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Found 15 results

  1. Hello, I received a PCN in Harrogate before Christmas and I'm about to fight it. I've been reading around and it seems I won't have to pay because someone has got a judgment which states that the disc zone in Scarborough in completely unenforceable . The guy who won the judgment said that Scarborough, Harrogate, Whitby and Knaresborough are all unenforceable because they all share the same signage. It ended up in the local rag and it seems the councils involved want to fight the judgment he got. He also said it will cost the councils millions. His info is on the nyenquirer.uk website under councils lose parking war. I can't post the links because I'm a new user. FYI, I received a PCN for "Parked in a disc parking place without clearly displaying a valid disc". I was parked in a residential disc zone on Swan Road near the Harrogate Borough Council offices, forgot the time and went an hour over the three hour limit. Is his advice good? Should I appeal my PCN in the way the nyenquirer.uk website says? Does this appeal have legs? Thank you for taking time to consider this.
  2. Hi Hoping to get advice regarding an issue that has taken two years to investigate but I don't know where I stand regarding my rights and any form of recourse. June 2014 Car taken in for a service. This included replacing brake pads and discs as they were worn. The day after the service I emailed the garage informing them of excessive noise from the brakes. the garage advised to run in the brakes over a few hundred miles. However the excessive brake noise persisted and it was captured over a number of recordings which was shared on youtube. July 2014 The car was returned to the garage and they attempted to fix the issue. The garage returned to car to me and reported the problem as fixed. However on my journey home the brake noise persisted. I emailed the garage the same day and reported the issue. Same advice as last time, do a few hundred miles and report back. The problem persisted , again recorded the noise, and asked for them to fix it. August 2014 Car returned to the garage to be fixed. I was told this should now fix it. However the next day the car still suffered from excessive brake noise. I was fed up with the situation, it took over 30 emails, 3 total visits to the garage, numerous video recordings and I cant recall the number of calls so I gave up and did not contact them to report the issue. I also had lost confidence with this garage. November 2014 I took the car to a different place for a 2nd opinion, the mechanic agreed that the brakes were too loud, offered to change the pads but he insisted I try to contact the original garage to get new pads. The original garage did send 2x pads at no cost as i had explained that the problem persists. December 2014 - April 2014 The noise from the brakes reduced significantly, we have noticed that there is a relationship between outside temperate and the brake noise, warmer weather would increase the noise, very hot days the noise is unbearable. Summer 2015 Horrible noises but I was resigned to just put up with it. I also didn't have funds to replace the brakes as we do't think there was a safety issue, just excessive noise. Earlier this month As the temperatures rose again the sound was just unbearable! I asked the 2nd mechanic to replace the rear pads and discs with a different brand and this solved the problem. the mechanic also noted that on close inspection of the brake discs that there were visible marks perpendicular to the usual radial effect found on brake discs, he said this suggests a fault with the discs which may have caused the noise. Eitherway the change of discs has fixed the issue i have had since June 2014. I have contacted the original garage to explain that the issue has only just been resolved via a different mechanic. I explained that the change of brake discs specifically has fixed the issue and that the usual marks on the discs could have been the issue. I asked for an explanation as to how faulty brake discs could have been used especially is the brakes are Audi originals. I also said that I feel that I am owed at least a partial refund as the brakes should have lasted longer but the noise was unacceptable. The response: 1. They accept that there was excessive noise. 2. It is highly unusual for this to happen, in fact they say they have not had issues with a single set of Audi discs they've ever sold. 3. They make clear that they have not seen my car for a year so it does not give them a chance to see the issue and on that basis to even know there was still a problem. They also came back again to me to say: 4. They've not spoken to me for at least a year since sending me out the pads so as far as they knew the problem was over and I didn’t contact them to say otherwise Finally they made clear: 5. I will not get any money back at all. I am unsure my position. It is two years down the line and over a year since I was last in contact with them. Could I have done something sooner, yes but I didn't have the funds in 2015 to do more, and I had given up for a while. But I do think this is right, they fitted faulty brakes, they had two occasions where the car was returned to fix it, exchanged 30+ emails, videos, Ithink it was reasonable of me to go elsewhere. Although it took me two years to pay for another set of brake discs, I didn't get full use of the brakes, those rear discs were used for 10,000 miles and were not even 50% worn. Any advice please? thanks very much in advance
  3. Nearly 100,000 cars have been clamped or towed away by the DVLA following the removal of paper tax discs last October, with some drivers facing fines of more than £800. In July, 10,554 vehicles were clamped, up by 87% compared with the same month in 2014. Release fees start at £100, but double within 24 hours, and errant motorists may also have to pay storage fees running into hundreds of pounds. Drivers must also pay a £160 surety, which is returned once they have correctly taxed their vehicle. What is catching out many motorists is that vehicle excise duty is automatically cancelled if a car changes ownership. http://www.theguardian.com/money/2015/nov/20/car-clamping-paper-tax-disc-dvla
