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  1. Thanks for the advice, I'll talk to her about it tonight.
  2. She's actually been diagnosed with bladder cancer, but there's some question whether it's "straight forward" cancer or lymphoma (sp.) The oncologist thinks it's lymphoma, but in his own words, can't understand why it's in the bladder without any other signs of secondaries, hence why the biopsies have been sent to the specialist centre. She had a CT (I'm assuming they're looking for secondaries.) on Tuesday. D.
  3. My wife is off sick, and is in the process of being given her prognosis for her cancer (Specialist biopsy going to London specialist Hospital.) It's not looking good, and we're both worried about it being the worst case scenario. She has problems with incontinence and is signed off sick with doctor's notes, etc. Her work (DWP) are constantly on the phone, trying to talk her into coming back to work and saying things like "Well, we can work around you having to go to the toilet every five minutes." What is the legal position of all this? Things like how often are they al
  4. It turns out that the tax disc in question was actually from the vehicle in question, but that it had had a "cherished number" and the previous owner had reverted it back to it's original number prior to selling it. I'd have thought that it was his / the garages / DVLAs responsibility to ensure the tax disc details were correct?
  5. This dates back to then. However, the vehicle was in a (Commercial) garage for repairs between 19th Dec and 9th Feb. When I got it back, I immediately tried to tax it online, but as the DVLA hadn't done something (something to do with forms or something not sent by the seller.), it wouldn't allow me to. As this was by now 3:30 in the afternoon, I had to arrange to get it at the post office on Monday - by which time it had been clamped. The police originally said it was illegal, and they were looking into it (12th Dec for crime number) but it fell into a black hole apparently. Now they'
  6. I have the sales receipt, which has a box for "Tax" which says Jan 14, and "MOT" which says May 14
  7. Hi. got a rather urgent question, as a summons has just landed on my doorstep. I bought a van in Nov 2013. The dealer said it was taxed to Jan 31 14, and MOT'd till Mid May 14. I gave the documents a once over, and everything seemed fine (Tax disk stated it was for a Renault, and up to Jan 31 14.) The van was a pup. Complete rubbish. It was in various garages from 19th December till 9th Feb. When it came out, supposedly repaired, it was as bad as ever, wouldn't start, etc. The 9th of Feb was a Saturday, so I couldn't tax it (I got the van back till about 2PM.) On Monday
  8. Ok, I'm maybe being a little naïve and probably more than a little thick (Not to mention coming from Scotland, who kicked clampers out years ago, so have no experience with this.) But aren't there laws over clamping? I got clamped for being 11 days into the month without tax. I'd just got the van out the garage (Which hadn't fixed the problem,) so was waiting for it to get picked up again. Next thing, I'm clamped. Fair do's I'm guilty, put me up against the wall and shoot me. Now, I've had tickets before (Parking mostly, and speeding) and I always get a formal notifica
  9. Well, not being a mechanic, I wouldn't even know where / what glowplugs are, less know that wires were supposed to be attached. I did mention the fact that four "plug like things" seemed to be standing bare from the engine when I took it to the dealers garage, but they said they didn't matter. As to the "flowback" that actually seemed to be a reasonable thought at first. What happens is that it runs like a train WHEN you get it started, but overnight / after a few hours, it will just turn and turn until the battery is flat. I'd love to look at the turbo, but alas, it doesn't have one, lol.
  10. Thanks for all the info. The last question for now. As I mentioned, there was no paperwork given or even offered all the way through this. They simply stuck a "do not move" notice and a preprinted INF32 form under the wipers. Having had time to read the pamphlet, they say that there should have been "Notices" attached to the van. There wasn't. The guy has just come to unclamp it, and left no information with the van either. Is this the legal and proper way of doing it?
  11. The thing is, how is someone supposed to "recognise" what a real tax disc is and isn't? It still looks genuine to me, but according to the DVLA, when they run it through their system, the original was surrendered in Sept 2013, and the tax disc on my van belongs to another Renault somewhere. Also, there is the question about it only being on the road while waiting for the breakdown truck to come "pick it up," I know you can do so with a car without a MOT, as long as it's booked in, you can drive it to the testing centre, shouldn't the same be true of tax? If I could have driven it, I wo
  12. The dealer won't return my calls. This is an ongoing issue with the van being a wreck from day one. It has been off the road, in a garage (a mechanic one, not a home one), since 20th Dec last year, hence why I didn't notice the tax disk issue. It would appear that, despite being a "dealer," this person has shown a record of dishonesty with this motor. The list of faults is as long as my arm, and it has been in the garage for almost two months. I'm thinking that this is a pattern of fraudulent behaviour on his part. If the tax disc issue was the only thing that has occurred, I'd be temp
  13. Bought a Van in November last year (2013) It was from a dealer (Van hire place that sells cars and vans from the front lot.) Paid £2400 for it, and while not expecting a pristine machine, as it had 122,000 miles on its diesel engine, I did expect a reasonable runner capable of doing what a van is supposed to do. Ran for a month, broke down. (Would drive ok when started, but once stopped overnight, or allowed to cool down, forget it.) Last usable day was 20th December 2013. Returned to the dealer, who said to take it to his preferred garage. I did this, and after two wee
  14. Right, in keeping with my confusing life, here's a confusing clamping / tax disk issue. I bought a pup of a van from a "reputable" dealer in November last year. That is another story, but is going to court due to the fact it was a wreck that was patched up. It has been in a garage (Mechanical workshop type of garage, not a lockup) since the 20th December last year, getting major repairs. I got it back last Saturday, but the repairs hadn't sorted the matter, so I phoned the garage to come back and pick it up. I also noted that the tax disc had expired while it was in t
  15. Hi. I missed a payment with my BM mortgage in Feb when I changed bank accounts. A manager phoned me and laid into me bigstyle, threatening repossesion, etc. He followed this up with a rather vile and threatening letter. I complained, and got £25 in compensation from BM. However, as they had charged me £35, I felt this was unfair and complained again. BM didn't take the next months payment. I called them and asked for a new Direct debit, in case that was the problem - another £35 on the account for it being late. No direct debit came, but a debt "counsellor" did - another £85 on the "a
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