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Found 24 results

  1. Hi I purchased a cctv from Maplin about 8 months ago using my Santander c/card, I closed the account about 6 weeks ago and now the cctv system is broken, Maplin have liquidated of course so I ask.... Can I still claim a refund on my old card? Thanks
  2. Hi I have a joint account with Barclays that I opened with my ex. I split up with my ex more than 18 months ago yet she is still refusing to close this account. Help please! My ex claims that she will not be closing the account as she is struggling financially and seems to think no arressment or freezes can be put on a joint account. Since we split there has been 500 loan applications made according to my credit file!!!!!!! Lost and would appreciate any guidance please. Many thanks F
  3. My wife has been employed by the local pub owner who took on the lease of the village shop three years ago. My wife was employed from the outset to work in the shop. Since day one she has consistently worked over 28 hours a week at a rate above the NMW. She has been paying tax, NI, pension etc and has received holiday pay. However, she was never given a contract of employment. The pub owner has now bought the land that the shop is on, and plans to demolish it and build houses on the land, meaning the shop will close. He is however going to open a small "shop" within the pub to sell e
  4. Hi, It's a bit of a complicated issue, but I'll try to keep it concise. It's relating to my partners BC account, for which he put his head in the sand until 2014 as he assumed PayPlan had 'sorted it all out', since starting a DMP in mid 2006. I took over the issue in 2015, helping him, as we discovered BC failed to default the account in 2006 (and where still trashing his CRA files). The journey since has been frustrating to say the least.... ...I use 'I' in this context as I have been writing the letters etc on his behalf to try to get this sorted. I have a complain
  5. I purchased an item using Ebay and the seller did not send the item. In my haste to get my money back I opened a Paypal dispute. However upon doing so the seller phoned me to say that they needed the Paypal claim closed to refund me through Ebay and rather stupidly I did so. Since then neither Ebay nor Paypal will do anything. I am unable to reopen the dispute with Paypal and Ebay say they cannot do anything because Paypal have closed the dispute (even though they are supposed to be two entirely separate entities). Now I could go the route of doing a chargeback thr
  6. I run a small limited company. I am owed just under 15K from another limited company. Lets call them ABC Design Ltd. The money due to me has only just become due, and I have emails from the director saying stuff like don't you worry me ol china you'll get your money etc. However, I have just found out that ABC Design Ltd is about to close down and another company ABC Design 2 Limited is about to open with a member of ABC Design Ltd staff as director of ABC Design 2 Ltd. In fact the director of ABC Design 2 Ltd was the person who signed the contract I have with ABC Design Ltd.
  7. I raised a fos complaint against Bongaloans (BB Credit ltd) for irresponsible lending. They found in my favour and ordered that interest and charges be refunded on around 10 loans I took out with them. They also informed that Bongaloans have gone into liquidation. Does this mean that I can forget about getting anything back from them? Is there any others out there in the same boat?
  8. I want my name removed from a joint bank account or the account closed. It is with TSB and has a £0 balance. Despite it being that either one of us can close it I have been told today that it can't be done in the usual way as there is a 'restriction' on it and it will need both signatures. Can anyone explain what that means? I have a sole account with TSB that is in credit and have no other debts or loans with them. Could it be that my ex has another account or loan with them that is in debt? That's what the customer advisor seemed to think was the reason but wasn't su
  9. Hi, I am having major issues with my bank Accounts. Here are the accounts I hold at the moment. 1. Personal Bank (currently have £8000 in it) 2. Personal Saving Account (which doesn’t get use) 3. Business account for one of Convenience store business, which is a LTD company. 4. Business saving account for the store above (which does not get used) 5. Business account for the two properties that I let out 6. Business account which got opened by mistake by my business manager which got opened with the business account for my properties 7. Business acco
  10. Hi Over the Christmas period I was charged by Santander £25 for DD failure, 2x £25 for two standing order failures and £20 for an unarranged overdraft request (which I didnt request or receive). I have spoken to the bank who refuse to withdraw the charges so I have withdrawn my money and arranged for my pay to go into another bank prior to the charges being applied. Now they have applied charges to the empty account and written to me saying I can write to the Ombudsman etc and that the Supreme Court ruled charges fair. Any positive advice? Thanks
  11. Hello I applied for a role and was told would know in two weeks; the closing date was 29 September they saw me 16th just before end of the day 1) Does day of being seen be included in the two weeks 2) Would two weeks be from the 16th or 29th Thanks
  12. Paypal have been closing and freezing accounts in the UK and EU citing US laws and regulations which it is trying to impose here in the UK and EU. This I believe is illegal. I have located what I believe are two pieces of legislation to back this up: THE PROTECTION OF TRADING INTERESTS ACT Link: http://www.law.stetson.edu/lawreview/media/u-s-secondary-sanctions-the-u-k-and-e-u-response.pdf and the following EU legislation: Council Regulation (EC) No 2271/96 of 22 November 1996 protecting against the effects of the extra-territorial application of legislation
