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Found 21 results

  1. Hello! I got a PCN for driving my van in London without paying the low emission zone fee. I already returned to Portugal. I wasn't informed about the need to pay this fee. I didn't do it on purpose but because I didn't know at all that my van was entitled to pay this charge. I don't have money to pay. Do you know if they can find you abroad and send the letters to your home country?
  2. Hi CAG. I recently got a ticket for driving in a pedestrian zone at Barking It's a disgustingly confusing section of road that the council seem to be making a lot of money from. I am tempted just to pay the discounted rate but lately have been floored by PCN's. On discussing it with collegues and other law abiding decent motorist I learned I'm not alone. How on Earth did it come to this where the councils are acting so despicable..? I want to appeal this one so I can help others fight back against this robbery. I turned right at the corner in the image Barking1, there is no sign not to turn right but by the time you have they've got you. the second set of signs further in (Barking3) is confused by the arrows on top telling us we have priority over oncoming traffic. I also find the pedestiran zone sign a confusing one by itself! A circle with a car and motorbike in it. If it had a red line through it it would comunicate its meaning in a second. But they don's want that do they Any help greatly appreciated. R BarkingPCN.pdf
  3. My 'lovely' middle child bought a second hand Vauxhall Zafira from UK Motors Ltd based in Watton Norfolk. The car is faulty. Despite many phone calls, where the boss was not available (hmm!) and various emails, they have not responded whatsoever so it looks like Letter Before Action time. The problem is, I don't know if I need to give them 30 days to respond or 14 days which it used to be. I have no problems sorting MCOL out but I will be supporting my daughter through the court process if needed. Just to add. I have set an alert with Companies House against this company just in case they try to either change their name or liquidate.
  4. Hi, can someone advise whether the signs advising of a clearway should be clearly visible in the photographic evidence provided??? I just had a pcn, I was parked (engine running) for moments on a verge, in front of a clearway sign, but not after it. the sign is not in the photo plus all double yellow lines are all broken. does the clearway start AFTER the sign or infront of it too? my car was stopped directly in front of a sign but not after it
  5. Hi what a pain. I arrived from Yorkshire early morning to check on my friends house in London, They are on holiday. He left me 30 day passes to park in permitted Zones outside the house street. When I arrived, I stuck one in my car - an one day all zone pass. 7:30am. About an hour later I saw a tow lorry outside about to lift my car. I went outside and said I have a pass and this is the house I'm staying in. Apparently I didnt read a sign they stuck up a few days ago? who knows. It said Parking prohibited on dates 30th april (today) due to footway reconstruction on both sides of road from house number # to # including my mates door number! They said just move your car 2 houses up and you're fine cos you have an all zone permit..but dont forget to pay the fine too:mad2:. My mates car was fined and lifted to a new spot too..i couldnt move his because it wont start..suffice to say they went on a rampage and fined every other car on the street. Can i appeal and what do i write in the letter? Thank you. Jaws
  6. On the week-end of 2-3 June 2017, I parked on Cowley Place. One of my friends gave me the visitors pass for MN, but I did not realise it had a different zone than I usually use.(EO). I did have visitor parking permits, which I displayed and validated. Clearly there was no intent to evade payment or gain any advantage and I indeed have used/invalidated two visitor passes. I therefore feel it is unfair to be fined, and lose the use of two visitors passes. I also question whether the correct contravention code was used on the PCN. (30 - Parked longer than permitted). Shouldn’t the correct code be 19 - Parked in a residents’ or shared use parking place or zone either displaying an invalid permit or voucher or pay & display ticket, or after the expiry of paid for time. In my case I was in a shared use zone, displaying an invalid permit. Guidelines say Code 19 is used when a driver has made some attempt to park correctly and is displaying something that could have been used. Additionally, The Civil Enforcement of Parking Contraventions (England) Representations and Appeals Regulations 2007 states that any PCN issued should legally contain the following information : (3)(2) (b)(ii)but that, if a notice to owner is served notwithstanding those representations, representations against the penalty charge must be made in the form and manner and at the time specified in the notice to owner. I cannot see any clear reference to point 3 (2) (ii) anywhere on the PCN. It is insufficient to say that the owner must follow the instructions on the NtO, it must be outlined on the PCN. This means that the council has not complied with the Regulations made under the Traffic Management Act 2004 (TMA) or the relevant regulations. Am I correct in these 3 points, which make a sucessful appeal likely ??
