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  1. Well bit of an update! Went at Experian for a while and got through to someone who knew what they were doing. Luckily it didn't affect my mortgage in a big way because my broker managed to sort it out. My credit file is now clear of erroneous data. It was a mismatch with my dad's details and my date of birth. Got a letter from Experian today just saying 'With regards to previous correspondence, please find a cheque enclosed'. There was a cheque for £200 inside. I asked for compensation for dealing with the matter, but considering how much stress I went through and having read
  2. From looking at the data on the report, the earliest mention of my father's details being mixed with mine was an insurance quote in January 2017.
  3. Complaint raised via telephone. They are unable to see when the data was mis-matched and they called it. This has had a significant impact on me as I was going for a mortgage within the next month and have to put life on hold till then. Also, I was rejected for a bank account a while back and wonder if the false data was responsible for this. Is there any way to prove that the data was responsible for me not getting the bank account?
  4. I had previously contacted Experian before I wrote my latest complaint letter disputing all the incorrect data. They have just come back to me about a historic gas account with British Gas stating that it is accurate despite the account not being in my name! Fuming doesn't begin to describe it.
  5. have emailed experian requesting info e.g. when were the errornous files added etc and what they need to do to rectify the situation.
  6. I will try. I had been mainly using clearscore and noddle. I then saw that I could access it through Moneysavingexpert for free hence why I'm now here. checked his experian, his is showing as normal with the accounts. None of my information is showing on there. All is correct on his. Also, I have noticed on his corrections, which he hasn't made any, accounts have been disputed that match the accounts that are on my credit file that shouldn't be. I think there has been some serious mix up here on part of Experian!
  7. we have the same middle name and surname. Is that enough to confuse them? Its showing his name and date of birth etc on my file. Do I complain to Experian with a request for how long they have been on there etc?
  8. The accounts are historic as well as current. It also shows his searches and financial links with others as well as payday loans etc. Would I be able to claim from experian for breach of DPA? Can my father complain about his data being shared without his permission?
  9. Yes, none of the accounts are showing on there. Wasn't sure if they were completely accurate as I know some freebie CRA reports don't show you everything or is that a myth? Also, can the CRA's remove data from credit files?
  10. Not sure yet. Have disputed with Experian and waiting on various accounts etc. It does seem to be only on my Experian credit report.
  11. Hi I recently checked my credit file with Experian as I was thinking of going for a mortgage. I have discovered that there are several accounts that are my father's on my credit file despite the fact that we are not financially linked. Having spent 25 minutes with Natwest who were absolutely useless at first, someone has sent me a link for a complaint form. I was unsure whether I can claim anything for breach of Data Protection Act as I can see all my father's financial information. There are several other accounts as well which are being disputed through Experian.
  12. Bit of an update. Original hearing date cancelled due to judge been ill. Friend received letter from court stating that claimant had to pay hearing fee by the 18th November. She rang up on 20th November only to be told that he's been granted an extension till the 24th! She thinks is should have been stuck out as per the Order of the Court form. Is it worth writing to the court pointing this out? She has already rung them.
  13. This is getting interesting now. My friend has received the witness bundle of the claimant. It was initially sent by email which was un-openable. Was sent by recorded delivery reaching her on the 11th September (case is scheduled for 22nd September). The witness statement is very generic with no reference to any exhibits specifically and no explicit reference to the actual invoice which is outstanding. There is a massive list of statements showing credits and debits on a company account which he is not associated with, he was selling off his own back.
  14. I'm doing the witness statements and have got the gist of it, however, it has become known to me via my friend that she has proof of payments for the disputed invoice. Would I be mentioning this in the witness statement with reference to the documents in the witness statement as well?
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