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Found 25 results

  1. I work for a large national company and am facing a disciplinary due to absence. The company policy is if you are off 3 times or more or off for 3% or more of your total work days in a 12 month rolling period it triggers a disciplinary. I have been off on three separate occasions and a total of 20 days which equates to 9.85% of my total days. On each occasion I have gone through the correct reporting procedure and obtained the relevant doctors certificates where necessary. I have been informed this morning that I will be invited to attend a disciplinary hearing and it could result in a formal warning. I've no idea if this is allowed so I'm hoping someone more knowledgeable than me can give me advice. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  2. Debts to hand: HSBC Loan 4,408 Sainsbury Loan 22,271 MBNA 6,453 Overdraft 5,000 Barclays 3,400 Never defaulted historic I have now cancelled all DD and moved some funds to a neutral bank account. Overdraft already sent first message of daily fines etc etc. I have been doing my research and had already applied to SC DMP plan. After further reading I intend to delay this for 4 months to allow one a emergency egg to build and two allow some room for some of these lenders to default. Am in a position where I could be saving 1k a month while not paying fee's . Most of the debts are less then 5 years old I don't think the consumer credit requests will help much. one cc is 2005 I will issue them all with consumer requests in the next day or so. LI will also send a letter over the next few days advising of difficulty, asking for interest to be stopped and to have some speedy defaults. I will outline a 4 month window and that am working with SC in this matter. Ideally I want to get into a position where they all default to stop this AR stuff I have heard of stretching this out for 13 years. Hope to freeze this interest off fairly quickly I will also put in my not to make this journey by mail no phone calls thanks you etc. All my debts are unsecured, I live with my partner whom mortgages this house. We are not financially linked. Trying to get in a position where these debts go to the debt collectors for F & F down the road. Thanks for hearing rambles I think I have come up with the best option atm. I reviewed IVA or bankruptcy but felt this route could be the best one if all lenders can default within 6 months so this isnt stretched out more then 6 yearrs
  3. Hi Cabot /restons are taking me to court tomorrow for an unpaid credit card debt. Card was started in 2002. Debt was built up whilst receiving treatment for prostate cancer because I ran my own small limited company. Although the card was registered in my name, The card was used solely to pay business debt and that business folded some years ago. Lloyds TSB sold debt to apex management who in turn sold on to Cabot but I have no evidence of Cabot purchasing from apex. Restons tried taking me to court in Northampton last year but it was stayed because they could not provide my request for production. The law then was that they had to produce this in 12 days plus 2 days. Do you know if this still stands? Tho they have since sent me copy of one page of signed agreement with illegible writing. They have sent statement of account of duration of card use and also copies of limited pay plan where the company paid £5 pm for several as a gesture of goodwill. - this was not to Cabot who bought debt later In my defence tomorrow I have obtained doctors letter confirming the loss of my mother recently and that I am suffering from stress and anxiety - btw I am 66 years old. They have not produced original agreement under credit consumer act of '74 This is my defence I quote consumer credit act of 1974 they did not comply with statutory 12 days plus 2 to supply the signed credit agreement. Northampton court have already stayed this case previously because restons were unable to supply requested information. Any help and advice for tomorrow would be much appreciated thank you
  4. Writing on behalf of partner Employment Start date Jan 2016 At time of employment a disability was disclosed at the screening process and a full assessment was carried out by the DWP access to work team who advised a footrest and cushioned adjustable chair for the sciatica. The employer employed on this basics. A year into the employment no support or help has been provided by the employer and to date no specialist chair or footrest have been supplied. The employer is a national company and the working environment is high paced, at times when the employee has been in pain at his work station he has taken unauthorised breaks to strict and his adherence to schedule has been questioned. The sciatica is nerve related and when bad can cause sever migraines. Due to lack of support there has been sickness when the sciatica has flared up or a sever migraine has been present, if the employer supported offline work when at work with a headache so the employee was not constantly starting at a VDU (visual display unit) monitor this would help however the employer has declined this. Furthermore the employer has failed to support a flexible payback scheme which other employees have had approved. Would the equality act 2010 be applicable considering the disability has been disclosed from onset and the employer has failed to provide the items suggested by DWP access to work team?