  7. I am a little concerned as I have insured a friend to drive for me whilst I have an ankle injury. We was heading down a dual carriageway where roadworks were happening, lots of cones throughout this 2 or 3 mile stretch which is usually 60 in to a 70mph zone. To be fair he stuck to 40mph for the majority of the road, however there were only three signs stating maximum speed as 40, these were yellow signs with just text and not the usual type, also not the easiest to see as it was raining and there were tons of differing signs. These only covered the first 1/4 of the dual road which had now been coned off in to a single, once we got most of the way down the road he started to put his foot down as there was a 'no stopping, end' sign which he SOMEHOW mistook for an end of roadworks sign. I asked him why he was returning to the usual speed limit of the road, then he realised and slowed down. Now the reason I am worried is because I did see someone with an item in their hands, although likely one of the workers with a tool but I am super paranoid. We drove it back around to have another look, couldn't confirm this. We did notice though even after the road returned to a dual carriageway that there was nothing to say the speed limit had returned to normal. This was quite late at night, around 11pm? I know there were no fixed cameras, I am just extremely worried about the speed guns. If what I saw was in fact a speed gun, would we have been stopped immediately? Does he have any reasonable explanation, should signs have been implemented for most of the road? Also if it was a speed gun and he happened be going 20+ over the limit, how long would contact take? Sorry about my English, its my second language. Thanks!
  8. Hello, I received a PCN in Harrogate before Christmas and I'm about to fight it. I've been reading around and it seems I won't have to pay because someone has got a judgment which states that the disc zone in Scarborough in completely unenforceable . The guy who won the judgment said that Scarborough, Harrogate, Whitby and Knaresborough are all unenforceable because they all share the same signage. It ended up in the local rag and it seems the councils involved want to fight the judgment he got. He also said it will cost the councils millions. His info is on the nyenquirer.uk website under councils lose parking war. I can't post the links because I'm a new user. FYI, I received a PCN for "Parked in a disc parking place without clearly displaying a valid disc". I was parked in a residential disc zone on Swan Road near the Harrogate Borough Council offices, forgot the time and went an hour over the three hour limit. Is his advice good? Should I appeal my PCN in the way the nyenquirer.uk website says? Does this appeal have legs? Thank you for taking time to consider this.
  9. To cut a long story short, got caught by a van doing 35 in a 30 ... ok that's fair enough. But I want to request the evidence as there was no signage out prior to the van. But I've been told the only way to do that is to go to court?? Surely I should be able to request the evidence prior to admitting anything! Any advice here? Many thanks.
  10. On 22nd of november i was driving to castle hill hospital in cottingham near beverley on the dual carriageway i got caught by a plain police car with a hand held device, he followed me into the hospital car park and issued me with a piece of paper saying i would be referred to court for the offence of driving 68mph in a 40 zone. The road was a dual carriage way. I apologised as i was in a rush my mum was dying as a result of a 3rd major heart attack . I got a letter from humberside police in december to say id hear from with a court date but havent heard anything yet. Do i ring the court and remind them or keep quiet. i am scraed i will get arrested if i do not get the court summons and not turn up. also on 24th feb this year im having knee reconstruciton surgery , im also heavily disabled on crutches and have a muscular condition, im scared i will get a court date near my operation date and what happens if i am too ill to get to court which will be in as town 80 miles away from were i live. my license is currently clean, am i looking at 4-6 points? apologies for my bad spelling, like i said i am disabled and have problematic hands. i have a muscular condition called cmt
  11. My daughter got a PCN issued by CCTV on pedestrian zone. I"ve tried looking into google map but there are no recent street view of the area after latest renovation project. If anyone is local to area, requesting couple of pictures of the sign post pls and thanks in advance. Probably not relevant but the pictures they've sent with PCN shows the car in main frame not belonging to her. Her car can be seen but it's far behind and on looking at brent's website, they've zoomed the VRN. There are no pictures of signs but they've zoomed on HSBC sign to indicate the location of the site. The alleged contravention was on 18th April. Looking for advice before deciding to part with money. Thanks.
  12. On 30/9/14 I parked on Braddon St Manchester at its jnc with Oldfield St to go and watch Man City. This area was originally terraced houses and they have all since been demolished. Even the vast majority of street names have been removed. I have since been back and only one sign exists at Clayton Lane/Oldfield St with the resident parking restrictions which are only enforced on event days. However if you drive into the area from the other side Turner St no such signs exists, just old signs on lamp posts. Even Google maps in 2012 clearly show that the houses have been demolished. Ive appealed on this basis and i am just waiting the outcome. Seems not to be within the spirit of the regulations really. Fingers crossed.
  13. Problem with permit parking zone and council. We live in an unadopted road and on our deeds the land up to the centre of the road is ours. Because we live close to a school we agred to give the council permission (in 2003) to introduce a permit parking scheme. This was in the hope that they would police it at relevant times (drop offf/pick up). This has never really happened. Wardens do occasionally make an appearance but they won't confront parents in their cars and just hang around hoping their presence will be enough, then they go away and we don't see them at the relevant times for months on end. We have had to learn to live with this as, despite many letters from residents they say it will improve (but it doesn't) or they say they haven't got the manpower. The bottom line is they are taking money for a service they can't or won't provide. Now, however, they have gone too far. They sent out a letter in September stating that they would be putting a white line across drives and garages so preventing anyone parking there. Our garage fronts onto the road and we use that space as somewhere to park for visitors/extra car as a permit has never been needed there as it wasn't in the scheme. We disputed it with the council and stated that they were expressly not to put such a marking across our garage which is on our land. They responded saying that the letter was to be passed to their legal team. To date we have not received a response to that letter. Fast forward to Monday and I returned home to find a white line across my garage, effectively, removing a parking space from our house. As we have 3 cars that is a real problem because everyone else in the road also has a lot of cars and we all use the places outside our own houses as a courtesy to the neighbours. Now they have stated that they may not have acted upon their rights (under traffic regs) to put lines there before but they have decided to do so now. They have also said that we can't rescind our permissions or have any input to whether the lines/permit zone continues on our frontage as, even if we own it, and it is unadopted, they still have rights that trump ours. We are taking this further but I wondered if anyone had any inside info re this kind of thing or personal experiences to relate?
