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  1. Hi all, I'm struggling to manage my deceased Father's debts as the executor. I'm left with a complete mess of paperwork. There is a little bit of money left in the estate but I'm unwilling to pay up to debt collection agencies unless I know its legit having read some of the threads on here. Santander responded to my SAR request and I've traced back a debt of £2131.92 that was with Hoist, and has been sent to Philips and Cohen since he died - they've not contacted me. However I see the original debt for £3000 dates back to 1999, but the Santander info stops in 2008, 10 years ago - how
  2. Hi I purchased a cctv from Maplin about 8 months ago using my Santander c/card, I closed the account about 6 weeks ago and now the cctv system is broken, Maplin have liquidated of course so I ask.... Can I still claim a refund on my old card? Thanks
  3. Santander is to close 140 branches, putting 1,270 jobs at risk, the Spanish-owned bank said.The lender said the closures are in response to how customers are choosing to carry out their banking. Santander has consulted unions on the proposed changes and will seek to find alternative roles for the 1,270 staff members affected, wherever possible. The bank expects to be able to redeploy around a third of that number. Susan Allen, Santander’s head of retail and business banking, said: “The way our customers are choosing to bank with us has changed dramatically in recent years, with mor
  4. Hi To cut a long story short, looked at my credit file last week and came across a santander account, registered to an address 2.5 years ago, where my children live and where my ex is. That was odd as ive never opened an account. i phoned santander. They stopped cards and internet banking. They told me to go in branch and supply identification and address etc to recover account. I did this has been done. I now have ownership of this account as of last saturday. They also gave me a statement, The statement reads that on the 15th of june a cheque was put in
  5. Hi, I just wanted some advice please. My husband passed away 2 months ago. He had an old santander card which was taken over by capquest. I wrote and told them what had happened and sent a copy of the death certificate. I received a letter from capquest today addressed to my dead husband saying they are sorry for the delay and are waiting for santander to get back to them and they will contact him soon. I am so angry and upset I just want to know who I can complain to. I am going to write to capquest and send the original letter to santander and I also though the fca? Just wanted t
  6. Credit card refund by a merchant. Trouble is I no longer have the credit card account as I closed it. A merchant has agreed to refund me but says as I paid by a credit card he must refund it to that card only even though the card account no longer exists. He says the issuing bank will refund it to me if I get in touch with them. This I did but the bank said that when a credit card account has been closed, the bank will return it to the merchant. I am therefore in a limbo. I have spent enough time on the phone to them both and I am inclined to take each side to the county court. Should I d
  7. Today, 3 days before Christmas I learned that Santander had closed my account without warning. On the phone they said they are sending me a cheque with the account balance - that is my Christmas spending money for the family. I asked them what good is a cheque when I now don't have an account - open an account elsewhere was the reply - they know that will take 2-4 weeks and probably longer at this time of year. If they were decent they would give you a warning and allow you to collect your money as cash from the branch - not send a cheque which they kn
  8. I switched my Bank to these clowns after suffering Fraud with very little help from my previous morons. I tried to login to my account at work a few weeks ago and it would not accept my details. I later discover that my access is locked and I need to go through some kind of satanic ritual to be allowed access again. Despite providing all of my details they could not do it. The letter is in the post with your temp password and your temp in will follow. Needless to say this has not happened and it seems completely and utterly impossible to get this simple issue resolved.
  9. I opened a Santander 123 Lite account on 6/8. They told me that I could switch from my Danske bank within 60 days. Decided to switch salary etc last week. I have so far spent a long time on the phone nearly every day, taken a day off work, and visited two branch offices. On the phone they tell me there is a block on my account and I have to go to a branch. Went to branch only to be told there is nothing wrong with my account, and it is ok. I went to a branch near my work and was astounded that hardly anyone knows about the switch service, told I have to phone to do it,they had great
  10. Not sure if this is new, it's been a while since we've had to actually order a new card prior to a new one being automatically sent to us. My wife visited the bank yesterday to do some over the counter stuff. The person could not read her card so ordered a new one for her. Unknown to is this rendered her current card unusable. Called this morning thinking it would be a simple matter of unblocking an incorrectly blocked card but no. Apparently it was not an accident and she cannot use the card now until the new one comes. It's ok though according to the guy she spoke to as we have
  11. I have today opened a letter from a company called Phillps Cohen, addressed to the personal representative of xxxxxxx deceased, my late husband. They are trying to collect a debt they claim to be over £11k, owed to Santander. My husband died in September, after a four year battle against leukaemia, so you can imagine the stress I have been under and still am. I am not well due to all the stress of the last years and am just about coping but this letter is the last straw. They even have the nerve to express their condolences! They write as if
  12. is there any info on these forums where i can put a serious complaint about santander complaints department , i just got off the phone to the useless peoples and i questioned why they allowed a payment to go out of £237 to kwik fit insurance , 3 months after my wife cancelled with them , and stopped direct debits , and i was gonna use this money to do my food shopping , ( i was stood outside asda at the time) they said because my wife gave them card details months ago to set up the policy, it allows them to take money anytime they like , i
  13. Hi all, I have had an arrangement in place for five months now to pay off a Santander credit card, I received a letter last week from their collections department advising me that as I am experiencing financial difficulties and therefore wouldn't be making full payments on my account, I had breached my agreement and therefore a default is to be registered. I wrote to Santander to challenge this, to which their complaints department replied (with one or two slight grammatical errors, so presumably handwritten) saying that I'd received nothing more than a standard letter which is gener
  14. At the moment like many we are struggling like most and we have help with the rent form the government at the moment , first I admit we were not good keeping a track , but the point is our help went into the bank and the bank took it in charges , can they do this without notification that they are going to , we didnt realise we had any charges , ,thank you in anticipation ........
