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Found 8 results

  1. I would be grateful if anyone can help me with this please. I joined RAC breakdown cover in December. I have not used the service at all and hope to never need it, but it is there just in case. Other than the initial confirmation email and card arriving by post, that was that. Until 3 weeks ago when I started getting several emails from RAC and others in connection with the RAC, ie FeFoo who were doing a survey on behalf of the RAC. I never gave RAC permission to annoy me with emails and certainly never consented to them giving my email address to 3rd parties such as FeFoo. I contacted RAC initially by completing their online complaints for, An autoresponder said they would reply within 5 working days. They did not. I did the same again and again they did not respond, so I called them to register my complaint about my complaint. I received an email from RAC last week in which they apologised for not responding before and they offered me £15 compensation as an apology for the non-response. However, they told me in the same email that when I joined I did not opt out of emails. Firstly, I certainly did as I am one of those people that refused to give shops my email for this exact reason. Secondly, I thought the law had been changed in that you now have to ‘opt in’ and the default is not to be opted in instead of the old way of opting you in unless you remove the opt in selection – as used to be the case with the likes of Adobe Flash player that used to pause enough time to get you to click ‘accept’ then autofill the additional junk software you did not want, that has now been changed to NOT autofill. Can anyone please clarify if I am right on this? RAC should not be opting me in unless I specifically say that I want to be by ME selecting an opt-in box, rather than me having to look for and select selecting an opt-out box. Ironically, they said in the same e-mail that I had now been removed and would receive no more junk, then sent me more junk the very next day! Any help would be appreciated.
  2. read the full story : - http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/markets/article-4665706/Now-finally-banish-charity-junk-mail.html
  3. Afternoon everyone, Is there a section on this site that deals with Junk mail? My problem is that a National company is sending addressed mail to my address it is always addressed to the householder or occupier and is franked and not part of a mail shot to other addresses. so falls outside the data protection act as its not a named person. I have been in correspondence with the company and they say they cant stop it. But they send it so its not a case of cant its a case of wont. Is anyone aware of any legislation I can use to stop them?
  4. In 2012 we had a policy with Swinton for about 4 months and then cancelled as the vehicle was sold. They refunded the balance however now every year we keep getting their marketing junk and it is getting annoying. The one car is due for renewal in September and we have been plagued with their marketing junk mail since beginning of July. Every week we get a letter from them imploring us to renew with them. Obviously we have no intention of renewing with them even if they offered it to us FOC. I sent an email to them requesting that they stop them sending us their marketing junk mail and their reply was that it would take up to 60 days as they were in the middle of their marketing campaign! They also advise that if we did another Online quote with them, it would restart the process. Is there anyway I can escalate this to a relevant authority as we normally tick the opt out boxes and feel fairly certain this would have been done with Swinton.
  5. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3133755/Millions-facing-junk-mail-deluge-Secret-Royal-Mail-plan-deliver-marketing-letters-shoppers-simply-click-product-online.html
  6. Hi all I'm looking for some help and advice please. It's regarding the amount of junk mail that gets pushed through my front door on a weekly basis. You know, local free weekly paper stuffed with the usual rubbish. Today is Thursday, this is an inventory of what has been dumped behind my front door so far this week (4 days worth)... Estate Agents ad card Chiropractic ad card (A5) Direct Line mini booklet Pizza Hut vouchers in ad leaflet (A3) Local shopping centre Christmas leaflet (A4 folded) Indian restraint booklet Toys R Us mini catalogue Ernest Jones watch and jewellery mini booklet Pizza Hut voucher leaflet (A4 folded) - yes another one! Bus travel leaflet Specsavers booklet Sainsbury's £15 off turkey leaflet Clique fashion magazine (100 pages) BT Sport ad leaflet 2 envelopes non address specific This is just since last Saturday and to be honest I'm getting a little hacked off with this unsolicited rubbish constantly being dumped in my house. I've recently had a new front door fitted and I put a Dymo label printed message across my letter box. It says "Addressee Only - No Junk Mail". This sort of worked for a few weeks but it's being ignored now I feel. I know there is usually an upsurge in this unwanted marketing strategy at this time of year but seriously, even at the best of times it's got beyond a joke. Is there anything I can do or do I just have to put up with it? I don't want to have to put up with it, I see it as nothing more than littering to be honest. I can't afford to get a new front door fitted that has no letterbox (letters to go in small box fitted to the wall). Is there anything I can do? Thanks in advance. Scott
  7. This equates to almost half of the daily total mail deliveries http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2232540/An-avalanche-junk-mail-Nearly-half-daily-postbag-direct-marketing--Royal-Mail-wants-more.html
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