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  1. I told Asset towards end of last year how this was effecting his health and they were chasing for the debt plus interest £1600 plus, provided all documentation from when Mackenzie Hall were chasing him for the same debt in 2012. Told them that I would approach all appropriate bodies for harassment if any more letters from them and heard nothing again which is 11 months or so after last letter. This looks like it is from Lending Stream for £575, so this is the 3rd time they have tried using M.H, AMgt and now direct to the court with no other correspondence. I didn't contact Asset again as they had left him alone but had my response ready and would have pursued through the authorities and was ready to contact his MP again as it contributing to his stress then a heart attack. Kind regards KDA2016
  2. Hello again... after the stress of last year of losing my father and father in law.. ..we were just getting back to normality. I then received a call from my brother last night to say that a letter addressed to my dad who died on the 26th December 2016, had been sent to his old address and a neighbour had rung him to inform him, so he went and collected it. I am expecting to receive this today and he says it contains a County Court notice against my deceased father on behalf of the lending stream for £585 plus £60 court costs and £10 per day if ignored. I understand that it is dated 20th September 2017. I am gutted as it just brings back all the stuff from last year, they must be trying it on surely and then has been no other correspondence from either organisation Asset or L.S. I would be grateful for any advice, I have a copy of his death certificate and all the documentation going back to 2012. He died of a heart attack at 81 years old and 4 years of worry over this. Kind regards KDA2016
  3. Thanks for your responses. My father had very little but had no debt whatsoever. Which highlights how annoying this whole thing was. There was no will because of this, so no exec and no probate with just enough to pay the funeral costs.
  4. I will try and keep this measured as I can.... We hadn't heard anything from either company since the last time but that is not to say that my father hadn't received anything, as he was still wound up about it all when I asked him if he had received anymore letters or calls. Sadly he had a heart attack and died on Boxing Day and I cannot believe that this all hasn't contributed to this, originally in 2012 and more recently. I would appreciate any advice on this as this all cannot be right? Regards and thanks for advice to date.
  5. Thank you for your latest advice. I had a statement signed in 2012 to deal with the original matter then. A formal complaint sent by recorded delivery was sent last week covering all your points with an emphasis on no proof of payment being proved in 2012/13 and now 2016. Also harassment of a 81 year old and the impact on his health.
  6. Thank you for your responses and apologies for the delay in responding but I have had to spend sometime after work with my father and when its a 60 mile round trip each time it is challenging. I am noting all the time that is being spent on this matter. in answer to your questions I haven't made a formal complaint as yet but have found the previous documentation from 2012 / 2013 where he did so will use some of the previous text. The CCA is the same as the previous time and has no signature and no tick box, he certainly has never had any access to a computer. There are certainly no reference to a cheque, bank account details or any payments. in 2012 / 2013 a compliant letter went to the compliance manager of MH requesting details of bank account the debt was supposed to be linked to but nothing was forthcoming... His bank records were checked at the time and no deposits through either a cheque or bank transactions had been made. The records have been checked again and there is nothing. His credit record is fine and his credit score is within the top 15% ranking. The last letter sent to MH/LS in 2012 / 2013 denied any liability of knowledge of the debt The OFT guidance on debt collecting was quoted and any doorstep collection would result in the police being called. Age and medical condition discrimination was also noted and in the interests of responsible lending to a 77 year old, he is now 81?! They were als asked to produce the last 4 digits of the payee bank and the last 4 digits of the so called account the loan was to be repaid. It was also stated that if action didn't cease that the police, local MP and media would be consulted. If I remember I also looked at the local trading standards people to MH at the time as another possibility. Hope that explains where we were and now with the current DC. I would like to get the letter off in the next couple of days if possible thank you
  7. Update and help please my father is now over 81 years old and we are doing the best to keep him in his own home by proving he is ok to be there however this situation is really pushing him over the edge I have now found all the original documentation from 4 years ago when Mackenzie Hall were chasing this for the L.S. My father has now received a follow letter from the latest chasers to say the following.. I refer to the letter I sent you on the 12th September regarding the above account. I am attaching a copy of the Consumer Credit Agreement with the L.S for your perusal and retention. I have been in touch with The L.S and they have advised that you call them directly on 02035647028 to discuss your account with the directly. in the meantime , I shall place your account on hold for 30 days whilst we await an update from L.S. should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me on 01698907055. The documentation is the same copy from 4 years ago...no signature or any proof of anything I have checked his credit report again and it is clear....his bank account has nothing as it did 4 years ago. Do I just send the same sort of response back I did 4 years ago to the compliance manager of MH but now to this new client quoting the OFT guidance on debt collection 2003/2012 or has it changed please? I would appreciate your advice best regards KDA2016
  8. Hello unclebulgaria67 and all.....a reply has been received, saying that thank you for your letter but we were unaware of MH early involvement so we are therefore putting the account on hold whilst we discuss further with the L.S and we will come back to you.. This second letter has triggered further events on his health and his doctor has urgently requested that I attend an appointment with him this coming Friday...
  9. Unclebulgaria67 many thanks I will get the letter off as planned and will keep an eye on the record...regards KDA2016
  10. Hi I would like to send the letter tomorrow. Is there a concern about the information from this credit agency please?
  11. Fko-Filee is this a problem regarding the credit agency as I want to send letter tomorrow....thanks and regards KDA2016
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