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  1. Hello, I received a PCN in Harrogate before Christmas and I'm about to fight it. I've been reading around and it seems I won't have to pay because someone has got a judgment which states that the disc zone in Scarborough in completely unenforceable . The guy who won the judgment said that Scarborough, Harrogate, Whitby and Knaresborough are all unenforceable because they all share the same signage. It ended up in the local rag and it seems the councils involved want to fight the judgment he got. He also said it will cost the councils millions. His info is on the nyenquirer.uk website under councils lose parking war. I can't post the links because I'm a new user. FYI, I received a PCN for "Parked in a disc parking place without clearly displaying a valid disc". I was parked in a residential disc zone on Swan Road near the Harrogate Borough Council offices, forgot the time and went an hour over the three hour limit. Is his advice good? Should I appeal my PCN in the way the nyenquirer.uk website says? Does this appeal have legs? Thank you for taking time to consider this.
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