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Found 7 results

  1. hi everyone, almost 3 weeks ago like a plonker I rear ended a bmw causing £960 pounds worth of damage which im going to settle out of my own pocket save my insurance. it was totally my fault so cant complain and I was in my my 1 year old car so insured fully comp and and the car I went into was a 12 plated bmw. to save any further claims after I have paid out is there any kind of form I can print off get him to sign which he says he will so he cant make any further claims agiast me ? many thanks for any help folks.
  2. Dear all. My tenant are asking me to repair the rear fence. However, because of the different configuration of the garden behind us, our rear fence is actually the neighbour’s left hand fence. If this is the case, then are we still definitely responsible for this fence? The deeds do not say whose fence it is! Does anybody have any ideas please?
  3. I bought one of these cameras. http://cycliq.com/product/fly6 It arrived last week. It took only three days to arrive all the way from Australia and somehow managed to escape the notice of customs so there was no duty to pay. It certainly a bit on the pricey side – but in the last four years I have had two occasions where I have been riding in a narrow road and have been hooted by impatient drivers and eventually deliberately rear-ended by them. One of them was a taxi driver who reversed away when I got my phone out and try to take his picture. The second one was a driving instructor who then went on to threaten to hit me and laughed when I tried to call the police. The police arrived and refused to do anything and then simply had a chat and shared cigarettes with the driving instructor. This was in Paris by the way. It is these experiences which eventually prompted me to splash out on this rear facing camera because if this kind of thing ever happens to me again, I intend to make very serious trouble. The unit is like a large standard light. It is fairly heavy. The camera lens does not draw very much attention and no one that I regularly ride with has yet realised what it is. Although the unit itself is quite sophisticated, I would say that the firmware that comes with it is rather lumpy and there seem to be anomalies which are a bit of a nuisance although they don't interrupt the functionality of the light or the camera. For instance, my unit doesn't beep as it should do in order to signify the level of battery charge and also, the charging light doesn't always come on even though it is charging. Another example of rudimentary implementation is that in order to set the time and date on the camera, you have to access file in its root directory and edit a config.txt file. Still, once all that is done then it seems to work excellently. The video quality is extremely good and it overlays the time and date on top of the video image. Customer service from Fly6 – Cycliq – is extremely good so far as they respond well and in a very detailed fashion to my queries. They also don't seem to be too defensive about admitting that there might be a glitch in the firmware. This is refreshingly honest and it gives me confidence. The unit comes with two mounting kits so you are able to have mounting brackets on two bicycles. I would certainly recommend this item – although as I have said, it is sold at a fairly luxury price. However, it seems to be the only thing of its type on the market. Maybe if they start selling volume or if they get some competition, then the price will go down. I understand that they will be doing a front facing camera and that it will be available in February. I think that I am likely to get one.
  4. Recently my Freelander 1 rear window stopped working and my mechanic recommended it should go to a Land Rover dealer to be fixed, which it did. The problem was the regulator on the Freelander has burnt out and they undertook to replace it at great cost to which I agreed. After replacing the regulator and refitting the glass they tested it and the glass shattered!!! The cause was found to be that the rear tyre had been shunted and pushed in the tail gate jamming the glass. Now I accept the damage to the rear tail gate was not their responsibility, and I have paid to get it pushed out so to speak, however, should there mechanic picked up on the fact that the glass was impeded and should they pick up the bill for the new glass? Your thoughts welcome. Thanks.
  5. The company are forcing me/work colleagues to use a 'makeshift' rest area consisting of a couple of tables pushed together and 4 chairs on the factory floor where we work as they say it takes to long to go to the proper canteen upstairs. The environment is noisy with machines running/radio on etc. I've challenged this stating the fact I can't remove my PPE in this 'rest area' as it's still on the factory floor as per HSE ,'facilities for rest and eat meals' as I'm on my feet most of the day and I like to take my boots off when I get the chance as my feet ache etc. http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/indg244.pdf As a side note,The tables and chairs partially block the route to the fire exit. It also states I'm not allowed to bring food onto the factory floor but they're willing to 'over look' this as they say we can bring snacks in! Am I right in challenging this or should I consider myself lucky to get a break? Thanks for reading,any advice much appreciated
  6. So i've purchased a 2nd hand BMW320i from a dealer. All was good until recently the car starts jerking violently. Ive sent it to KWIT- FIT and they couldnt find where the problem is, hence they advise me to bring it to the BMW manufacture. After the diagnostic test, they quoted me a 1600pounds replacement fee!!!!! The car was 5xxx pounds. Ive purchased it in october, and drove less than 3000miles. I've also tried to call the dealer but they refuse to take up any responsibility. The BMW manufacture told me the ABS wheel sensor for both rears and the rear drive shaft was corroded. I would like to get some advise as to what i should do!!!i am just a student and this replacement fee is a HUGE burden for me P.S: isit normal for the Rear wheel sensor or the Reer shaft to get corrosion? As its the interior of the car, could there be any other possible reasons leading to the corrosion?
  7. There is a portion of land at the rear of my property that is owned by the local council. When I moved in ten years ago there was an annual rent of £250 on a lease. Soon after the lease expired and the council decided to no longer rent these offer these parcels of land for sale to the respective home owners. It should be said that this small portion of land is ‘dead’ land there is no access to it as the rear of the property is conservation land. they set a ridiculous anount of money to buy the land and at the time I along with my MP challenged the council and the council changed their mind. Now they are looking to charge a very large sum for annual rental which I have been challenging alongside the MP as profiteering as the land has no use - It has now got to the point where the council want to reposess the land - I received this last week……. the Councils Legal Service has been instructed to obtain possession of the land at the rear of XXXX Please provide me with written confirmation within 7 days of the date of this letter that you agree to give the Council posession of the land Posession proseedings will be commenced If I do not receive confirmation in writing by XXXXXX So what happens if I dont agree to give them posession? Can I legally withhold access to the property? What about the fence which they are bound to put up? Can they just do whatever they choose with that? It could be detrimental to the worth of the property. Thanks for your thoughts in advance! GIB
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