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  1. Hi This is my first post as I am really at a loss. In February my boyfriend got caught twice within 2 weeks speeding, once 36 in a 30 and then 42 in a 30. He had recently started a new job on the other side of the city so wasn’t great with timings, not an excuse but still. The owner of his car (his mum) received the letters regarding naming the driver which my boyfriend filled in and sent back. This was in March. Then in mid-July he received a letter from the magistrates court saying he had an £846 fine and 6 points (!!!) but he didn’t read the letter correctly and assumed for some reason this was his speeding fine. He organised to pay it with a payment plan but didn’t actually make the first payment as in the mean time I saw the letter and realised it was actually a fine for not providing his information. So I rang the council and after getting passed from pillar to post (3 magistrates court and the police) they finally revealed that the case had been tried in his absence because he’d never replied to a letter sent to him in the mean time. He never received any letter apart from the initial letter where he was named as the driver. I organised for him to do a statutory declaration in the magistrates court so the case and the fine has been put on hold until then however what is the likelihood of this being successful? He has no other points on his licence in case you were wondering. Thanks for any help you can offer.
  2. Hello, I have an eviction date of 13/07/2011, i am £7500 in arrears with my mortgage the original repossession hearing was back in 2005/2006, since then I have had a very poorly baby, been very ill myself and still have problems with my blood pressure and liver. NRAM have issued an eviction date and i have complied with them and provided all my I&E details. I rang today to make my normal payment the gentleman stated that they have made a decision and that i need to pay £4k off the arrears and increase my offer of overpayments, they are stating that i have in excess of £500 surplus income a month.... ..i deffo cant find this surplus in my bank! I have offered to pay £200 per month on top of my normal payments. I am not able to pay the £4k and they have suggested that i contact the court to let them decide. I am petrified that i am going to lose the house, i am married and have two children age 10 and 5, we do not have any family support so there would be no were we could go to. I have admitted to NRAM that i had not been prioritising my debts and that I have since seeked advise from a financial advisor and that i am in the process of dealing with our debts with payplan. I have made arrangements to go into my local court on friday to fill in the form but im not sure what details i need to provide. Can anyone help?
  3. Hi, I don't know if I'm posting this in the right place but I need help. My daughters boyfriend has just received an eviction notice, stating the eviction will take pkace a week on Thursday. I'm currently sketchy on the details but it's all due to problems with housing benefits etc. Hes had a nightmare of a couple f years, he was persuaded to take a 16 hour a week job because he was on DLA and could claim working tax credits, he also kept his housing benefit. He then lost his claim to DLA when he had to change to pip and so lost his working tax credits. He also lost his housing benefit but that was reinstated. Currently he has a total income of £120 per week and is supposed to be paying towards his rent as his housing benefit doesn't cover it all. Now he's buried his head in the sand, my daughter had just phoned me to say that he's being evicted and the eviction notice was delivered on Saturday morning. He has tried to contact the council today to see if there is any way he can stop the eviction and they have said no not unless he pays all of the arrears. I don't know if the amount they are wanting includes all of the costs that will have been added to the debt outstanding. Is there anything at all that can be done to help him keep his home or are we looking at a lost cause?