  5. Looking for some advice, Wife works in a primary school and has been late on a number of occasions 15 in total since Nov 15. most of this has been due to our daughter now 2 having problems with nursery attached to the school she works in. Headteacher pulled her into the office about it and gave her a management instruction and told her if she was late again it would go to a disciplinary. She explained to the headteacher that she was actually waiting to speak to him about the times. she said someone had been altering her signing in times on the fire register giving and example of 9.01am being changed to 9.07am with someone altering the 1 to a 7 making it appear she was later than it actually was. She also pointed out that some times had been altered showing she signed in before 9am her starting time to show after 9am. At first she thought it was a mistake but after seeing a few of these she though she better speak to the head as the office staff didn't seem to know anything about it. She stated to the Headteacher that this was possibly fraud and he said well that is a bit harsh I wouldn't put it like that. But I think I know who has been doing it, it was the office manager but in any event the management instruction still stands and that's the end of it. My wife is thinking if getting her union in for a meeting as the head seems to think it's acceptable for someone to alter a legal document?
  6. I am helping someone out. This one is abit over my head. Tenant took out a tenancy with a relative and also payed 1 months rent in advance and deposit of £900 ish. So far no payments have been delayed etc or have been held back. They moved in approx 3 years ago. As soon as tenants family moved in they took pictures of things that needed doing or proof of what condition the house was in. The landlord has been cooperative upto a point. Problems that have started to arise are : Floor boards creeking(loudly) : Steps moving up and down when used in stairway. : Several places where there are depressions as if the floor is giving way. : the carpets need repalcing in several rooms. (Every time carpet is worn landlord comes along and cuts the bit of and replaces with a small patch) There are other niggles etc. The main door which was replaced last year made of wood lets a lot of cold air in. Etc. Everytime this has been raised with the landlord he makes some sort of excuse. A week b4 xmas the cieling in the bedroom caved in due to a leaking water pipe. The land lord only took action when the tenants had a row with him in front of their children with the landlord being very very obnoxious. The landlord has now said that he is not happy and wants the property vacated. He is due to serve them with a s21 two month notice. What do they do ? There isnt a papr trail of any complaints made. The tenants would rather stay where they are than move. I am completely stuck as to what i could advise them about ?
  7. I bought one of these cameras. http://cycliq.com/product/fly6 It arrived last week. It took only three days to arrive all the way from Australia and somehow managed to escape the notice of customs so there was no duty to pay. It certainly a bit on the pricey side – but in the last four years I have had two occasions where I have been riding in a narrow road and have been hooted by impatient drivers and eventually deliberately rear-ended by them. One of them was a taxi driver who reversed away when I got my phone out and try to take his picture. The second one was a driving instructor who then went on to threaten to hit me and laughed when I tried to call the police. The police arrived and refused to do anything and then simply had a chat and shared cigarettes with the driving instructor. This was in Paris by the way. It is these experiences which eventually prompted me to splash out on this rear facing camera because if this kind of thing ever happens to me again, I intend to make very serious trouble. The unit is like a large standard light. It is fairly heavy. The camera lens does not draw very much attention and no one that I regularly ride with has yet realised what it is. Although the unit itself is quite sophisticated, I would say that the firmware that comes with it is rather lumpy and there seem to be anomalies which are a bit of a nuisance although they don't interrupt the functionality of the light or the camera. For instance, my unit doesn't beep as it should do in order to signify the level of battery charge and also, the charging light doesn't always come on even though it is charging. Another example of rudimentary implementation is that in order to set the time and date on the camera, you have to access file in its root directory and edit a config.txt file. Still, once all that is done then it seems to work excellently. The video quality is extremely good and it overlays the time and date on top of the video image. Customer service from Fly6 – Cycliq – is extremely good so far as they respond well and in a very detailed fashion to my queries. They also don't seem to be too defensive about admitting that there might be a glitch in the firmware. This is refreshingly honest and it gives me confidence. The unit comes with two mounting kits so you are able to have mounting brackets on two bicycles. I would certainly recommend this item – although as I have said, it is sold at a fairly luxury price. However, it seems to be the only thing of its type on the market. Maybe if they start selling volume or if they get some competition, then the price will go down. I understand that they will be doing a front facing camera and that it will be available in February. I think that I am likely to get one.
