinking heavily when he passed out on a street in his clerical attire and swore at a paramedic when the paramedic tried to wake him up, then lashed out and kicked the emergency worker twice in the leg. When two police officers intervened, he kicked one in the cheek, and said “ I have diplomatic immunity'” The officer asked 'which embassy? too which the priest replied "The Vatican, you're f*****" A spokesman for the diocese of Chelmsford said "We are holding all those affected by this serious incident in our prayers." http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/06/03/im-from-the-vatican-youre-f-drunken-priest-suspended-after-he-ki/ You never know, if he wasn't a darned ginger the order might have protected him
  13. Hi, My father passed away 6 weeks ago, he has been divorced from my mum apporx 13 yrs, but did remarry. My mum has recently been pursuing a PPI claim on joint accounts / mortgages they had together. she received a letter today stating that the full PPI claim has already been paid out, almost £4000! which suggests that my dad has forged her signature to claim 100% of the share... ...She was only wanting her 50% Where will she stand on this as he has now died, but his now widow is still alive, and would have benefited from this? As you can imagine I am livid, but she does not want to take it any further to cause distress to the family..... ............ I think I may be acting in anger over this, and will get no where for her but I feel I must try something.
  14. Until a year ago my father was living in sheltered housing provided by Hanover Housing. He had to leave and go into a care home following a fall. While he was living in sheltered housing he was paying for one hot meal a day which he very rarely had. He didn't want to eat in the canteen as he found it difficult to walk ther e and preferred to keep his own company and the staff refused to bring him hot food. As a result he dramatically lost weight and was very unhappy. When he left there Hanover sent a final bill for the costs and as we were unhappy with what he received we refused to pay the cost of the food. Hanover Housing and the local authority have refused to accept this and have continued to pursue my father for the remaining cost of £343. They have also instructed a debt collection agency Medina Credit to follow up on the debt. My father has dementia, has no money or assets above the pension that pays for the care home because he was made bankrupt 4 years ago, partly due to the dementia. Medina Credit are now threatening legal action if he doesn't pay. I'd be grateful for any advice.
  15. Hi guys. Bit of a strange one this. Last May my father came to the place where I was living with my mates and didn't like the place. A week later he skyped me and said he wants me to get my own place and he'd send the money to help me out. I found a place, got the costs of moving in and he sent me £2280 (£900 deposit) in October last year he emails me asking me to pay the £900 deposit back claiming he's skint, this coming from a man who has 2 villas in Kefalonia, a top of the range Audi R8 sat on his driveway and had a 4 week jolly to Australia in January this year. I had no objections to sending back the £900 but says that as this was so close to Xmas I'd sort it out in the new year. He has now threatened to take me to court and given me deadline of July 31st. If I don't meet the deadline then apparently he's instructed his solicitor to add 3.5% interest onto this £900 from the day it was wired into my back . Now what I wanted to know is A, do I have a legal right to pay this £900 as we have no written contract or anything like that and B, can someone just add a random interest figure onto something like this?
  16. Hello, Pretty simple question really. My father died a few weeks ago, I'm his oldest daughter (not even 30 yet, never thought I'd be planning his funeral at this age). We've since discovered he had three credit cards, and has three interest only mortgages, and two repayment mortgages (4 were buy to let properties, bought so mum would have a bit of an income should anything happen to him - all pre-2008 so needless to say selling isn't an option). Dad was quite financially savvy so it's very unlikely he'd have paid PPI - but we'd like to double check to ensure he wasn't paying for something that wasn't needed. Best case scenario - we find evidence of missold PPI and reclaim for mum to use paying off his cards. Second best case, PPI covers his loans/credit and are paid off in the event of his death. Worst case, there's nothing, in which case we lose nothing. Any thoughts on how to start the process, and what he may have been missold on? Is it simply a case of checking his bills and seeing if there is an itemised charge for PPI? Or will it have been included in his interest rate/total charge? Credit cards and mortgages would be the first starting point, but I'm assuming it could have been anything? Also, I am executor of my parent's will in case they were to both die, however in the event of my dad dying he didn't (as far as I'm aware) have a specific executor. Would mum as his spouse be entitled to claim/investigate on his behalf? Thanks so much for your help in advance. I've got a lot of reading to do, but hoping to get it all under my belt after the funeral.