  14. Dear All, I have received a pcn from harrow council for contravention 53 - failing to comply with a restriction on vehicles entering a pedestrian zone. In Station Road (College Rd - Sheepcote Rd) The road sign stated that you could enter the zone for loading purposes and I was driving a van with the intention of pulling up outside a shop on the street to load tools and materials. As it happened i passed the shop by accident and eventually managed to find a way round to the rear of the premises. Does anyone think that it would be worthwhile challenging the fine on the basis that i was entering the zone for the purposes of loading and therefore would not be in contravention of the order? A couple of further points: 1. If i do challenge, with today being about day 13 of the notice date and am unsuccessful, will i still get the discounted rate? 2. The notice date was the 3-7-14 and the incident was on 12-6-14, did they meet the 21 day requirement? What do you think, should i just pay up and take my medicine? Many Thanks
  15. I was driving in a 20 zone doing 30mph i notice some one what seemed to be videoing me he had a high viz on i was not stopped. If this was a council person can i receive a FPN?
  16. I wonder if somebody could clarify the situation re: Controlled Zones. I have been issued with a PCN for parking in restricted area of Control Zone. I did contest it, stating that no curb markings, yellow lines - so I assumed okay? They replied, refusing my appeal, stating that in Controlled Zones, it is not a requirement for any yellow lines, curb markings etc? So is it right then, that all is required are two 'controlled zone' signs, displayed (one on either side of road) at entrance to Controlled Area (high st) - at either end of course. But apart from that, the Council do not have to place any further signs or warnings along the whole of the Street (zone). Any advice - much appreciated thank you Nadia Phillips:x
  17. Hi all, I've been a bit of an idiot. I was recently caught riding on an oyster card outside zone 6. I touched in in Zone 3 and then travelled a few stations outside of the oyster, where I got caught by a revenue protection officer. I panicked a bit, and initially lied about where I got on and gave a wrong address, but then under caution gave correct details, which were confirmed when my oyster was checked. I also basically admitted that I'd tried to avoid paying the fare, which is stupid I know, but I was nervous and not thinking straight. The operating company in question is south west trains. Anyway, I know that I've got to wait a few weeks until the letter comes through, but I was wondering whether anyone has much experience in these matters, specifically how likely they are to take the matter to court versus accept a settlement. It's my first offence, so I'm hoping that they'll accept an out of court settlement, as a criminal record could potentially screw me up since I sometimes have to travel to the U.S with work, however I'm aware that my idiotic behaviour has basically given them a cast iron case should they choose to pursue the matter further. Should I be seeking legal advice? Cheers
  18. I have a LTSB Classic account and was told there is a £10 buffer zone, it's not my main account though. However today they returned a Direct Debit for the sum of 1p. I thought that the £10 buffer would have come in and the DD paid. I am a Carer and had to see to a person over the weekend who had no internet access, but can't believe for the sake of 1pence. I rang the bank helpline and the person I spoke to didn't know what the buffer was there for? ie what it covered. It was for a payment to Orange Mobile for £9.19, yet they payed one of these continuous payments which I am finding hard to cancel.
  19. My friend got a PCN while delivering parcels in Exeter High Street where loading is not allowed between 10am and 6pm (ie. the only times when some shops are open which is a bit daft). It all looks legitimate (checked the TRO and dates on the ticket) except for one point. There are no yellow markings on the pavements. Are yellow markings on the pavements an essential requirement for loading restrictions? The contravention is "Parked or loading/unloading in a restricted street where waiting and loading/unloading restrictions are in force (02)"
  20. Hope this is correct forum We are planning a trip on a weekday soon to the V&A Museum in Kensington. I am slightly confused about the boundary of the CC. TfL's map show the zone as Hyde Park -ish, but I seem to recall that the road is marked with a "C" just over the junction of the A4 and Earls Court Road Any thoughts please?
  21. Hello, I drove into the congestion charge zone last Friday and forgot to pay the charge. Is there any way I can make a payment now or do I have to wait for the PCN? I am not the owner of the car, but he is registered disabled and has a blue badge. I know it shouldn't cover me and I did intend to pay, but just plain forgot. But are blue badge cars covered on the CC's database?
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