  8. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3133755/Millions-facing-junk-mail-deluge-Secret-Royal-Mail-plan-deliver-marketing-letters-shoppers-simply-click-product-online.html
  9. Restons solicitors acting for Marlin capital recently agreed monthly payments via ccj which have been kept up to date, but now I have just recieved a letter from Restons stating an interim charging order has been obtained and they have sent me a copy of the application. Surely they can`t do this unless payments are missed? I have rang Restons and they say the letter was sent out as matter of course, and agreed no payments have been missed. But now im worried whats going to happen next. Can anyone please advise me what if any action I can take. Thank you
  10. Hello For years I have buried my head in the sand and hidden from my debts but I am finally facing up to them and I would really appreciate advice on how to sort them out. I have got a copy of my credit file, and these are my debts: DEFAULTS Sept 2009 Look Again £82 March 2011 Payday Express £575 July 2011 Lowell £759 June 2013 1st Credit £707 June 2013 Lowell £807 June 2013 Express Gifts £667 Sept 2013 Provident £385 Dec 2013 S&U £345 I am currently not repaying any of these debts except S&U. As I said, I have been putting my headi in the sand. CCJS 2008 Tower Capital £610 - this was paid off via and AoE but is still showing as active on my file. I have written to Tower Capital but got no response. I don't think they are trading any longer. 2009 United Utilities £334 2014 SD Taylor £995 - I am paying this off at £100 per month - balance now at £795. I haven't gone down the route of asking for CCAs or Default Letters for any of these debts. Would that be worth doing? I am thinking of writing to the £82 default and asking if I pay it in full, would they remove the default as a gesture of goodwill. Would that be worth a shot? I could maybe do the same with the £345 debt to Provident, although over 3 payments not 1. I thought of asking S&U to remove the default as I am still repaying the debt to them and as a current customer, maybe they would agree to this as a gesture of goodwill. Is any of the above worth doing? I want to sort things out and get things paid off and repair my file. It's taken me a long time to get to this point and I know I have been really stupid, but I want to put things right now, I just don't know where to start. If going down a CCA / Default letter route is worth doing and would help my situation, could someone tell me what to do? If it wouldn't help, is a Debt Management plan worth entering to start getting everything paid off, or will this just make my file much worse? I really am grateful for any advice. I suffer from very bad depression and it is a big step for me to be trying to sort things out, so even though you must think I am stupid, please don't be too harsh with me. Any advice is gratefully received.
  11. I run a small business that prints a free local newspaper which is funded by advertising. We were using a freelance salesperson to sell the advertising for us and they were paid commission only. We have now found out that the salesperson was quoting grossly inflated reader numbers to advertisers in order to get them to sign up for advertising. Basically, misleading them, or deceiving them into parting with their money. We recently parted company with this salesperson acrimoniously as there was a grievance, and now they are informing the advertisers that the figures they quoted to them were wrong and that we told them to quote them. Understandably, we now have lots of angry advertisers demanding refunds that we cannot afford to pay. Some are threatening court action. Basically, we are going to lose the business because of the unprofessional, spiteful actions of one individual who was saying whatever he wanted to ensure he made maximum commission. I'm guessing we could be looking at a Misrepresentation of Goods case, but we don't have the funds to pay out, nor can we afford to defend it in the courts. We cannot sue the salesperson as they have no money and no assets. I'm devastated as I was just trying to run an honest and respectable small business and now this malicious individual has come along and potentially destroyed it. If anyone has any advice, I would be extremely grateful.