  4. OK, guys, I should have posted about this a good bit back but it has made me very ill! I struggle to cope with everyday life never mind something as serious as this. The back story. I have been on incapacity Benefit since 1998 and was moved to ESA in March 2013. I was placed into the WRAG and attended my first interview. I was puzzled as to why i had to go for regular interviews but went anyway. At the first interview, I was advised that I was in the wrong group. I asked if it made any difference to my money and was told no that i would get the same amount so i said i didn't mind doing the odd interview. On following interviews my support worker said that i should appeal and i told her that it was ok. In December 2013 i filled in a reassesment form and told her that i would appeal following that if needed because i was getting too stressed and was missing appointments due to my disability. In March 2014 my ESA suddenly stopped and when i rang up about it i was told that it only lasted 12 months as i was on contribution related ESA. They assesed me for income related ESA but i was unsuccesful. Now it was panic time and i kept ringing etc etc etc. My argument with them was that I was placed in the wrong group and that at no time was i told that it only lasted 12 monmths hence why i did not appeal it. I was also told that it was too late to appeal and that i would have to wait for the December 2013 assesment to come through ....... i was in sheer panic and got nowhere! IN late August 1014 i received a letter stating that my ESA would start from that date and that i had been placed into the Support Group. Later i rang and asked when my backdated benefit would be paid and was shocked to hear that because it was the DWP that initiated the reassesment they did not have to backdate and that as far as they were concerned my benefit started in August 2014 and that was that. I sent in a letter etc etc but got nowhere. Earlier this year i rang yet again to find out how the long drawn out process of looking at my complaint was coming only to be told that it wasn't!! Seemingly when they got my letter of complaint they did a mandatory reconsideration and upheld their decision. When i explained everytring to the guy on the phone hge was great and told me to appeal the Mandatory Reconsideration as it was within 13 months which in special cases will be allowed by the Tribunal. Luckily for me the Tribunal accepted my appeal even though the ESA tried to have it thrown out due to time restraints. I go tommorrow and need any tips you guys can think of asap. Facts of my case At the time i was moved from IB to ESA i was on the following benefits and rates etc etc. 1. I was on high rate mobility and medium care on DLA 2. I was rated at 50% disabled with IIDB 3. I was registered disabled with my council 4. My wife was receiving Carer Allowance and could not work 5. I was in a specially adapted Council home thast had a washroom and lift In march 2013 using all the medical evidence available they put me into a fit for work group. Via a reassesment in December 2013 using exactly the same evidence they put me in the support group. If i had been told my ESA would be stopped i would have appealed the first decision but was not given any information. I was sent this advice and nowhere does it say about any time limit https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/benefits/sick-or-disabled-people-and-carers/employment-and-support-allowance/while-youre-getting-esa/about-the-esa-groups/ My argument is that they made a mistake (march 2013)which they corrected(August 2014 via reassesment Dec 2013) by no pressure or appeal from me. When they told me it was too late to appeal the first decision they misled me because the cut off point is 13 months (in special cases) and i would have been succesful. I was clearly entitled to ESA and if they had done their job correctly my benefit would never have been stopped in March 2014. Also they really took their time with the reassesment, in fact even though i was ringing constantly ATOS only contacted my GP in mid August 2014!!!! So i will bring up that id they had prcessed the reassesment in a reasonable amount of time this stoppage of benefit would not have happened. Soooooooooooooooo after all that guys i am going to the Tribunal to ask for the decision of August 2014 be backdated to the date of the reassesment in December 2013 and so have my benefit given to me that was stopped between March 2014 and Late August 2014. I will also say that this would never have happened if i was given the correct information about appeal time scales. The law they use to cover them for not backdating is :---- Welfare Reform Act 2007, sections 1(3)a and (4). Welfare Reform Act 2007, section 8 Social Security (Employment & Support Allowance) Regulations 2008, reg 19 I know it is all last minute but if any of you know of anything at all that i can do to counter them etc please lmk asap. I don't have to go until tommorrow afternoon so will be watching this thread. Thank you so much!
  5. Hi Cabot /restons are taking me to court tomorrow for an unpaid credit card debt. Card was started in 2002. Debt was built up whilst receiving treatment for prostate cancer because I ran my own small limited company. Although the card was registered in my name, The card was used solely to pay business debt and that business folded some years ago. Lloyds TSB sold debt to apex management who in turn sold on to Cabot but I have no evidence of Cabot purchasing from apex. Restons tried taking me to court in Northampton last year but it was stayed because they could not provide my request for production. The law then was that they had to produce this in 12 days plus 2 days. Do you know if this still stands? Tho they have since sent me copy of one page of signed agreement with illegible writing. They have sent statement of account of duration of card use and also copies of limited pay plan where the company paid £5 pm for several as a gesture of goodwill. - this was not to Cabot who bought debt later In my defence tomorrow I have obtained doctors letter confirming the loss of my mother recently and that I am suffering from stress and anxiety - btw I am 66 years old. They have not produced original agreement under credit consumer act of '74 This is my defence I quote consumer credit act of 1974 they did not comply with statutory 12 days plus 2 to supply the signed credit agreement. Northampton court have already stayed this case previously because restons were unable to supply requested information. Any help and advice for tomorrow would be much appreciated thank you
  6. I have an appointment tomorrow morning at 9am,(universal credit) which I had changed to because my last one was cancelled for some reason. I do casual work here and there I got a text a few mins ago reminding me that I have training (counter terrorism training) at 9:30am - noon at my casual job, I completely forgot but if I phone up UC now they may refuse or sanction me. Should I call up now or in morning?