  4. Hello. Not withstanding - the recent changes in regulation re the display of a tax disc on a motor vehicle, could anyone please give a definative answer to the following question. Is it or is it not, contrary to the current law, to have a motor vehicle standing on adopted public highway, displaying an out of date tax disc? Thank you, Pete.
  5. I have painstakingly repaired an old Sony Network Walkman NW-HD1 have the 2.3 disc but ofcourse this does not cover or allow the playing of MP3 files the later 4.3 updated software does. now there are loads of sites that either point to the now defunked sony update link or ofcourse poke you a virus file which is nothing to do with it. does anyone par chance have a working download [proved] or a copy of the disc sonicstage 4.3 that they can send me an .ISO of? this for a disabled user that has learned for years to use this devise and cannot now learn any other. this would really make her day regards dx CAG siteteam
  6. Hi. I had a local council PCN today. I have seen on Google all the technicalities one can get a ticket cancelled with, but everything seems to be in order, street name, reg etc, except, my last tax disc is still in the holder and is 7 months out of date, (the car is taxed!), but the number of the disc and expiry date of 30/09/14 are recorded on the PCN. Is this a valid technicality to get the ticket cancelled do we think ? I haven't removed the old disc because I don't have to, but in effect the PCN is incorrect. Thanks, all !
  7. Consumer Action Group received the following email from someone who renewed his tax disc online.. Please do be vigilant when using these "Look alike sites" Check that you have typed in the correct webpage and look for any sneaky sign that you will be charged. [ATTACH=CONFIG]51733[/ATTACH] We have previously highlighted similar issues with Look alike Passport and Driving Licence renewal websites
  8. went onto the GOV.UK site to renew tax disc queried this when i was charged £165 and not £125, Was told by DVLA that i had used a tax disc renewal service that charges £40.00 for renewing tax disc. Debit on bankstatement came up as taxdisc.direct.co.uk Any one else had experience of this? Registered this with the DVLA as a complaint and also with citizens advice consumer line.
  9. Hi there I'm new to this forum and could do with some help. 5 months ago I bought a used 207 from a dealer and at the time no issues with the car where pointed out, I was told that it came with 2 year warranty and a years free mot when the current one runs out which is around now.. I booked it in with the dealer for its free mot and then after dropping the car off I was contacted by the dealer stating that some work needed to be carried out and that it needed new rear disc brakes and pads which don't fall under the warranty I thought fair enough wear and tear, he quoted me a price and asked was it okay for the work to be carried out and I said yes. Now the car failed the mot due to a faulty hand brake and they've fixed it and rebooked it for tomorrow.... Now the problem is since then a friend of mine who used to work for ford has told me that because the car is less than 6 months old it's up to the dealer to fix these faults free of charge as when they originally acquired the vehicle it should have been inspected and noticed any issue with discs and pads and had them replaced and or notified me that they would soon need replacing which they didn't !! I also only do roughly 250 miles a month with the odd long drive weekend away that's a only about 2000 plus miles in 5 months and I'm under the impression discs and pads last anywhere from 25,000 to 50,000 miles The dealership will be contacting me to update me on the car tomorrow and when to collect the car, but I'm unsure how to approach the situation, do I refuse payment or question the work carried out pre sale ????
  10. Right, in keeping with my confusing life, here's a confusing clamping / tax disk issue. I bought a pup of a van from a "reputable" dealer in November last year. That is another story, but is going to court due to the fact it was a wreck that was patched up. It has been in a garage (Mechanical workshop type of garage, not a lockup) since the 20th December last year, getting major repairs. I got it back last Saturday, but the repairs hadn't sorted the matter, so I phoned the garage to come back and pick it up. I also noted that the tax disc had expired while it was in the garage (31/01), so tried to tax it, but the DVLA wouldn't let me, as they say they hadn't received the V5(?) or whatever documentation it is that they needed to allow me to tax it online. I'd have to go to a Post Office to do it. Back to the pup of a van. As my home garage (The lockup variety) is under a coach house with a low arch, I was concerned the pickup truck wouldn't be able to get in to get it, so I left the van on the roadside, just down from my house, waiting for the mechanics to pick it up. When I went out this morning, I had been clamped. It turns out, after phoning around, that not only had they booked me for "expired" tax, but also that the Tax disc was a phoney, from another vehicle. When I'd bought the van, I'd simply noted that the tax disc was current, and the dealer had said that it had "about six months tax on it" when I bought it in November, and I'd taken it at that. My concerns are: 1. The clampers left no "formal" documentation, as to time / date etc. All I got was the lovely yellow clamp, a sticker on the windscreen, and an official leaflet (INF32). Even parking tickets have to log the date and time and notify the driver, surely they have to as well? It turns out if had been clamped at 8:43 the previous day (I use my car to go to work, as the van is a wreck.) and if I'd missed the yellow clamp then, the vehicle would have been removed and possibly crushed. 2. As the vehicle was only on the road for a pre-arranged pickup, how can they get away with charging a clamping / release fee? 3. What is the position regards the tax disc supplied by the dealer? 4. Can I claim the "fees" back from anyone, and if so, which party is liable?
  11. hi, does any body know if a bailiff can remove a car displaying a disabled tax disc,have received a notification from rossendales saying"they have seized ,distrained and impounded upon the premises the goods specified in the inventory", but the vehicle isn't clamped. also the signature on the paper work doesn't actually say anything.its just a small squiggle.
  12. thorntondog

