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  1. I got a final written warning. Thought I would lose my job. The post were reported as racist but after investigation this was not the case and was never intended to be. Still found to offend one of my work colleagues hence the warning. I've took it on the chin and learnt from it.
  2. Thanks for the replies. All done and dusted. Time to move on.
  3. I shared two Facebook posts on my timeline and these caused offence to one of my Facebook friends at work. He reported me and now I face a disciplinary. When I was informed of this I immediately removed the posts and offered to apologise to aggrieved person which he was willing to accept management refused this although in past disputes between work colleagues management have actively sort this form of action. I've never had a good relationship with my manager over the five and a half years I've worked there, even though my work record is excellent and feel
  4. Thanks. I'm more annoyed than worried. My first absence was for 9 days due to my elderly mum being very ill and no one to look after her only me. When I rang work they said " don't worry about work. Your mum comes first. If you need anything just ask". I went back even though my sick note was for a month. Second absence was a 24 hour sickness and diarrhoea episode. When I rang work to go back in I was told I have to be clear for 48 hrs because I work in the food industry so I was off for 3 days. Final sickness I was off for 8 days with a recent flu virus. I spoke
  5. Thanks for the prompt reply. Unfortunately we don't have a union. My sickness is not down to work and I was off with 3 different ailments. I'll see what happens later this week.
  6. I work for a large national company and am facing a disciplinary due to absence. The company policy is if you are off 3 times or more or off for 3% or more of your total work days in a 12 month rolling period it triggers a disciplinary. I have been off on three separate occasions and a total of 20 days which equates to 9.85% of my total days. On each occasion I have gone through the correct reporting procedure and obtained the relevant doctors certificates where necessary. I have been informed this morning that I will be invited to attend a disciplinary hearing and it coul
  7. Great news thanks to you. Appeal allowed on the grounds of GPEOL. VCS claimed it costs them £166 to issue a parking charge. POPLA were having non of it. Thanks to everyone for your advice.
  8. POPLA sent of on the grounds of GPEOL. I'll keep you informed of any development. Thanks for now.
  9. Sorry to appear thick but what's GPEOL ? Do I state that the car had broken down in the reasons for appealing ? Thanks once again.
  10. Thanks for the replies so far. I appealed to VCS Ltd stating I am the owner of the vehicle but wasn't driving at the time and explained that the car had broken down. Has expected they have rejected this appeal and state "a helpline telephone number is situated at the bottom of some of our signs. By making a telephone call on the number provided you can inform us of any problems while within the site,and most probably prevent a Parking Charge Notice being issued to yourself." The driver never saw any signs,and if they had it would have taken longer to make the call than move the car !!!
  11. We were near Robin Hood Airport when our car started misfiring. Turned off the main road onto the airport approach roads,to avoid the traffic, and pulled up on double yellow lines. Normal practice to clear the misfire was to turn off the engine, leave for a few seconds and then start up normally without problems. While parked on double yellows a white van pulled up behind us. Six days later I received a Parking Charge Notice from VCS Ltd. This was the first we knew about it. It shows pictures of the car and registration number with a time lapse of 13 secon
  12. Thanks for the prompt replies. Tried to reason in branch today put not a chance. We had a refund 3 years ago so they won't do that. Will write to head office but there's no way I'm paying the £60. When I asked girl in branch why they pay the amount then bounce it she said they give a temporary overdraft then take it away. Easy way to make money if you ask me.
  13. I have a Nationwide Flex account which I hardly use but it is set up to pay my PayPal payments. Last week I bought 4 items off ebay totalling £2.97 but didn't realise I had a 0 balance at Nationwide. The payments bounced and the wonderful people at Nationwide have informed me I will be charged £60. I've printed form off to close account but I am wondering what will happen about the £60 charges? Been into my local branch and they were has much use has a chocolate teapot. Any advice please ? Thanks in advance.
  14. I'm 100% certain I asked for new for old and I'm 99% certain that's what we have,but has you say,the more info I've got the better.
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