  7. hi due to problems with family i have only just remember (well phone pop message reminded me) that i need to file my defence tomorrow need some help with what if anything I should put in my defence about the fact that the solicitors cohen cramer are calling the ex jd williams account now owned by lowells a non regulated account. Anyone help I assume the account is regulated as I thought all these accounts were but ive had nothing back from Lowell re my cca request sent oct 4th postal order was cashed on the 10th and received only a letter stating it will take 45 days to get docs and that they will give me an extra 14 days once docs received blah blah blah from cohen cramer from my cpr31 and cpr 15 requests any help about non regulated accounts would be great thanks
  8. I got this form a few days ago and I need to return it by the 22nd (less than a week from when I received it). And I'm really not 100% certain how to fill in the box. It does say 'briefly' but I'm worried that if I don't put in enough information that it may go against me when I fill out the actual PIP forms when my son is 16... My son has a diagnosis of ASD and had been getting high care and low mobility (the welfare officer at cab several years ago advised that I should appeal for higher mobility but I was just happy to get something and didn't want to go through an appeal even though he wasn't the only person to advise that). My son has no concept of the value of items at all and there is no way he could manage his own finances but I really have no idea how to explain that. Any help/advice greatly appreciated
  9. Can someone please shed some light on this? I've previously lodged an incidental application to have this case sisted, but was instructed to file a defence. A date for proof was set, but now it seems that the pursuer are trying to discredit me (again, and moreso), but still fail to present any evidence to support their claim. I took delivery of this summons tonight, and the hearing on incidental application is tomorrow at 10am. Is there even any point in attending?
  10. Hi from a newbie, apologies if anything is done wrong. I took out car insurance on 16th November 2015 with Endsleigh. To the best of my knowledge I filled in everything about the quotation correctly, but then got an email and letter from them on 25th November saying that my during their validation process my policy has flagged up a problem. The letter/email states that they asked "Have you, or any person.....been convicted of any motoring offence..." etc To this question I answered 'Yes' and stated the following facts (as I thought) I obtained 6 points in April 2012 for speeding (this went to court as the driver couldn't be ascertained - I run a cleaning business and various people use my cars, but unfortunately as the driver wasn't willing to 'step up' it was muggins here who had to take the rap or risk being prosecuted for failing to provide driver details ) The court date for this was Oct 2012. I personally got 3 points for a SP30 in April 2015 (my first EVER own offence since passing in 1992 ) All 9 of these points were declared. To cut the story short, the problem lies because I mistakenly told them that the date of the 6 points was October 2012, when in fact I should have put April 2012 down as that was the date of OFFENCE. I thought they wanted the date of CONVICTION, as that was when the matter was dealt with (surely I was classed as 'not guilty' until October as this was the date the licence was endorsed?) So, yes, I made a human error there. They say that had they have known I had those points in April instead of October the underwriters would have refused to insure me. This process dragged on from Nov 2015 with me sending them whatever documents they requested (by email, so I have proof of sending) and the last I heard from them until recently was on 4th January, acknowledging yet another explanation letter of mine so I presumed everything was sorted. I have been away this past 2 weeks and came back today to a recorded delivery letter and an email stating that my policy will be cancelled tomorrow as I failed to provide correct details! All I did was make a simple clerical error with regards to dates, and in fact by saying the date of conviction was October 2012 instead of April 2012 surely should show that I'm not a fraudster, as it would mean the points stayed on record for longer!!! In addition, their documents seem to only show the 6 points and not the last set of 3 obtained last April! I'm hardly likely to be on the fiddle if I'm declaring points that for whatever reason they don't have a record of!!! (It all shows up on the DVLA records though?) Can anyone help me? I have tried calling Endsleigh but they can't help with it being a Sunday - they have limited advisors available and I need my car for work tomorrow so am in a right state! Thanks for any advice
  11. Hi everyone! I have read previous threads in this forum, but have began panicking and would much appreciate personal help! Long story short, my direct debit of £9.99 bounced on the 5th of August due to lack of funds, and I fully admit responsibility. I was on holiday until Tuesday, and returned to a letter dated 6th August saying that the £9.99 plus £25 admin charge will be taken from my account on the 16th, and will not be able to stop after the 14th (tomorrow). I emailed the company on Tuesday (after reading threads advising to stay off the phone) however have had no reply other than a generic thank you for your email which I received yesterday. In my email I stated I would be happy to pay the £9.99 on the 16th, however should they take the £25 I will be unable to pay my next monthly instalment and would need to cancel my membership. I was hoping they would waive the fee as this is a first time offence. I haven't used the gym in two months, so would be looking to freeze my membership anyway, but I don't want to cancel the direct debit if it will result in further letters and a damaged credit rating. I am desperate to get this sorted today so they don't take money I don't believe is theirs (admin charge). Any advice would be gratefully received! As a side note - I have since looked up my membership terms and conditions, and the email given at the time of joining says I have paid no admin fee and am paying £9.99 for 11 months. I joined in the gym, with a member of staff, however she charged me £10 admin fee and I was not told it was a year contract at any point. Is this enough of a reason to phone the gym and complain? Again thanks for any help!