  13. Hi, My father made a claim last week, everything went as expected and they told him the amount he can expect to receive(which wasn't much) and that my father can expect a home visit. He thought about it over the weekend and decided the amount wasn't worth the hassle and he didn't want anyone coming to his door anyway..... As he hadn't actually received any money I thought it would be simple to close the claim with a telephone call, but apparently not. They've asked him to send them a letter instructing them that he no longer wants it. Is this normal practice? Seems like a lo
  14. http://m.bbc.com/news/uk-31545417 If the forthcoming Court of Appeal case goes against the Bounty Hunting industry then people should start getting their claims in fast. If the Bounty Hunters are obliged to start refunding all of their victims, then they won't have enough money to do it. The result could be that they start closing themselves down pre-emptively. People should consider issuing small claims for refunds without hanging around too long
  15. Hi all, been reading the forums to see I'm not the only one with this problem with Barclays. On the 3rd of Jan, Barclays removed £9.6k from my account to "TO RECONCILE", reading the forums shows that this was an AML check, but I got a call on the 9th to say that the money is back in my account, and no we aren't going to tell you why it happened. I asked if there were any issues on my account that I should know about, and was told everything is fine, carry on as normal. Then the 13th comes along, and all access to my account gets cut. I call up and find out that my account is und
  16. Hi I got a Vanquis card a few years ago, and (I say this reluctantly) I've been largely happy with it. For the most part, I used it only when necessary and paid of the balance each month or as soon as possible. I recently started a business and used my card a lot in the initial period to help with start up expenses. I reached near my max of £3000 and stayed there for a couple of months. I've just paid off my balance in full and asked to close the account but have discovered that I am being charged interest on my last months balance, even though it was paid before the due date, and I won't
  17. Hello I am taking an Estate Agent/Builder to court because he owes me approx £2.5K. I am told that he has opened and closed a number of businesses and is likely to to close the business that owes me money to avoid paying me. This person committed a criminal act in order to get this business and has already been investigated by Trading Standards. TS decided not to take action against him for cost reasons. I am wondering if I can take out a personal claim against the owner of this business if he does decide to close the business that owes me money. What do you think thanks for takin
  18. I have a compulsive gambling problem. I took out a 8k loan in Sept to pay off two credit cards MBNA and Barclaycard. After I cleared these two cards off, I took what I felt was responsible actions to close both of these credit lines and to remove temptation. I contacted both MBNA and Barclaycard through their online messaging consoles. MBNA cancelled and closed my account within 24 hours of contact. Barlcaycard I received this response about 30 mins later However I never heard from Barclaycard as per my simple request to close down the account ASAP.
  19. Hi can anyone shed some light - I recently received two letters from Lloyds TSB out of the blue stating that after a review of my account they can no longer run a bank account for me. I have been with them for nearly 20 years, never had any problems, always in credit etc. Cannot find anyone to speak to to find out why, on what basis they made this decision etc. Just get told the banks can do this without having to give a reason. Surely there's a criteria on which they make their decisions??
  20. Hi i wasn't sure if i had the right section to post this but here goes my problem at hand. i opened a barclays basic account back in june this year as we all know we all need direct debit facilities as standard for everyday living/bill payments ect, with the basic account you don't get that feature so after afew weeks i went back into my nearest branch to inspect to see if i'm able to get any kind of direct debit card/facility placed on my account luckily i was able to have visa electron added to my account, now with that said my card came through a few days later with
  21. I have a Nationwide Flex account which I hardly use but it is set up to pay my PayPal payments. Last week I bought 4 items off ebay totalling £2.97 but didn't realise I had a 0 balance at Nationwide. The payments bounced and the wonderful people at Nationwide have informed me I will be charged £60. I've printed form off to close account but I am wondering what will happen about the £60 charges? Been into my local branch and they were has much use has a chocolate teapot. Any advice please ? Thanks in advance.
  22. Hey everyone, Just looking for some advice etc, hopefully someone can help me I have a credit card account with Lloyds, but now i would like to just close the account. The only problem i have is that i still need to pay back atleast £5000 (unfortunatly it spiralled out of control about half a year ago and i'm finding it very hard to keep up!). Does anyone know if i am still able to close the account and just pay off what i owe, or do i have to keep it open until its all cleared? I've been trying to find an address to write to Lloyds, but as its a credit card enquiry all they w
  23. Ok, first I'm not really back, just doing Lex a favour as he's swamped (well, he said hammered, but I think he meant swamped, lol) so put the pitchforks away! Second, THIS is far too important not to spread around, but I have no idea where it should go, so "Rural communities" it is for now, mods feel free to move elsewhere if required. I cannot stress enough the importance of the Coastguards. As I read elsewhere, they are the 4th emergency service and this is so reckless it takes my breath away. If you live near the sea (and in the UK, none of us are very far from a coast!) the
  24. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-20372036
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