  15. Hi, I would really appreciate some help on this. I took out a loan around October 2008 from Santander (£25K). I made regular payments till April 2010 sadly my career took a nose dive and I was unable to continue payments. I have not made payments since and I was unable to get any credit anywhere as a result s I never looked at my credit file. Since then I have had various communications from the bank as well as letters from various debt collection agencies (around 10 different ones) saying that they have taken over the loan. I was hop
  16. Grateful for advice: In short, I received a letter from Santander saying my application (made online) for a personal loan had been successful. The letter (dated 12/08/14, signed Pam Speed, Director of Santander Operations) said the money would be in my account within 2-4 working days if I followed "THREE EASY STEPS". 1. Read the Pre-Contract Credit Information and Pre-Contractual Explanation. 2. Sign and date the 'Signature to Agreement' section of Our Copy of the Agreement and, Step 3, Return in the envelope provided: Our Copy of the Agreement. These th
  17. Hi Yesterday to my horror I discovered I was overdrawn and the reason was because Santander had made me so by giving me 3 bank charges of £25. and a £10. overdrawn fee for the privilege for failed direct debits, two of which were failed because I was overdrawn by £7. I really do try to keep my account on top of it's self and it's not always been easy but 3 charges whilst on benefits has really done me in... I have no food in the house and have had to borrow money to clear the overdrawn amount before they charge me again... I am at my whit's end and just don't know what t
  18. Hi, I am having problems with Santander Cards. I received a letter a couple of months ago from Santander saying they had previously tried to speak to me about a debt of 6k that needed paid immediately. I've had no contact from them- and also have no debt with them. I phoned Santander who explained there had been an error, and I had received a letter regarding another customers debt. They confirmed over the phone I owed nothing- the card it relates to has been closed for a couple of years! I requested confirmation of this in a letter. They have sent me one, but it doesn't actually say
  19. Hello Here goes first time using this... I am in desperate need of some advice and help. I have taken this matter to the Ombudsman however it seems like their not able to do anything either. Can any one help I have copied the letter to ombudsman below and if you wish to see their reply i can also share that. In 2007 I took out a credit card with Abbey and I used it and made regular on time payments, however in the March 2008 I started to receive double statements. One statement was the usual red and white A5 statement with the normal re-payment method an
  20. I have a simple question ... Can a Bank do the following to me without any notice whatsoever? I did not know I was overdrawn and had a bunch of money in my other account, it would have taken me a second to transfer if I recd. a notice. All these were slapped on me on a single day. 31/01/2014 PAID TRANSACTION CARD PAYMENT TO xxxx £25.00 £1,050.33 31/01/2014 PAID TRANSACTION CARD PAYMENT TO xxxx £25.00 £1,075.33 31/01/2014 PAID TRANSACTION CARD PAYMENT TO xxxx £25.00 £1,100.33 31/01/2014 PAID TRANSACTION
  21. Hi, I am new here. Decided to post my problem because I cannot find any info' at Santander or answers elsewhere. So by posting on here and including words & phrases like characters, symbols, what can I include in my password, what characters are allowed not allowed, how do I create a good Santander password, it may lead others searching to this page. The create / change Password & Security number page at Santander on-line banking does not explain what can be used to create a password of 6 - 20 'Characters'. It says characters but I believe it means letters & numbers. I fo
  22. received a letter in august indicating that i was not entitled to receive any compensation relating to the cap margin and i should accept this in writing. i have not done so and wondered what others had done relating to this
  23. I complained to the FOS about my mortgage arrears, and trying to deal with Santander, whilst I was ill last year. FOS got my charges back, and they took them off my arrears. FOS said to ask immediately for a new deal, as we had missed out on any new rate, because we were in arrears. Santander say they cannot give us a new deal because we have a bad credit rating, which I explained was caused by them, and Nationwide putting late payment, and a default on our account. Thankfully I am back on my feet, and back to work. Can I try and change my mortgage to another co
  24. I have a small debt of around £150.00 with CL Finance currently, it used to be a Santander Card. I have only recently started looking into the debts properly. In doing so I sent a CAR request to CL Finance Today I got the response that they do not have the original credit agreement but have requested it. Please can you confirm as to what my next step here is please?
  25. Right its been a while since I posted on here so its going to be a long one. About 2 years ago I opened an account with Alliance and Leicester mostly because I was in the market for a new bank and also because they were offering £100 to new customers that used their switching service. Applied, got an account with a £250 overdraft and waited for them to switch my currant account. A month passed and no switch, I contacted them and they said that it hadn’t been set up and they’d do it now – another 6 weeks and no switch. We’ll call this account 1. I popped into a bra
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