  12. Hi everyone! Sorry for the slap dash post but I am currently in urgent need of help in regards to bailiffs. Today I was at my girlfriends house when a pretty big bloke knocks the door her mother goes and answers it expecting nothing. Turns out its a bailiff looking for money that is owed due to non payment of council tax [its something to do with when ny girlfriend went off to uni and they were still paying her mother tax credits and they wanted the payments back, something like that ]. hes there for ages and says hes going to clamp the car and he goes to get a big chain and one of those big wheel clamps and starts doing to the tyre in with it - the car is not in my girlfriends mother name and she's telling him this eventually after so long she finds the documents to show him and he unclamps the car. Then hes saying hes going to come in the house to do inventory and I tell her not to allow entry as he has no right to access the property which I am sure is true [was just rattling things off I'd heard to help against the bailiff]. however long goes by and he says he'll be back at 7am tomorrow with a removal van to start collecting things - the thing is is that the property is rented and also furnished [in the tenant agreement] if this is the case which it is does that mean that the bailiffs will not be able to remove anything from the property? Also what other things can be said to stop the bailiffs? She offered to pay £250 at the door because that's all she had and at least it was a start but the bailiff declined the offer. I've read things such as court warrants being needed to allow any access to the property/removal of goods and also a police officer has to be present but I am not sure how true these statements are? Long story short - Bailiff coming back tomorrow but house is rented with furniture, can bailiffs remove anything from the property - what/who does the bailiff need present to remove/gain access to the property? Any help I will be grateful for as this is not a situation I wish upon anybody!! All and any help appreciated! Thank you, Sloth.
  13. Appeal tribunal tomorrow...(ESA). Absolutely bricking it, haven't been able to sleep in days with the stress, feel much more stressed than the actual ATOS exam, keep reading the forum and see people taking representatives with them, what's that all about as I was unaware I know it's too late but what do they mean by representative, as it's only myself and my mother going.
  14. Hi Just looking for a bit of advice. My husband has been on DLA for just over 2 years and in May he was asked to apply for PIP. I filled out the forms for him and sent all evidence from each consultant he sees. We received a letter in June to say all had been received and his assessment would be in 12-16 weeks. I called just before the 16 weeks and was told it would now be 26 weeks but ATOS would be coming to us. His last ATOS assessment for ESA I had to take him and we actually found the lady very nice and she included me quite a bit in the assessment. He was placed in the SG. Is a home visit usual/unusual? Should I be worried? Thanks
  15. Had 285.89 outstanding on this year's council tax which I paid online to council this morning. Got home to find hand posted bailiff letter demanding 661 + 75 + 235 stating they will call again at 6am Saturday I have emailed council requesting they call off bailiff ASAP as paid. But considering bailiffs figures are out of date guessing communications are poor and they may call back What can I do? Do I owe bailiff 310....which is greater than what I owed the council!? Help much appreciated as very concerned
  16. I signed on this morning and my advicer gived me a leaflet about payments been sent early but don't understand when my payments will go in my bank and just wondering if anyone know from this: Expected Issue date Payment for Period Ending 15/03/2013 15/03/2013 27/03/2013 29/03/2013 12/04/2013 12/04/2013 I know the top one as I signed on today and it will go in my bank on the 20th (on wednesday) But when will the 27th go in? is it on the 29th it will go in my bank or the 3rd? I should signed on the 29th of March but due to been good friday Jobcentre is shut. Any advice would be great, cheers
  17. Good Evening Im hoping someone can give me a quick response. I was in arrears with GE Money (secured loan) due to relationship breakdown, losing my job, looking and securing child care. GE money had a suspended order in place from 2010 and due to my own erratic payments (redundancy from previous job etc) have received an eviction notice now for the 18th July 2013. I have alredy submitted the court forms and witness statements as per the excellent advice on the forum. GE money have provided me with an arrears figure of £2976.96 and have refused all efforts for reaching a payment plan. I have asked for evidence of the arrears and they have provided me with a simple statement and from my calculations the breakdown is £1178.96 arrears for monthly payment £1767.21 'loan reop instalment due' and "transfer to s/a E' I asked for clarification of what the loan reop instalment due was and received the follow from simply law solicitors Loan