  17. Hello, Yesterday, my father took my 18+ oyster by mistake and was stopped by an RPI during his journey. At first, my father said it was his but admitted it was mine when asked again. He gave his details and went on his way. I will be asking for more details about the questions posed from him later but for now, I'm well aware of the consequences and am seeking advice from you guys. What can be considered helpful to prove my father's lack of intent? No letters have arrived yet, but I'm making sure to be proactive and collect evidence of non-habitual misuse of the service. I'm looking for avenues of legal aid, so when I draft a letter this weekend, I can get a professional opinion. Unfortunately, I haven't found any free solicitor services that can deal with Fare Evasion. If any of you know one such organisation or service, please let me know.
  18. Hi, Long story but we moved into a flat in approx 2004 and lived there for 2 years. We paid a £400 deposit. My father in law moved in with us (landlord knew about this) and after 2 months we moved out and the tenancy was signed over to my father in law, with is as guarantors. Our deposit was transferred over to cover my father in laws deposit. So from 2006 until now my father in law lived there. Unfortunately just before Christmas my father in law died unexpectedly. He left no will and had no real money, (a small pension, very little in his bank account). He is not married, he had 2 children my husband and my sister in law. The police have put my husband down as next of kin. My husband found out whilst going through his fathers paperwork, letters regarding his father paying an extra £50 every 2 weeks to the landlord to cover a water bill he had got into debt with. The landlord had agreed pay it for him. The latest letter my husband found was from the landlord saying the water bill had finished and there was one more bill of £100 to pay. When my husband questioned the landlord he said my father in law had kept paying it even after the bill was dealt with. My husband has worked out this would have been £600 over payment. So the landlord has £400 security deposit and £600 Of my father in laws money. The landlord has told us he is just working out the money and the cost of cleaning the flat (it was very dirty, no carpets just laminate flooring everywhere). We have now received a letter from him saying In relation to the deposit and fathers overpayments I can confirm I have most of the information in hand. I need to get the figures accurate so am just awaiting the cost of cleaning. Please do not feel I am being awkward with you,(as I also wish to resolve this quickly as possible) but I will require information on who is the executor of your fathers will, or the licensed administrator of his estate (if he died intestate). This may well be yourself, a family member, or a nominated person but we are only permitted to discuss this with that person. As any monies must go to your fathers estate. Please supply this at your convenience so the matter can be resolved. Regards Xxxxx What do we have to do, to sort this. We agree there needs to be cleaning but now he's asking for a licensed administrator. I've tried looking this up and am unsure whether you have to pay for this. Do we need to go to a solicitor or does my husband write back and say there is none as next of kin all monied should come back to him? It's not a huge amount but it is what will help with the funeral costs. We not after the money for ourselves just for the funeral costs. Any advice would be most appreciated. Thanks
  19. Hi all My father passed away last month however a few months prior to that he had started talks with one of the "we will help you get PPI back" companies. I know what these guys are like and they have contacted my mother who is not up to speed on their tactics etc and she has agreed to continue the claim. However my query is, there is no official executor as he had no will, so how can they get the info they need from the institutions? Next of kin wont be able to access it will they? Also, am I right in assuming that any money they get from any claim should they be able to get the info will be received by the estate and then dispersed out? At the time of passing he had a Barclaycard, RBS Card (both around £1k balances and was always at that level) and an Argos card. He had had a loan in the past that was paid off. He also had something from Creation which was related to a purchase from PC World/Currys etc. TBH I dont really want to put my mother through all the hassle which these guys are likely to do, because its not just a case of my mother signing an authority form. She has to do everything I would imagine. And all that to be hit with a massive charge at the end of it. Am I right in my assumptions? Or close?