    lost tax disc

    This is so weird and unbelievable. I have a magnetic tax disc hiolder on my windscreen and if it is a sunny day, it often falls off onto the dashboard. As I was driving today, the tax disc holder fell and I saw the paper valid tax disc fall on the floor by the passenger seat. When I got home I opened the passenger door to get a bag off the seat and I didnt pick the disc up. Later I went back out and thought I must put the disc back and now I cant find it in my car. I have looked under all the seats and wondered if it could have blown out when I opened the passenger door the first time even though I dont think it was that windy today. I am baffled, I have been out to my car four more times to look for it and no luck. Can I still drive as my car is taxed until July 2013 and I will be sending off for a duplicate tax disc first thing tomorrow morning. Thanks
  13. HiFly

    Online Car Tax Disc

    Hi all, My car is fully insured [fully comp] and MOT'd until end of July 2013, but my Road Tax Disc runs out in a couple of days time. I don't have the ROAD TAX Disc Renewal / SORN Declaration notification letter that the DVLA usually sends out with the 16 digit reference number as I'm currently (temporarily) out of the UK in the EU working. (e.g. car is therefore classed as being "temporary exported" - which means of course that my car must comply/meet UK Laws/Regs.) No probs I thought - use the online DVLA service - I have the car docs with me and my registered keepers address remains the same - so only need to enter my Vehicle Registration Number / and the 11 digit number [Document Reference Number] on the front of the (blue) V5C [issue 2/07]. Details entered to purchase a Tax Disc BUT >> The system keeps telling me that I have not entered fully the 11 digit number ???? But I have checked that no typos where made! How do I resolve this ? Advice appreciated before I fall foul of the DVLA on the 01/01/2013!! Thanks & Regards
  14. My sons Xbox 360's disc drive stopped working so I bought a replacement one from ebay. I followed the You Tube tutorials to replace it. Everything seemed ok, but the new drive will only play DVD's and CD's. It won't play any games. Anyone know what I need to do?
  15. Hi, back at the start of April I somehow lost my tax disc, or it was nicked. I applied for a replacement ASAP but I had to carry on driving my car as it is a vital part of my job, and was told if I couldnt come to work they would find somebody else to do my job for me. I got pulled one night and got an on the spot fine for 'failing to exhibit valid excise licence ve10), the copper told me the DVLA can impose a fine of upto £1000 but probably wouldnt do anything. The next morning my tax disc arrived in the post. A couple weeks down the line I get a letter from the police rescinding their ticket and about a week after I get a letter from the DVLA saying they are charging me £258 for an out of court settlement and if I didnt respond by today I would automatically get summoned to court However in their letter the registration plate they gave was xxxxxx, mine is xxxxxxx, can I use this to get them off my back? I dont really know if I have a leg to stand on or whether I can fight them or should I just give up and pay the fine before this snowballs into something else? Also helpfully I managed to put the DVLA letter in the washing machine. Any comments will be greatly appreciated...
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