  12. Good evening all. I'll be brief. We've rented a property last year, and a couple of times had a representative from GE Money turn up and inquire about the landlord, his whereabouts and so on. Eventually the same gentleman warned us from march last year until now, the landlord has only paid about £480 towards the mortgage of the property we went. Today we had a letter come through advising the landlord a court date will be set in the coming weeks and to prepare for it. He gets all his post delivered to our address and this one was already open, so I decided to take a peek (yes naughty I know). He sent a very stroppy message to my phone at the start of the week saying "call me asap yeah?" Everytime I do, shocker, answerphone. Landlord refuses to discuss the issue and says it's "in hand", GE Money will not officially talk to me as I'm not the landlord - I'm now getting very worried about my family. We have an 18month old and so far social housing have said "can't do anything until you're homeless". Council have said "not our problem until homeless, and even then there's a list". (paraphrasing of course). Where do I go from here with the landlord? *Edit: About me- work for fraud prevention for numerous insurance companies/warranty groups have done a bit of digging on landlord in my own time
  13. My loan is due out 10/1/14 Im going to default and offer to pay back in 3 monthly payments 2 small and one large amount in march when i get my bonus My question just to make sure: am i right to pay my wages into my new santander current account due end of the month and do i close ( which i dont mind) my 2 other current accounts barclays and natwest ? That way even though theres no money in the accounts and no overdrafts fac, so am i doing right by just closing those account( wonga has both their details im afraid) The debt is £1300 im going to offer £50 this and next month and then pay it all off in march I will be taking all the advice on here about emails etc etc ok Awaiting help thanks
  14. I have been suspended from work under allegations of theft although I haven't actually been seen doing anything wrong. I was lured to my work place under false pretences . I was telephoned my manager asking if I could come and do him a “huge favour” as he couldn’t locate vital information for the internal audit “because you’re a star and you will find everything much quicker”. When I got there I was called into the office alone, with 3 men, the door was closed behind me. I was then told by The operation manager that he needed to ask me a few questions regarding missing appliances. As I thought I would be finding paperwork not being interrogated I found this a very uncomfortable situation to be put in and being a lone female in a closed room with 3 men found this scenario to be highly intimidating and confrontational. At no point was I given the opportunity to have someone accompany me (an un-biased 3rd party) and felt the way this was conducted was extremely one sided. During the meeting I asked my manager why he had lied about his reasons for me attending the depot to which he replied “Well we couldn’t tell you the real reason we wanted you here, Could we?” This statement leads me to believe that he intentionally set out to deceive me. During the ‘meeting’ I was told by the operations manager that I was not being accused of anything but he wished to eliminate me from enquiries. I was then subsequently suspended on full pay with no guidelines given to me as to what this would entail on the day leaving me in a state of stress, confusion and panic as I had no idea of what the future proceedings would be. The operations manager made a statement to me at the close of the ‘meeting’, “If I was you I would be expecting the police at your door” which I feel was a threatening statement and bared no relevance to what he was attempting to achieve, nor do I believe it was his place to make this known. His statement left me on edge and seriously concerned about the impact this ‘visit’ would have on my young children. I also believe this statement contradicted the previous one made about me not being accused. Surely If I was not being accused the police would not be coming to my home. This comment was unsurprisingly left out of the notes written. A few days later I received a letter outlining my suspension on the grounds of ‘alleged theft of company property and associated loss of trust and confidence’ which I believe to be again, a complete contradiction of the operations manager previous statement that I was not being ‘accused’. I later received a letter regarding this disciplinary hearing . In this letter I was also told that a fellow employee or trade union member could accompany me to the hearing. However in the previous letter I was told I was to have no contact with fellow employees accept my partner. As my partner is not independent from this matter I do not feel it should be him who accompanies me. As I am not part of a trade union and have never been given any instruction on how to join one, I am sure you can see this leaves me with no option other than to attend on my own, which given past experiences leaves me feeling unnerved. In the disciplinary hearing letter I was given copy of notes taken during the unscheduled ‘meeting’. Aside from a fair proportion of the notes regarding what I have said being incorrect, there are also statements missing that other people in the room made. I was at no point told notes were being taken and would be used as evidence for the hearing or forwarded to the police, which as far as I am aware is illegal without my consent or without me signing the notes to confirm their accuracy. Although it states in the company handbook that notes can be taken during an investigation and used during disciplinary, I was at no point told this was an investigation against me and therefore dispute the legitimacy of these notes. I have been isolated from my only friends (who are my colleagues), I have been left feeling worthless through no fault of my own. I have been suffering from panic attacks, loss of sleep and various illnesses which I believe to be stress induced. As an apparently ‘valued’ member of staff for over a year, who left to manage the outbase and nominated for employee of the month twice, I have been treated like a low life with no worth and have been made to feel like the most un-trusted, undesirable person ever known. Do you think I have any grounds for a case against them for the way I have been treated?