re-optimisation, is the process whereby any additional cost and interest that have accrued on a mortgage are paid on a monthly basis over the remaining term of the mortgage rather being due as a lump payment upon expiration of the mortgage term. The claimant believes that it is beneficial for an account to be re-optimised as it spreads the debt out over a long period and prevents the Defendant being asked for a lump payment upon expiry. I have paid all the arrears off now (payment made of £1180 and made the monthly payment last month), despite GE Money refusing to take payment, and will take this evidence to the court hearing tomorrow. I have made an offer of £60 per month to clear the Loan re-optimisation although GE money are adamant they want this as a lump sum due to the £1767.21 which should have been paid previously?? GE Money have also issued me a statement saying in addition to the £1767.21 i owe another £3,894.10 in charges which still need to be re-optimised? This statement includes home visits charges which I strongly dispute. Although no other breakdown of interest is provided etc. I have provided to the court evidence of my income, a letter from my employer stating I am out of my probationary period and not at risk of redundancy, a witness statement, all correspondence to GE money and income and expenditure and proof I am in a good position to maintain this commitment. I have two young children also. I think my questions are as follows (1) As I have/can demonstrate I have cleared the monthly instalments arrears would the Judge except £60 towards the charges on the account. There is 57 months remaining on the account which would mean I would pay approx £3420 which I understand is below what GE money is charging me however I want to dispute these and I cannot afford to pay these immediatley as per the request from GE Money. (2) What is everyones experience on loan re-optimisation and can this be classed as actual arrears on the account. Sorry for the delay (and my unreasonable need for an urgent response I thought I would be ok but I am having wobbles now. Many Thanks
  18. wow, I have a Job interview tomorrow at 9am and this is the Job https://jobsearch.direct.gov.uk/getjob.aspx?JobID=3930488&GoBackURL=http%3a%2f%2fjobsearch.direct.gov.uk%2fHome.aspx Brilliant !!!
  19. Hi .I need some advice my 20 year old son a year ago was taken to magistrates court for not having a £1.80 train ticket . He as they do ignored this . This became a £00.00 debt with costs etc which he arranged to pay monthly and did until he became unemployed towards the end of last year . The debt was moved to collectica . I called when they notified him they adding more to the O/S balance and after he gave his authority for them to talk to me I explained he was unemployed and waiting for benefit to be sorted and wanted to make an arrangement to pay but currently he had no income . They told me that wasnt their problem and needed proof he was unemployed. They said they would send bailiffs and i explained he didnt own anything and had no income or money . Again I was told they were not interested . I sent the required documents to show he was unemployed and heard nothing from them until a bailiffs letter was pushed through the door . I again called and said that he had now managed to secure a temp job for 3 months so would be able to make payment at the end of june . They said they would not up the file but had never been told or notified he was unemployed and that they would not stop the bailiff action . He called at the end of June and made a payment that they excepted and charged him to make by his debit card . Today I have received another bailiffs letter saying they are calling tomorrow a nd will force entry into my house and take possession for the debt . I called the bailiff explained this was my home and my son had no possessions here apart from clothes etc and that he was making payment and would make a further payment at the end of this month . He said he wasnt interested and would be calling and forcing entry. I said i would report him to the police if he broke into my home or forced entry . He then told me not to threaten him and that he had a warrant as it is a magistrates court debt so he can and will force entry into my home . I have read confusing information online and I am really at a loss what to do . I now will have to not go to work tomorrow for fear he will break into my house . Please help as i really dont know what to do I cant afford to pay the debt which is now nearly £600.00 and neither can my son only having secured a 3 month contract Michelle
  20. hi, I received the following letter today (I don't live at the address it went to, its my parents address where I lived previously. It is for a parking ticket, I received whilst at hospital giving birth! im 99% sure I had my blue disabled badge displayed at the time. This is the only letter I have received and it seems somewhat excessive. I am so scared they will go to my mums tomorrow and she will panic and pay the whole lot. I do know my rights to an extent, ie they cannot gain entry forceably etc and can add fees for a visit and levy but they def not levied.