  20. Hi all, I just have a question. My father is 73, retired, owns his own home and is a widower. He has a reasonable pension but would he be entitled to a council tax rebate as it is only himself and my younger unemployed brother that live in the family home? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  21. I am asking for advice on behalf of my partner. My partner jointly signed a power of attorney along with his sister back in 2004 regarding his father's affairs. Over time his father has suffered bouts of ill health and stays in hospital. Last time he was in hospital he told my partner he didn't want to go home; however my sister persuaded him to go home against his wishes. Her concern was that if he went into a nursing home there would be no inheritance left. Anyway my father has since suffered further ill health and is indeed now in a care home. My partner's sister failed to inform my partner for 3 weeks were his father was so he couldnt visit him. In the meantime, she has sent my partner a solicitors letter wanting him removed from the said power of attorney. She claims that my partner has had no dealings with his father but that is hardly surprising since we didnt know where he was!! My partner has sent a lengthy letter of grievance in response. My partner has never had a copy of the power of attorney so cannot remember what it contains. Just asking for some advice; he is reluctant to sign because he is concerned of his sister having full control of everything and king him to be a bad person by bad mouthing him to the solicitors.
  22. Hi My father in law died in FEb this year, he was in a care home with his wife who has alzeimers from September 2013, They have a house that no one lives in, however nothing can be done with this as we are waiting to find out if the house has to be sold to pay for his wifes care home fees. I check the mail regulary and we kept getting letters from a dect collection agency over the water rates, I phoned them and informed them that he had died (the letters were always addressed to him), they told me they would update sytem, Today I have received a county court claim in his name for unpaid water rates, claiming up until 2015, to be honest it had really upset me and I dont really know what to do, can anyone offer any advice please
  23. Long story short - Apart from the company evading tax by telling staff they are paying a cash 'after tax' figure, none of the staff including my father ever received payslips. And the P45 he received indicated a lower amount than what I was paid. His new Manager was taking over, which was the owners son. He told my father to not come into work a few weeks ago, and would talk to him the following monday as he felt that my fathers heart wasn't in it anymore, and accused him at the same time of passing work over to another rival company. My father went in but recorded the conversation, and was told he was letting him go. The new manager felt that my Fathers heart wasn't with the company anymore, he had handed work over to another rival taxi company, and he was caught smoking inside the premises. - My father only ever phoned another firm to hand work over when he didn't have enough cars on a nightshift to cover the bookings he had. - My father did get caught smoking in the office, but everyone smokes including the drivers and two owners. He supposedly got a verbal warning for this. However, no written warnings were ever issued! Despite my Father being a Taxi Controller there for over 7 years, and a driver previously for 7 years - meaning nearly 15 years of service to the company. I have 3 main gripes: - No Payslips ever given. - P45 indicating less earned than what I was paid, suggesting possible tax evasion. - Unfair dismissal. I feel he was dismissed because he was infact one of the highest paid controllers, on nearly £100 a week more than others, and they wanted rid. However, they did not follow procedure. I was very rarely ill. Never had days off. And they sack me on the spot for pretty much no reason, with no verbal or written warnings!? Does anyone know where we stand with this? We have recordings of the conversations etc. Thanks in advance, Tony.
  24. Hi all, A friends father is profoundly deaf, and he has just been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He cannot discuss anything over the phone, etc, so it would be easier for his daughter to be given access/permission to discuss any appointments, care etc for him on his behalf. he is happy to do this, as it is now looking like an care plan will need to be put together soon as it is untreatable, a nd without it, his daughter would struggle to discuss info with medical professionals. Is there anyone who knows anything about what this letter should say, we have been told that he just needs to write a letter giving permission, but it is how to word it? Kind regards Lisa x
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