  15. my employer over the past 4 years has carried out two enhanced CRB checks on me and all has been fine. My employer has never had a complaint about me and I have been an outstanding employee. Recently after a meeting with an external agency they have been made aware I had two allegations of assult on my CRB and these go back 4 plus years. Both cases were dropped and not proven. They were false allegations against me. My employer was never concerned before and had the information but now that some external agency i.e police or social services have raised it with them they are pursuing it and I am facing a dismissal hearing. I stated to my employer why was this not mentioned when they intially did the CRB 4 years ago. The answer was now the external agency has made us aware we must act. Can someone advise me if they dismiss me do I have a case of unfair dismissal or how should I argue my case when I am at the hearing? any help is appreciated.
  16. I was absolutely shocked today when I went to sign on JSA to find that my benefits advisor suspended my payment and referred me to a decision maker to decide if I am to be sanctioned for 4 weeks for not convincing them that I was fulfilling my JSA agreement. The problem was because I only took action on one of my three chosen jobs, because I have been trying to teach myself a bit of graphic design and get into that, so I've applied for loads of jobs but mostly in that area. i am still looking for other things, but just decided to have ac rack at getting into something that I liked doing, had been teaching myself and am quite good at. I am totally disgusted at the way they treated me today, they practically accused me of dodging work. This has never been an issue until today, which is interesting because I just finished my two years on the work programme, so it all sounds very much like they are deliberately imposing a stricter benefits regime onto me regardless of the fact I am doing everything in my power to find work. So now I have to wait for a decision, which no doubt will no be in my favour. I am going to challenge this all the way, and I have just emailed the DWP a letter of complaint about the way I was spoke to today by one of the managers, extremely condescending. Anyone got any advice on how I can tackle this? I going to go in tomorrow and stir things up more and maybe phone up the decision makers.
  17. Hi all, Long time lurker and reader of these forums, I've finally taken my head out of the sand and stared reality in the face. Thought I'd share my story to get it off my chest a bit and hopefully get some useful and practical advise along the way. Both me and my wife have been using credit to pay bills and other credit for far too long, it has got to the point where we just spend every month waiting for a letter from Barclays telling us that they where helping us out by charging us very 5 days for using our reserve overdarft and then topping back up with cash from credit cards to try and avoid going over the reserve limit (stupid I know). We've using cash advances from credit cards and the occasional boost cash at Christmas or Birthdays for about the last 3 years and we've plodded on somehow getting by without ever defaulting on anything other than using our reserve almost every month. The consequence of all this is I've become almost introvert and completely not the person I was 3 or 4 years ago. We don't going anywhere or doing anything we've even gave up any hobbies and don't have any social life as we can never really afford to go out without worrying about what it might cost. I find it impossible to talk to people about it as allot of people assume we've got into this situation by squandering money on luxuries. I wish i had to be honest but it's all just come form trying to get by! We've never rented stupidly big places, never had a fancy car or a big TV or a games console (other than one I was given which I never used because I couldn't afford games LOL) and to be honest I can't remember the last time I spent more than £20 on something that wasn't essential. All of our stuff is second hand and most of it is old. We owe allot (about £32K it transpires) to a combination of credit and store cards (store cards are all relatively small amounts) and unsecured loans. It started as credit cards, then a consolidation loan then we slipped into using the cars again and so it went on. We should have dealt with this a long time ago but for reasons that I can't explain (embarrassment and feeling that we might just make it some how being the main ones) we've carried on and just got by on an day by day, week by week and month by month basis. Only ever getting essential things and feeling completely terrified every time the inevitable letter from Barclays dropped through the door. I an absolutely bricking it and scared stiff about how this is all going to pan out! My wife knows the situation and what I'm hoping to do about it, but i don't think she really understands that we're going to get allot of calls (from some very rude and aggressive people suspect) and probably some home visits (from some even