  21. I have to watch what i post as it is in reference to a well known DCA I have just had a visit from a very good friend of mine. He received two court claims on the same date reference an overdraft and credit card. He went onto one of these FMOTL web sites. He sent a CPR 31.14 request and asked a contract under this Bills of Exchanges Act. THE CLAIMANT HAS RESPONDED TODAY TO THE 31.14 REQUEST, DEFENCE IS DUE BY 1600 TOMORROW What interests me is that the DCA are stating it can take up to 6 to 8 weeks to receive the information from the creditor as to the 31.14 request, AND HE WILL THEN HAVE 2 WEEKS FROM RECEIPT TO SUBMIT HIS DEFENCE. Unbelievable The claimant has not mentioned extension as to CPR 15.5, this seems a deliberate attempt at trying to get a judgement by default. Do we have any threads on a claimants failure to comply with a CPR 31.14 request, and no mention of an extension as to CPR 15.5 I am inclined to recommend a strike out application as the last thing needed is a stay in proceedings. He only received a response to the CPR 31.14 request today, defence due by close of business tomorrow I have been asked to draw up some sort of holding defence to avoid judgement by default
  22. Hi everyone, I posting on behalf of my wife who is due to have a disciplinary meeting tomorrow due to her absence. I'll try to describe how this has managed to come about. First off my wife has Type 2 Diabetes of which she does not have great control over and uses insulin to manage her diabetes, she is currently and has been treated for long term depression for which she takes medication, she also has carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists. Her depression the doctor believes manifests itself from her Diabetes, we also have a disabled son who has a serious problem with his heart and has recently had his aortic & pulmonary valves replaced, and in addition to this I was left severely disabled following a car accident 3 years ago. So to be fair she has a lot to be depressed over, however because of her diabetes she has been absent 2 times in six months due to very severe and recurrent water infections due to the high amounts of glucose in her urine, and recently she was absent with a severe viral infection which has triggered this meeting. I will add that all the absences were covered with a fit note from her GP to state her illnesses at the time of absence, my wife's GP has also wrote a letter recommending my wife be referred to occupational health for assessment due to her diabetes, depression & carpal tunnel. My wife has recently requested her employer to make reasonable adjustments with regard to her absence as her doctor has suggested it is not unusual for her to be more prone to illness because of her diabetes and depression, she requested that instead of the usual 3 absences per 12 months as per the companies absence policy, she has requested adjustments for this to be increased to 5 absences per 12 months. This has been flat out refused by her employer and have said the meeting will proceed tomorrow as usual. She has contacted ACAS today and they have stated that she is certainly covered under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 with regard to her diabetes, they have also mentioned the Equality Act 2010 with reference to her depression as she has suffered mental health issues for the past 3-4 years now. I would be grateful if someone could explain how the DDA 1995 and EA 2010 would aid my wife's case, as I clearly believe there is some form of discrimination going on here. If all does not go well tomorrow she will almost certainly end up with a 1st stage written warning for 12 months which I believe is a bit harsh as surely her employer can't reasonably apply their one size fits all absence policy in the face of her ongoing disability.
  23. My husband got fined for a motoring offence a couple of months ago, we were unable to pay anything off the fine as we really have problems feeding the family at the moment. We just don't have enough coming in. 8 days ago we got a visit from excel civil enforcement, with costs the amount owing has risen to £900, we dont have this much money, my husband explained this to the bailiff and asked for time to pay in installments and was refused. He said he would be back this week and that we would have to find it in the week. We don't have anyone we could borrow this off and no way of raising it. We have nothing to sell, if we sell the car then my husband cant get to work. He has pushed another letter through the door today saying the removal bailiffs will be back tomorrow at 6am. I am so scared, I have fed my family of four on £30 in the last week due to no money, I really don't have £900. What will they take? Will they take things belonging to my children. My husband will be in work at that time, I will be here alone with the children. I don't even think we own enough to cover £900 of debt, I guess they will take everything?
  24. Hi all I foolishly drove on a provisional by myself and am now being summoned to court over this offence and driving without third party insurance, i was and am still named as a driver on my girlfriends policy. i intend to plead guilty via post and was wondering if anybody know what my likely punishment would be and the best way of escaping a ban. i am not condoning this and agree i should be punished
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