more aggressive people i suspect). I'll give some more info later as i haven't the time (or the courage at the moment) to list the companies and the amounts, I have however gone through the whole lot on the CCCS web site and requested a DMP pack to be sent. So some of questions to begin with, What are other people's experiences with CCCS? Should I contact everyone before i go any further and make them aware of my intentions, or is this not going to help CCCS with the process? I am terrified of the amount of pressure and the type of contact we're going to receive once this all kicks off, will it start straight away or will I have to have been in default a while before it really starts? Will the companies we owe money to just feed us to the wolfs by passing us straight to a debt management company or can I avoid this and just get them to take me to county court if we can't reach an agreement on payment? One of them companies is Northern Rock i have about 12 months of a 7 year loan left to pay, it was done on the internet and I took out PPI which was added to the loan so acquired an interest charge at the same rate as the loan, is it possible to claim this back once I've started making reduced payments and get it take off the outstanding amount or can i kiss that goodbye because I'll be in default of the terms of the loan? Enough questions for now anyway. I'm hoping to get some good advise and maybe get in contact with other who've been or are in the same situation and if seeing what I'm going through helps some else along the way them I'll be happy!
  18. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-south-west-wales-20567165
  19. Hi, I am new to this site, so not sure about where to post my questions...hence putting it into the 'Welcome' section...I have had a very nasty experience with my landlord... i am a student, stayed with a letting agency, last year who asked for a deposit/bond of £400. now when i moved out my deposit has not been returned for 3 months, 2 weeks ago i received an email saying i will only receive back £50 of my deposit. £150 being charged for smoking fine from all 10 tenants in the property, i dont even smoke, can they do this? £150 being charged for cycle tyre marks on a small area of the wall (3ft by 4ft area), as apparently i was not authorized to store a bike inside the property (but i received no warning/notice even after a number of visits from the landloard) i hardly used my bike, and this cost is being split between 2 tenants even though there were 4 bikes in the property, and i took care not to touch the walls! £50 for cleaning the communal areas, and i moved out of the property over 2 months prior to my contract ended, and i was not present when other tenants had parties and etc. and other small things i would also like some information in regards to my contract which we agreed is going to be for minimum of 45 weeks (it says 48 weeks on the contract), but the dates written on the contract work out to only 45 weeks, but they did not agree with me and claimed they have written the dates 3 weeks prior to contract end as it gives them a warning in there system that this contract is due to end, so i had to pay rent for the extra 3 weeks.but not receiving my deposit report back which states the contract end date and this also works out to be only 45 weeks, am i able to claim back the 3 weeks extra rent? also i had many problems during my stay at the property toilet leaking for 5 months and the shower leaking through out my stay causing horrible smell in the bathroom and mosquitos (still water under the shower tray). also my heater was not working for nearly 2 weeks and they did not fix this neither provide a temporary heater during these 2 weeks after many ccalls i received a temporary heater after 2 weeks when the contractors came they just checked and put silicon on the corners (without removing the old silicon) so it came off again, and the contractors always entered my room without advance notice or my permisson. the main door to the property had electronic fob system which during the winter months stoped working and we had to wait hours outside for an engineer to come to fix this rather than the landloard making a 5 minute journey from the office to open the door for us (he did not even lend us the key whist we had this problem) i was promised inventory in my room such as tv fridge kettle etc in my room, but these did not get installed in my room until after a month of contract start, (landlord said he would have them set up for me before i move in) my shower did not work for 2 days and nothing was done about it until i spoke to the landloard if it doesn't get fixed i will call in a professional plumber and the bill will be deducted from the rent. i believe rather than deducting my deposit they should have compensated me for all the inconvenience caused to me. appologies for the rough written "essay" cant concentrate at 3AM in the morning!! hope some one can help me out any laws i could refer to or any guidence as to what u can do
  20. I split up with my girlfriend a while ago & my financial situation has got worse. My house which is up for sale @ £76 (worth about £70k-£76k). I have arrears both on my mortgage & secured loan. I have been to court about the mortgage, but I just can't keep up the promised repayments & the morgage company (mortgage express) are going to apply for repossession again (they have done so already but filled in an N244 form & attended court). The secured loan is also in arrears (Blemain finance) are also going to press for repossession. I know the housing market is tough out there & it may take some time to sell even If I reduce the price. I owe... £30,500 Mortgage £22,500 secured loan £25k unsecured loans £7k friends & family Its really getting me down, im getting letter phone calls daily & I'm very tempted to just hand the keeps back, as I've not had a decent nights sleep in month (I have already got another place to stay) Should I... 1) Let it get repossessed, I realise it then goes to auction & gets sold for a price lower than its actual value. Obviously I need 53k to pay mortgage/secured loan, but what ever is left, it will not be enough to pay 32k unsecured debts. 2) Go bankrupt 3) Sell to one of these 'sell your house fast companies' I realise these companies will pay well under the market value. maybe 205 - 25% less 4) Lower the price with the estate agents, but even If I sell it tomorrow it could still take 3 months for a sale to go through. I don't know if I can hold out for that long 5) Sell house & go down the IVA route All I want to do its get rid as soon as possible, but take the best solution at the same time Any advice welcome as I'm running out of time before i'll get potentially evicted, which will force me to take option 1
  21. Hi all, I have worked in foreign currency for the past 12months,never had a day off sick and only had my annual review last week which turned out to be excellent Two days later when i was cashing up half an hour before my shift ended i balanced to the penny.I then served a customer for £1400 in us dollars,tried to balance up again and found I was £100 short Panicking i put the clock as thou i was closed and then another customer wanted 100 euro,s worth £85 so i served him as i didnt want a complaint about closing 5 mins early as this was 5 to 8 all the time i was beside myself with worry and because of that i forgot to check the £20 notes the last customer had given me under the uv lamp or use the marker pen checking it not be a fake the next morning my boss rang me to tell me that 1 of the £20 notes was actually a fake. I have today been told that i am now facing a disiplinary hearing as i never followed company procedures on checking the notes.(which when they check the cctv they can see me clearly always checking the notes but on this occasion under the stress i never,i had a investigating meeting today to give a statement.As i have been of for 6days on holiday since this happened i have had the worst week of my life worrying about this im 52 and worked all my life and have never ever had anything like this happen to me before. Our regional manager will be coming down this week to check the cctv footage to confirm where i lost the money and when i took the fake £20. I am going to now look for a less stressful job but am worried incase they divulge this in a reference. Help and advice needed please guys. laingy
  22. Hi everyone, im new here and wondered if someone could help me urgently. I am facing a disciplinary hearing soon for gross misconduct. I wholly refute the allegations. I have received copies of the evidence to be used at the hearing. It consists of 5 witness testimonies from other staff members that allegedly witnessed my gross misconduct, 2 from worker a, 2 from worker b and 1 from worker c. However, the statement from worker c bears no relevence to the allegations made against me, it is an entirely seperate issue. worker c was asked none of the same questions as worker b or worker a. If worker c had been asked the same questions as a and b im sure they would of defended my version of events. My question is, can workers c statement be used in the disciplinary hearing as it bears no relevance to what i have been accussed of? There was another member of staff (worker d) present who would probably support my version of events, and they havent even interviewed them. I get the impression that the investigation meeting was just an excuse to gather evidence against me to find me guilty. Sorry if what i have put is a little hard to read, i am very worried right now. I have been in touch with acas. thanks Ang
  23. Are you facing eviction or repossession following changes in employment, wages and/or benefits? If so, Genie Pictures would like to hear from you. Genie Pictures is an independent television production company making a documentary for the BBC. In the first instance, please contact James Jones [email protected] k in the strictest confidence.
  24. Hi Tough times for retailers according to Insolvency News article.... http://www.insolvencynews.com/article/14047/corporate/retail-failures-have-shot-up-by-more-than-a-third
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